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one accotu, will soon begin to make than none at all. The economy talked mult, soap and candles, at their own of is childishness. But on these mathouses.

ters I will speak fully in my next. And what is to be the result of all

WM, COBBETT. this? Why, a violent destruction of the whole fabric of the Government, or a timely, that is, an immediate and effec | ADVICE TO THE FARMERS. tual remedy; and there is no remedy: 1. Read all the Numbers of Monthly but a radical reform of the Parliament; Two-PENNY TRASI. They cost ls. because, as I have a thousand times there being six numbers, said, nothing but such a Parliament can

2. Read my Serion on the Rights adopt an “equitable adjustment," and of the Poor and the PUNISHMENT of reduce the expenses' to what they were OPPRESSORS. It is one of 19 sermons, at the last peace. The tottings-ip-of the vol. price 38..6d. the advocate for the standing army and 3. Read my Poor-MAN'S FRIEND, the New Police are nonsense. The whole price 6d. It will tell you all about the of the taxes must be reduced to fifteen rights of the poor, and all the laws of millions à year; and I think they will God' and our country relating to this be reduced still lower than that. The matter: Government of this country might be 4. Read, if your' can afford it, my carried on, and the honour of the coun- 1istory of Protestant REFORMATION. try and its power and weight supported, That will tell you how parishes and and the taxes not exceed six millions a tithes came, and how poor-rates came, year I know this well; and I am at- and it will show you, that the laws of ways able to prore the truth of what the church and of the land provided say And why is not this done? Why that the poor should be relieved out of are we not to have harmony, liberty, the tithes, and that poor-rates ought and happiness? Who' stands, or who never to have been necessary. The stand, in the way of this desirable state price of this book is 8s. the small of things ? Let it be who it may, some- edition, in two volumes, and the large thing must now give way; the first blow size, fós. Read' particularly the introis aimed at the tithes; the next will be duction to the second volume. This at rends; and then the land and the book will show you how the aristocracy funds will come into strict collision. As became possessed of a great part of the farmers will make coinmon cause with their estates. the labourers, so the land, or the 5. Make common cause with your lafunds, will make common cause with the bourers in all that is just; for that is people. The Scotch place-hunting the only way to stop the fires, and to crew have long laughed at me for pre- save yourselves from ruin.

Call them dicting an open war between the land all together in your several parishes; and the funds: " Do the conceited and explain to them the reasons why you arrogant and greedy and mystified are unable to pay sufficient wages; and vagabontis laugh at me NOW? Chance join them in a petition to Parliainent may postpone this war for a little for a reform of the Commons House, while ; but the seeds of it have taken and for a great reduction of taxes. Do root; and 'up it will come, as surely as this, and the fires will stop and you will my wheat came up last March, though be safe, and the country will soon be kept under ground by the frost from put to rights again. the 6th of December.

Upon the rest of the plans of the ministers I have not room to remark To be published on the 29th instant, here. I will, in' my next, remark on COBBETT'S HISTORY of Georgs IV., what was said about parliamentary No. 3, price 6d., containing the history reform, and I will show, that, if the of the conduct of the Whig-faction, reform be not radical, it will be worse when in place, in 1806 ; and of the in

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trigues of them and of the Perceval fae-| the Atlantic, could not reach that tion, by which the unfortunate Caroline THING across the Channel !, I have was sacrificed.

reached it; I have found its sore place, Also, same day, . COBBETT'S I'wo- and I know how to work it. The two PENNY Trask, No. 6, to be published crews of loan-mongers are both in the on 29th instant, will make as clear as same boat; they must float or sink day-light all the causes of the Rural War, s together. My son's letter, which I and will point out the only remedy.-- here subjoin, will explain the rest. Yes, N. B. A copy of this has been sent to Citizen-King and Banker-Minister, i each of the Ministers.

will be with you in due tiine. Curious, Also, Mr. James COBBETT's. Tour in the same postman that brought me this ITALY, price 58.

news from France, brought me a letter from New York, telling me that my

Register, published here in June, about LORD BROUGHAM !

