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4 Who thn deserves to be adored,

But God, on whom my hopes depends From the xvi. Psalm of David.

Or who, except the mighty Loru, I MY grateful soul shall bless the Lord,

Can with resistless power defend? Whose precepts give me light;

5 Let the eternal Lord de praised, And private counsel still afford

The rock on whose defence I rest! In sorrow's dismal night.

To highest heavens bin name be raised! 2 I strive each action to approve

Who me with his salvation bless'd
To his all-seeing eye;
No danger shall my hopes remove,

6 My God, to celabrale thy fame, Because he still is nigh.

My grateful Folce to heaven I

raise ; 3 Therefore my heart all grief defies,

And nations, straugers to thy name, My glory does rejoice ;

Shall learn sing thy gloris : My flesh shall rest, in hope to rise,

praise. Waked by his powerful voice. Thon, Lord, when I resign my

PSALM 15. breath,

Froin the six. Psalm of David.
My soul from hell shalt free;

PAET 1. C. M.
Nor let thy Holy One in death
The least corruption see,

1 THE heavens declare thy glory 5 Thou shalt the paths of life display,


Which that alone can fill; Which to thy presence lead;

The firmament and stars express Where pleasures dwell without allay,

Their Anjoys that never fade.

great Creator's skill.

2 The dawn of each returning day PSALM 14.

Fresh leams of knowledge brings;

And from the dark returns of night
From the xviii. Psalm of David.

Divine Instrnction springs.

3 Their powerful language to no realm NO change of time shall ever shock Or region is confined ;

My firm affection, Lord, to thee: "T is nature's voice, and understood
For thou hast always been my rock, Alike by all mankind.
A fortress and detence to me.

4 Their doctrine does its sacred sense 2 Thou my deliv'rer art, my God;

Through earth's extent display ; My trust is in thy mighty power:

Its bright contents the circling sun Thou art my shield from foes abroad,

Does round the world convey. At ho:ne my safeguard and my tower. 5 From east to west, from west to east, 3 To thee I will address my prayer,

His ceaseless course he goes; To whom all praise we justly owe;

And, through his progress, cheerfur So shall I, by thy watchful care,

light Be guarded safe from every foc.

And vital warmth bestows.

I Thou suit'st, O Lord, thy righteous 1 God's perfect law converts the soul,

Reclaims from false desires ; To various paths of human kind;

With sacred wisic his sure word Th. y who for mercy merit praise,

The ignorant inspires. With thee shall wondrous mercy find. 2 The statutes of the Lord are jast, 2 Thou to the just shalt justice show;

And bring sincere delight; The pure thy purity shall see:

His pure commands in search of truth Such as perversely choose to go,

Assist the feeblest sight. Shall meet with due returns from 3 His perfect worship here is fix'd, thee.

On sure foundations laid; 3 That he the humble soul will save, His equal laws are in the scales And crush the haughty's boasted

of truth and justice weigh'd ; might,

4 Of more esteem than golden mines, In me the Lord an instance gave, Or gold refined with skill; Whose darkness he has turn'd to More sweet than honey, or the drops light.

That from the comb distil.

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3 Ar trusty counsellors they are, 3 With laughter all the gazing crowd And friendly warnings give :

My agonies survey ; Divine rewards attend on those They shoot the lip, they shake the head, Who by thy precepts live.

And thus deriding say : & But what frail man observes how oft| 4. "In God he trusted, boasting oft He does from virtue fall?

That he was Heaven's delight; cleanse me from my secret faults, Let God come down to save him how

'Thou God that know'st them all! And own his favorite." 7 Let no presumptuous sin, O Lord, 5 Withdraw not, then, so far from me, Dominion have o'er me;

When trouble is so nigh;
Tha'., by thy grace preserved, I may O send me help! thy help, on which,
The great transgression flee.

Alone I can rely
So shall my prayer and praises be
With thy acceptance blest;

And I, secure on thy defence,
My strength and Saviour, rest.

