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infernal deeds! What deeds so infernal of this who wanted to reduce English · as to endeavour to keep men in this state, labourers to potatoes. I thank God and and that, too, in a land of abundance their own native spirit, that these tyrants What, I ask, is so horrid, so damnable, have not succeeded. Hanging! what as this? The three great scourges of is hanging, when life cannot be preGod are the sword, pestilence, and fa- served without such infamous slavery! mine; the last always considered the So help me God, rather than see them greatest of the three. But God has not silently submit to it, I would see them sent famine; he has sent abundance;'all hanged and would be hanged along and, what, then, must be the feelings of with them, and should not desire a more the honest, hard-working man, when honourable inscription on my tomb than he sees himself in a state of famine, in this : “ Herelie the remains of Wilthe midst of this abundance, and when “ liam Cobbett, who was hanged, behis weary limbs have so often told him, “ cause he urged his countrymen, the that, under God, he and his fellow la- “ husbandry labourers of England, not bourers are the cause of that abundance! “ to live upon the damned root called Talk of violence, indeed! Talk of mis- “ the potatoe.” chief! Talk of Frenchmer coming here And now, Trevor, whoever and to set fires !

whatever and whomsoever you be, do The short and long of the matter is what you like, or, rather, what you can; this : the tax-eating and loan-monger- for I am resolved to do my utmost, in ing crew wanted to reduce the English every way in which I can act, to aid all to the state of the Irish and the Scotch; the just claims of this class of my counthat is, to live on potatoes, or burgoo, trymen ; and I discharge this duty the and to that state they were nearly more zealously, because all the world brought. But, in that infamous state I knows that they have not the power to always said they would never remain reward me, nor even to express their long; and I thank God that niy saying thanks to me, nay, and that the far is verified. I always loved iny country greater part of them will never hear of with great ardour ; if one can be said to my exertions in their behalf. May God love classes of persons, I have always Almighty strengthen them and preloved this class beyond all measure more serve thein is the prayer of than any other; I have more than half

WM. COBBETT. my life laboured to obtain them justice, FRIDAY MORNING.MI see that TREand to get them back to meat and bread, vor had his motion last night, after instead of the soul-degrading potatoes. which he will, I hope, be a little more Talk of punishing them, indeed! What at his ease; though the withdrawing of punishment is equal to that which they it must have been rather painful work. have endured for years? And yet there --I shall have room to give the Parliaare ruffians base enough to call for mentary proceedings next week, and their blood! May these ruffian writers then I will endeavour to put him out of perish, and may dogs lick up their his misery.- In the meanwhile I hare blood, as they did that of the she tyrant published a NEW EDITION of the ReJezebel. For twenty years and more gister that excited bis sapient dislike : it have I been pleading their cause, be is No. 44, Vol. 70, dated Dee. Ith, seeching the men in power to better 1830. their lot, and foretelling precisely that which is now taking place, if that lot was not bettered in time. And now,

TRIALS AT WINCHESTER. when the prediction is fulfilled, there Very interesting! Facts wbich this are wretches base enough to accuse me gulled London will never hear, except of having been the cause of what has through me. The judges are VAUGHAN, taken place! I hold a pen, indeed ; l'Arre, and ALDERSON. The pleaders but that pen has no such triumphs to against the poor fellows are, the Attorboast. No, those have been the cause ney-General Denman, and SERJEANT

WILDE ! But what is curious enough sufferings. The Government mistakes is, that TALENTS, the Duke of NEW- the matter : they think, with Bacon, CASTLE'S FAMOUS AGENT AT that the “ sufferings have been greatly NEWARK, is the ATTORNEY, en exaggerated, for the base purpose of pluyed by this famous government, to urging the labourers on to misconduct,

or- manage the business chief.' This is a mistake, and a very of the prosecutious !!!-Let this be fatal one too. The suffering cannot kept in our memories. YOUNG be exaggerated. It is such as no people GEORGE ROSE (who has a sinecure ever endured before. Nothing, thereof 3,9751. a year for life, and whose fore, is to be effected by terror. Death father had it before him) is FOREMAN has no terrors for such men, The wise OF THE GRAND JURY, SIR THO- way, therefore, is to speak comfort to MAS BARING is one of the Grand them; to promise them better days. Jury. WELLINGTON and STUR- And this, I do hope, will be done at GES BOURNE were sitting on the last. Nothing can be gained by causing Bench with the Judges. I have no time a death which draws a tear from every to give any more details at present ; humane man in the kingdom. but, what is to be the end of all this? Did any-body ever yet hear of punish

