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130 magnify the Lord with me,

With me exalt his name: from the xxxiii. Psalm of David.

When in distress to him I call'd,
C. M.

He to my rescue came.
LET all the just to God, with joy, 4 The Angel of the Lord encamps
Their cheerful voices raise ;

Around the good and just;
For well the righteous it becomes Deliv'rance he affords to all
To sing glad songs of praise.

Who in his succor trust. 2 Let harps, and psalteries, and lutes, 5 O make but trial or' bis love, In joyful concert meet;

Experience will decide And new-made songs of loud applause How blest they are, and only they, The harmony complete.

Who in his truth confide. 3 For faithful is the word of God; 6 Fear him, ye saints; and you will His works with truth abound;

He justice loves; and all the earth Have nothing else to fear:

Is with liis goodness crown'd. Make you his service your delight,
By his almighty word at first,

Your wants'shall be his care.
The heavenly arch was reard;
And all the beauteous hosts of light


C. M. At his command appear'd.

Approach, ye childien of the Lord, 5 Let earth, and all that dwell therein,

And my instruction hear; Before him trembling stand;

I'll teach you the true discipline For, when he spake the word, 't was

of his religious fear. made,

2 Let him who length of life desires, 'T was fix'd at his command.

And prosp'rous days would see,

From 'sland'ring language keep his PART II. C. M.

tongue, [ Whate'er the mighty Lord decrees,

His lips froin falsehood free; Shall stand for ever sure;

3 The crooked paths of vice decline, The settled purpose of his heart

And virtue's ways pursue; To ages shall endure.

Establish peace, where 't is begun;

And where 't is lost, renew. 2 How happy then are they, to whom The Lord for God is known !

1 The Lord from heaven beholds the Whom he, from all the world besides,

just Has chosen for his own.

With favorable eyes,

And, when distress'd, his gracious ear 3 Our soul on God with patience

Is open to their cries; waits ; Our help and shield is he;

5 But turns his wrathful look on those Then, Lord, let still our hearts rejoice, to cut them off, and from the earth

Whom mercy can't reclaim, Because we trust iu thee.

Blot out their evil name. 4 The riches of thy mercy, Lord, Do thou to us extend ;

6 Deliv'rance to liis saints he gives, Since we, for all we want or wish

When his relief they crave; On thee alone depend.

He's nigh to heal the broken heart,

And contrite spirit save.

7 Great troubles may afflict the just From the xxxiv. Psalm of David.

Yet God will save them still;

The righteous he will keep from harm, PARTI. C. M.

And guard from every ill. 1 THROUGH all the changing scenes 8 The wicked, from their wickedness, of life,

Their ruin shall derive; In trouble and in joy,

Whilst righteous men, whom they The praises of my God shall still

detest, My heart and tongue employ.

Shall them and their's survive. 2 of his deliv'rance I will boast, 9 For God preserves the souls of those Till all that are distress'd

Who on his truth depeni! ; From my example comfort take, To them, and their posterity, And charm their griels to rest.

Flis blessings shall descend.

are :

PSALM 30. L. M.

PART II. II. 2. From the xxxvi. Psalm of David. 1 The good man's way is God's delight

He orders all the steps aright IO LORD, thy mercy, my sure hope,

Of him that moves by his command: The highest orb of heaven trans. Though he sometimes may be distress'ch, cends ;

Yet shall he ne'er be quite oppress'd, T'hy sacred truth's unmeasured scope

For God upholds him with his hand. Beyond the spreading sky extende.

2 With caution shun each wicked deed 2 Thy justice like the hills remains, In virtue's ways with zeal proceed, Unfathom'd depths thy judgments And so prolong your happy days;

For God, who judgment loves, does stil Thy providence the world sustains, Preserve his saints secure from ill,

The whole creation is thy care. While soon the wicked race decays. 3 Since of thy goodness all partake, 3 The upright shall possess the land,

With what assurance should the just His portion shall for ages stand; Thy shelt'ring wings their refuge make, His mouth with wisdom is supplied,

And saints to thy protection trust! His tongue by rules of judgment 4 Such guests shall to thy courts be His heart the law of God approves

moves, led,

Therefore his footsteps never slide. To banquet on thy love's repast; And drink, as from a fountain's head,

PART III. II. 2. Of joys that shall for ever last.

