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'Religious Denominations, &c. | Present Stale of Religion, &c.

den and Louvain are famous. Since the erection of the kingdom of the Netherlands, in 1814, this country has been fast innproving. The national Bible Society is highly respec- . table, and the means of education are diffused throughout the country.

DENMARK and its Islands.

DENMARK. Lutherans, Calvinists, and The Danes have formerly Catholics ; the latter with taken an active part in MisMennonites (or Baptists) exist sions to the Heathen, particuunder some restraints and disa- larly in India, and have parbilities. Population, 3 mil- ticularly countenanced the Uni-Jions. Government, absolute ted Brethren in Greenland, and monarchy. The Lutherans of in the West-India Islands, Denmark have departed lasel Thou had also the honour to

www .in, ... merv. from the original principles of patronize and foster the Bapthe Reformation, than any | tist Mission at Serampore, other part of the Lutheran when discountenanced by our Church,

East India Company. The King, it is said, has expressed a great desire for the instruction of his subjects, and the British system of Education is intended to be introduced. The Scriptures have been printed at Copenhagen in the Icelandic Dialect, for the use of Iceland.

SWEDEN, Norway, and their

SWEDEN. dependencies.

A Bible Society has been Lutherans, Calvinists, formed at Stockholm, which Catholics, and Swedenborgians has co-operated with that in (or New Jerusalem Church) London, in printing the Scripwhich are in Sweden numerous tures in the Swedish language and respectable. The Catho- and that of Lapland. The lics are under some restraints Stockholm Society is also acas to the Publicity of the Re- tive in the circulation of Religious ceremonies. The re- | ligious Tracts in those lancent union between Norway Iguages. A Bible Society has and Sweden will make no al- been also formed at Abo in teration in the state of Reli. Finland, by the aid of the Longion, as they were both Protest- don Society, for the printing int kingdoms. Population of the Finnish Scriptures, to 4,000,000. 1


Religious Denominations, &c. | Present State of Religion, &c. 4,000,000. The government which the present Emperor of of Sweden is a litnited monar- Russia has contributed 5000 chy-of Norway monarchical. rix-dollars. There are many

The latter kingdom, which Scientific and Library sociehas long been in a state of par-ties in this country, and intial civilization, is expected to creasing attention is paid to derive inuch benefit from its the establishment of primary union with Sweden.

schools. Most of the children are taught to read. The present monarch is anxious to make himself and his family popular with his native subjects by promoting their best interests and general happi



PRUSSIA. Lutherans, Calvinists, and Berlin is famous for an exCatholics, with a free tol. cellent Seminary for the Edueration to others; which cation of Protestant Ministers ; may partly be attributed to the and several Missionaries to the infidel principles of Frederick heathen have been furnished the Great, and partly to the from that quarter to different influence of Protestant princi- Societies in England. A Bible ples in the country. It is Society was formed at Berlin doubtful whether this general in 1806, to which the King toleration has been favourable himself was both a contributor to the interests of religion. I and patron. Population 8,000,000. Government, bereditary monarchy. The military profession, from the time of Frederick the Great, has been very popular in Prussia, and education has been too much neglected. At this time many of the Prussian States are well furnished with elementary schools.


SAXONY. Is to be divided, which will Little is known of the reli. give nearly a million of sub- gious state of Saxony, which jects to Prussia (included has been wholly occupied with above) and leave about 1,200,- political events. Yet no one 000 subjects under the old gov- | can contemplate the religious ernment. The inhabitants are history of this country without chiefly Lutherans or Calvinists. the deepest interest. The naPopulation 1,000,000. Govo tive country of Luther and the ernment, monarchical. cradle of the Reformation, SaxPOLAND!


Religious Denominations, &c. Ī Present Stale of beligion, &c.

ony, like Judea, has now lost, to a great degree, its share in the privileges of the Church of Christ. The greater part of the population are nominally Lutherans, though far degenerated from the principles and practices of the Reformers. The present reigning family, and a part of the subjects are Catholics. Some sciences are much cultivated, and the lower classes are generally taught to read and write. The annual Book-fair at Leipsic is the greatest in Europe.


