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how are you or we ever to be safe, if was guilty of hypocrisy and perfidy death be not the doom of him who shall equal to these? sell a fortress or a fleet to an enemy? Brave and generous men of France ! It was curious, too, that this fit of ex- let me beg you patiently to attend to me cessive humanity should have seized on while I describe the motives of those your rulers just at this time. They not, who wish to save these base and cruel only saw Ney, LABEDOYERE, and scores tyrants. Their endeavours are so maniof others put to death by the legitimate festly unjust, the object of them is so Bourbons; but many of these same ex- wicked, they are so directly against nacessively humane men had a hand in ture, the heart of man so involuntarily causing them to be put to death! But, swells with indignation at the bare now, when those who have caused your thought of the audacious design, that fathers and brothers and children and we are hurried away from the motives; wives to be butchered by ruffians, paid, yet, we ought to look well at these moclothed and fed out of taxes raised from lives; for we shall find them of the your labour, these humanc, these tender greatest importance to you. souls, shudder at the thought of taking From the moment that you

had beaten the life of a fellow-creature!

the tyrants, the great object of the Frenchmen, on your valour we have Chambers was to preserve the public a firm reliance; the only danger is, that funds; that is to say, to be able still to your generosity may mislead you. The get from you, out of the fruit of your men who now wish to soften and de- labour, taxes to pay the interest of the

are profound hypocrites. debt which had been contracted to enslave When did they spare you, or propose to you, and which must make you slaves spare you? The law of God, by the as long as you continue to pay it. We, mouth of Moses, says, “He who sheds in this country, laughed when we saw a man's blood, by man shall his blood be banker at the head of the Deputies, and shed.Jesus Christ says, “He who when we saw that banker offering the lives by the sword, shall die by the crown to the new King! To preserve sword.Talk of Jesuits, indeed! What the public funds there must be no talk Jesuit is there equal in hypocrisy and of war. We, here, are in the same fraud to those who are endeavouring to situation. This Government and the save these sanguinary tyrants, who were Bourbons had been closely united; and playing at cards, or shooting birds, the owners of the funds in France were while their hired butchers were slaugh- extremely desirous, as were ours here, tering the people of Paris? What ! that your revolution should not dissolve eight thousand innocent men, women the union. Hence your new government and children, stabbed or shot by order of soon became connected closely with these merciless tyrants ; fathers and ours; Charles came here instead of go. mothers left to wail the deati. of their ing to Americal; your kind-hearted children ; orphans to weep for their government gave bim plenty of your parents ; widows for their husbands, and money; your new King sent over Talleyhusbands for their wives ; a slaughter rund to represent “the sovereign people” surpassing in number of slain the bloody of France; you had got the three-colourmassacre of the Saint Bartholomew, ed flag again; that was to amuse you ; totally unprovoked and wantonly com- and you were to pay interest of debt, mitted ; and, after suffering the chief and to be taxed as heavily as you had tyrant to escape, and even giving him an been before ; and thus, quietly and softiinmense sum of your money as a re ly, you were to be robbed of all the fruit ward for bis deeds, these humane phi- of your valour and your blood. The lanthropists are now engaged in the interest which you pay on the debc work of saving the lives even of the amounts to 275,000,000 of francs every under-tyrants, whose orders produced year; and the far greater part of this the carnage ! Talk of Jesuits, indeed! comes out of your labour. The rich What Jesuit that the world ever saw people, bankers, and the like, are owners

of the public funds; they, therefore, voice is expected to induce you to receive this money; and they want this abandon your claim of justice. We system to continue, and they know that should ascribe to great age; we should it could not continue under a republican ascribe to deception practised on him ; government; and they know also that we should ascribe to any thing but perit cannot continue if they have any tidy, the conduct of that ONE MAN, if thing like such a government. he were, unhappily, to become an advo