1 The wicked I in power have seen, 5 With thee the springs of life remain,

And like a bay-tree fresh and green Thy presence is eternal day;

That spreads its pleasant branches V let thy saints thy favor gain,

round: To upright hearts thy truth display.

But he was gone as swift as thought;

And, though in every place I sought, PSALM 31.

No sign or track of him I found. From the xxxvii. Psalm of David.

2 Observe the perfect man with care,

And mark all such as upright are;
II. 2

Their roughest days in peace shall

end : I THOUGH wicked men grow rich or While on the latter end of those great,

Who dare God's sacred will oppose, Yet let not their successful state

A common ruin shall attend.
Thy anger or thy envy raise ;
For they, cut down like tender grass,

3 God to the just will aid afford,

Their only safeguard is the Lord,
Or like young flowers away shall pass,
Whose blooming beauty soon decays. Because on him they still depend,

Their strength in time of need is be: 2 Depend on God, and him obey,

The Lord will timely succor send, So thou within the land shalt stay,

And from the wicked set them free. Secure from danger and from want : Make his commands thy chief delight, PSALM 32. C. M. And he, thy duty to requite,

From the xxxviii. Psalm of Darid. Shall all thy earnest wishes grant.

1 THY chastning wrath, O Lord, In als thy ways trust thou the Lord, restrain, And he will needful help afford,

Though I deserve it ail;
To perfect every just design ;

Nor let on me the heavy storm
He'll snake like light, serene and clear, of thy displeasure fall.
Thy clouded innocence appear,

2 My sins, which to a deluge swell, Anil as a ni:I-day sun to shine.

My sinking head o'erflow, 4 With quiet mind on God derend

And, for my feeble strength to bear, And patiently for him attenil,

Too vast a burden grow. Nor envy the success of crime; 3 But, Lord, before thy searching eyes For God will sinful men destroy,

All my desires appear ; Whilst they his presence shall enjoy, The groanings of my burden'd sou.

Who trust on him, and wait his time. Have reach'd thine open ear.

4 Fursake me noi, O Lord, my God, 15 I've learut that thou hast not desired Nor far from me depart;

Oftrings and sacrifice alone; Make haste to my relief, U thou Nor blood of guiltless beasts required Who my salvation art.

For man's transgression to atone.

6 I therefore come come to fulfil
PSALM 33. C. M.

The oracles thy books impart;
From the xxxix. Psalm of David. 'Tis my delight to do thy will,
I LORD, let me know my term of

Thy law is written in my heart.

7 In full assemblies I have told How soon my life will end :

Thy truth and righteousness at large : The num'rous train of ills disclose, Nor did, thou know'st, my lips with Which this frail state attend.

hold 2 My life, thou know'st, is but a span,

From uttering what thou gav'st ir A cipher sums my years;

charge : And every man, in best estate,

8 Nor kept within my breast confined, But vanity appears.

Thy faithfulness and saving grace;. 3 Man, like a shadow, vainly walks,

But preach'd thy love, for all design'd, With fruitless cares oppress’d;

That all might that and truth em.

brace. He heaps up wealth, but cannot tell

By whom 't will be possess'd. 9 Then let those mercies I declared 4 Why then should I on worthless

To others, Lord, extend to me; toys

Thy loving-kindness my reward, With anxious cares attend?

Thy truth my safe protection be. On thee alone my steadfast hope

PSALM 35. Shall ever, Lord, depend.

C. M. 5 Lord, hear my cry, accept my

From the xli. Psalm of David. tears,

1 HAPPY the man whose tender care And listen to my prayer,

Relieves the poor distress'd! Who sojourn like a stranger here, When troubles compass him around, As all my fathers were.

