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F.o.b. Detroit

The Master "Six" of Them All

What other makers are still striving for we give Salient Features of the New

you in the New Chalmers "Six."

To the best features of the costliest cars we have added these crowning triumphs:

Silence at all speeds; silence that lasts.

Many cars that are quiet at ten miles an hour kick up a lot of noise at thirty. Watch the speedometer of the new Chalmers "Six"; -30-40-50 miles an hour without a murmur from our big oval cains or enclosed valves.

Sustained power: even after years of use.

This motor, like the trained athlete, grows better by action. With its Tungsten steel valves there's no warping-no leaking-no power wasted, Think of the years of extra service this motor will give. No vibration; comfort and long life.

The smoothness of the "Six" saves wear on car and passengers The explosions in the six cylinders give an unbroken stream of power. This smoothness and economy adds years to the car's life. Extreme flexibility: without intricate gearing.

You'll find you can do nearly everything on "high." This does away with gear shifting almost entirely. With this "Six" any sup plementary gear mechanism would be useless.

A Non-Stallable Motor.

This motor will never go dead in the crowded city traffic. Even if the driver should cut off the gas accidentally, the electric starter, always on duty, keeps the motor running-won't let it stop. This is the greatest feature of safety and convenience put on a car in the last five years.

Chalmers "Six" Six-cylinder motor. T-head type 4 in.x51⁄2 in.-40-65 h.P. All moving parts enclosed. Bosch Magneto. Electric Starter-Entz Sys tem, built in Chalmers shopa. Non-stallable motor. Full electric lights. 132-inch wheel base. Molded oval fenders. Gasoline tank and tire carrier on rear-clean running boards.

Left drive and center control-enter from either side. 36x4%-inch tires and Continental demountable rims.

Four forward speed transmission.

Underslung rear springs;

main leaf of Vanadium steel. Tapered bonnet and stream line body.

Chalmers patented doors.
Full equipment including
Chalmers silk mohair top,
quick acting storm curtains.
Warner speedometer, one extra
demountable rim, electric horn.
pump, tools, etc.

Models and Prices

Five Passenger.
Six Passenger.

These features mean far more than the luxury Four Passenger. they bring. They mean no wear-no waste of power -no depreciation. A car that lacks them may cost you less to buy-but will cost you more to keep.

When once you know the years of extra service these features add, you'll wonder how we give them at the price, $2.175. Go ride in this car at our dealers.




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Fully equipped f. o. b.Detroit.

Let it tell its own story in deeds. Let us send you literature showing why the New Chalmers "Six" is the master motor of them all. Write to-day.

Chalmers Motor Company. Detroit

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These Features Not Found
in Any Other Car at
This Price

Long-Stroke Motor (4
In. x 5


For the past two seasons the "Thirty-Six" has been arknowledged the best four-cylinder value on the market. Ten thousand cars of this model in daily service have built upits reputation for endurance, easy riding, mechanical smoothness, convenience, luxury and economy.

The 1914 "Thirty-Six" is more than ever before a won25-gal. Gasoline Tank in derful value. Fine new features have been added; there have been material improvements in design, yet the price is only $1775.


Chalmers Self-Starter.

Gray & Davis Electric

Adjustable Electric Dash

Power Tire Inflater.
Clean Running Boards.
Warner Speedometer.
Rain Vision Windshield.
Dash Adjustment for Car-

New Design Molded Oval

forward Speed

Non-rattling Tire Carrier

in rear.
Gasoline Gauge.
11-inch Upholstery.
Continental Demountable


Genuine Turkish Cushions

Molded Full Oval Fenders.

Fenders of an entirely new molded oval design-very popular abroad-are a feature of the "Thirty-six." They not only add to the graceful appearance of the car, but afford great er protection from dust and mud. These beautiful fenders are a distinctive 1914 improvement which you will be unable to get on any other car at the price. Gas Tank and Tires in Rear.

The entire car has been made more clean-cut and snappy in appearance. The gasoline tank and spare tires are now carried at the rear, giving that much-desired appearance of length, clean running boards and better riding qualities.

The new car is designed for utmost strength and safety. Axles are of nickel-steel; the double drop frame is unusually heavy. Steering connections are all dropf orgings. Brakes are of maximum strength and power, 25 times as Chalmers Silk Mohair Top. strong in proportion as the brakes of a locomotive. See this new "Thirty-Six" at our dealers and you wi be convinced that it is a most unusual value at the price.

36-in. x 4-in. Tires.

Gasoline Pressure System.

Chalmers Motor Company. Detroit




160 Second Ave., New York City.

Enclosed find 250 (stamps or coin); for which please send me a box of Partola and your 100valuable, illustrated page book, "How Are You?"

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We believe the Hupmobile to be the best car of its class in the world. By best, we mean best in internal essentials, especially. We mean best in those things which make for long life and continuous service at lowest cost.

But we believe you will also pronounce it the most beautiful car of its class in the world.

We believe we have put more money into the chassis than any car of its class in the world.

We base these beliefs on our conviction

That the production of this new Hupmobile incorporates a greater tonnage of high-grade steel than any car of its class in the world;

That this new Hupmobile is the largest user of aluminum-without regard to class or price-in the world; That the frame used in the new

Hupmobile is the costliest piece of pressed steel construction used by any car of its class in the world;

That the Hupmobile long-stroke motor will outpull any engine of its class in the world;

That the Hupmobile pressed steel body-designed by us and built by the builders of Pullman cars-is the costliest body used by any car of its class in the world;

That Hupmobile springs utilize a greater tonnage of costly steel-more than 2,000 tons-than any other car of its class in the world;

That Hupmobile bearings-Timken and Hyatt-are the best in the world; one whole Hyatt building being devoted to Hupmobile bearings.

We repeat-for readiness; for ruggedness; for smartness of style; for fineness of finish; for daily work on the road; for extremest economy-we believe this new Hupmobile to be the best car of its class in the world.

Hupp Motor Car Company 1331 Milwaukee Ave., Detroit, Michigan



"32" Touring Car or Roadster-$1050 f. o. b. Detroit Four-cylinder, long-stroke motor, 3x5 1⁄2 inches; unit power plant. Selective type transmission, sliding gears. Centre control. Full floating rear axle. 106-inch wheel base. Tires 32x32 Q. D. Rear shock absorber. Magneto cover.

Equipment-Electric Horn; Rain vision ventilating windshield; mohair top with envelope; Jiffy curtains; speedometer; cocoa mat in tonneau; Presto-O-Lite; oil lamps; tools. Trimmings, black and nickel.

"32" Touring Car or Roadster with Westinghouse two unit electric generator and starter: oversize tires, 33x4 inches: demountable rims, one extra rim and tire carriers at rear. $1200 1. o. b. Detroit.

The car of The American Family


GREAT CAR-greater in many

respects than any other, and naturally so: it is the product of Alexander Winton, founder of the industry in America and the maker who sets the standards.

One and two cylinder cars followed his designs. Self-starters are here because he made them successful. He foretold that the four would disappear from the high-grade market, and he forced that result by making the Winton Six so superior to other cars that the best known makers have abandoned fours, and followed his lead in making Sixes, thereby acknowledging the Winton Six as the highest standard of the finest type of car.


No wonder the Winton Six is great. For seven years Mr. Winton has concentrated upon its development all the power and ability of his keen and experienced mind. From year to year he has given it a new perfection.


HE wonderful beauty of the Winton Six is not a veneer of surface merit -it is the outward proof of inner goodness. Never before did we produce its equal in beauty or mechanical excellence.

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