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Monuments and Statues in Manhattan.

ARTHUR, CHESTER A., Madison Square. BARTHOLDI STATUE, see "Liberty," below. BEETHOVEN, bronze bust, on a granite pedestal, 15 ft. high, Central Park, on the Mall; unveiled 1884. BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN, Bryant Park, W. 42d St. and 6th Ave.

BURNS, bronze statue, Central Park, on the Mall;
unveiled 1880.

CERVANTES, bust of Cervantes, author of "Don
Quixote," in Central Park.

COLUMBUS, marble statue, in Central Park; un-
veiled 1892.

COMMERCE, bronze figure, Central Park, near the
8th Ave. and 59th St. entrance; unveiled 1865.
CONKLING, bronze statue, Madison Square Park,
cor. Madison Ave. and 23d St.
COOPER, PETER, statue opposite Cooper Union.
Cox, bronze statue of the statesman S. S. Cox,
erected by the letter-carriers, Astor Place.
DE PEYSTER, ABRAHAM, statue in Bowling Green.
DODGE, bronze statue of William E. Dodge, at
Broadway, 6th Ave., and 36th St.; unveiled 1885.
ERICSSON, Statue of the inventor, on the Battery.
FARRAGUT, bronze statue, Madison Square Park,
near 5th Ave. and 26th St.

Riverside Drive.

FRANKLIN, bronze statue, Printing House Square;
unveiled 1872.

GARIBALDI, bronze statue, Washington Square;
unveiled 1888.

GRANT, ULYSSES S., tomb, Riverside Drive and
123d St.; 160 feet high; dedicated April 27, 1897.
GREELEY, bronze statue, at the front entrance of
the Tribune Office; unveiled 1890.
GREELEY, Gree, y Square, 33d St. and Broadway.
HALE, bronze statue of Nathan Hale, the martyr
spy of the Revolution; City Hall Park, near
Broadway and Mail St erected by the Sons of
the Revolution in 1893. Temporarily in City Hall

HALLECK, bronze statue, Central Park, on the
Mall; unveiled 1877.

HAMILTON, granite statue of Alexander Hamilton,
Central Park, on the East Drive, above the Met-
ropolitan Museum of Art.

HANCOCK, in Hancock Square, St. Nicholas Ave. and W. 124th St.

HEINE, poet, Lorelei Fountain, Mott Ave. and 161st St.

HOLLEY, bronze bust of Alexander Holley, Washington Square; unveiled 1890.

HUDSON, HENRY, 100 foot shaft, Spuyten Duyvil.
HUMBOLDT, bronze bust, Central Park, near the
5th Ave. and 59th St. entrance.

HUNT, RICHARD M., Memorial, 5th Ave., opposite
Lenox Library.

INDIAN HUNTER, bronze figure, Central Park,
near lower entrance to the Mall.
IRVING, bronze bust, Bryant Park, on W. 40th St.:
unveiled 1866.

LAFAYETTE, bronze statue, Union Square, lower
end of Park; unveiled 1876.
erty Island, in the Harbor, copper statue, on
granite and concrete pedestal; statue, 151 feet


high; pedestal, 155 feet high; total height above
low-water mark, 305 feet 11 inches; unveiled 1886.
LINCOLN, bronze statue, Union Square, southwest
corner; unveiled 1868.

bus Circle.
MAINE, U. S. S., MEMORIAL, National, Colum-
MARTYRS' MONUMENT, Trinity Churchyard, in
memory of the American soldiers and sailors
who died in the British prison ships in the Revo-
lutionary war.

MAZZINI, bronze bust, Central Park, on the West

MOORE, bronze bust of Thomas Moore, the poet,
Central Park, near the Pond and 5th Ave. en-
trance; unveiled 1880.

MORSE, bronze statue of the inventor of the tele-
graph, Central Park, near 5th Ave. and 72d St.
entrance; unveiled 1871.

OBELISK, Central Park, near the Metropolitan
Museum of Art; brought from Egypt, and erect-
ed 1881; granite, 70 feet long, and weighs 200 tons.
SCHILLER, bronze bust, Central Park, in the Ram-
ble; unveiled 1859.

SCHURZ, CARL, Statue, 116th St. and Morningside
SCOTT, bronze statue of Sir Walter Scott, Central
Park, on the Mall; unveiled 1872.

SEVENTH REGIMENT, bronze figure of a soldier of
this regiment, to commemorate its dead in the
civil war, Central Park, on the West Drive; un-
veiled 1874.

SEWARD, bronze statue, southwest corner of Madi-
son Square Park; unveiled 1876.
the lower end of the Mall; unveiled 1872.
SHAKESPEARE, bronze statue, Central Park, at
SHERMAN, GENERAL, equestrian statue, 5th
Ave, and 59th St.

