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15,350 23,305 23, 070 20,001 26, 237 15, 629

24.44 37. 27 35. 14 30.90 40.60 24.11
Whole votel 62,807
Total vote for Governor in 1912, 64,812, of which
Allan M. Fletcher, Rep., had a plurality of 6,236
over Harland B. Howe, Dem., but Fletcher lacked
the majority required for election by the Vermont
Constitution. The election went to the joint ses-
sion of the Legislature, which elected Fletcher
and the full State ticket, none of which was elected
by popular vote.

For President in 1912, Chafin, Proh.,received 1,154 votes; Debs, Soc., 928.

For Governor in 1912, C.F. Smith, Proh., received 1,735 votes; F. W. Suitor, Soc., 1,210.

For Governor in 1908, Backus, Ind., received 1,351 votes.

I. Counties of Addison, Bennington, Chittenden,
Franklin, Grand Isle, Lamoille, and Rutland.
Meldon, Dem., 9,154; Greene, Rep., 15,469;
Story, Proh., 797; Sparge, Soc., 454.
II. Counties of Caledonia, Essex, Orange, Orleans,
Washington, Windham, and Windsor. Coch-
ran, Dem., 6,226; Plumley, Rep., 13,396; Saw-
yer, Dem. 8,269; Phillips, Proh., 532; Ordway,
Soc., 766.

PRESENT STATE GOVERNMENT. Governor, Allan M. Fletcher; Lieutenant-Governor, F. E. Howe; Secretary of State, Guy W. Bailey; Treasurer, Edward H. Deavitt; Auditor, Horace F. Graham; Attorney-General, R. E. Brown; Adjutant-Gen'1, Lee S. Tillotson; Superintendent of Education, Mason S. Stone; Commissioner of Insurance, E. 1. Deavitt, and Guy W. Bailey; Commissioner of Agriculture, E. S. Brigham-all Republicans,

Supreme Court: Chief Justice, George M. Powers;
Assistant Justices, Loveland Munson, John H.
Watson, Seneca Haselton, Wm. H. Taylor; Clerk,
L. C. Moody, -all Republicans, except Haselton.


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1888. Pres....

1890. Gov..

1892. Pres.......

1894. Gov........ 14,142

1896. Pres........ 10,637 51,127 1,331

1900. Gov....... 17.129 48,441 1900. Pres........ 12.849 42,568

1902. Gov......... 7,364

1904. Pres...

1904. Gov,

1906. Gov....

1908. Pres... 1908. Gov.

*House has also 19 additional members consisting of Independents, Prohibitionist, Labor Party,


Gr. Proh. Plu.
785 1,752 22,183 R
1,460 28,404 R
1,161 14,163 R
1,415 21,669 R

1884. Pres........ 17,331 39.514

910. Gov.....

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Election Returns.

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IV. Counties of Amelia, Brunswick, Dinwiddie,
Greenesville, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Not-
toway, Powhatan, Prince Edward, Prince
the city of
George, Surry, Sussex, and
Petersburg. Watson, Dem, 7,847: Herzig,
Soc., 269; Turnbull (complinientary), 23,
V. Counties of Carroll, Franklin, Grayson, Henry,
Patrick, Pittsylvania, and the city of Dan-
ville. Saunders, Dem., 9,479; Hamner, Rep.,
5,449; Shelton, Soc.,849.

VI. Counties of Bedford, Campbell, Charlotte,
Floyd, Halifax, Montgomery, Radford,
Roanoke, and the cities of Roanoke and
Lynchburg. Glass, Dem., 8,194; Browning,
Prog., 2,319; Harvey, Soc., 366; Yoder, Ind.,
VII. Counties of Albemarle, Clarke, Frederick,
Greene, Madison, Page,
Rockingham, Shenandoah, Warren, and the
cities of Charlottesville and Winchester.
Hay, Dem., 10,015; Earman, Rep., 3,539; Gar-
vison, Soc., 446.

VIII. Counties of Alexandria, Culpeper, Fairfax,
Fauquier, King George, Loudoun, Louisa,
Orange, Prince William, Stafford, and the
Carlin, Dem., 9,083;
city of Alexandria.
Evans, Soc.. 628; Fling, Soc. Lab. 303.
IX. Counties of Bland, Buchanan, Dickenson,
Giles, Lee, Pulaski, Russell, Scott, Smyth,
Tazewell, Washingten, Wise, Wythe, and the
city of Bristol. Ayers, Dem., 13,857; Slemp,
Rep., 14,868; Graham, Prog., 1,004: Dutton,
Soc., 13.