Mexico, and laughing at Baring and I LAUGH as I write the words! The SLR BUBBY and that set, had been rereader will find something about this published there, to the great amuseLord (I laugh again) in the Proceedings ment of Jonathan! Well, I was born, in Parliament. I really cannot bestow to be sure, for the express purpose of any more space upon him here. What tormenting these devils of borougha figure he will make this day twelve mongers and Jews! Ah! Sidmouth, months! He is come too late : the Sidmouth ! How much this world will feasting is over!

owe to your Porcer-of-Imprisonment Bill, and to your brother Ellenborough's

sentence on me! If it had not been for FOREIGN AFFAIRS.

these, I should have been gardening, The readers of the Register will replanting, and ploughing, at Botley collect that, the week before last, I these last twenty years! Ah! Doctor published a letter, in French as well as Addington! You will be the regenerator in English, addressed to TALLEYRAND'S of poor Old England, after all ! master, the famous Bourbon-CitizenKing, relative to the stock that that

FROM MR. WILLIAM COBBETT. famous king of the best of republics"

To the Editor of the Register. had in our fine THING'S funds. Now, then, there is a newspaper published at

LETTER V. Paris, called LA REVOLUTION, which

Paris, 2011 Nov., 1830. was setting the Bourbon law of previous Sir, security at defiance. This paper had 1. Having before endeavoured to been prosecuted; but had appea'ed to make you acquainted with the state of higher courts; the process

was not the law with regard to the press, I ended, and the paper was going on dnr- shall now completely succeed in opening the time. But, now, mark! This ing your eyes as to the liberty which is paper inserted part of my letter to the possessed by the people of France, by Bourbon-Citizen - King, who had chosen relating to you a fact which has just the English funds to keep his money in ; taken place. That f.ct is, in the first and the very moment that it did this, itplace, that the “ Revolution" was seized ** was STOPPED BY FORCE! All its at the post-office on Thursday night, numbers that were at the post-office, and that all the Numbers printed on were seized there ; and all the rest that evening that could be found at the seized by the Police at the printing- office of the Journal have been seized office! Bravo ! What, I have smilten also ;, and the remaining part of the that stock-jobbing THING too, have fact is, that this Number, which is the I! I said that it would be hard in- last the Editor has been allowed to print, deed, if my arm, which had been long contained a part of your second letter to enough to reach this THING across Louis-Philippe !

- iDhad intended to make this letter honorables who sit at the palace of consist of a destription of the system of the legislative bodyvin Oar answers taxation, as the Budget 19ow coming were of a mature, we think, to prove i forward, canel as this

is eche most

essent"-10 the gentlement of the board (paras tial tling of all; but, Piruse-first give "quet), that by-thişi expressiou vreudo : you the particulars which I have ascer not deny the rights for authority ofs tained with regard to the above fact-i 47 the Chambergh we have recognised its The budget the law of election, trial of power of acting, but we have perd the ministers, decision about the peer- "sisted in maintaining that this power? age, all depend grently upon this matter "except provisionally, could only emaxi concerning the press, and it is no wonder wate from a generat newbietectiopea that the anti-revolution party wish to "We do not believel that the seizures dispose of this matter first, ir order to which has been niade to-duy has ang destroy its influence in maintaioing the “rconnexion with this interrogatory.d rights of the people in those others It-The commissary stated that it was in appears to ine to be beyond a doubt, consequence of our neglecting to gives that the copying of your letter to the security şubut, the cour royale has not Kiny of the French roused the impa- yet decided that tlxe old law is not? tience of the pårty I have mentioned, contrary to the new charter; and, the and determined tliem to check this grow new deposit adopted by the deputies, ing'spirit of the press without further" has not yet passed the Peers, nor re delaye The law which is now in pro-"ceived the sanction of the King At gress, settling the earl-sécurity at 60,000" all events; we shall deposit ike seeufrancs, not being yet passed, the Jont-"rity: the formalities of the law of nals which have submitted to no secu-Charles X. require three days in order rity are the most powerful in opposing for this deposit to be effected; we' the passing of it by the Peers, and the therefore must defer the continuation sanctioning of it by the King 1 so that, " of our publication until Wellnesday, in order even to pass this law, the party " the 9th of this month. We shall are obliged to resort to that of CHANLES " thea continue the Hevuliition of to procure a cessation of hostilities on " 1830;' and it shall persevere in its the part of whose who write for the career of unmasking the stock jobbing people. There herer was, I think, " ministry, as it did in that pf unmaske any thing so strange, anomatous, con- " ing the ministry of doctrinaires." ». tradictory and unnatural as these pro 4. If che " Révolution” do, after it ceedings; one cannot compare the have become a fund-holder, persevere system to any thing one has ever heard with the same powerful annoyance of: it is precisely the same as if the which it husy aided by several other siege of Paris, begun by Charles, had most admirably conducted Journals, been kept up by Louis-Philippe. it hitherto giren to the stook-jobbers and -3.Vpion this important affair, the to the doctrinaires (by which they mean following is the deckiration of the person those who pretend to a monopoly of all the most interested; the editor of the the wisdim as well as to the possession “Revolation," issued yesterday, the of the greater part of the produce, of the 19th.-- Yesterday, our numbers were country), I think that the present taxing “ seized at the post office, and this ministry will not be so suucessful as it morning a commissary of the police appears to expect. It is truly a taxing