These people who, mark well, live on cate for saving the lives of these foul and your labour, are extremely desirous to bloody traitors. But, however painful be closely connected with our Govern- it might be to condemn, even tacitly, the ment, because that is necessary to keep conduct of that ONE MAN, condemn up your public funds. Now, our Go- it we must, and that of a thousand vernment has very good reasons to wish such men, if found on the side of not to see ministers put to death for lenity towards these savage tyrants. slaughtering the people! And I have Let that ONE MAN, or any other no doubt that all the foreign courts have inan or men, pardon for themselves : united to make a bargain with yours if he have had a child a wife or a for 'saving the lives of the ministers, father, slaughtered, let him pardon for Besides this, there is the danger of the hiniself ; but let him not pardon for example! And, then, who knows what you ; let him not, from any motive secrets the ministers may have to tell ! relative to peace and quietness ; let him However, the principal motive is, to not, from any imaginary expediency, keep all quiet; and it is expected, thwart the straight narch of eternal justhat if you can be made to let these men tice ; let him not tarnish his last days escape, you will be again subdued, and by doing that which would amount to easily made to submit to any thing. a declaration, that the working people And these calculations are very correct; may be slaughtered with impunity, and for, if these men escape, there is no that vengeance is not to cry from the crime that may not be committed against earth for the shedding of their blood. you with impunity: if they can thus Oh! for the honour of liberty and shed your blood, and go unpunished, patriotism, for the united honour of will any tyrant be, in future, afraid to America and France, let him leave an


your property or your attempt to save those villains to inliberty?

triguers, tax-devourers, loan-mongers, That they will not go unpunished is, and Jews; but let Lafayette say with we hope, certain, though we perceive Washington, in a case where the offence that all sorts of means are put in motion was not a thousandth part so great, for the purpose of preventing it. We “ The crime was against the people, see the preparations going on at the “ justice to them demands the punishLUXEMBOURG; we see the efforts of the “ inent, and let justice be obeyed.” And Paris press, and of the English villains was he destitute of humanity;" were who write from Paris, and who are hired coolness and patient consideration and and paid to deceive you and us. We wisdom wanting in his mind and habits; see, that there are some men who had not he a bosom as gentle as that of would set you to kill one another in order Louis Philippe ; did he sign that death to save the lives of these atrocious mur- warrant without shedding tears ; did derers. We behold, however, with his acts of rigid justice teach the people great pleasure, that you are resolved of America to be ferocious ? Oh! for that the miscreants shall die ; that they the honour of the cause of freedom, let shall not live to laugh at the tears of not the name of Lafayette traverse the the widows and the orphans of Paris, Atlantic associated with those of Jews, We see, and we see it with deep sor- jobbers, and aristocrats, combined to row; that there is ONE MAN, in whuse rescue from justice the murderers of virtue we all confided, on whose long- men contending for their rights ! tried patriotism we all relied, whose


rob you

HISTORY OF THE PROTEST- the greedy, the grasping, Jews, the

ANT REFORMATION. damned wretches who lent their money THINKING that this work, which has to the Bourbons, that these might be been translated into, and published in, able to enslave those who are now to all the languages, and in all the nations work for taxes to pay these wretches ! of Europe, and in the republics of This is impossible: the French Funds North and South America, deserved to must become worth nothing. Ours will, be put into a fine book, I published in one way or another, follow the same about two years ago a large edition in line of march. The two systems rest TWO ROYAL octavo VOLUMES, the one on the other. I shall (week after paper and print very fine and costly, next I think) publish an Appeal to the with marginal references, or abstracts, plain sense of the French nntion on the and with a copious and complete index, subject of a Republican Government for making a really fine library-book, sold France. I shall prove that France can at one pound eleven and six-pence, in- never know peace again, never know harstead of the eight shillings, for which mony and safety to property, until she the small duodecimo edition in two have a républic. But, in the mean time, volumes was and is sold. I was out let us bear in mind, that our old mother is in my estimate : I did not consider that ill. Some think that an operation will be the quantity of piety and justice and sense performed upon her as soon as Collecwas not always in a direct proportion tive Physicians and Surgeons are asto the length of purse; and that while sembled. In plains words, a bank-rethe cheap edition was, as it is, con- striction is expected in the city; and I tinually in great demand, the dear edi- expected it too. Get gold, therefore, tion remained on hand, or at least reader, while you can. went off much more slowly than things must move to be agreeable to my taste. I have, therefore, resolved to quicken