Riverside Drive; unveiled in October, 1907.
SIGEL, FRANZ, bronze monument, 106th St. and
SIMS, bronze statue of Dr. Marion Sims, Bryant
Park, north side.


vesant, in the outer wall of St. Mark's Church.
STUYVESANT, marble effigy of Gov. Peter Stuy.
THE PILGRIM, bronze statue, Ceutral Park, near
E. 72d St. entrance.
THORWALDSEN, bronze statue, 59th St., facing 6th


VERDI, statue, Sherman Square.
VERRAZANO, Statue, Battery Park.
114th St., Morningside and Manhattan Aves.
WASHINGTON, bronze equestrian statue, Union
Square, southeast side.

WASHINGTON, bronze statue, at the entrance to the
Sub-Treasury Building, Wall St.; unveiled 1883.
MARBLE ARCH, Washington

Square, at the foot of 5th Ave.
Hudson landed.
WATER GATE, foot W. 110th St., where Henry

WEBSTER, bronze statue, Central Park, on the
West Drive, near 72d St.

WORTH, granite shaft in honor of Major-General
Worth, U. S. A,, at Broadway, 5th Ave., and 25th
St.; unveiled 1857.

Railroad Passenger Stations in Manhattan.

Baltimore & Ohio, ft. W. 23d and Liberty Sts.
Central of New Jersey, foot of W. 23d and Lib-
erty Streets; Sandy Hook Route (in Summer),
foot of W. 42d and Cedar Streets, also.
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, foot of Bar-
clay, Christopher and W. 23d Streets.
Erie, foot of Chambers and West 23d Streets.
Hudson Terminal, Cortlandt, Church and Fulton
Streets. Hudson and Manhattan R. R. Newark
and Jersey City to Morton St., N. Y., to Christo-
pher St., to 6th Ave., along 6th Ave., to 33d St.
Lehigh Valley, foot of West 23d and Liberty
Streets and Hudson Tunnel.

Long Island, 7th Ave. and 33d St.,foot E. 34th St.
Atlantic Avenue Branch, junction of Flatbush
and Atlantic Avenues, Brooklyn.
New Jersey & New York, foot of Chambers and
West 23d Streets.

New York & Long Branch, foot Liberty, Cortlandt,
Desbrosses, West 23d Streets and 7th Ave, and

32d Street. In Summer, foot W. 42d and Cedar Sts., also.

New York Central & Rudson River, 42d St. and 4th Ave.; Harlem, 125th St.; Harlem Division, 4th Ave. and 42d St., 125th; Putnam Division, 155th Street and Eighth Ave.

New York, New Haven & Hartford, 4th Avenue and 42d Street.

New York, Ontario & Western, foot of Cortlandt,
and West 42d Streets.

New York, Susquehanna & Western, foot of
Chambers and W. 23d Streets.

Northern of New Jersey, foot of Chambers and
West 23d Streets.

Pennsylvania, foot of Cortlandt and Desbrosses
Streets, 7th Ave. 31st to 33d Streets.
Philadelphia & Reading, foot of W. 23d and Liberty

Staten Island, foot of Whitehall Street.
West Shore, foot Cortlandt and West 42d Streets.

Cotton goods, including cotton small wares.
Foundry and machine shop products.
Furniture, including refrigerators.

Constancy of Employment of Wage-Earners.


THE Census Bureau on November 24, 1911, issued a statement showing greatest variation in the number employed by the leading industries in the United States. The average number wage-earners employed in all these Industries during 1909 was 6,615,046; the largest number, 7,006,853, was employed in November, and the smallest number, 6,210,063, in January, equal to 88.6 per cent. of the maximum. The statistics are embraced in the following tables: INDUSTRIES IN WHICH LARGEST NUMBER OF WAGE-EARNERS ARE EMPLOYED.


Boots and shoes, including cut stock and

Bread and other bakery products.

Cars and general shop construction and re-
pairs by steam railroad companies.
Clothing, men's, including shirts..
Clothing, women's.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

383,529 Jan.
597,234 Jan.
136,615 Jan.
134,540 Jan..
283,629 Mar.
739,160 Jan..
269,884 July.
176,369 Jan.
173,943 Jan.



123,308 91.7 215,076 75.8 649,239 87.8 251,757 93.3

161,563 91.6

158,318 91.0



76,528 July

104,930 Jan..

59,968 Sept.

154,800 Jan..

Ice, manufactured.

Oll, cottonseed and cake.

16,114 July

[blocks in formation]

17,071 Nov

22,872 Jan..
29,334 July.

Cemeteries in and About the City of New York.

[blocks in formation]

Arlington, N. J., 4 1-2 miles from J. C.. At Cemetery
Old South Road, Woodhaven, L. I..... At Cemetery.
Greenville, N. J., 2 1-2 miles from J. C.. 21 Exchange Pl., J. C..
Bergen, N. J., 11-2 miles from J. C 42 Glenwood Ave., J. C.
Newtown, L. I., 1 mile from L. I. C... 24 E. 52d St., N. Y.....
Near Corona, L. Í., 5 1-2 miles from N. Y. 1 Madison Ave., N. Y..
Bayonne, N. J., 7 miles from J. C...... 801 B'way, Bayonne....
Myrtle Ave. and Jamaica Plank Road, 1 Madison Ave., N. Y..
Brooklyn Borough.

