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PSALM CXLV. THEE I will bless, my God and King, thy endless praise proclaim;

This tribute daily I will bring, and ever bless thy name. 3 Thou, Lord, beyond compare art great, and highly to be prais’d; Thy majesty, with boundless height, above our knowledge rais'd. 4. Renown'a for mighty acts, thy fame to future time extends ; From age to age tby glorious name successively descends. 5,6 Whilst I thy glory and renown,

and wondrous works express, The world with me thy might shall own, and thy great pow'r confess. 7 The praise that to thy love belongs, they shall with joy proclaim; Thy truth of all their grateful songs shall be the constant theme. 8 The Lord is good; fresh acts of grace his pity still supplies : His anger moves with slowest pace, his willing mercy flies. 9, 10 Thy love thro' earth extends its fame, to all thy works exprest ; These show thy praise, whilst thy great name is by thy servants blest. 11 They, with a glorious prospect fir'd, shall of thy kingdoms speak; And thy great pow'r, by all admir’d, their lofty subject make. 12 God's glorious works of ancient date shall thus to all be known ; And thus his kingdom's royal state with publick splendour shown. 13 His steadfast throne, from changes free, shall stand for ever fast ; His boundless sway no end shall see, but time itself outlast.

The Second Part. 14, 15 The Lord does them support that fall, and makes the prostrate rise ; For his kind aid all creatures call,

who timely food supplies. 16 Whate'er their various wants require, with open hand he gives ; And so fulfils the just desire

of ev'ry thing that lives. 17, 18 How holy is the Lord, how just, how righteous all his ways! How nigh to hiin, who with firm trust for his assistance prays ! 19 He grants the full desires of those who him with fear adore; And will their troubles soon compose, when they his aid implore. 20 The Lord preserves all those with care, whom grateful love employs ; But sinners, who his vengeance dare, with furious rage destroys. 21 My time to come, in praises spent, shall still advance his fame ; And all mankind with one consent, forever bless his name.

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PRAISE the Lord, and thou, my soul, for ever bless his name :

His wondrous love, while life shall last, my constant praise shall claim. 3 On kings, the greatest sons of men, let none for aid rely ; They cannot save in dang’rous times, nor timely help apply. Depriv’d of breath, to dust they turn, and there neglected lie; And all their thoughts and vain designs together with them die. 5 Then happy he, who Jacob's God for his protector takes; Who still, with well plac'd hope, the Lord his constant refuge makes. 6 The Lord, who made both heav'n and earth, and all that they contain, Will never quit his steadfast truth, nor make his promise vain. The poor, opprest, from all their wrongs are eas'd by his decree; He gives the hungry needful food, and sets the pris’ners free. 8 By him the blind receive their sight, the weak and fall’n he rears; With kind regard and tender love he for the righteous cares.

The strangers he preserves from harm, the orphan kindly treats: Defends the widow, and the wiles

of wicked men defeats. 10 The God that does in Sion dwell is our eternal King : From age to age his reign endures : let all his praises sing.

PRAISE the Lord with hymns of joy, and celebrate his fame!

For pleasantgood, and comely 'tis to praise his holy name. 2 His holy city God will build,

tbo’ levell’d with the grounds Bring back his people, though dispers'd through all the nations round. 3, 4 He kindly heals the broken hearts, and all their wounds does close; He tells the number of the stars,

their sev'ral names he knows. 5, 6 Great is the Lord, and great his pow'r, his wisdom has no bound; The meek he raises, and throws down the wicked to the ground. 7 To God, the Lord, a hymn of praise with grateful voices sing ; To songs of triumph tune the harp, and strike each warbling string. 8 He covers heav'nı with clouds, and thence refreshing rain bestows; Through him, on mountain tops, the grass with wondrous plenty grows. 9 He savage beasts that loosely range,

with timely food supplies; He feeds the ravens' tender brood, and stops their hungry cries. 10 He values not the warlike steed,

but does his strength disdain ; The nimble foot that swiftly runs

no prize from him can gain. 11 But he to him that fears his name his tender love extends ; To him that on his boundless grace

with steadfast hope depends. 12, 13 Let Sion and Jerusalem

to God their praise address; Who fenc'd their gates with massy bars,

and does their children bless. 14, 15 Thro’all their borders hie gives peace, with finest wheat they're fed ; He speaks the word, and what he wills is done as soon as said. 16 Large flakes of snow, likc fleecy wool, descend at his command ; And hoary frost, like ashes spread,

is scatter'd o'er the land. 17 When, join'd to these, he does his hail in little morsels break, Who can against his piercing cold secure defences make ? 18 He sends his word, which melts the ice ; he makes his wind to blow; And soon the streams, congcal'd before, in plenteous currents flow. 19 By him his statutes and decrees to Jacob's sons were shown ; And still to Israel's chosen seed

his righteous laws are known. 20 No other nation this can boast ;

nor did he e'er afford To heathen lands his oracles,

and knowledge of his word,


exalt your Maker's fame; His praise your song employ above the starry frame : Your voices raise,

ye cherubim, And scraphim,

to sing his praise. 3, 4 Thou moon, that rul'st the night, and sun, that guid’st the day, Ye glitt'ring stars of light,

to him your homage pay : His praise declare,

ye heav'ns above, And clouds that move

in liquid air. 5, 6 Let them adore the Lord,

and praise his holy name, By whose almighty word

they all from nothing came : And all shall last,

from changes free; His firm decree

stands ever fast.


