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Cæsar's Commentaries on the Gallic War. With

English Notes, Critical and Explanatory; a Lexicon, Geographical and Historical Indexes, and a Map of Gaul. By J. A. SPENCER, D.D. 12mo. 408 pages.

Cicero's Select Orations. With Notes for the use of Schools

and Colleges. By E. A. JOHNSON, Professor of Latin in the University of New York. 12mo. 459 pages.

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Cicero de Officiis. With English Notes, mostly translated from

Zump and Bonnell. By THOMAS A. THACHER, of Yale College.

12mo. 194 pages, Horace, The Works of. With English Notes, for the

use of Schools and Colleges. By J. L. LINCOLN, Prof. of Latin Language and Literature in Brown Univ'y. 12mo. 575 pages.

Livy. Selections from the first five books, together with the

twenty-first and twenty-second books entire. With a Plan of Rome, and a Map of the Passage of Hannibal, and English Notes for the Use of Schools. By J. L. LINCOLN, Prof. of the Latin Lan

guage and Literature in Brown Univy. 12mo. 329 pages. Quintus Curtius: Life and Exploits of Alexander the Great.

Edited and Illustrated with English Notes, by WILLIAM HENRY

CROSBY. 12mo. 385 pages. Sallust's Jugurtha and Catiline.* With Notes and a

Vocabulary. By BUTLER and STURGAS. 12mo. 897 pages. It is believed hat this will be found superior to any edition heretofore published in this country. The Histories of Tacitus. With Notes for Colleges. By

W. S. TYLER, Professor of Latin and Greek in Amherst College.

12mo. 453 pages. Tacitus' Germania and Agricola. With Notes for Col

leges. By W. S. TYLER. 12mo. 198 pages. Virgil's Æneid.* With Explanatory Notes. By HENRY

FRIEZE, Professor of Latin in the State University of Michigan. (Recently published.) 12mo. 598 pages. The type is unusually large and distinct. The work contains eighty-five engravings, which delineate the usages, customs, weapons, arts, and mythology of the ancients, with a vividness that can bo ato taired only by pictorial illustrations.

Greek Text-Books.

A First Greek Book* and Introductory Reader.

By A. HARENESS, Ph. D., anthor of " Arnold's First Latin Book,"

" Second Latin Book," &c. (Recently published.) 12mo. 276 pages.


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