The Lord shall give him rest. 6 O spare me yet a little time; 2 The Lord his life, with blessings My wasted strength restore,

crown'd, Before I vanish quite from hence, In safety shall prolong; And shall be seen no more.

And disappoint the will of those

That seek to do him wrong.
PSALM 31. L. M.

3 If he, in languishing estate,
From the xl. Psalm of David. Oppress'd with sickness lie;

The Lord will easy make his bed,
II WAITED meekly for the Lord,
Till he vouchsafed á kind reply;

And inward strength supply.
Who did his gracious ear afford, 4 Secure of this, to thee, my God,
And heard from heaven my humble I thus my prayer addresa'd;

Lord, for thy inercy, heal my soul, 2 The wonders he for me has wrought

Though I have much transgress'd." Shall fill my mouth with songs of 5 Thy tender care secures my life praise ;

From danger and disgrace; And others, to his worship brought, And thou vouchsaf'st to set me still

To hopes of like deliv'rance raise. Before thy glorious face. 3 For blessings shall that man reward, 6 Let therefore Israel's Lord and God

Who on th' Almighty Lord relies; From age to age be bless'd;
Who treats the proud with disregard, And all the people's glad applause

And hates the hypocrite's disguise. With loud Amens expressid. 4 Who can the wondrous works re.

PSALM 36. C. M. count Which thou, O God, for us hast

From the xlii. Psalm of David. wrought?

1 AS pants the hart for cooling streams, The treasures of thy love surmount When heated in the chase; l'he power of numbers, speech, and so longs my soul, O God, for thee. thought.

And thy refreshing grace.

2 Forthce, my God, the living God,

PSALM 38. L.M. My chirsty soul doth pine ;

From the xliji. Psalm of Daord. 0! when shall I behold thy face, Thou Majesty Divine ?

1 LET me with light and truth be

bless'd; 3 Why restless, why cast down, my

Be these my guides to lead the way, soul?

Till on Thy holy hill I rest, Trust God; who will employ

And in thy sacred temple pray. His aid for thee, and change these sighs

2 Then will I there fresh altars raise To thankful hymns of joy.

To God, who is my only joy ;

And well-tuned harps, with songs 4 God of my strength, how long shall I,

praise, Like one forgotten, mourn;

Shall all my grateful hours employ. Forlorn, forsaken, and exposed To my oppressor's scorn?

3 Why then cast down, my soul 7 and

why, 5 My heart is pierced, as with a sword, While thus my foes upbraid:

So much oppress'd with anxions

care? Vain boaster, where is now thy

On God, thy God, for aid rely,

Who will thy ruin'd state repair.
And where his promised aid ?
6 Why restless, why cast down, my

PSALM 39. C. M. soul? Hope still; and thou shalt sing

From the xlv. Psalm of David. The praise of Him who is thy God, I WHILE I the King's loud praise Thy health's eternal spring.


Indited by my heart,
PSALM 37. II. 5.

My tongue is like the pen of him From the xlii. Psalm of David. That writes with ready art. 1 AS pants the wearied hart for cooling 2 How matchless is thy form, o King springs,

Thy mouth with grace o'erflows; That sinks exhausted in the summer's Because fresh blessings God on thee chase,

Eternally bestows. Bo pants my soul for thee, great King 3 Gird on thy sword, most mighty of kings,

prince; So thirsts to reach thy sacred dwell

And, clad in rich array, ing place.

With glorious ornaments of power, 2 Why throb, my heart? why sink, my Majestic pomp display. sadd’ning soul ?

4 Ride on in state, and still protect Why droop to earth, with various

The meek, the just, and true; woes oppress'd ?

Whilst thy right hand, with swift reMy years shall yet in blissful circles

venge, roll,

Does all thy foes pursue. And peace be yet an inmate of this breast.

