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10 The wicked shall his triumph sce, While their unrighteous hopes decay,

and gnash their teeth in agony; and vanish with themselves away.

YE saints and servants of her lona:


the triumphs of his name record;

· His sacred name for ever bless : 3 Where'er the circling suu displays his rising beams or setting rays,

Due praisc to liis great name address, 4 God through the world extends his sway: the regions of eternal day

But shadows of his glory are : 5 With him whose majesty exccls, who made the heav'n in which he dwells,

Let no created pow'r compare. 6 Though 'uis beneath his state to view in highest heav'n what angels do,

Yet he to earth vouchsafes his care : He takes the needy from his cell, advancing him in courts to dwell,

Companion to the greatest there. 7 When childless families despair, he sends the blessing of an heir,

To rescue their expiring name; Makes her that barren was to bear, and joyfully her fruit to rear :

O then extol his matchless fame!


HEN Israel, by th’Almighty led, enrich'd with their oppressor's spoil,

From Egypt march’d, and Jacob's seed from bondage in a foreign soil; 2 Jehovan, for his residence,

chose out imperial Judal's tent, His mansion royal, and from thence through Israci’s canıp his orders sent. 3 The distant sca with terror saw, and fron th’ Almighty's presence fied; Old Jordan's streams, surpris’d, with awe, retreated to their fountain's head. 4 The taller mountains skipp'd like rams, when danger near the fold they hear; The hills skipp'd after them like lambs affrighted by their leader's fear. 5 ( sea! what made your tide withdraw, and naked leave your oozy bed? Wy, Jordan, against nature's law, recoil'd’st thoụ to thy fountain's head? 6 Why, mountains, did ye skip like rams, when danger does approach the fola? Wny after you the hills, like lambs when they their leader's flight behold? 7 Earth, tremble on; well may'st thou fear thy Lord and Maker's face to see; When Jacob's awful God draws near, 'tis time for earth and seas to flee. 8 To flee from God, who nature's law confirms and cancels at his will; Who springs from flinty rocks can draw, and thirsty yales with water fill.


ORD, not to us, we claim no share, but to thy sacred name

Give glory, for thy mercy's suke, and truth's eternal fame. ? Why should the heathen cry, Where's now the God whom we adore ? 3 Convince them that in heav'n thou art, and uncontroll'd thy pow'r. 4 Their gods but gold and silver are, the works of mortal hands ; Ś With speechless mouth and sightless eyes the molten idol stands. 6 The pageant has both ears and nose,

but neither hears nor smells ; 7 Its hands and feet nor feel nor move ; no life within it dwells. 8 Such senseless stocks they are, that we can nothing like them find, But those who on their help rely,

and them for gods designedy

9 O Israel, make the Lord your trust,
10 Priests, Levites, trust in him alone,
11 Let all who truly fear the Lord,
Who them in danger can defend,
12, 13 Of us he oft has mindful been,
Priests, Levites, proselytes, ev'n all
14 On you, and on your heirs, he will
15 Thrice happy you, who fav’rites are
16 Heav'n's highest orb of glory he
And gave this lower globe of earth
17 They who in death and silence sleep,
18 But we will bless for evermore

who is your help and shield;
who only help can yield.
on him they fear rely ;
and all their wants supply.
and Israel's house will bless;
who his great name confess.
increase of blessings bring ;
of this Almighty King !
his empire's seat design'd;
a portion to mankind.
to him no praise afford;
our ever living Lord.


Y soul with grateful thoughts of love entirely is possest,

Because the Lord vouchsaf'd to hear the voice of my request. 2 Since he has now his ear inclin'd, I never will despair ; But still in all the straits of life

to him address my pray’r. 3 With deadly sorrows compass'd round, with pains of hell oppress'd; When trouble seiz'd my aching heart, and anguish rack'd my breast; 4 On God's almighty name I callid, and thus to him I pray'd, « Lord, I beseech thee, save my soul, with sorrow quite dismay'd.” 5, 6 How just and merciful is God ! how gracious is the Lord ! Who saves the harmless, and to me does timely help afford, 7 Then, free from pensive cares, my soul, resume thy wonted rest; For God has wondrously to thee .

his bounteous love exprest. 8 When death alarm’d me, he remov'd my dangers and my fears ; My feet from falling he secur'd,

and dried my eyes from tears: 9 Therefore my life's remaining years, which God to me shall lend, Will I in praises to his name,

and in his service spend. 10, 11 In God I trusted, and of him in greatest straits did boast; For in my flight all hopes of aid

from faithless men were lost. 12, 13 Then what return to him shall I for all his goodness make? I'll praise his name, and with glad zeal the cup of blessing take. 14, 15 I'll pay my vows among his saints, whose blood, howe'er despis'd By wicked men, in God's account is always highly priz'd. 16 By various ties, O Lord, must I to thy dominion bow; Thy humble handmaid's son before, thy ransom'd captive now! 17, 18 To thee I'll off rings bring of praise; and, whilst I bless thy name, The just performance of my vows

to all thy saints proclaim. 19 They in Jerusalem shall meet, and in thy house shall join, To bless thy name with one consent, and mix their songs with mine,

VITH cheerful notes let all the earth to heav'n their voices raise ;

, .