Bushwick Ave. & Conway St., Brooklyn.. At Cemetery..
Staten Island, near Castleton Corners.... W. New Brighton, N. Y.
Prospect Park, Brooklyn Borough.... 725 E. 31st St., B'h'n..
Brooklyn Boro', N. Y. Main entrances at 170 Broadway, N.Y....
5th Ave, and 25th St.

At Cemetery...

New Durham, N.J.,4m.from Hoboken fer. 295 W'sh'gton St., Hob.
Flatbush, L. I., Brooklyn Borough.. Jay & Chapel Sts., B'k'n
Central Ave., East New York.
At Cemetery
Newark Ave., Jersey City, N. J...
Harlem R. R., 25 miles from N. Y.
East Williamsburg, L. I.
Jamaica Turnpike, near Middle Village.
New Durhain, Hudson County, N. J...
Adjoining Cypress Hills Cemetery..
Hoffman Boul., 6 miles from L. 1. City.
New Dorp, Staten Island....

Mount Hope, Westchester County..
Jamaica Ave., Brooklyn Borough.
Adjoining Cypress Hills Cemetery.
Maspeth, L. I.....

Maspeth, L. I....

Ocean Ave., Jersey City, N. J.
Nyack, N. Y..

Yonkers, N. Y.....

Lafayette Ave., City Island, N. Y..
Pine Lawn, L. I.

Flatbush, L. I., Brooklyn Borough.
Hart's Island, N. Y.
Sparkill, Rockland Co., N.Y.

Rosedale and Linden.. Linden, N. J., 14 miles from N. Y..

[blocks in formation]

Railroad or Ferry.

Greenwood Lake Div. Erie R. R.
Kings County Elevated or trolley.
Cent. R. R. of N. J. or trolley frou J. C.
Cortlandt, Desbrosses, W. 23d St. Ferries.
Long Island City or Williamsburg Ferries,
Long Island R.R. or Bku. Rapid Transit.
Cent. R.R. of N. J. or trolley from J. C.
Roosevelt St., and Fulton Ferries, and
also by cars from Brooklyn Bridge.
Trolley from Bklyn Ferries, or El. R. R's.
Trolley from St. George, Staten Island.
Fulton, and Hamilton Ferries.

Cars from Bridge Depot, Fulton, South,
and Hamilton Ferries.

Nor. R.R. of N.J.; West Shore; trolley. Fulton, and Roosevelt St. Ferries, Trolley from Brooklyn Ferries. Cortlandt, Desbrosses, W. 234 St. Ferries. 103 Park Ave., N. Y... Harlem Div. N. Y. Central R. R. 48 St. Mark's Pl., N.Y. Williamsburg Ferries. 68 William St., N. Y... Trolley from Wmsburg and Fulton Fer. 617 W. 49th St., N.Y... Nor. R.R. of N.J.; N,Y.,Š. & W.; W.S.R.R. At Cemetery... Same route as for "Cypress Hills," above. At Cemetery.... East 34th St. Ferry. Located about six miles from St. George Landing, Staten Island. 503 Fifth Ave., N. Y... Putnsin Div., N. Y. Central R. R. 251 W. 128th St., N. Y.. Trolley from B'way Ferry, Bkin Borough. 601 W. 162nd St., N. Y.. Same route as for "Cypress Hills," above. 82 Wall St., N. Y...... Trolley from foot of Broadway, Brooklyn Borough, or E. 34th St. Ferry Depot. Y.....Trolley from E. 34th St. Ferry Depot. Cent, R. R. of N. J.; or trolley from J.C. Nor, R. R. of N. J. or West Shore R.R. Trolley from Yonkers.

41 Park Row, N.
At Cemetery
Nyack, N. Y.

51 Warburt'nAv, Yonkrs
171 Fordham St., City I.
38 W. 32nd St., N.Y....
Almshouse, Flatbush....
148 E. 20th St., N. Y..
At Cemetery..
206 Broadway.

1101 Flatiron Bdg., N.Y.
At Cemetery.

Jay & Chapel Sts., B'k'n

Trolley from Bartow, on N. Hav. R.R.
Long Island R.R.

Cars from Wmsburg and Fulton Ferries.
Boat foot of E. 26th St.

Northern R. R. of N. J. & West Sh. R.R.
Via Penna R.R.
Via Penna, R.R.

N. Y. Central or Putnam Div.

Trolley from Brooklyn.