X. Counties of Alleghany, Amherst, Appomat-
tox, Augusta, Bath, Botetourt, Bucking-
ham, Craig, Cumberland, Fluvanna, High-
land, Nelson, Rockbridge, and the cities of
Buena Vista, Staunton, and Clifton Forge.
Flood, Dem., 9,615; McCullock, Prog,, 2,458;
Parkins, Soc., 842.


Senate, House, Joint Ballot 127


Henry C. Stuart;

wealth, B. O. James; First Auditor, C. Lee
Governor. J. T. Ellyson; Secretary of Common-
intendent of Instruction, R. C. Stearnes; At
Moore; Treasurer, A. W. Harman, Jr.; Super
torney-General, J. Garland Pollard; Adjutant
General, W.W. Sale; Commissioner of Agriculture
George W. Koiner; Commissioner of Insurance
Joseph Button-all Democrats.

Supreme Court of Appeals: President, Jame Keith; Justices, S. G. Whittle, John A. B chanan, George M. Harrison, and Richard H Cardwell; Clerk of the Court, H. Stewart Jones all Democrats.

Dem. Rep. N. D. Proh. Maj.
113,262 12,275 2,738 +50,715

I. Counties of Accomac, Caroline, Elizabeth City,
Essex, Gloucester, Hampton, King and
Queen, Lancaster, Matthews, Middlesex,
Northampton, Northumberland, Richmond,
York, and cities of Newport News and
Fredericksburg. Jones, Dem., 10,361; Cole-1892. Pres....
man, Soc., 753; Kinder, Soc. Lab., 269.
II. Counties of Isle of Wight, Nansemond, Nor- 1893. Gov..... 127,940
folk, Princess Anne, Southampton, and cities 1896. Pres.... 154,709 185,368
of Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk. Hol- 1897. Gov.... 109,655
Green, Prog., 1,121; 1900. Pres....
1901. Gov
land, Dem.. 10,061;
Downey, Soc., 50; Chesman, Soc. Lab., 63.
III. Counties of Charles City, Chesterfield, Gooch- 1904, Pres...
land, Hanover, Henrico, James City, King 1905. Gov
William. New Kent, and cities of Richmond 1908. Pres..
and Williamsburg. Montague, Dem., 10,541; 1909. Gov
Haight, Soc., 154; Muller, Soc. Lab., 107;
Allen, Ind., 4.

81,239 6,962 +39,726 2,129 2,850 †19,341

2,150 +30,21

47,880 359 1,383 +32,76


52 573 255 1,111 130,37



VOTE OF THE STATE SINCE 1900. 1900. President..44,833 57.456 2,006 2,363 12,623 R Dem. Rep. Soc. Proh. Plu. 1904. President...28,098 101,540

73,442 R 1904. Governor..59,119 75,278 7,420 2,789 16,159 R 1908. President..58,691 106,062 14,177 4,700 47.371 R 1908. Governor..58 126 110,190 4,311 3,514 53,064 R

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Whole vote For President in 1912. Debs, Soc., received 40,134 votes; Chafin, Proh., 9,810; Reimer, Soc. Lab., 1,879. For Governor, 1912, Maley, Soc., 37,155 votes; Stivers, Proh., 8, 163; Brearcliff, Soc. Lab., 1,369. VOTE FOR REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS, 1912. Congressmen-at-Large, Connor, Dem., 73,133; White, Dem., 72,184; Dewey, R., 87,613; Frost, R., 86,300; Falconer, Prog., 95,049; Bryan, Prog., 90, 348. Districts:

I. Counties of King, Island, Kitsap, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom. 973; Humphrey, Rep., 35, 252; Landon, Prog, Heifner, Dem., 26,34, 562; Gilbert, Soc., 16,987. II. Counties of Chehalis, Clarke, Cowlitz, Jefferson, Klickitat, Lewis, Mason, Pacific, Pierce, Thurston, Wahkiakum. 16,790; Johnson, Rep., 25, 497: Warburton, Munday, Dem., Prog., 24, 214; Aller, Soc., 11.999. II. Counties of Asotin, Benton, Chelan, Columbia, Franklin, Garfield, Kittitas, Okanogan, Pend d'Oreille, Stevens, Walla Walla, Whitman, Yakima. Drumheller, Dem., 31,148: La Follette, Rep., 35,049: Goodwin, Prog., 29, 666: Martin, Soc.. IV, 138.