The next Number of Two-PENNY ment producing any good effect upon

Trasa, to be published on the First of English nyen, unless they were satisfied January, will contain an essay to prove of the necessity as well as the justice of that the whole of the tithes and other it? The fires never would liave been church- property ought to be taken by at all, if my advice had been followed. law and applied to other purposes. If followed at a later period, they would

No. 4, of the History of the MILD have been extinguished long ago. And Reign or GEORGE IV. will be published now they blaze more furiously than ever.

at the same time." They have recommenced in Sussex

Those who may want odd Numbers to under the very noses of the Judges; complete sets of the Apvice To Young and in Middlesex and Lincolnshire, they Men, will please to apply for them before blaze away night after night. They have the 15th of January, as it will not be begun in WALES, and, if something ef- convenient to supply them after that fectual be not done, they will reach the

time. fertile parts of Scotland, where the beg.

I request friends to collect and send garly “ Scotsman " says that the “ En- me information about the TRIALS. ylish incrndiaries" have already ap- Judges, Juries, Witnesses, all ought to

be peared! Thus the ruffian tyrants of

put on record. every country, shove it off their own shoulders; in England Swing comes

PRESTON ELECTION. from NORMANDY ; in Scotland he comes

In another part of the Register will from England! Good God! Is this be found an account of the close of this madness that calls for a strait-waist- memorable election. The reader will coat ; or is it hypocrisy that deserves a see that a scrutiny has been demanded. balter? One word from the King would It must have been for the purpose of put all to rights and make all quiet annoyance, and perbaps solely to keep and safe. He has only to say, Mr. Hunt out of his seat till after the either in Message or Proclamation, recess, and till the country shall have that which I, the moment he was been made quiet by the special commison the throne, advised him to say ; sions ! It never can have been underand not another fire would be heard uf. taken with a hope of success. The The law has no terrors for men who following address from the Electors see starvation before them. Thei suf- of Preston I recommend to the at. ferings from want are so great, that tention of my readers. I shall be glad they think nothing of the mere chance to receive subscriptions, at ny shop, of death from efforts to get rid of those however small, What other mode

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of aiding them I shall adopt, it requires tion, prevailed over the honest wishes time to consider ; and the demands in of the people of Preston ; and miglet have other quarters are great, and in behalf ridden triumphant over right; all these of men, women, and children, that cry to abominations have been exercised with heaven and earth for aid! My heart double force during this election. But bleeds for them, and I can think of little this infamous state of things has now else. However, I shall do what I can, I passed away, and if we have your sup, when I can withdraw my mind from port, we pledge the last drop of blood objects that fill it with greater anxiety that flows in our reins, that they shall than I ever before experienced in the never prevail again at Preston. Tyranny whole course of my life.

is loath to let go its hold—it relinTHE APPEAL

quishes its ill-gotten pelf with reluct

tance ; it will struggle even in its dying of the Elvctors of Preston, to the Peo moments to gloat on the heart’s-blood

ple of England, Scotland, and Ireland. of its victims. Therefore it is that a Fellow Countrymen and Brothers,

most impudent and barefaced attempt is “The time is come” when we want about to be made, under the pretence of your aid ; we crave your powerful co- law and justice, to rob us (at least for a operation ; we call upon you to assist time) of the fruitof our glorious struggle. us to secure the fruit of that victory Our right hon. opponent Mr. Stanley, a which we have attained by an unexam- Whig Minister, has demanded a Serupled struggle, during the last eight days. tiny!!! The blow is struck! 3730 brave, honest, Men of ENGLAND, there is not the and patriotic men, who live by the toil of slightest pretence for this—There never their hands and the sweat of their was a fairer Election on the part of brows, electors of this Borough, have, the people than this. Mr. STANLEY by their unbought votes, chosen Henry knows that we are poor; he has felt that Hunt, Esq., as their Representative ; we are honest; he knows that we have we know him as the long-tried friend made unexampled sacrifices—and that and fearless Advocate of the just rights we have endured even the most heartof the people, and we believe him to be rending privations during this glorious the very best man in the kingdom to struggle for freedom ; and therefore it convey, within the walls of Parliament, was, when he fled from Preston last the sentiments, the wishes, and the night, that he with a satanic smile, urwants of all those who, like ourselves, ged his myrmidons of the law to halive upon, and who are anxious to live rass, to oppress, and io weary us out by upon, the honest fruits of their labour. procrastination, and by every species of