225 W. 99th St., N. Y... East 34th and 92d St. Ferries.
Cortlandt, Desbrosses, W, 23d St. Ferries.
N. Y. Central & Hudson R.R.
Whitehall St. Ferry.

130 Main St., Tarryt'n.
17 Water St., West N.B.
187 Fulton St., N. Y....
2 Rector St., N. Y..
At Cemetery....
20 E 234 St., N. Y........

Sixth or Ninth Ave. Elevated R.R.
Trolley from Bridge and Ferries.
Hoboken and Weehawken Ferries.
Harlem Div., N. Y. Central R. R.

Libraries in Manhattan and Bronx.

Academy of Medicine, 17 W. 43d St.-Open) A. M. to 2 P. M.

Aguilar. See "N. Y. Public Library." American Geographical Society, Broadway & W. 156th St.-Open from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. American Institute, 324 W. 23d St.-Open 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.

American Law, 27 Cedar St.-Open 10P.M. American Museum of Natural History, Central Park W., cor. W. 77th St.

American Numismatic Society, W. 156th St. and Broadway.

Bar Ass'n, 42 W.44th St. Open 8 A.M. to 12 P.M.
Benjamin and Townsend. Bellevue Hospital.
Boy Scouts of America, 50 Madison Ave.
Bryson, W. 120th St., near Broadway.
Chemists Club, 52 E. 41st St.

City, 10 City Hall, free.-Open 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.
Columbia Univ., W. 116th St. and Amsterdam Av.
Cooper Union, 7th St. & 4th Ave. -8 A. M. to 10 P.M.
Corporation Counsel, Hall of Records.

De Witt, 286 Rivington St.-Open daily, except
Sunday, from 3 to 7 P. M.

Directory, 91 3d Ave.

Equal Franchise Society, 8 E. 37th St.
Foreign Missions, 156 Fifth Avenue.

Friends (Quakerania) 221 E. 15th St.-Open
Mondays and Wednesdays, mornings, and Friday


Genealogical and Biographical, 226 W. 58th St.Open 10 A. M. to 6 P. M.; Mondays, 8 to 10 P. M. Hispanic Society, W. 156th St., near Broadway. Historical Society, 170 Central Park W.-Open 9 A. M. to 6 P. M., except during August and ou Holidays.

Hudson Guild, 436 W. 27th St.

Institute of Musical Art, 120 Claremont Ave.
Italian, 395 Broome St.

Law Library of Equitable Life Assurance Society, 165 Broadway.-Open 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.; Summer, A. M. to 5 P. M.

Lawyers', 115 B'dway. -Open 9 A. M. to 5.30 P. M.
Lenox Hill, 446 E. 72d St.

Loan Libraries for Ships, 507 West St.
Masonic, 71 W. 23d St.-Open 7 to 10.30 P. M.

Mechanics and Tradesmen Soc., 20 W. 44th St.
Mercantile, 13 Astor Place, 141 Broadway.-Open
Rates: Clerks, $4 per annum;
8.30 A. M. to 6 P. M.

others, $5.

Methodist, 150 Fifth Ave. -Open 9 A.M. to 5 P. M.
Metropolitan Museum of Art-Central Park &
E. 82d St.-Open daily, 10 A. M. to 5 P. M.
More House. 104 E. 20th St.

Municipal Reference, Stewart Building.

New York Homeopathic, Avenue A & E. 63d St.
N. Y. Law Institute, 118 Post-Office Building.
N. Y. Mercantile Exchange, 6 Harrison St.
New York Public Library.-See Index.

N. Y. Port Society, 46 Catharine St., 166 Eleventh Avenue. Open 10 A.M. to 9. 30 P. M.

N. Y. School of Philanthropy. 105 E. 22d St. New York Society, 109 University Place. -Open 9 A. M. to 6 P. M.

New York University, University Heights; Law,
Washington Square.

Olivet Memorial, 59 Second Avenue.
Railroad Men's, 361 Madison Avenue.

Riverdale, Riverdale.-Open Monday, Wednes-
day, Thursday, Friday, 8 to 10 P. M.
St. Aloysius, 198 E. 4th St.

St. Paul Building, Law, 220 Broadway.

St. Rose's, 257 E. 71st St.

Seamen's, 341 West St., free.-Open 10 A. M. to 10 P.M.

Squirrel Inn, 131 Bowery.

Typothetae, 147 E. 14th St.

Union Settlement, 241 E. 104th St.

Union Th. Sem., Broadway, cor. 120th St.-
Open 8.45 A. M. to 5 P. M. Closed Aug. 15 to Sept. 15.
United Engineering Society, 33 W. 39th St.--Open
daily except Sunday, 9 A. M. to 9 P.M.
Vedanta, 135 W. 80th St.

Woman's, 9 E. 8th St.