PRESENT STATE GOVERNMENT. Governor, Ernest Lister; Lieut.-Gov., Louis F. Hart; Secretary of State, I. M. Howell; Treasrer, Edw. Meath; Auditor, C. W. Clausen: Supertendent of Education, Josephine P. Preston; ttorney-General, W. V. Tanner-all Republicans xcept Governor.

Supreme Court: Chief Justice, H. D. Crow: Assoate Justices, O. G. Ellis, M. A. Fullerton, W. ount, M. F. Gose, S. J. Chadwick, George F. Mor, Emmett N. Parker and J. F. Main-all Reps. cept Chadwick and Ellis; Clerk, C. S. Reinhart.

For President, 1912, Chafin, Prol., received 4,517 votes.

For Governor, 1912, Hilton, Soc., received 11,903 votes; Jackson, Proh., 5, 816.

Election Returns.



L. Counties of Brooke, Hancock, Harrison, Lewis,
Marion, Marshall, Ohio, and Wetzel. Davis,
Dem., 24,777: Laughlin, Rep., 24,608. Davis's
plurality, 169.

II. Counties of Barbour, Berkeley, Grant, Hamp-
shire, Hardy, Jefferson, Mineral, Monon-
galia, Morgan, Pendleton, Preston, Randolph,
Taylor, Tucker. Brown, Dem., 25, 386; Con-
ley, Rep., 23, 190; Brown's plurality, 196.
III. Counties of Clay, Fayette, Greenbrier, Kana-
wha, Monroe, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Sum-
mers, Upshur, Webster. Littlepage, Dem., Juneau....
24,560; Avis, Rep., 26, 037; Avis' plurality,
IV. Counties of Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants,
Ritchie, Roane, Wirt, Wood, Braxton, Dodd-
ridge, Gilmer, and Tyler. Hamilton, Dem.,
19,346; Moss, Rep.,20,225. Moss' plurality, 879.
V. Counties of Cabell, Lincoln, Mason, McDowell,
Mercer, Putnam, Raleigh, Wyoming, Wayne,
Beavers, Dem.,
Boone, Mingo, and Logan.
29,528; Hughes, Rep., 35,104; Hughes' plu-
rality, 5,576.

Governor, Henry D. Hatfield; Secretary of State,
Stuart F. Reed: Superintendent of Free Schools,
M. P. Shawkey; Auditor, John S. Darst; Com-
missioner of Agriculture, Howard E. Williams;
Attorney-General, A. A. Lilly; Treasurer, E. L
Long: Adjutant-General, Charles D. Elliott-
all Republicans.

For President, 1912, Chafin, Proh., received 8,467 votes; Reimer, Soc. Lab., 698.

For Governor 1912, Thompson, Soc., received 34.468 votes; Hill, Soc. Lab., 9,433; Curtis, Proh., 2,757.

For Governor in 1910: Kremer, Soc. Lab.,received 430 votes.

Bottama, Soc. Lab., re

For Governor in 1906: Rosass, Soc. Lab., received 455 votes.

For President in 1904, Watson, Pop., received 530 votes; Corrigan, Soc. L., 223.

For President in 1908, Gillhaus, Soc. Lab., received 314 votes.


1. Countles of Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, Rock,
Green, La Fayette. Stewart, Dem., 13,816;
Cooper, Rep., 18,914.

II. Counties of Jefferson, Dane, Columbia, Green Lake, Marquette, Adams. Burke, Dem., 20,665; Grill, Rep.; 14,698,


III. Counties of Grant, Crawford, Richland, Sauk, Juneau, Vernon, and Iowa. Long, Dem., 18,196; Nelson, Rep., 22,380.

IV. County of Milwaukee (part). Cary, Nonpartisan, 14,776; Beffel, Rep., 6,899; Gaylord, Soc., 10,057.

V. Counties of Milwaukee (part) and Waukesha.
Stafford, Nonpartisan, 15,971; Trottman, Rep.,
8,016; Berger, Soc., 13.880.