2 God's tender mercy knows no bound, his truth shall ne'er decay ; Then let the willing nations round

their grateful tribute pay.

PRAISE the Lord, for he is good,

his mercies ne'er decay ;
That bis ķind favours eyer last,

let thankful Israel say,


3,4 Their sense of his eternal love let Aaron's house express ; And that it never fails, let all

that fear the Lord confess. 5 To God I made my humble moan, with troubles quite opprest; And he releas’d me from my straits, and granted my request. 6 Since therefore God does on my side so graciously appear, Why should the vain attempts of men possess my soul with fear? 7 Since God with those that aid my cause vouchsafes my part to take, To all my foes I need not doubt

a just return to inake. 8,9 For better 'tis to trust in God, and have the Lord our friend, Than on the greatest human pow'r, for safety to depend. 10,11 Tho' many nations, closely leagu’d, did oft beset me round; Yet, by his boundless pow'r sustain’d, I did their strength confound. 12 Thcyswarm’dlike bees, and yet their rage was but a short livid blaze ; For whilst on God I still relied,

I vanquish'd them with ease. 13 When all united press'd me hard, in hopes to make me fall, The Lord vouchsaf'd to take my part, and save me from them all. 14 The honour of my sirange escape

to bim alone belongs; He is my Saviour and my strength, he only claims my songs. 15 Joy fills the dwelling of the just, whom God has sav'd from harm; For wondrous things are brought to pass by his almighty arm. 16 He, by his own resistless pow'r, has endless honour won ; The saving strength of his right hand amazing works has done. 17 God will not suffer me to fall,

but stili prolongs iny days; That, by declaring all his works,

I may advance his praise. 18 When God had sorely me chastis'd till quite of hopes bereav’d, His mercy from the gates of death my fainting life repriev'd. 19 Then open wide the temple gates, to which the just repair, That I may enter in and praise

my great Deliv'rer there. 20,21 Within those gates of God's abode, to which the righteous press, Since thou hast heard, and set me safe, tly holy name I'll bless. 22, 23 That which the builders once refus'd, is now the corner stone ; This is the wondrous work of God,

the work of God alone. 24, 25 This day is God's; let all the land exalt their cheerful voice; Lord, we beseech thce, save us now, and make us still rejoice. 26 Him that approaches in God's namo let all th' assembly bless ; “ We that belong to God's own house have wish'd you good success." 27 God is the Lord, through whom we all both light and comfort sind; Fast to the altar's horn, with cords,

the chosen victim bind. 28 Thou art my Lord, O God, and still I'll praise thy holy name; Because thou only art my God,

I'll celebrate thy fame. 29 O then with me give thanks to God, who still does gracious prore; And let the tribute of our praise

be endless as his love. PSALM CXIX.

ALEPH. ow bless'd are they, who always keep the pure and perfect way !

of God's commandments stray! 2 How bless'd, who to his righteous laws have still obedient been! And have with fervent humble zeal his favour sought to win! 3 Such men their utmost caution use to shun each wicked deed ; But in the path which he directs

with copstant care proceed.

HI Wholneser from the sacred paths

4 Thou strictly hast enjoin'd us, Lord, to learn thy sacred will; Aud all our diligence employ

thy statutes to fuifil. 5 O then that thy most holy will

might o'er my ways preside, And I the course of all my life

by thy direction guide! 6 Then with assurance should I walk, from all confusion free ; Convinc'd, with joy, that all my ways with thy commands agree. 7 My upright heart shall my glad mouth with cheerful praises fill; Wien, by toy righteous judgements taught, I shall have learnt thy will

. 8 So to ti y sacred laws shail I

all due observance pay; toen forsake me not, my God,

nor cast ine quite away.

