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You Can Now Treat This Trouble in Your Own Home and

Get Relief At Once,

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By the new How the Remedy for CATARRH method the nose and throat are

Was Discovered. Streated by an effective local re- HIS terrible disease has raged unchecked medy applied for years simply because symptoms have directly to the been treated while the vicious germs that afflicted mem- cause the trouble have been left to circulate in branes.

the blood, and bring the disease back as fast as

local treatments could relieve it. C. E. Gauss, who experimented for years on a treatment for Catarrh, found that after perfecting a balm that relieved the nose and throat troubles quickly, he could not prevent the trouble beginning all over again. The Elixir, signs of Catarrh from nose and throat, but in a

On test cases, he could completely remove all taken into the few weeks they were back. stomach, has a direct influence

Careful experiments and investigations have upon the mu- shown that as the troubles were expelled from cous membranes

the nose and throat, the real cause of the disease of the body and

was overlooked and in a short time the Catarrh conquers the di- would return stronger than ever. Mr. Gauss sease by remove

has gone way ahead of the ordinary methods of ing the cause.

treatment and has provided a remedy that Kills the Germs in the Blood Goes to the Root ofind Immediately Gives Relief to the Nose and Throat.

Stopped-up roses He perfected the New Combined Treatment, since Constant "frog - in - the - throat" admitted to be the logical, sure, scientifio method.

Nasal discharges Reese Jones, of Scranton, Penn., says that after trying many other treatments, he used this new method and

Hawking and spitting My nose is entirely clear and free and

I am not bothered

Snoring at night .by the disease any more. The New

Combined Treatment Is worth its weight in gold.”

Bad breath Temporary relief from catarrh may be obtained in Frequent colds other ways, but the New Combined Treatment must

Difficult breathing
Inevitably be accepted for permanent results.
Sarah J. Cape, Mount Pella, Tenn., says: "I suffered

Smothering sensation in dreams the pains and distress of catarrh for thirteen years, and Sudden fits of sneezing needless

to state, tried nearly every method. But by your new method I was completelyi cured and you can- Dry mucus in nose pot Imagine the joy that has come over me."

And any of the other symptoms

that indicate approaching or Trial Treatment FREE

present catarrh This new method is so important to Ehe welfare of humanity, so vital to Send the Test Treatment FREE every person suffering from any form of catarrh, that the opportunity to ac

If your New Combined Treatment will relieve my tually test it and prove its results, will Oatarrh and bring me boalth and good spirits again. I be gladly extended without one cent

am willing to be shown. So, without cost or obligation of cost.

to me, send fully prepaid the Treatment and Book. Send no money, take no risks, make no promises. Simply clip, sign and mail

Name the coupon and the test package of the New Combined Treatment will be sent

Address ....... fully prepaid, together with the valu- | Mail to C. E. Gauss, 4596 Main St., Marshall, Mich. able book on Catarrh.


"Cheer Up!--
Your Case Is
Not Hopeless

Dr. CANNADAY'S $5,000

This Life Story?”
Book (148 Page) Sent FREE

I am spending my life on just one
work-curing Eczema, My free
book tells you how and what I have
done for thousands as I can do for

you. SUFFERERS Eczema can be cured to stay,

and when I say cured I mean just what I say,, C-U-R-E-D, and not merely patched for a while, to return worse than before. Re. member I make this broad statement after putting 12 years of my life on this one disease, and

handling in the meantime nearly -Just Write Me" a half million cases of this dread.

Dr.J. E. Cannaday ful disease. Now I do not care what all you have used,

nor how many doctors have told you that you conld not

be cured-all I ask is just a chance to show you that I know

what I am talking about. Let me take your case as a regular physician specialist in just one disease-ECZEMA at my risk. I offer you ECZEMA SALVATION-Instant relief-All you need to do is to write me about your case so that I'll know you have Eczema. I refuse all other diseases. I am no "cure-all" and don't pretend to be. will but send for a Free Trial of my mild, soothing treatment you will be more conrinced in a day than I or anyone else could in a month's time tell you what my treatment will do for you. If you are disgusted and discouraged I dare you to GIVE ME A CHANCE TO PROVE MY CLAIMS.