1 Like water is my life pour'd out,

My joints are out of frame;
PSALM 16 S. M.

My heart dissolves within my breast,

Like wax before the flame: From the xx. Psalm of David. ! MAY Jacob's God defend

2 My strength is like a potsherd drieci, And hear us in distress;

My tongue is parch'd with drought; Our succor from his temple send,

And to the dismal shades of death Our cause from Sion bless

My fainting soul is brought. 2 May he accept our vow,

3 Like dogs, to compass me, my foes Our sacrifice receive,

In wicked council meet: Dur heart's devout reques, allow,

They pierced ny inoffensive hands, Our holy wishes give!

They pierced my harmless feet. 3 O Lord I thy saving grace

My body's rack'a, till all my bones We joyfully declare;

Distinctly may be told; Our banner in thy name we raise Yet such a spectacle of wo

" The Lord fulfil our prayer !" As pastime they behold. 4 Now know we that the Lord

5 As spoil, my garments they divide, His chosen will defend ;

Lots for my vesture cast :From heaven will strength divine Therefore, O leave me not, my God, afford,

But to my succor haste. And will their prayer attend.

PART III. C. M. 5 Some earthly succor trust, But we in God's right hand :

I Lord, to my brethren I'll declare Lo! while they fall, so vain their boast, The triumphs of thy Name : We rise and upright stand.

In presence of assembled saints 5 Still save us, Lord! and still

Thy glory thus proclaim: Thy servants deign to bless;

2" Ye worshippers of Jacob's God, rear, King of heaven, in times of ill,

All you of Israel's line,
The prayers that we address.

O praise the Lord, and to your praise

Sincere obedience join.

3 “He ne'er disdain'd on low distress From the xxii. Psalm of David.

To cast a gracious eye;.

Nor turn'd from misery his face,

But hears its humble cry." | MY God, my God, why leay'st thou me,

4 Thus, in thy sacred courts, will I When I with anguish faint ?

My cheerful thanks express; Oh! why so far from me removed In presence of thy saints perform And from my loud complaint ?

The vows of my distress. 2 Lo! I am treated like a worm, 5 The meek companions of my grief Like none of human birth;

Shall find my table spread; Not only by the great reviled,

And all that seek the Lord shall be But made the rabble's miru

With joys immortal fed.

6 Then shall the glad converted world 13 But for himself this Lord of all "To God their homage pay ;

One chosen seat design'd; &nd scatter'd nations of the earth Oh! who shall to that sacred hill One sovereign Lord obey.

Deserved admittance find ? 7 "T is his supreme prerogative

4 The man whose hands and heart are O'er all mankind to reign;

pure, "T is just that he shouid rule the world, Whose thoughts from pride are free ; Who does the world sustain.

Who honest poverty pitiers 8 The rich, who are with plenty fed,

To gainful perjury. His bounty must confess;

5 This, this is he, on whom the Lord The sons of want, by him relieved, Shall shower his blessings down; Their gen'rous patron bless. Whom God, his Saviour, shall vonich,

safe With humble worship to his throne

With righteousness to crown. They all for aid resort; That power, which first their being 6 Such is the race of saints, by whom gave,

The sacred courts are trod; Alone can ther support.

And such the prosely tes that seek At Then shall a chosen spotless race,

Thy face, O Jacob's God. Devoted to his Name,

7 Erect your heada, eternal gates ; To their adoring sons his truth

Unfold, to entertain And glorious acts proclaim.

The King of glory : see! he comes

With his celestial train.
PSALM 18. C. M.

8 Who is the King of glory? who? From the xxiii. Psalm of David. The Lord, for strength renown'd; THE Lord himself

, the mighty Lord, In battle mighty; o'er his foes Vouchsafes to be my guide;

Eternal victor crown'd. The shepherd, by whose constant care 9 Erect your beads, ye gates ; unfold My wants are all supplied.