effected another seizure at our office, ministry, as I shall endeavour to show " leaving us not a copy. We do not presently, and appears déd away withi u know precisely on what account this dreanıs of absorbing the last half-penny

is done. We were suminonext yes- of the poor ; but, let us hope that the Saterday before M. Roussigné, jodge of dreruns will not ibe realized, towards * criminal instruction, who interrogated which hope nothing is more favourable Stlasi tas to the great liberty which we than the stand which men of property "take of qualifying as provisionary tire and education are now making to sus

tain the press. I really do not know this opmber is unusually bare of origiwhether it is more, nonstrous or more nal matter, and contains only firsky » Juclierqus, the oppression, which is now an article upon the change of Ministrynt attempted upon the press for, igis at- afecting Generals Gerard Maison, Seet templed to crush it by studiation as well bastiani, and Soulto che observations: as by correction and preventionSince being principally general, and not oft the revolution especially, the size of fcnsive to any second person or second, the paper and the quantity of matter in a disquisition opon its own theories, ezelwjournal bos been doubled;this has which it defends from the charge of been s upon the expectation that the being indefinite or mischievouse by dens stapps would be reduced and the post-fining principles which no one can dises age, reduced, sand I believe that the sent from third, a petition upon ins journals of the greatest circulation are direet taxes, relating only to the detail 50 barely paid. No reduction of stamp is fourth, a letter from a professor of to be made, and the reason against the the lance, upons his, arts fiftles newsx reduction of postage is that the paper is from the Moniteur, and extracts from larger; so that the papers must, then, other French and English papers be sold at a higher price, or the editors sixth, news from the departments, de-I and their establishments be devoted to scribing the Joyalty of the Nationala the publie ! Nothing was ever so looked Guard to Louis-Philippe, and also der after as this press by the government : seribing some rigours adopted at Basi taking it as a corporeal body, it is first yonne with regard to the Spanish paru reduced to the regimen vf Dr. San-triots. This last article of vews. which, grado and bas nothing to eat ; it has the is the only one which reflects indirectly benefit of the Doctor's bleedings, adıni-seren with any force against the Governai nisteral in the shape of stamps and ment, is followed by the report of the postage then, if any remaining force proceedings in the Provisionary Chamus which may be left in it take a turp not ber of Deputies," which is a title this: relished by those who firescribe the journal is in the constant habit of prezi aforesaid regimes, plentiful correctives fixing to those proceedings. Certainly. are ready, which also are anticipated by the fact which is contained in the shorte a burden laid upon the poor animal on article of news from Bayonne, that the the presumption that it will commit Government have kept the Spanish sins! 4:42)