Send at Once

at My Risk
Answer this offer and you have a lifetime of future happiness to gain-at no
risk. I want to hear from only real ECZEMA sufferers or their friends and I
promise you all the best there is in me and my treatment to CURE YOU or you
will not have to pay me a penny of my small fee. I charge only one small tee
if you say yourself I deserve it after 30 days. WRITE ME NOW.

DR. J. E. CANNADAY, Eczema specialist, 307, Ohio $treet, SEDALIA, MO,
"Referencest Third National Bank, Sedalia, Mo. Could you do a better act than to send

this notice to some poor sufferer of Eczema, even a stranger to you or a friend?

If you

Get My FREE TRIAL Treatment


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With A Simple Home Treatment. Pook
Fully Describing The Treatment Sent Ab-

solutely Free To Any Lung Sufferer.
DR. W.H, KNIGHT of East Saugus, Mass., writes:

"My wife was down with Consumption when I ordered the Lloyd treatment. She was very weak from night sweats. cough, and in a feverish con. dition, I noticed a change for the better after ten days' treatment, and from that time on up to hrce months, when the cure was completed. The Lloyd Treatment kills the Tubercle Bacillus in the blood

For the good of those who are victims, and tissue, and it is the only remedy so far dis directly or indirectly, of the drink habit, covered that will do this, It is a preventive as I have written and published a very interwell as a cure. It should be used by those who esting illustrated book which describes how are run down, or those who fear the approach of I was freed completely from the craving Consumption. It can be truthfully said that for the cure and prevention of Consumption it is the and for several years I have not had any most wonderful treatment of the present age.

desire to touch a drop of anything alcoThis is only one of hundreds of letters received holic. My book contains information, by from physicians and others reporting cases of con: following which thousands of drinkers sumption and lung trouble restored to health in all have admittedly been saved. sections of the United States, We want to send every lumg sufferet absolutely free the startling

Many men who do not want to be freed statements of Dr. W. H Kiester of Dayton, Ohio. of drink curse have been secretly saved by Dr. O. G. Pinckard of Kansas City, Mo., Dr. J.wives, mothers or sisters. They did not H. Ward of Troy, Mo., and many others who re-realize what was happening until they port results almost beyond belief, together with a

found all desire had left them-they valuable booklet on the cause, prevention and treatment of consumption and hing trouble.

couldn't drink any more whiskey or beerIf you

suffering from weakness, blood then they rejoiced at having been saved. spitting, pus-filled sputum, night sweats. chills, My book has been proven many times fever, loss of flesh, painful lungs, distressing worth its weight in gold to a multitude of cough, wasted body. loss of strength-write me familles. Praised by physicians, Judges, today and I'll send you ABSOLUTELY FREE the editors. clergymen and legions of others. sworn testimony of many who, after suffering with Don't lose this notice: it may not appear just such distressing symptoms. now state that again. Simply write to EDWARD they ARE CURED, strong. able to work, without WOODS, 634 Sixth Ave., 657 G, New York, ache of pain, happy, full of praise, after a few N. Y., and you will soon receive the FREE months' use of this simple home treatment, Send | book of valuable Information in plain your

and address TODAY. JUDD Q. wrapper, and happiness may soon be yours. LLOYD. 7261 Lloyd Building, St. Louis, Mo. Correspondence strictly confidential.



Nature's Way Best-Then Help
NatureUse the Great Foot
Pores to Expel Acid Poisons

Try My Drafts


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Postal Brings $1 Pair to Try FREE

Want and Pyramid Pile
Remedy Is What You

Should Use

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cure-only Nature can do that. But
you can assist Nature you can hasten

the expulsion of
pain-causing im-
purities from
the system
through Na-
tu re's outlets,
the pores. Let We want your name if you suffer
me send you a from any form of piles. No matter what
pair of my Magic you have tried you owe yourself at least
Foot Drafts, the
safest, simplest

some relief from pain. Just let us give
but surest rem- you this relief.
edy for Rheu- No words are necessary. We do not
matism I know need to make claims. Just fill out the
of. I have many
letters telling

free coupon and send it to us to-day, or, of cures almost if you prefer, go to your druggist and unbelievable by buy a 50c box. wearing these

Don't despair. Don't undergo an op.