In state to entertain 2 In tender grass he makes me feed,

The King of glory : see! he comes And gently there repose;

With all his shining train. Then leads me to cool shades, and 10 Who is the King of glory? whc 7 where

The Lord of hosts renown'd; Refresh ng water flows.

of glory he alone is King, 3 He does my wand'ring soul reclaim,

Who is with glory crown'd.
And, lo his endless praise,
Instruct with humble zeal to walk

PSALM 20. S. M.
In his most righteous ways.

From the xxv. Psalm of Davia. 4 I pass the gloomy vale of death, 1 TO God, in whom I trust, From fear and danger free;

I lift my heart and voice; For there his aiding rod and staff O let me not be put to shame, Defend and comfort me.

Nor let thy foes rejoice. 5 Since God coth thus his wondrous 2 Those who on thee rely: Juve

Let no disgrace attend Throngh all my life extend,

Be that the shameful lot of such That life to him I will devote,

As wilfully offend. And in his temple spend.

3 To me thy truth impart, PSALM 19. C.M.

And lead me in thy way;

For thou art he that brings me help ; From the xxiv. Psalm of David. On thee I wait all day, I THE spacious earth is all the Lord's, 4 Thy mercies and thy love, The Lord's her fulness is;

O Lord, recall to mind;. The world, and they that dwell therein, And graciously continue still, By sovereign right are his.

As thou wert ever, kind. ? He framed and fix'd it on the seas; 5 Let all my youthful crimes And his almighty hand

Be blotted out by thee; Upou inconstant floods has made And, for thy wondrous goodness' saka The stable fabric stand

In mercy think on me.


3 His mercy and his truth

PSALM 22. C. M. Toe righteous Lord displays, In bringing wand'ring sinners home, From the xxvii. Psalm of Dcvid. And teaching them his ways.

1 WHIOM should I fear, since God to 7 He those in justice guides Who his direction seek;

Is saving health and light? And in his sacred paths shall lead Since strongly he my life supports, The hunble and the meek.

What can my soul affright? 9 Through all the ways of God

2 Henceforth within his house to dwell Both truth and mercy shine,

I earnestly desire ; To such as, with religious hearts, His wondrous beauty there to view, To his blest will incline.

And of his will inquire. 9 Since mercy is the grace

3 For there I may with comfort rest That most exalts thy fame,

In times of deep distress; Forgive my heinous sin, O Lord,

And safe, as on a rock, abide And so advance thy name.

In that secure recess. 10 Whoe'er with humble fear,

4 When us to seek thy glorious face To God his duty pays,

Thou kindly dost advise ; Shall find the Lord a faithful guide,

6 Thy glorious face I'll always seek,” In all his righteous ways.

My grateful heart replies. 11 For God to all his saints

5 Then hide not thou thy face, O Lord, His secret will imparts,

Nor me in wrath reject;

My God and Saviour, leave not him And does his gracious covenant write In their obedient hearts.

Thou didst so oft protect.

6 Though all of nearest earthly ties 12 To Israel's chosen race

Me, in my wo, forsake,
Continue ever kind;
And in the midst of all their wants

Yet thou, whose love excels them all, Let them thy succor find.

Wilt care and pity take.

7 Instruct me in thy paths, O Lord, PSALM 21. C. M.

My ways directly guide;

Lest sinful men, who watch my steps, From the xxvi. Psalm of David.

Should see me tread aside. I JUDGE me, O Lord, for I the paths 8 I trusted that my future life Of righteousness have trod;

Should with thy love be crown'd; I shall not fail, who all my trust

Or else my fainting soul had sunk, Repose on thee, my God.

With sorrow compass'd round. 2 I'll wash my hands in innocence, 9 God's time with patient faith expect, And round thine altar go;

Who will inspire thy breast Pour the glad hymn of triumph thence, With inward strength : do thou thy And thence thy wonders show.


And leave to him the rest. 3 My thanks I'll publish there, and tell

How thy renown excels;
That seat affords me most delight,

PSALM 23. C. M.
In which thine honor dwells.