0. P.Q. the motion of this edition by selling Tuis quaint and dogmatical scribe, TIESE TWO ROYAL Octavo Volumes who writes from Paris, who is of a race AT TEN SHILLINGs, only two shillings that outdoes the capieleon, and who more than the price of the two duo- was very correct until it became worth decimo volumes, making to myself a while for corruption to work on him, solemn promise never to publish a dear tells us to-day, (22nd,) in the Morning book again. These books, like my Chronicle, that Polignac and his fellowother books, may be had of all book-murderers" must die,” when it is only sellers in town and country.

about eight days ago that he said, A new edition of the EMIGRANT'S “ They shall not die; they shall not soil Guide, with a list of articles of dress “ the earth of France with their blood.” and of sea-stores necessary to the emi. This is so barefaced that I wonder Dr. grant, price 2s. 6d.

Black becomes the circulator of it. It N. B. The Third Number of the must throw disrepute on his paper, History of George IV., price Si., will good as that paper is in most other rebe published on the first of November. spects. The Doctor himself too, I am

sorry to say, falls into the cant in this

He laments that the people of

Paris should make it such a point to GOLD.

have these “worthless men put to The English soverei is at a pre- death !” Come, come, Doctor, no mium of 22 sols in France. The French shuffling: you never said that CashFunds will become worth nothing in man, Brandreth, Turner, Ludlam, and less than a year. This is my decided the brave Thistlewood, Ings, Brunt, opinion. The people cannot be such and Tidd, ought to have been saved on beasts as to go on toiling and sweate account of their worthlessness! Mark ing and half-starving for the sake of that. Ab, Doctor! The eyes of the people

are open. The base and hypocritical

COTTAGE ECONOMY. I wrote this Work scheme for abolishing the punishment of professedly for the use of the Labouring death has blasted even those in whom

and Middling Classes of the English Nation;

and I knew that the lively and pleasing the people had most confidence.

manner of the writing would cause it to have many readers, and that thus its substance would get havded to those who could

pot read. I made myself acquainted with COBBETT'S LECTURES.

the best and simplest mode of making Beer

and Bread, and ihese I made it as plain as, On Wednesday next, the 27th inst., I

I believe, words could make it. It was shall deliver a Lecture to the YOUNG necessary, further, to treat of the keeping MEN OF LONDON, on the necessity

of Cows, Pigs, Bees, aud Poultry, matters

which I understood as well as any body of maintaining their rights; at the Ro

could, and in all their details; and I think TUNDA, Blackfriars-Road, at 7 o'clock.

it impossible for any one to read the Book Entrance 2d. each.

without learning something of utility in the

management of a Family. It includes my “Life of LAFAYETTE."-On Tuesday Writings also on the Straw Plait. A Duonext will be published, a neat little decimo Volume. Price 2s, 6d. volume of 130 pages, nicely printed, price ls. 4d. It has been published at

DOCTOR JOHNSON'S TAVERN AND Paris, and has been translated here by HOTEL, Bolt-court, Fleet-street, opposite my sons.

A very curious and instruc- Cobbett's Political Register Office. tive piece of Biography for young

The public are respectfully solicited to visit people.


old-established House, where the celebrat

ed Doctor was accustomed to pass bis leisure “ RURAL Rides.”—These are pub- hours in the society of his friends. The Pipe lished in a thick volume, duodecimo ; and Chair formerly used by him may be seen the price, was to be 10s:, I shall sell by gentlenen visiting this hotel. the volume at five shillings, in boards : N.'B. A superior Coffee-Room, supplied it is a collection of all my rides in the with Wines and Spirits of the finest quality

. several counties of “ Surrey, Kent, Sus- Excellent and well-aired beds, with com

fortable accommodation for those gentlemen sex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Gloucester- wlu nay favour S. BECK with their pa“shire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, tronage. “Somersetshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, “Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Hert FRENCH AND BELGIAN REVOLU. “ fordshire : with Economical and Po- TIONS. CORBETT'S LECTURES, Eleven “Jitical Observations relative to maiters in number, contain the following important "applicable to, and illustrated by, the “State of those Counties respectively.'

subjects :The book contains 668 pages, and is

1. French Revolution, 21. 2. English Bo

roughmongers, 3d. neatly put up in boards : the volume English People, 33. 4. Petition to the King,

3. Grievances of the is printed in a manner to fit it for a with Remarks, 3d.

5. Aristocracy of the library.

People, 3d. 6. Belgian Revolution, 3d. A FRENCH GRAMMAR; or, Plain Jostruc- 9. Talleyrand's Mission to England, 3d.