5 How sharp thy weapons are to thein

That dare thy power despise ! 3 Lord, thy sure mercies, ever in my Down, down they fall, while through sight,

their heart My heart shall gladden through the tedious day ;

The piercing arrow flies. And 'midst the dark and gloomy snades 6 But thy firm throne, O God, is fix't, of night,

For ever to endure; To thee, my God, I'll tune the grate- Thy sceptre's sway shall always !ast,

By righteous laws secure.
4 Why faint, my soul? why doubt 7 Because thy heart, by justice led,
Jehovah's aid ?

Did uprigla ways approve,
Thy God the God of mercy still shall And hated still the crooked paths,

Where wand'ring sinners rove: prove; Within his courts thy thanks shall yet 8 Therefore did God, thy God, on thee be paid

The oil of gladness shed; Unquestion'd be his faithfulness and And has, above thy fellows round, love

Advanced thy lofy head.

ful lay.



PSALM 40. 11. 2. 13 Let Sion's mount with joy resound;

Her daughters all be tanght From the xlvi. Psalm of David.

In songs his judgments to extol, I GOD is our refuge in distress,

Who this deliv'rance wrought.

In him, undaunted, we'll confide;

4 Compass her walls in solemn pomp 'Though earth were from her centre

Your eyes quite round her cast;

Count all her towers, and see if there And mountains in the ocean lost,

You find one stone displaced. Torn piece-meal by the roaring tide. 5 Her forts and palaces survey,

Observe their order wel; 2 A gentler stream with gladness still The city of our Lord shall fiil,

That to the ages yet to come The royal seat of God most high :

His wonders you may tell.
God dwells in Sion, whose fair towers 6 This God is ours, and will be ours,
Shall mock th' assaults of earthly Whilst we in him confide;

Who, as he has preserved us now
While his almighty aid is nigh. Till death will be our guide.
3 Submit to God's almighty sway,
For him the Heathen shall obey,

And earth her sovereign Lord con-

From the l. Psalm of David..
The God of hosts conducts our arms,

PART I. II. 2.
Our tower of refuge in alarms,
As to our fathers in distress.

1 THE Lord hath spoke, the migly


Hath sent his summons all abroad, PSALM 41. L. M.

From dawning light till day declines: From the xlvii. Psalm of David. The list ning earth his voice hath heard 1 O ALL ye people, clap your hands, And he from Sion hath appeard, And with triumphant voices ging :

Where beauty in perfectiun shines. No force the mighly power withstands 2 Our God shall come, and keep no of God, the universal King.


Misconstrued silence as before, 2 He shall assaulting foes repel,

But wasting flames before him send; And with success our battles fight;

Around shall tempests fiercely rage, Shall fix the place where we must Whilst he does heaven and earth endwell,

gage The pride of Jacob, his delight.

His just tribunal to attend 3 God is gone up, our Lord and King, 3 Assemble all my saints to me, With shouts of joy and trumpet's Thus runs the great divine decree, sound;

That in iny lasting covenant live, To him repeated praises sing,

And offerings bring with constant care : And let the cheerful song rebound.

The heavens his justice shall declare, 1 Your utmost skill in praise be shown, For God himself shall sentence give. For him who all the world coin

mands, Who sits upon his righteous throne,

PART II. 11. 2. And spreads his sway o'er heathen 1 Attend, my people ; Israel, hear; lands.

Thy strong accuser I'll appear;

T'hy God, thine only God am 1:
PSALM 42. C. M.

"T is not of offerings I complain,

Which, daily in my temple slain,
From the xlviii. Psalm of David. My sacred allar did supply.
I THE Lord, the only God, is great, 2 The sacrifices I require

And greatly to be praised
in Sion, on whose happy mount

Are hearts which love and zeal inspire,

And yows with strictest care made His sacred throne is raised.

good : 2 In Sion we have seen perform'd In time of trouble call on me, A work that was foretold,

And I will set thee safe and free, pledge that God, for times to come, And enou shalt praise thy gracio Siis eity will uphold


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