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7,8 Let earth her tribute pay;

praise him ye dreadful whales, And fish that through the sea

glide swift with glittring scales; Fire, hail, and show,

and misty air, And winds that, where

he bids them, blow. 9, 10 By hills and mountains, all

in grateful concert join'd ; By cedars stately tall,

and trees for fruit design'd; By ev'ry beast,

and creeping thing, And fowl of wing,

his name be blest. 11, 12 Let all of royal birth,

with those of humbler frame, And judges of the earth,

his matchless praise proclaim: In this design,

let youths with maids, And hoary heads

with children join. 13 United zeal be shown,

his wondrous fame to raise, Whose glorious name alone

deserves our endless praise : Earth's utmost ends

his pow'r obey; His glorious sway

the sky transcends. 14 His chosen saints to grace,

he sets them up on " gh, And favours Israel's race,

who still to him are nigh, O therefore raise,

your grateful voice, And still rejoice

the Lord to praise.


PRAISE ye the Lord,

prepare your glad voice,
His praise in the great

assembly to sing : In our great Creator

let Israel rejoice ; And children of Sion

be glad in their King. 3, 4 Let them his great name

extol in the dance ; With timbrel and harp

his praises express; Who always takes pleasure

his saints to advance, And with his salvation

the humble to bless. 5, 6 With glory adorn'd,

his people shall sing To God, who their beds

with safety does shield; Their mouths fillid with praises

of him, their great King ; Whilst a two edged sword

their right hand shall wield; 7,8 Just vengeance to take

for injuries past; To punish those lands

for ruin design'd; With chains, as their captives,

to tie their kings fast, With fetters of iron

their nobles to bind. 9 Thus shall they make good,

when them they destroy, The dreadful decree

which God does proclaim : Such honour and triumph

his saints shall enjoy : O therefore for ever

exalt his great name.


O PRAISE the Lord in that blest place, from where his goodness large

ly flows; Praise him in heav'n, where he his face, unveil’d, in perfect glory shows. 2 Praise him for all the mighty acts,

which he in our behalf has done ; His kindness this return exacts, with which our praise should equal run. 3 Letthe shrill trumpet's warlike voice make rocksand hills his praise rebound; Praise him with harp's melodious qoise, and gentle psalt'ry's silver sound.

4 Let virgin troops soft uimbrels bring, and some with graceful motion dance; Let instruments of various string, with organs join’d, his praise advance. 5 Let them who joyful hymns compose, to cymbals set their songs of praise; Cyınbals of common use, and those that loudly sound on solemn days. 6 Let all that vitai breath enjoy, the breath he does to them afford, In just returns of praise employ : let ev'ry creature praise the Lord.


Common Measure.
TO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the God whom we adore,
Be glory, as it was, is now,

and shall be evermore.


As Psalm XXV. To God the Father, Son,

and Spirit, glory be ; As 'twas, and is, and shall be so

to all eternity

As Psalm C. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the God whom earth and heav'n adóre, Be glory, as it was of old,

is now, and shall be evermore.

As Psalm XXXVII. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the God whom heav'n's triumphant host,

And sufføring saints on earth adore, Be glory, as in ages past,

as now it is, and so shall last, When time itself shall be no more.

To God the Father, Son,
Eternal three in one,

As heretofore
And shall be so


and Spirit ever bless'd,
all worship be address'd;
it was, is now,
for evermore.

By angels in heav'n
And saints upon earth,
To God in three persons,
As it has been, now is,

As Psalm CXLIX.

of ev'ry degree,
all praise be address'd
one God ever bless'd;
and always shall be.



The Song of the Angels. For the Nativity of our blessed Lord and Saviour.-Luke ii. ver. 8–155

THILE shepherds watch'd their flocks by night, all seated on the ground,

2 “ Fear not,” said he, for mighty dread had seiz'd their troubled mind; « Glad tidings of great joy I bring to you, and all mankind. 3 “ To you, in David's town, this day is born of David's line, “ The Saviour, who is Christ the Lord ; and this shall be the sigo : 4 «The heav'nly babe you there shall find, to human view display'd, « All meanly wrapp'd in swathing bands, and in a manger laid.” 5 Thus spake the seraph, and forthwith appear'd a shining throng Of angels, praising God, who thus address'd their joyful song: 6 « All glory be to God on high,

and to the earth be peace : « Good will, henceforth, from heav'n to men begin, and never cease."

The Song of Men, responsive to the Song of the Angels.
THILE angels thus, O Lord, rejoice, shall men no anthem raise?

O may we lose these useless tongues, when we forget to praise ! 2 Then let us swell responsive notes, and join the heav'nly throng i For angels no such love have known as we, to wake their song. 3 Good will to sinful dust is shown, and peace on earth is givin; For lo! th' incarnate Saviour comes, with news of joy from heav'n! 4 Mercy and truth, with sweet accord, his rising beams adorn ; Let heav'n and earth in concert sing- “ The promis'd child is born!" 5 Glory to God, in highest strains, by highest worlds is paid ; Be glory, then, by us proclaim'd,

and by our lives display'd ; 6 Till we attain those blissful realms, where now our Saviour reigns; To rival the celestial choirs

in their immortal strains !



For Good Friday.
On the Sufferings of our blessed Lord and Saviour.


Wherefore doearthquakes clearetheground? why hides the sun his rays? Well may the earth astonish'd shake, and nature sympathize! The sun as darkest night be black ! their Maker, Jesus dies ! 3 Behold ! fast streaming from the tree his all atoning blood ! Is this the Infinite ? 'tis he,

my Saviour and my God! 4 For me these pangs his soul assail, for me this death is borne ; My sins gave sharpness to the nail, and painted ev'ry thorn.

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