patriots in the dark until they had ases * 5. Several seizures, have been made sembled on the frontier, and, wheat besides, but none at the post-offiee, waiting for reinforcements, oblige them nor has any other editor heen sum-to go to be massacred, or to retire to moned to she sancttom-sanclorum, which where they have no prospect bat of term i uśe, as there is some degree of starvation, is not one which demonstrates mystery attending all the porlieus of a very brilliant colour to pervade the the official habitations of the emissaries heart which dictated the councils affectof the law, Jibare never heard of any ing those ūvfortunate men; but this is other seizure, at the post-oflice, and the only one which I can find in this only of one stoppage, which was on the paper at which the Government could occasion of a false statement in the possibly look ugly, as they say in Ame: " Quotidienne," during the disturbance rici, unless it be your letter.... about the ex-ministers, relative to the 6. Now, with regard to this letter, F retirement of the Royal Family to bave already said that it was only partly Neuilly, in that case there was a spe- copied. The part containing a statea qified ground, and as soon as the error ment with regard to certain large pos* was corrected, the papers were allowed sessions in the English fuüds is left out, to proceed. There must have been the statement being alluded to by the something urgent; also, in this case, to editor as one which he had ilscentained suggest the seizure to be madle first at to be erroneous. By cbe way, one might the post-office.. As it happens, hoivever, ask how it was possible to discover the

negative of the fact which you stated the other blind, of visiting the journals; I do not know how you came to Icarn and, I should observe; that I understand the fact, but perhaps it is 'possible for the other seizures have been conducted you to leårii'it, whereas I' should think with less rigour, and the journals not it impossible to learn for certainty the discontinued. I have had the pleasore contrary. Though it is a saying that of rending them to-day; I say pleasure, 6 murder will out, it is sometimes because I do not perceive the least disdifficult to prove a man guilty of mur position to bespeak the partiality of the der ; but, it is impossible to prove him gorernnient. But, the direct and most not guilty without an alibi; and, as the avowel enemy of the funding system, funds afford the means of a man holding the Revolution, this must pay the peproperty without being known (and as nalty by buying 4,8001. into the funds if by ballot), to deny his having been immediately, under the sweet law of detected is like saying that he cannot Charles, or discontinue his publication be detected ; and, further, I hold it ex- and suffer the consequences of disconceedingly hardy, in these times particu- tinuance for several weeks, until, by the larly, and especially of a person in that good pleasure of Louis-Philippe, he may rank (I might say of that family), to be kindly permitted to buy in 2,400l.; undertake to say that he has not at, be it remarked also, the most unamassed this or that sum.

lucky time for a purchase in the funds, 7. So that, if it be your writings which have, by some devilish trick apo which are dreaded by this Government, pertaining to their nature, lately taken it is no particular part of them, and a great rise. especially it need not be said that it is 9. So much, for the present, as far as that part which is personal; 'for that concerns the liberty of the press under was here expunged, and there was no- the King and the government for thing left but that which is found in which the French people and the world every three lines at least which you have to thank Messrs. Lafitte and Lawrite, namely, the true democratic fayette! M. Lafitte, indeed, did not spirit and hatred of stock-jobbing. pretend to any great predilection for Therefore, you must not be surprised persons, so that there were royalty if there be no vent for your writings in and monarchy somehow or other, and, France, while the commissaries of pó- if he balanced' on either side, at one lice may introduce their little probing time it was rather, perhaps, in favour fiogers into the post office, and also of the former possessor.

While the pay their domiciliary visits to printing. fight was going on, he presented himoffices; for, as truly and aptly observed self with M. Casimir Perrier at the by the Revolution of two days before, head-quarters of Marmont, and these stock-jobbing and aristocracy yo hand- two undertook to forgive Charles, that in-hand; but, to do justice to the au- he should be received back in Paris, if thority I quote I must take his worls: he would raise the siege and only re“It is quite clear that the aristocracy seind the ordinances. Precisely what “of Europe have met wirh unexpected they wanted; a king to be a little more * duxiliaries in the self-constituted within their control, and everything else “ chiefs of our Revolution : the in- about the government was quite good "terests of stock-jobbers have been enough for the people! So that, as to "s found to be so identified with those dynasty, M. Lafitte was 'not nice. M. " of the feudal, monarchical, and cor- Lafayette, on the contrary, was very rupting statu quo, that the parties nice : “Voici le Roi qu'il nous falloit !" have understood one another at half (This is the King we wanted !) and a word.”

« C'est la meilleure des Républiques 8. With regard to the interrogation,(This is the best of Republics): these this, cap be regarded in no other light were his emphatic expressions on the than, -as á blinds a very flimsy bliod, day of the royal election. On this day however, because it is inconsistent with the people were sorrowful ; they were

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