From the xxviii. Psalm of David.

1 ADORED for ever be the Lord; • Extracted from the Journal of the General Convention, 1832.

His praise I will resound, " 4. Resolved, As the sense and de. From whom the cries of any distress claration of this Convention, that so

A gracious answer found. much of the rubrics in the form of con- 2 He is my strength and shiell, my secra'ion of a church or chapel as

heart requires the singing of Psalm 26, Has trusted in his Name; verses 6, 7 and 8,' will hereafter be duly And now relieved, my heart, with joy, complied with by singing verses 2 and His praises shall proclaim. 3, in the selection from the 26th Psalm, 3 The Lord, the everlasting God, included in the Psalms in Metre au- Is my defence and rock, thorized by these resolutions to be set The saving health, the saving strength forth."

Of his anointed flock.

4 O save and bess try people, Lord, 12 Bow down thy gracious ear, 'Thy heritage preserve;

And speedy succor send; Feed, strengthen, and support their Do thou my steadfast rock'appear, hearts,

To shelter and defend. That they may never swerve. 3 To thee, the God of truth, PSALM 21. L. M.

My life, and all that's mine,

(For thou presery'st me from my From the xxix. Psalm of Darid.

youth) 1 YE that in might and power excel, I willingly resign.

Your grate ul sacrifice prepare ; 4 My hope, my steadfast rust, God's glorious actions loudly tell,

1 on thy help repose : His wondrous power to all declare.

That thou, my God, art good ae 2 'Lo his great Name fresh altars raise; just, Devontly due respect afford;

My soul with comfort knows. Uim in his holy temple praise,

5 Whate'er events betide, Where he's with solemn state adored.

Thy wisdom times then all, 3 'Tis he that, with amazing noise, Then, Lord, thy servant safely hide

The wat'ry clouds ir: sunder breaks ; From those that seek his fall.
The ocean trembles at his voice,

6 The brightness of thy face When he from heaven in thunder

To me, O Lord, disclose; speaks.

And, as thy mercies still increase, 4 How full of power his voice appears! Preserve me from my foes.

With what majestic terror crown'd!
Which from their roots tall cedars 7 How great thy mercies are

To such as fear thy Name,
And strews their scatter-d branches

Which thou, for those that trust thiy round.


Dost to the world proclaim! 5 God rules the angry floods on high ; His boundless sway shall never

8 O all ye saints, the Lord

With eager love pursue;
Flis saints with strength he will supply, Who to the just will help, afford,
And bless his own with constant

And give the proud their due.

9 Ye that on God rely,

Courageously proceed ;
PSALM 25. C. M.

For he will still your hearts supply
From the xxx. Psalm of Darid. With strength in time of need.
I IN my distress to God I cried,
Who kindly did relieve,

PSALM 27. L. M.
And from the grave's expecting mouth
My hopeless life retrieve.

From the xxxii. Psalm of David. 2 to his courts, ye saints of his, 1 HE's blest, whose sins have pardow With songs of praise repair ;

gain'd, With me commernorate his truth, No more in judgment to appear; And providential care.

Whose guilt remission has obtain'd, 3 His wrath has bat a moment's reign,

And whose repentance is sincere. His favor no decay ;

2 No sooner I my wound disclosed, The night of grief is recompensed The guilt that tortured me within, With joy's returning day.

But thy forgiveness interposed, Therefore, O Lord, I'll gladly sing And mercy's healing balm pour Thy praise in grateful verse;

in. And, as thy favors endless are, 3 Sorrows on sorrows multiplied, Thy endless praise rehearse.

The harden'd sinner shall confound;

But them who in His truth confide, PSALM 26. S. M.

Blessings of mercy shall surround. From the xxxi. Psaim of David.

4 His saints, that have perform'd his I DEFEND me, Lord, from shame,

laws, For still I trust in thec;

Their life in triumph shall employ ; 4$ just and righteous is thy Name Let them, as they alone have cause, From danger set me free

In grateful tures shout for joy.

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