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the first, and was the consequence of its territory, and the honour of its laws.origin. -To see to which must be im- Thirst of glory, love for the country, and puted the misfortunes and the duration of the wish for its prosperity, are passions this war, it will be sufficient to refer to its which never become extinct in generous: cause, and to recollect that the intervals of hearts. They are a guarantee of the zeal peace, or rather the short truces, during with which you will associate yourselves, which nations have breathed, have been Gentlemen, in the efforts of the administraowing to France. - The aggression did tion, to support, by powerful means of denot proceed from France, neither in 1792, fence, the negociations which are going to when she was invaded; neither in the year be opened. Less powerful, less strong, Seven, when the treaty of Campo Formio less rich,. less fruitful in resources was was broken ; neither in the year Eight, France in the year Eight, . when threatwhen the Russians came across Germany ened on the North, invaded on the and Italy, to menace our frontiers ; neither South, torn in pieces in her interior, exin the year Ten, when the treaty of Amiens hausted in her furances, disorganized in was violated; neither at the epoch of the her administration, discouraged in her arinvasion of Bavaria, when the peace of mies, the seas brought her hope, the vicLuneville was disavowed ; neither at the tory of Marengo restored her her honours, epoch when the treaty of Presburg was the treaty of Luneville brought back peace placed in oblivion ; neither when the en- to her. I describe this picture, Gentlegagements of Tilsit were abandoned, neither men, but for the purpose of again calling when the treaties of Vienna and of Paris back, within and without, the energetic were torn in pieces. And was it not on the sentiment of our dignity and of our power; contrary, France, who, victorious and con- only that our friends and our enemies may, quering, consented to the armistice of Leo at the same time, understand the thoughts ben, and the peace which followed it: who of the Monarch, and the force of the navanquished at Marengo only to treat at Lune- tion, the moderation of his wishes, his arville; at Austerlitz, but to restorethe greater dour for an honourable peace, his horror of part of her conquests, or to endow thrones a shameful peace.”. with them; who has not refused an armis. The Legislative Body gave an authentitice during the war, peace during negocia cated copy to the orators, from the Council tions, neither before the treaty of Presburg, of State, of the Imperial Decree, of which por before that of Vienna ? At this it had just received a communication, as moment have not the preliminary bases, well as of the speech of Count Regnaud St. proposed by the coalesced powers, been Jean d'Angely, and ordered that the whole adopted by His Majesty, who declares to be entered in the minutes, and six copies his people, to his allies, to his enemies, printed. After the departure of the orathat, on his side, there are no obslacles tors from the Council of State, the Assemthe re-establishment of Peace. These bly adjourned till eleven of the clock totruths, Gentlemen, as far as relates to pre- morrow precisely. ceding wars, are consecrated by monuments already become the immutable patrimony of history; in what relate to more

LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY, recent events, they will be proved by the Tuesday, Oct. 22, 1813. documents contained in the portfolio of (Continued from page 816.) the Minister for Foreign Affairs, of which of Acken, on the left bank, a little lower His Majesty calls a Commission, named down the river, was fortifying, under the from among you, to take cognizance. direction of Count Woronzow, in such a Whilst negociating, the coalesced powers manner as to render it a place of considerwished the continuance of hostilities. By able strength, while preparations were acthat they have shewn us the measures which celerating for constructing a bridge there. the safety of the State and the honour of the In the mean time, the enemy, who Empire prescribe. Her Majesty has said appear to have had no idea of the passage to you, Gentlemen, nations cannot treat of the Elbe, at Acken, sent strong detach. with security, except by displaying their ments of troops to occupy Dessau and the whole strength. But already the energy line of the Mulda, and employed themselves which manifests itself in all parts, the nu- in throwing up works, as well before that merous levies which are in motion, suffi- town as in front of the tele-de-pont at Rossciently. make known the resolution of the lau, with intent to impede the passage there, French nation to maintain the safety of its and to obstruct the movements of the army

after the passage. This gave occasion to and it was calculated that it would be adskirmishes between the enemy and the Swe. vanced as far as Chemnitz on yesterday, the dish advanced-guard, which was obliged to 3d.-Iam as yet without details of the relinquish Dessau, and to retire to the affair of General' Blucher; but Baron De neighbourhood of the tele-de-pont at Ross- Wetterstedt has engaged me to detain this lau, and indeed to the right bank of the messenger until I shall receive a dispatch river. Under these circumstances, the from him this evening for M. De Rehausen, Prince Royal received intelligence from Ge- and be promised me (for he went to-day to neral Blucher, on the 1st instant, inform- Dessau), to transmit to me at the same ing his Royal Highness, that he should, on time the same particulars, if he should obthat day, inake a movement with his whole tain them. I shall keep this dispatch open army on his right towards Hertzberg; that for them. We have indirect accounts of on the following day he should be at Jessen; General Czernitscheff having taken posseson the 3d at Elster, and on the following sion, with his corps of Cossacks, of the day (to-day) would effect the passage of the whole city of Cassel, from which Jerome Elbe at Elster, proceeding upon Kemberg Buonaparte had Red. But nothing has yet against the French corps stationed there. been received from himself. I have the