POLAND. Catholics, with toleration. The plan of a Bible Society to Protestants under certain for this country is just formed disabilities. The Lutherans under the auspices of the Emare governed by a consistory, peror Alexander. The prinand the Calvinists by a Principal part of this fine country cipal and three Seniors. This is in feudal lordships, the most state is about being again of the people are very ignorant, forined into a distinct govern- and the state of religion, conment, under the protection of sequently, low. There are Russia. Transylvania in 1787 more Jews in Poland than in contained 28,700 Socinians, any other country in Europe, usually called the Polish Their number has been estiBrethren. Population 6,000,- mated at 2,000,000. They 000. Government of the pres- possess a great part of the 'ent “ Kingdom of Poland,” a trading capital of the nation. constitutional monarchy, vest. And should it please the God ed in a viceroy, who is ap- of Jacob to dispose thein to pointed by the Emperor of unite their exertions to “asRussia; with a Senate of thirty semble the outcasts of Israel, members ; and a diet of 77 and gather together the disdeputies.

persed of Judah from the four corners of the earth,” to the fold of Christ, it would seem (they might be able to effect it.

There is no efficient system of Education for the poor in this country.

Religious Denominations, &c. I present State of Religion, &c. AUSTRIA, Hungary, and Bobe


The establishment of Bible The Established Religion and Missionary Societies in vaof this great Empire was the rious parts of Germany must Catholics, but from the inter- greatly subserve the cause of mixture of Protestant states, Christianity. On its being contains a considerable number represented to the British and of Lutherans, Calvinists and Foreign Bible Society, in Lonother Protestants of all denom-don, that there were upwards inations ; and, by the new of a million of Protestants in Constitution, there is to be a Hungary, who were in great perfect equality of rights and want of Bibles, and too poor privileges among the Roman to purchase them, 5001. was Catholic, Lutheran, and Cal- given for the formation of a Sovinistic churches. In Hungary ciety in that country, for print. it was calculated in 1787, that ing and circulating the Scripthe Catholics and Protestants tures in the Hungarian and were nearly equal : besides Sclavonian dialects, which has which, this kingdom was stated been effected. Bible Societies to contaia 223,000 Jews, 50,- have also been lately formed 000 Gypsies, and a great num- at Dresden and Hanover. The ber of Greek Cbrstians. Popu- United Brethren have spread a lation 20,000,000. Govern- sweet savour of Evangelical ment, monarchical, nearly ab- Religion throughout Bohemia, solute.

Moravia, and various other parts of Germany, from whence also they have sent Missionaries to the remotest parts of the earth. Some of the Austrian Universities are richly endowed, but the great principles of education are but indifferently understood in that country, and, among the more numerous classes of the community, is much neglected.

SWITZERLAND, Piedmont, &c.

SWITZERLAND. Switzerland is divided into The Canton of Basle has of 22 Cantons : those of Berne, late been remarkable for acZurich, &c. are Calvinists ; tivity in promoting the circu. Uri, Schweitz, &c. Catholic ; | lation of the Scriptures, and the some are composed of both Re-cause of Missions, so long as ligions, and the French intro- they had any means left them. duced a considerable portion of The modern Waldenses, which infidelity. 'The Vallais, or in-are a simple and pious people, habitants of the vallies of Pied- are divided into 13 parishes mont, were formerly called with each a mipister ; they had Waldenses,


Religious Desoninations, &r. | Present Stute of Hieligion, &c. Waldenses, of which, there are formerly 15 great schools. 90 still some remains ; but a great smaller, and two Latin schools. part of the people were driven Both the ministers and schools by a long and cruel persecu- subsisted in a great measure tion within the pale of the Row by charitable assistance from man Church, in which they Holland, Switzerland, and even still continue. Population 4,- | England: but the events of 000,000. Government-each the late war have reduced Canton is an independent re- them to much wretchedness public, but the whole are uni- and misery. Ever since the ted in a confederacy, governed establishment of the free instiby a general diet. In some of tutions of Switzerland, this the Cantons the government is country has been much distindemocratic, but in most of them guished for the general inforit is obligarchic with few lim- mation of its citizens. The its. The government of Pied. Protestant Cantons, at least, mont is monarchical,

have educated their children as well as any part of Europe. Geneva, the largest city in the country, where the Reformation was matured by Calvin and his associates, and which became the nursery of the Presbyterian Church, has always taken the lead in education, and has now a very flourishing university. At present, Switzerland is recovering from the desolations of the late wars. Education is provided for by the support of Primary Schools.


FRANCE. Catholics, with free tolera- ! In the South of France the tion to Protestants, who are gospel is heard with eagerness, very numerous in the South of and evangelical ministers from France, but with a great num- other countries are received ber of Infidels throughout the with open arms ; the fullest country. Jews, and all other liberty of conscience is allow, denominations, are likewise tol-1 ed, and there is an university erated. Population, 24,000,- for the education of the pro000. Government,limited mon- testant clergy. Mr. Martin, a archy:

young minister from Bourd deaux, is now in England for the express purpose of learning the new system of education, with a view to introduce it into his native country. Re


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