The enemies of our rights and liber- low cunning and fraud, to bear us down ties also sincerely believe Mr.Hunt to be with such heuvy expenses, as he believes, the man we have described him to be; we are not able to sustain. Countrymen therefore they are naturally as anxious and Brothers, will you stand silently by to keep him out of Parliament, as we with your arms folded, and not lend a are to get him in: they have spent hun- hand to save the country from this everdreds of thousands of pounds of the lasting disgrace? We do not ask you to public money to carry their point, and take your cudgels in your hands, and up to this period they have succeeded. march into Preston to drive this hoard But we have at last overpowered them, of locusts out of the town, because we when they least expected'it. Twice be- are able and willing to do this oursleves

, fore we made the attempt, and on each if we were not cautioned by Mr. Hunt occasion we should have succeeded, had not to commit any act of violence, we received fair play, but we were which he says is the last, the fore defeated by the exercise of the most lorn hope of STANLEY. But as we are foul and barefaced injustice. Wealth- men who have nothing but what we Power-Unjust Influence-Bribery, work hard for, we do earnestly and conPerjury=und Aristocratical Domina- fidently appeal to you as brothers, to

give us -and give us promptly too-rough to its native purity. We have your pecuniary assistance. Nelson said, thus begun that real Reform of Parliabefore going into battle, “ England ex-ment ourselves, which has been so long pects every man to his duty." This ex- prayed for by the people, and which clamation will apply with treble force has at length been promised them by on the present occasion. A Scrutiny, the ministers. We have thought it INDEED!“ List, oh list,” countrymen hetter to rely upon our own exertions, and brothers; a scrutiny is called for than trust to the promises of Kings or by Stanley, and why you shall hear. of Princes, or of Ministers, or of ParThere were ten poll clerks employed, liaments. nine out of the ten voted for Stanley,

May you, countrymen and brothers, contrary to every principle of justice, or by your liberal aid, promptly adminiseven of common decency; Stanley had tered, encourage others to follow our ten check clerks, and twenty Inspectors, example, is the earnest prayer of the all paid and all voted ; and he had nine; gallant men of Preston. Finally, we tenths of the Attorneys in Preston, and are bound to say, that we place little every-body knows that an Attorney reliance upon the promises of those never works without being paid--they ministers who, with professions of all voted for Stanley; he had the Pa- economy and retrenchment, are actually rish Officers with their books ready to increasing the national burdens, by send back any pauper who came to poll adding 10,000 men to the standing for us, and there never was a body of army in time of peace, under the preElectors under any circumstances, that tence of quelling the riots of our halfhad to encounter so strict and so vigi- starved countrymen in the South, inlent a scrutiny as those electors bad, stead of ministering to their wants, who tendered their votes for Mr. Hunt. and relieving their sufferings by taking In addition to these, all the public-off the taxes upon soap, candles, and houses were open, and treating, drink- particularly the tax upon the necessary ing, and bribery, were as unblushingly article of the poor man's existence, and as openly practised as at the late “ BREAD,” which tax, by means of contest for the borough of Eveshain, the corn bill, enables the aristocracy, or any rotten borough in existence, annually, to take more money out of the Add to these the long purse of Earl earnings of the labouring poor, than Derby, which enabled Stanley, a Minis- the whole of that aristocracy pay in ter of the Crown, to hire and pay up, taxes in seven years. wards of fifty attorneys, who canvassed the town for a month. All these we had

We cannot place much confidence in to contend with ; while on the other that ministry, which has, by one of their hand, we were all volunteers, not one

body, The Right Honourable Mr. Stanman paid amongst us, not one man can

ley, declared against the repeal of the vasseid; but, with the honest hearts and Corn Laws, and against the Vote by votes of the Electors, backed up by the Ballot, for which declaration he has enthusiastic support of the Women of been kicked out of Preston, notwithPreston, we accomplished, even before standing the most open and wanton Mr. Hunt's arrival amongst us, one of bribery has been daily and hourly practhe most arduous undertakings, and tised by his agents, for which acts of one of the most signal victories' ever bribery, we pledge ourselves to petition obtained over one of the haughtiest of Parliament, should he attain his seat the haughty aristocratical families in for this Borough, by means of brute the kingdom ; a family which has force, which has been hinted at, by a made the populous town of Preston a

threat to call in the military for that rotten borough for the last 150 yenrs. purpose. We have, by one mighty effort, rescued To aid and assist us in defending our ourselves from the grasp of this just rights, we call on you, fellow counhaughty family, and restored the bo- trymen and brothers, with the full con



viction that this appeal will be an- UPTON, G., Queen-street, Cheapside, oilswered in a way that it deserves.

WALTERS, J., Worcester, shoe-maker.