Xavier Free for the Blind. 801 W. 181st St. Young Men's Benevolent Ass'n, 811 E. Broadway. Young Men's Christian Ass'n, 129 Lexington Ave., 109 W. 54th St., foot W. 72d St., 5 W. 125th St., 153 E. 86th St., 222 Bowery, 215 W. 23d St.St., 361 Madison Ave., 531 W. 155th St., 318 W. 57th Open 9 A. M. to 10 P.M. Sundays, 2 to 10 P. M.

Young Women's Christian Ass'n, 7 E. 15th St.-Open 9 A.M. to 9.15 P.M., Sundays excepted.

Safe Deposit Companies in Manhattan.

Astor, 389 Fifth Avenue.
Atlantic, 49 Wall Street.
Bankers, 4 Wall Street.
Broadway, 312 Fourth Ave.

Bronx, East Tremont Avenue, corner Park

Central Park, 919 Seventh Avenue.
Chelsea, 266 W. 34th Street.

Commercial, 1451 Broadway.

Empire, 560 Fifth Ave.

Empire City, 160 Fifth Avenue.

Lincoln, 60 East 42d Street, 45 East 41st Street.
Madison, 208 Fifth Avenue, 1128 Broadway, 413

Manhattan Storage and Warehouse Co., Lexington
Avenue, corner East 42d Street, and Seventh
Avenue, corner West 52d Street.

Mercantile, 115 Broadway.
Merchants', 260 West Broadway.
Metropolitan, 3 East 14th Street.
New Maiden Lane 170 Broadway.
New York County, 79 Eighth Avenue.

Equitable, 37 Wall St., 43 Exchange Pl., 220 New York Stock Exchange Buildings Co.'s, 10

Broadway. 618 Fifth Ave.

Federal, 253 Broadway.

Fidelity, 1 Hudson St.

[blocks in formation]

Fifth Avenue, 250 Fifth Avenue.

Hudson Safe Deposit Co., 1411 Broadway.

Knickerbocker, 358 Fifth Avenue, 60 Broadway,

100 West 125th Street and 2810 Third Avenue.

Broad Street.

Produce Exchange, 2 Broadway.

Safe Deposit Co. of New York, 149 Broadway.
Standard, 25 Broad Street.

Thirty-fourth Street, 41 West 34th Street.

United States, 32 Liberty Street, 2109 Broadway and 275 West 125th Street,

Wall Street, 48 Wall Street.

NOTE-In addition to above list, many of the New York Banks and Trust Companies have safe deposit vaults.

Safe Deposit Companies in Brooklyn and Queens.

Brooklyn City, 177 Montague Street.

Brooklyn Warehouse and Storage Company, 335
Schermerhorn Street.

Eagle Warehouse and Storage Company, 28 Ful-
ton Street.

Franklin, 166 Montague Street.

Long Island, 196 Montague Street.

Long Island Storage and Safe Deposit, Nostrand and Gates Aves.

Pioneer, 41 Flatbush Avenne.

Security, De Kalb Avenue and Fulton Street.

Churches in Manhattan and Bronx.



syth St.

Machzikei Torah Anshar Sineer, 292 Madison St.

BAPTIST. Baptist Ministers' Conference meets Camp Memorial, 141 Chrystie St. Kol Israel Ansche Poland, Forevery Monday at 11 A. M., at East Christ, Concourse, cor. E. 175th St. 31st St., cor. Madison Ave. Claremont Park, 167th St., cor. Abyssinian, 242 W. 40th St. Teller Ave. Alexander Ave., cor. E. 141st St. Amity, meets in Y. M. C. A., W. 57th St.

Ascension, 160th St., bet. Morris and 4th Aves.

Baptist Temple (Col. ), 159 W. 1321


Bethesda (Col.), 229 W. 61st St.
Calvary, W. 57th St., bet. 6th and
7th Aves. Branch, 219 W. 69th
St., near Amsterdam Ave.
Central, Amsterdam Ave., cor.
W. 92d St.

Central Park E. 83d St., bet. 2d
aud 3d Aves.

Finnish Evang., E. 121st St., cor.
Madison Ave.

First Morrisania, E. 166th St. and
Forest Ave.

Nachlath Zevi, 59 E 109th St.
Rodoph Sholom, 63d St. and Lex-
ington Ave.

Shaari Tephilla, W. 82d St., near
Amsterdam Ave.

Harlem, 22 E. 131st St.
Manhattan, W 76th St. and B' way. Shaari Zedek, 25 W. 118th St.
North New York, E. 143d St., near Shearith B nai Israel, 22 E. 113th
Willis Ave
Pilgrim, Madison Ave., cor. 121st Shearith Israel, 100 Central Park
West, cor. 70th St.


Swedish Evang. Bethesda, 138 E.
50th St.

Swedish Evang. Immanuel, 308
W. 139th St.

Trinity, Washington Ave., cor.
E 176th St.

Church of Redeemer, 21335th Ave.
Collegiate Baptist of the Coven-Welsh, 206 E 11th St.
ant, 527 W. 33d St.