Drafts. They
FRED'R DYER, Cor. Sec.


eration. Be sensible and take hope. Do

give immediate what thousands of others have done. relief that I am now sending them on Pyramid Pile Remedy reduces all inapproval. Send me your name. Return post will bring you a regular Dollar

flammation, stops itching, bleeding, Pair of Drafts prepaid, to try Free, sores, ulcers, congestion and all pile together with valuable illustrated book trouble. on Rheumatism, in colors. Then If you

For sale at all drug stores, price 50c. are satisfied with the benefit rece!ved from my Drafts send me One Dollar, If not, they cost you nothing. I take FREE PACKAGE COUPON. your word. You can see that I couldn't afford to do this is the Drafts did not Pyramid Drug Co., give quick and positive relief. I stake 481 Pyramid Bldg., Marshall, Mich. my Drafts on

Send me a trial package of Pyramid their merit.

Pile Remedy FREE. in a plain unYou risk

marked, confidential wrapper. I agree nothing. Then

to use same as directed. why hesitate?


Write to-day
to Magic

Foot Draft Co., WA14 Oliver Bldg.,

Jackson, Mich.

Send no money only
your address.






Rheumatism T


in Mr. S. T. Delano's case. You, who have suffered the tortures, can easily imagine the racking pains heendured. When only a youth, rheumatism became chronic with him and his joints were SO distorted and swollen that he was nearly helpless. He tried medicine of every description, even 125 bottles of one remedy, but nothing did more than to give him a little temporary relief. He tried doctors and specialists with no better results.

At last, after spending thousands of dollars and suffering untold agony for thirty-six years, he discovered a remedy which cured him and I want to send rheumatism sufferers a

Free Package Don't send any money—it's free. A letter will bring it promptly. Then, if I have proven that all of my claims are truthful, tell your friends of this discovery.

Here is your chance to test my wonderful remedy without a penny's expense. Thousands have taken advantage of this free offer; why not you?

Every day lost means one more day of needless pain—50 write now to F. H. Delano, 403-A Delano Building, Syracuse, N. Y.

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Found at Last! m The Great English Discovery "Crystolis”

Grows Hair in 30 Days

$1,000.00 Reward if We Cannot Prove Our Claims

Try it at Our Risk. Mail Coupon To-Day

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Beautiful Hair and lots of it-if you use Crystolis

re 18

Some of the most eminent Scientists

We give you a binding guarantee with. in Europe consider "Crystolis,” the New

out anv strings" or red tape that it English Hair Grower, the midst wonderful

won't cust you a cent if we do not prove discovery of the century.

to you that “Crystolis'' will do all we The judges of the Brussels and Paris

claim for it, and, what's important, we Expositions enthusiastically awarded Gold

have plenty of money to back our guar:

antee. Medals to this marvellous hair grower.

Cut out the coupon

below and

mail it to-day to Creslo Since we secured the American rights

Laboratories, thousands of men and women from all

200 A St., Binghamton, N. Y.
parts of the world write telling of the
phenomenal results obtained by its use.

People who have been bald for 30 years
now glory in beautiful hair. Others who

The Creslo Laboratories, 200 A Street,
have had dandruff all their lives have

Binghamton, N. Y. got a clean, healthy scalp after a few ap.

I am reader of The World. Almanac,

Proro to me without cost how Crystolis plications of this wonderful drug.

stops falling hair grows new hair, banishes We don't care whether you are both. dandruff and itching scalps and restores gray ered with falling hair, prematurely gray and faded hair to natural color. Write your hair, matted hair. brittle hair or stringy name and address plainly and hair, dandruft, itching scalp, or any


PIN THIS COUPON TO YOUR all forms of hair trouble-we want you to

LETTER try "CRYSTOLIS" at our risk,

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