7. Church Property, 32. 8. New Police, 3d. tions for the Learning of French. The 10. The Whigs, 3d. notoriously great sale of this book is no Army, 3d. bad criterion of its worth. The reason of

The series stitched together in a peat its popularity is its plainness, its simplicity. I have made it a plain as I possibly could:wrapper, with a portrait of Mr. Cohbett, I have encountered and overcome ihe diffi

price, 3s. culty of giving clear definitions: I have bell's Register.

These Lectures are ably reported. — Cobproceeded in such a way as to make the task of learning as little difficult as possible. OF THE BELGIAN REVOLUTION, Two

Shortly will be published, ANÉCDOTES The price of this book is ös. in boards.

Pence each.
THE LAW OF TURNPIKES; or, an Ana London : published by Strange, 21, Þater-

lytical Arrangement of, and Illustrative noster-row, and all booksellers.
Comnientaries all the General Acts,
relative to Turnpike Roads. By William
COBBETT, Jun., Student of Lincoln's Inn.
Price 38, 6d, boards,

Printed by William Cobhett, Johnson's-court; and
published by him, at 11, Bolt-court, Fleet-street


11. The Standing

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VOL. 70.–No. 18.]

LONDON, SATURDAY, October 30TH, 1830.

[Price ls.



when this impudent Lord, this devourer of the fruit of our skill and our labour, did this; when he gave this oppressed nation this striking proof of the ruin and misery which we had endured, and had still to endure, from the whole powers of the state being in the hands

of that aristocracy of which this man PLAN

had for forty years been deemed one of the most able; and when I, under the

title aforementioned, called upon others PARLIAMENTARY REFORM, to join me in making efforts to rescue

our country from the sway of a cast so

stupid, so haughty, so insolent, and so | THE YOUNG MEN OF ENGLAND. mischievous ; when I did this, it was on

the YOUNG MEN that I called ; it was Kensington, 25th October, 1830. MY FRIENDS,

to their justice and spirit that I appealed, Waen, in the month of May, 1828, stating that there was no hope in us, their I, under the title of “Noble Nonsense,” fathers, who had been so lashed, so exposed the stupidity and impudence of scourged, so beaten down, so often siGRENVILLE, who, after having had the lenced by gags and spies, so terrified by sinecure as Auditor of the Exchequer the horrible dungeons, so often alarmed for about fifty years, for which he had lest the expression of our thoughts received about 200,000l. of the public should stretch our necks, rip up our money, and having, during the same pe- bowels, send our heads rolling from the riod, received about 150,000l. more of the scaffold, and place the four quarters of public money, as Speaker of the House our bodies at the disposal of the king; of Commons, as Secretary of State for who had been, in short, so long disciforeign affairs, and as First Lord of the plined to submission, and to tremble Treasury, while his two brothers, during even at the name of lord, that there was the same period, had, agreeably to re- not one out of one thousand of us, who turns published by the House of Com- was forty or fifty years of age, in whose mons, received for their sinecures, not soul there remained one particle of that less than about 700,000l. of the public spirit for which our fathers had been money; when at the time above-men- so famed throughout the world, and tioned, I exposed the stupidity and im- for which they had been so hated by pudence of this man, who had been one tyrants. of the projectors of the Pitt sinking For the same reason, it is to you, fund, who had assisted actively to carry THE YOUNG MEN or ENGLAND, that I it on for forty-two years, and who, when address myself now: I choose this mode the thing had according to his own of submitting to my country A PLAN confession cost the nation S0,000,000 OF PARLIAMENTARY REFORM, of pounds sterling, had discovered, and and I choose it because, in the first place, had at the time above stated, published you have the greatest interest at stake a pamphlet asserting, that the whole in the matter; and in the next place, thing was a " delusion,” that it was, because it is, it must be, on you, on in its very essence, delusive and mis- your opinions, on your decision, on your chievous ;" when he did this, repeating resolution, on your courage, that the like a school-boy, that which I had result will depend. The subject natuasserted and proved and made as clear rally divides itself into three questions ; as daylight, twenty-five years before ; namely,


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