Creston Ave., E. 189th St. cor.

Creston Ave.

Day Star (Col.), 512 W. 167th St.
Eagle Ave. (Col.), Eagle Ave.,
near 162d St.

Ebenezer (Primitive), (Col.) In
tervale Ave. cor. Home St.
Ebenezer, 1621 Lexington Ave.
Emmanuel, E. 216th St., cor.
White Plains Ave.
Fifth Ave., 8 W. 46th St.

First, W. 79th St, cor. Broadway.
First German, 336 E 14th St
First German, 220 E. 118th St.
First Italian, cor. Oliver
Henry Sts.


First Mariner's, 1 Henry St
First Swedish. E. 55th St, bet. 3d
and Lexington Aves.

Fort Washington, 600 W 181st St.
Grace, 823 Ritter Pl.
Harlein, 219 E. 123d St.

Hope, cor. 104th St. and B way.
Immanuel (German), 411 E 75th


Madison Ave., cor. Madison Ave.
and E. 31st St.

Mariner's Temple, 12 Oliver St.
Memorial, Washington Sq.S., cor.
Thompson St.

Metropolitan, 45 W. 134th St
Mount Gilead (Col. ), 39 I. 1324 St.
Mount Morris, 5th Ave., near W.
126th St.

Mount Olivet, 161 W. 53d St.
Mount Pleasant, Boston Rd., near
Vyse Ave.

North, 234 W. 11th St.
Second Ave., 166 2d Ave.
Second German, 407 W. 43d S
Sharon, 173 E. 99th St.
Shilon, 232 W. 124th St.
Sixteenth, 257 W. 16th St.
St. John's, 351 W. 37th St.
St. Paul, 352 W. 35th St.
Tabernacle, 148 W. 133d St.
Third German. 1127 Fulton Ave..
Tremont, Tremont Ave.,cor. Ryer
Trinity (Col.), E. 224th St., nr.
Barnes Ave.

Union, 204 W. 63d St.
Unity (Col.), 19 W. 99th St.

Central, 142 W. 81st St.

Lenox Ave Union, 74 W. 126th St
Second, E 169th St. near Frank
lin Ave.

Russian, 63 Second St
St Paul's. 2138 Newbold Ave.

Dingeldein Memorial (German).

429 E 77th St.

Temple Emanu-El, 5th Ave, and 43d St.

Temple Israel, Lenox Ave.. cor.

120th St.

Tiffereth Israel, 126 Allen St
Zichron Ephraim, 67th St., near
Lexington Ave.


Synod of New York of the Evan-
gelical Lutheran Church, Julius
B Remensnyder, President, 900
Madison Ave.

Advent, Broadway and 93d St.
Atonement, Edgecombe Ave and
140th St.

Bethany, 14 Teasdale Pl.
Bethlehem. 239 E. 62d St.
Christ, 406 E. 19th St.
Church of Holy Comforter, 1060
Woodycrest Ave., Bronx
Concordia,Oak Ter. and Crimmins

First Church of the Evangelical
Association, 214 W. 85th St.
Second Church of the Evangelical
Association, 424 W. 55th St.
St. Paul's, 159 E 112th St.
Swedish Bethesda, 138 E. 50th St Deaf Mutes 120 E. 88th St.
Emanuel, Brown Pl,, cor. E. 137th




East 15th St., cor. Rutherfurd Pl. Emigrant House Chapel, 4 State

Twentieth St., 144 E 20th St.

GREEK CATHOLIC. Our Lady of Grace (Ital.), 14 ton St.


Stan-Grace, 986 E. 163d St.
Epiphany, 72 E. 128th St.

St. Mary, 123 Ave. B
St. George, 28 Seventh St.
St. Mary's Russian Orthodox, 347
E. 14th St.

St. Peter s Chapel (Syrian),
Church St., cor. Barclay.

Adereth El 135 E. 29th St.
Agudath Jeshorim, 115 E 86th St.
Ahawath Chesed, 652 Lex. Ave.
Anshe Chesed, W. 114th St., cor.
7th Ave.

Atereth Israel, 323 E. 82d St.
Ateris Zwie, E. 121st St., near 1st

Grace, 123 W. 71st St.

Grace, Valentine Ave., near 199th

Gustavus Adolphus, 151 E 22d St.
Heilands, 2430 Walton Ave,
Harlem Swedish, 171 E. 191st St.
Holy Comforter, W. 165th St., cor.
Nelson Ave.

Holy Trinity, Central Park West
and W. 65th St

Holy Trinity, E. 167th St., near
Kelly St.

Holy Trinity (Slovak), 332 E 20th

Immanuel, 215 F. 83d St.
Immanuel, 88th St., cor. Lexing-
ton Ave.