Jos. TownsEND,

Mark-LANR, CORN EXCHANGP., Dec. 20.Join WHITE, William GRIME,

The supply of English Grain is better than it Joun Foster, Joan Tailor,

bas beeu any week since the barvest, and fine Joun Taylor, Peter Foster.

Eriglish Wheat meets ready sale at a slight J. MITCHELL, JOHN TAYLOR,

advance in price, but all other qualities re

main without any alteration from our last Treasurer.

Secretary. quotations. Free foreign Wheat meets tolePreston, 16th December, 1830.

rably good demand, but we can quote no

alteration in the price of this Grain from our From the LONDON GAZETTE, former report. There is a good deal of in- ' FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1830. quiry after Bonded Wheat, aud ls. to 28. per

quarter advance is given. The Barley trade BANKRUPTS.

continues steady and without any variation in B AVF, W., Gainsborough, "Liucoloshire, price. iron-founder.


64s. to 75s. BEUT VID), T., Wantage, Berkshire, post Rye

30s. to 34s. horse: master.


36s. to 38s. BELL, M., Great Surry-street, Blackfriars


40s. to 41s. road, victuall-r.

Peas, White

425. to 48s, BRAY, W. F., Liverpool-street; New-road,


48s. to 53s. Pancras, builder. 1


40s. to 42s. CROSS, R; Manchester, publican.

Beans, Small ..

42s, to 44s. HAYDEN, W., Oxford-street, silk-mercer.


36s, to 38s. LEWIS, J.; Tenhy, Pembrokeshire, draper. Oats, Potatoe ...

28s. to 30s. PRICE, J , Manchester, paper-dealer.


24s. to 275. PRIOR, W., Charlotte-street, Bedford-square, Flour, per sack

55s. to 60s. and Tottenhain-court road, brewer.

HOP INTELLIGENCE. PRONCHERT, C. P., Jewry-street, Aldgate, Borough, Monday.-The supply this morn

iron-founder. SHAW, J., and J. Wood, lukiofield, Ches- this day week.

ing was small, and prices remain the same as hire, corton-spinners. THOVPSON, R., Leeds, grocer.

SMITHFIELD-Dec. 20. WEBB, S , Reading, builder.

The quality of Beef having become in-, WERNAAM, G, Wallingford, Berkshire, ferior, the price is lower; the best offered in victualler.

the market pot being worth more than 4s. to WILKINSON, G. C., Bristol, confectioner.

4s. 4d. per stone. Mutton, for the prime young

Downs, fetches 4s. 6d. to. 4s, 8d. per stope.. TUESDAY, (ECEMBER 21, 1830.

Prime young Calves reach 5s. to 5s. 4d. per INSOLVENTS.

stone ; and Pork, for dairy-fed meat, is 4s. 8d. Dec. 20.- MOTTRAM, W., St. John's- to 4s. 10d. per stune. Beasts, 3,230; Calves, streer, Clerkenwell, victualler.

169; Sheep, 18,520; Pigs, 140. Dec. 21.-RAGLESS, T., Piccadilly, cook. THURSDAY, Dec. 23.- A limited supply, but

BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. the carcass markets being glutted with meat, LOCKE, W., Burv St. Elmoud's, iuokeeper. Beef and Muiton solil at 2d. and Veal at 4d. BANKRUPTS,

per stone lower than Mondays prices ; ' Pork BRAGG, J., Harrington, Lancashire, ship- Dearly the same. There were very few buy.

Beasts, 435; Sheep, 2270 ; Calves, 127 ; CANSDELL, W., Bishopsgate-street-within, Pigs, 108. auctin.r.

MARK-LANE.-Friday, Dec. 24. CHAPMAN, R., Strachau-terrace, Islington, The supplies are small and the prices full as builder.

high as on Monday. EARL, J., Church-street, Hackney, cheese

English arrivals. Foreign.

7,800 non er.


2,850 1,150 HALL, H. B., Little Vine-street, Minories,

9,350 1,450

150 and Coboru-street, Bo'v, merchant.


7,500 350 1,900 HENDERSON, J., Renny, South Sea-chambers, Threadueelle street, merchant.

THE FUNDS, JOHNSON, L., York, woollen-draper.

Fri, Sat. Mon. Tues. Wed., Thur, MAY, J., Fenchurch-street, tavern-keeper. 3 per Cent. OWEN, W, Speke, Lancashire, farmer. Cons. Ann.

82 814 815 813 814 82 SCHOLES, J., J. Broughton, and R. Scholes,

Sadilleworth, Yorkshire, calico-printers. TILLMAN, J., Exmouth, glazier,

Printed by William Cobbett. Johnson's-c0111. and published by him, at 1 Bolt-court, Fleet-street




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