The bridge at Acken had just been honour to be, &c. completed, and yesterday, to-day, or per

(Signed) E. THORNTON. haps to-morrow, was each spoken of as the P.S. Ten p.m. I have the honour of probable day for passing the river. transmitting to your Lordships enclosed, a General Blucher crossed the Elbe at Elster letter which I have just received from Baron yesterday with some opposition, and attack de Wetterstedt. (Signed) E.T. ed the entrenched village of Wartemberg, on the opposite bank, which he carried, Head-quarters, Dessau, Oct. 4, 1813. after an obstinate resistance, making him According to reports received from Gen. self master of sixteen pieces of cannon. Blucher, he has been engaged with the 4th It is understood that this victory, which French corps, commanded by General Berwas carried against the corps commanded trand.-The latter was strongly entrenchby Bertrand, was not obtained without con. ed in a village between Wartenberg and siderable loss, particularly among the troops Bledin.---General D'Yorck's corps discommanded by General D’Yorck; but the lodged and overthrew the enemy, taking particulars have not been received.The above one thousand prisoners, sixteen pieces Prince Royal received this intelligence yes- of cannon, and seventy tumbrils, with their terday evening, while he was at Rosslau, or train, were captured. A body of two immediately on his return here, and took thousand men ihrew themselves into Witthe resolution of crossing the whole army tenberg; the remainder of the enemy's to-day over the Elbe, at Acken and at Ross- troops fell back upon Kemberg. General jau, the Russians at the former, and the Blucher pursued them, and his head-quarPrussians and Swedes at Rosslau, somewhat ters will be this evening at the latter place. later or otherwise, according as it should His cavalry is at Duben.--By five o'clock be understood whether the French would this morning, the enemy's troops, under the make a stand at Dessau. This, however, orders of Marshal Ney, which were in this was not to be expected, when once the pas- town, amountiug to eighteen thousand men, sage of the Russians was completed at Ac had begun their retreat towards Leipzig. ken, particularly under the position of Ge -Our advanced posts had, in the course nerał Blucher's army, and in effect it was of this evening, pushed on as far as Raguhn learnt this morning, that the French bad and Jesnitz, and to-morrow, the junction retired from Dessau, where, consequently, with General Blucher will take place.-I learn that the head-quarters of the Prince The van-guard of the Russian army, under Royal will be established this evening. His the orders of Count Woronzoff, occupies Royal Highness left this place about nine Coethen. Bernbourg is garrisoned by Ruso'clock this morning. Yesterday even- sian cavalry. To-morrow the two árinies ing Mr. Aldercrentz, a son of the General, of the Prince Royal and of General Blucher and an Aid-de-Camp of the Prince Royal, will make a combined movement in ads returved here from the Imperial head-quar-vance, probably in the direction of Leipters, to which he had been sent after the zig. They form together a total of one huis battle of Donnewitz. · He brings intelli- dred and twenty-seven thousand, or one gence of the actual movement of the grand hundred and thirty thousaud men. His army, as was projected, on the 1st instant ; Royal Highness will, without doubt, esta

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blish his head-quarters at Reguhn. I strong in front of a wood of some extent, have the honour to be, &c.

near Radefeld: and behind it the ground is (Signed). DE WETTERSTEDT. more intersected; generally speaking, how.

ever, it is open, and adapted to all arms. LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY,

--The disposition of attack of the Silesian Wednesday. Nov. 3, 1813.

army was as follows:- The corps of Gene

ral Langeron was to attack and carry FreyForeign Office, Nov. 3, 1813.