Beth- El, 5th Ave, cor. E. 76th St.
Beth Hamedrash Hagodol, 64 Immanuel(Scand.),1410Vyse Ave.
Norfolk St.
Messiah. 412 Brook Ave.
Our Saviour, 179th St. and Audu-
bon Ave.

Beth Hamed rash Shaarei Torah,
80 Forsyth St.

Beth Israel Bikur Cholim, 72d St.
and Lexington Ave.
B'nai Israel, 225 E 79th St.
B'nai Jeshurun, 65th St. and Mad-
ison Ave.

Congregation Anshei Reishe, 70
Willett St.

Congregation Orach Chaim, Lex-
ington Ave. and 95th St.

Washington Heights, 145th St. Congregation Peni-El, 633 W.147th

and Convent Ave.




First Galizo Duckler Mugen
Abraham, 87 Attorney St.

Our Saviour (Norwegian), 237 E
123d St.

Redeemer, 424 W 44th St.
Reformation, 1335 Bristow St.
St. Andrew's, Morris Heights,

St. James's, Madison Ave., cor.
E. 73d St.

St. John's, 81 Christopher St.
St John's, 217 E. 119th St.

St. John's, Fulton Ave. and 170th

St. Luke's, Adams St. and Van
Nest Ave.

Armenian Evangelical, 207 E. 30th First Hungarian Cong. Oheb
Zedek, 172 Norfolk St.
Bedford Park, Bainbridge Ave. First Roumanian Am. Congrega-St.
E., cor. E. 201st St.

Bethany, 10th Ave., near 35th St. Broadway Tabernacle, Broadway and 56th St.

tion, 91 Rivington St.
Kahal Adath Jeshurun, 14 Eld-|
ridge St.

Kehilath Jeshurun, 117 E. 85th St.

St. Luke's, 233 W. 42d St.
Mark's, 323 6th St.

St. Matthew's, Broome St., cor.

St. Matthew's, E. 156th St., near
Courtlandt Ave.


[blocks in formation]



PRESBYTERIAN-Continued. First, 54 5th Ave.

St Mark's. W. 53d St. and 8th Ave. First. Ft. Schuyler Rd., Throggs
St. Paul's, 86th St, and West

End Ave.

St. Paul's (German), 308 E. 55th St.
near St. Stephen's, Marble Hill Ave.,
cor. W.228th St.
and Salem, 102 W. 133d St.
Second St., 276 2d St.
Seventeenth and Eleventh Sts.,


337 E. 17th St.
Sixty-first St., 229 E. 61st St.
175th Swedish, Lexington Ave., cor. E.

52d St.

Thirty-fifth St., 460 W. 35th St.
Mur-Tremont, Washington Ave., cor.

Trinity, 9th St. and Ave. B.
Trinity, 164 W. 100th St.
Trinity (Danish), Hoe Ave., cor

Home St.

Washington Heights, W. 153d St., near Broadway. Zion, 339 E. 84th St.

METHODIST EPISCOPAL. Denominational Headquarters, 150 5th Ave.

Battery Swedish, 359 W. 24th St.,

near 9th Ave.

Bedford St., 28 Morton St.
Beekman Hill, 319 E. 50th St.
Bethel Swedish, 1163 Fox St.,

Blinn Memorial (German), 103d
St. and Lexington Ave.
Boston Road, Boston Rd., corner
Suburban Pl.

Calvary, 129th St. and 7th Ave.
Centenary, 1074 Washington Ave.

and E. 166th St.

E. 178th St.

Tremont (German), Bathgate Ave.
near E. 176th St.
Trinity, 323 E. 118th St.
Twenty-fourth St., 359 W. 24th St.
Union, W. 48th St., near B'way.
Washington Heights, Amsterdam
Ave., cor. 153d St.

Washington Sq., 137 W. 4th St.
Westchester, 2547 Walker Ave.
Willis Ave., cor. E. 141st St.

Woodlawn, E. 237th St., near

Katonah Ave.
Woodyorest, 1074 Ogden Ave


Bethel, 239 W. 25th St.


First, 730 E. 225th St.

First Magyar, 233 E. 116th St.
First Union, 147 E. 86th St.
Ft. Washington.

Fourth, West End Ave. & 91st St.
Fourteenth St., 14th St., cor. 2d
French Evangelical, 126 W.16th St.
Good Shepherd, 152 W. 66th St.
Harlem, 17 Mt. Morris Park West,
Greenwich, 145 W. 13th St.
Holy Trinity (Ital.), 253 E. 153d St.
Home St., Home St. and West

Farms Road.

Hunts Point, Spafford Ave., cor. Coster St.

Madison Ave., Madison Ave., cor. 73d St.

Madison Square, 24th St. and Madison Ave. Morningside; Morningside Ave.

and W. 122d St. Morrisania, 1203 Washington Ave. Mount Washington, Broadway, cor. Dyckman St.

New York, 7th Ave, and 128th St.

North, 525 W. 155th St. Northminster, W. 115th St., nr. St. Nicholas Ave.