BETH 9 How shall the young preserve their ways from all pollution free?, By 'n king still their course of life with thy commands agree. 1. With hearty zeal for thee I seek, to thee for succour pray ; O suffer not my careless steps

from thy right paths to stray. 11 Safe in my heart, and closely hid, thy word, my treasure, lies ; To succour me with timely aid,

when sinful thoughts arise. 12 Secur'd by that, my grateful soul

shall ever bless thy name ; O teach me then thy just laws

my future life to frame. 13 My lips, unlock’d by pious zeal, to others have declar'd How well the judgements of thy mouth deserve our best regard. 14 Whilst in the way of thy commands more solid joy I found, Then had I been with vast increase of envied riches crown'd. 15 Therefore thy just and upright laws, shall always fill my mind; And those sound rules which thou prescrib'st, all due respect shall find. 16 To keep thy statutes undefac'd shall be my constant joy ; The strict remembrance of thy word

shall all my thoughts employ.

GIMEL. 17 Be gracious to thy servant, Lord, do thou my life defend, That I, according to thy word,

my future time may spend. 18 Enlighten both my eyes and mind, that so I may discern The wondrous works which they behold, who thy just precepts learn. 19 Though, like a stranger in the land, from place to place I stray, Thy righteous judgements from my sight remove not thou away. 20 My fainting soul is almost pin'd, with earnest longing spent, Wilst a'wars on the cager search of thy just will intent. 21 Thy slıarp rebuke shall crush the proud, whom still thy curse pursues ; Since they to walk in thy rigt ways presumptuously refuse. 22 But far from me do thou, O Lord, "contempt and shame remove Fur I thy sacred laws affect

with undissembled love. 23 Though princes oft, in council met, against thy servant spake; Y I thy statutes to observe

my constant bus'ness make. 24 For thy commands have always been my comfort and delight; By them I learn, with prudent care to guide my steps aright.

DALETH. 25 My soul, oppress'd with deadly care, close to the dust does cleave; R vive me, Lord, and let me now

thy promis'd aid receive. 26 To thee I still declar'd my ways,

and thou inclin'd'st thine ear; teach me then my future life.

by thy just laws to steer.

27 If thou wilt make me know thy laws, and by their guidance walk, The wondrous works which thou hast done shall be my constant talk. 28 But see, my soul within me sinks, press'd down with weighty care; Do thou, according to thy word,

my wasted strength repair. 29 Far, far from me be all false ways and lying arts remov'd ; But kindly grant I still may keep

the path by thee approv'd. 30 Thy faithful ways, thou God of truth, my happy choice i've made ; Thy judgements, as my rule of life, before me always laid. 31 My care has been to make my life with thy commands agree ; O then preserve thy servant, Lord, from shame and ruin free. 32 So in the way of thy commands shall I with pleasure run, And, with a heart enlarg'd with joy, successfully go on.

HE. 33 Instruct me in thy statutes, Lord, thy righteous paths display ; And I from them, through all my life, will never go astray. 34 If thou true wisdom from above wilt graciously impart, To keep thy perfect laws I will

devote iny zealous heart. 35 Direct me in the sacred ways to which thy precepts lead; Because my chief delight has been thy righteous paths to tread. 36 Do thou to thy most just commands incline my willing heart; Let no desire of worldly wealth

from thee my thoughts divert. 37 From those vain objects turn my eyes, which this false world displays, But give me lively pow'r and strength to keep thy righteous ways. 38 Confirm the promise which thou mad'st, and give thy servant aid, Who to transgress thy sacred laws is awfully afraid. 39 The foul disgrace I justly fear, in mercy, Lord, remove; For all the judgements thou ordain'st are full of grace and love. 40 Thou know'st how after thy commands, my longing heart does pant ; O then make haste to raise me up, and promis’d succour grant.

VAU. 41 Thy constant blessing, Lord, bestow, to cheer my drooping heart; To me, according to thy word,

thy saving health impart. 42 So shall I, when my foes upbraid, this ready answer make ; « In God I trust, who never will

his faithful promise break.” 43 Then let not quite the word of truth be from my mouth remov’d; Since still my ground of steadfast hope thy just decrees have provid. 44 So I to keep thy righteous laws will all my study bend; From age to age my time to come

in their observance spend. 45 E'er long I trust to walk at large, from all incumbrance free; Since I resolve to make my life

with thy commands agree. 46 Thy laws shall be my constant talk ; and princes shall attend, Whilst I the justice of thy ways

with confidence defend. 47 My longing heart and ravish'd soul shall both o'erflow with joy, When in thy lov'd commandments I my happy hours employ. 48 Then will I to thy just decrees lift up my willing hands; My care and bus’ness then shall be to study thy commands.

ZAIN. 49 According to thy promis'd grace, thy favour, Lord, extend; Make good to me the word on which thy servant's hopes depend.

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