VI. Counties of Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Dodge,
Washington, and Ozaukee. Reilly, Dem.,
16,742; Davidson, Rep., 15,505.
VII. Counties of Pepin, Buffalo, Trempealeau,
Jackson, Eau Claire, Clark, Monroe, and La
Crosse. Coffland, Dem., 11,023; Esch, Rep.,


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VIII. Counties of Portage, Waupaca, Waushara,
Winnebago, Calumet, and Manitowoc,
Plowman, Dem., 12.265; Browne, Rep., 17,084.
IX. Counties of Brown, Kewaunee, Door, Outa
gamie, Oconto, and Marinette. Konop, Dem. Platte....
16,843; Morse, Rep., 16,139.

X. Counties of Iron, Vilas, Oneida, Forest, Flor
ence, Langlade, Lincoln, Shawano, Mara-
thon, Taylor, Price, Ashland, and Wood.
Donohue., Dem., 8.794; Frear, Rep., 19.865.
XI. Counties of Barron, Bayfield, Burnett, Chip-
pewa, Douglas, Duun, Pierce, Polk, Sawyer,
St. Croix, Washburn, and Rusk. Johnson,
Dem., 7,998; Lebroot, Rep., 17,883,

PRESENT STATE GOVERNMENT. Governor, Francis E. McGovern; Lieut. -Governor, Thomas Morris; Secretary of State, John S. Donald; Treasurer, Henry Johnson; AttorneyGeneral, W. C. Owen; Superintendent of Education, C. P. Cary; Commissioner of Insurance, H. L. E. Kern; Commissioners of Public Lands, Secretary of State, Attorney-General and State Treasurer-all Republicans.

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459 449 306 80 711 686

[blocks in formation]

Total.... Plurality Per cent... 36.20 34.45 21,83 6.53 55.59 40.17 Whole vote. 4. 296 37 926 For President in 1912, Chafin, Prob., received 434


For President in 1908, Chafin, Proh., received 66 votes; Hisgen, Ind., 64.

Fahey, Dem,14,720; Mondell, Rep.,19,150, Winter,
Prog.,4,828; Carlson, Soc.,2,230; Laughlin, Proh., 296


Governor, Jos. M. Carey; Secretary of State, F. L. Houx: Treasurer, J. L. Baird; Auditor and Commissioner of Insurance, R. B. Forsyth; Adjutant-General, V. K. Hart; Attorney-General, Douglas A. Preston; Supt. of Public Instruction, Rose Baird Maley-Houx, Baird and Prestou, Democrats; Carey, Prog.; rest Republicans.

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4,318 R


4,466 R

... 11,563 R

6,913 R 5,928 R

Governor, J. F A. Strong; Secretary of Territory, Charles E. Davidson; Treasurer, Walstein G. Smith; Superintendent of Education, J. F. A. Strong.

Alaska is divided into four judicial divisions, with a Judge and Clerk of Court at each division, to wit: First Division, Juneau, Alaska, Judge (District) Robert W. Jennings, Dem., appointed for four years from May 6, 1913; Second Division, Nome; Third Division, Valdez; Fourth Division, Fairbanks.


At the Territorial election held in 1912 for Delegate to Congress, Lincoln L. McCandless, Dem., received 5,770 votes; J. K. Kalanianaole, Rep., 7,023; C. K. Notley, H. R., 346; Byron O. Clark, Soc. 201. Present Territorial Government: Governor, Walter F. Frear; Secretary of the Territory, Ernest A. Mott-Smith; Attorney-General, Alexander Lindsay, Jr.; Auditor, J. H. Fisher: Treasurer, D. I Conkling; Supt. of Public Works, J. W. Caldwell; Commissioner of Public Lands, J. D. Tucker; President of the Board of Health, J. S. B. Pratt; Superintendent of Public Instruction, T. H. Gibson; Delegate to Congress, J. K. Kalanianaole.

Judiciary: Alex G. M. Robertson, Chief Justice; Associates, Antonio Perry and John T. De Bolt; Clerk, James A Thompson; Circuit Judges, Henry E. Cooper, W. L. Whitney,W. J. Robinson, Jacob Hardy, S. B. Kingsbury, C. F. Parsons,

Present Federal officials: District Judges, Sanford B. Dole, Chas. F. Clemons; Clerk, A. E. Murphy; Marshal, E. R. Hendry; Collector of Customs, E. R. Stackable; Collector of Internal Revenue, Chas. A. Cottrill; District-Attorney, R. W. Breckous.

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