Widows: The Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific

Duke University Press, 1987 - 272 Seiten
What happens whene the husband dies depends on the society, on the location of the widow in urban-rural or class terms, and on the widow's own personal resources. In some societies the woman is totally dependent upon a grown son and cannot remarry; in others, such as that in the United States, she is more dependent upon her own resouces and wishes. For some, widowhood results in a great loss of status; for others, it can mean loneliness and social isolation. Yet widowhood can mean greater social freedom for some women, a "blooming of personality. Even grief is experienced in various ways and degrees. Thus there is no such thing as a "widow type," only a great heterogenity in widowhood, as in "wifehood." Volume I analyzes the support systems and life-styles of widows in Australia, the Philippines, Korea, Iran, China, a Pacific island, India, Turkey, and Israel. Volume II : North America examines two communities in Canada, a Florida retirement community, and communities in several other locations, as well as the relative situations of homeowners, blacks, and poor ethnic populations.

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Women as Widows on Malo Natamambo Vanuatu South Pacific
Marsel A Heisel
Evangelina Novero Blust
Widowed Women in Melbourne Australia
Wives and Widows in China Denise R Barnes
Widowhood and Social Change Helena Znaniecka Lopata

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