Olmstead Ave., Olmstead and Newbold Aves.

Bethel Mission, 62d St., near 11th Presbyterian, University Pl. and


Harlem, 58 W 138th St.
Metropolitan Union American, 230
E. 85th St.

Metropolitan, 112 W 133d St.
New Bethel, 52 W. 132d St.
Chelsea, Fort Washington Ave.,sh Memorial, 138th St.,

[blocks in formation]

Church of the People. 63 Park St.
Church of the Saviour. E. 111th St. James, 44 W. 133d St.
Zion, 127 W. 89th St.
St., cor. Lexington Ave.
Cornell Memorial, E. 76th St., near
2d Ave.

Duane, 294 Hudson St.
East Side Parish, 9 2d Ave.
Eighteenth St.. 307 W. 18th St.
Epworth, E. 162d St., cor. Grant

First German, 48 St. Mark's Pl.
Five Points Mission, 63 Park St.
Fordham, 2539 Marion Ave.
Forty-fourth St., 461 W. 44th St.
German, Elton Ave., cor.
158th St.

German (Second), 346 W. 40th St.
Grace, White Plains Road, Wake-

Grace, 131 W. 104th St.



First, Lexington Ave. and 30th St.
Second, Wilkins Ave. and Jen-
nings St.

Third, 224 W. 63d St.
Fourth, 63 W. 134th St.


E. 10th St.
Riverdale, Riverdale.

Rutgers, B' way and W. 73d St.
St. James's, 357 W. 51st St.

St. Nicholas Ave.,141st St. & St.
Nicholas Ave.

Sea and Land, 19 Market St. Scotch, 96th St. and Central Pk. W. Seventh, cor. Broome and Ridge Sts.

Spring St., Spring St., nr. Varick St.

Tremont, Washington Ave., near
E. 174th St.

University Heights, 181st St. and
University Heights Ave.
Van Nest, Barnes Ave.,cor. Morris
Park Ave.

West End, 105th St. and Amster dam Ave.

West-Park, W. 86th St., cor. Amsterdam Ave.

Denominational Headquarters, 156
5th Avenue.
Adams Memorial, 207 E. 30th St.
Ascension, 340 E. 106th St.
Beck Memorial, 980 E. 180th St.
Park, Bedford Park
Boulevard, cor. Bainbridge Ave. Woodstock, E. 165th St. and Pros-
Bethany, E. 137th St., near Willis

Hadley Rescue Hall, 293 Bowery. Bethlehem Chapel, 196 Bleecker

Italian, 409 E. 114th St.
Jane St., 13 Jane St.
Janes, 461 W. 44th St.
John St., 44 John St.

Madison Ave., Madison Ave., cor. 60th St.

Metropolitan Temple, 58 7th Ave. Morris Hgts., 1788 Sedgwick Ave Mott Ave., Mott Ave., cor. E. 150th St.

Mount Hope, E. 177th St., cor.

Norvegian, 1078 Kelly St.
Olin, White Plains Ave., W'sbridge
Park Ave., Park Ave., cor. 86th St
Prospect Ave., Prospect Ave., cor
Macy Pl.

Rose Hill, 219 E. 27th St.
St Andrew's, 126 W. 76th St.
St. James's, Madison Ave. and
126th St


Bohemian Brethren, 589 E. 165th

Bohemian (John Huss), 349 E.74th

West Twenty-third Street, 210-212
W. 23d St.
Woodlawn Heights.

pect A ve.

Zion, 593 E. 165th St.

PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL Diocesan House, 416 Lafayette St. Rt. Rev. David H. Greer, 7 Gramercy Pk., Rt. Rev. Chas. S. Burch, Suffragan Bishop. All Angels', 81st St., cor. West End Ave. All Souls',86 St. Nicholas Ave. Broad-All Saints', 286 Henry St. Anglo-Am. Free Church of St. George, 222 W. 11th St.

Brick, 5th Ave., cor. 37th St.
Broadway, B way and 114th St.
Central, W. 57th St., bet.
way and 7th Ave.
Chinese, 223 E. 31st St.
Christ, 336 W. 36th St.

Church of the Puritans, 15 W Ascension, 36 5th Ave., cor. 10th St.

130th St.

Covenant, 310 E. 42d St.
East Harlem, 233 E 116th St.
Edgehill Spuyten Duyvil.
Emmanuel Chapel, 735 6th St.
Faith, 359 W. 48th St.
cor 55th St
Fifth Ave., 5th Ave
Memorial Chapel, E. 62d St.. nr.
1st Ave.

Ascension Memorial, 253 W.43d St. Beloved Disciple, 89th St.,

Madison Ave.

Calvary, 273 4th Ave.


Cathedral of St. John the Divine, W. 113th St.. between Amster dam and Morningside Aves Chapel of Atonement, Beach Ave near Westchester Ave.

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