roda, and then Radefeld, having the corps Mr. Solly arrived ihis morning at the Office of General Sachen in reserve. The corps

of Viscount Castlereagh, from Leipsig, d'armée of General D'Yorck was directed with duplicates of dispatches from Lieu- i to move on the great chausée, leading to tenant-General the Honourable Sir C.W. Leipsig, until it reached the village of SitzStewart, K. B. of which the following are chera, when, turning to its left, it was to copies.---The originals, by his Aid-de force the enemy at Lindenthal. The RusCamp, Mr. James, are not yet received,

sian guards and advanced guard were to Skendilz, Oct. 17, 1813. press on the main road to Leipsig. - The My Lord, -The glorious army of Silesia corps of General St. Priest arriving from has added another victory to its list, and Merseberg, was to follow the corps of Gee the brow of its veteran leaders is decorated neral Langeron. The formation of the cawith fresh laurel. - Forty pieces of can- valry and the different reserves was made non, twelve thousand killed, wounded, and on the open ground between the villages. prisoners, one egle, and many caissons, It was nearly mid-day before the troops have been the fruits of the victory of Rade- were at their stations. The enemy soon feld and Lindenthal.To give your Lord after the first onset gave up the advanced ship the clearest. idea in my power of this villages, and retired some distance, but battle, I must revert to the position of the tenaciously held the woody ground on their armies of Silesia and the North of Germany right, and the villages of Gros and Klein on the 14th inst. When we received cer Wetteritz, as also the villages of Mockern tain intelligence that the enemy was with and Mokau, on their left. At Mockern a drawing from the right bank of the Elbe to wos¢ bloody contest ensued; it was taken collect in Leipsig, at this time the Prince and retaken by the corps of Yorck five Royal was at Cothen, and General Blucher times; the musketry fire was most galling, at Halle. The former occupied with the and this was the hottest part of the field; advanced guards the left bank of the Mulda, many of the superior officers were either and the latter Merseburg and Schendiiz. killed or wounded; at length the victorious --General Blucher moved his head-quar- Silesians carried all before them, and drove ters, on the 14th, to Gros Kugel, pushing the enemy beyond the Partha. In the plain his advance on the great road to Leipsig, there were many brilliant charges of cavaland occupying the villages on each side of ry, The Brandenburg regiment of hussars it. The enemy was in force in his front, distinguished itself in a particular manner, still holding Deblitsch and Bitterfeld, with and, supported by infantry, charged a bat. some troops along the Mulda. The Crown tery of eight pieces, which they carried. Prince of Sweden issued orders to march to -The enemy made an obstinale resistHalle in the night of the 14th; but when ance also on their right, in the villages of

his troops were in march, he took up his Great and Little Weteritz and Ilchausen, · head-quarters at Sylbitz, and placed the and in the woody ground around them; and

Swedish army with its right at Wistin, and when they found we had forced their left, the left near the Petersberg. Gen. Bulow they brought an additional number of troops occupied the centre of his line between Peon Count Langeron, who was chiefly entersberg and Oppin, and the corps of Win-gaged with Marshal Ney's corps, which arzingerode was on the left at Zorbig. rived from the neighbourhood of Duben. General Blucher found the enemy's forces, However, the Russians, equally with their consisting of the 4th, 6th, and 7th corps of brave allies in arms, made the most gallant the French army, and great part of įhe efforts, and they were fully successful Guard, under Marshals Marmont and Ney, night only put an end to the action. The and General Bertrand, occupying a line Russian cavalry acted in a very brilliant with their right at Freyroda, and their left manner, General Kolp's cavalry took a at Lindenthal. The country is open, and battery of 13 guos, and the Cossacks of very favourable for cavalry, around these General Emanuel, five. The eneiny drew latter villages ; but the enemy was posted off towards Siegeritz and Pfosen, and passed

the Partha river. General Sachen's corps, | forward on Leipsig; keeping up the com who supported General Langeron, very inunication on one side with General Blumuch distinguished itself in the presence of cher's army, and on the other, these corps Buonaparté, who, it seems, according to were to detach to their right, to facilitate the information of the prisoners, ' arrived the attack of the corps of General Merefrom the other part of his army at five veldt, and the divisions Bianchi Weisseno'clock in the afternoon. The corps of worf, on Zwackau and Connewitz, at which General D'Yorck, which so conspicuously latter place the bridge across the Pleisse distinguished itself, had many of its most was to be carried. General Nostiltz's cagallant leaders killed or wounded; among valry were to form on their right. In case the latter are Colonels Heinmitz, 'Kutzler, of retreat, these corps were to retire toBouch, Hiller, Lowenthal, Laurentz; Ma- wards Zeitz.-The reserves of the Rusjors Schon and Bisinarck. The momentary sian aud Prussian guards were to move on loss of these officers is serious, as they Rotha, where they were to pass the Pleisse, nearly all commanded brigades, from the and forin in columns on its right bank. reduced state of General Officers in the The reserves of the Prince of Hesse HomPrussian army, and I have sincere regretberg, Generals Mereveldt and Wirtgenin adding, that his Serene Highness the stein, were also to take post at this station. Prince of Mecklenberg Strelitz, who was -General Barclay de Tolly to command distinguishing himself in a particular man- all the columns on the right bank of the ner, having iwo horses shot under him, Pleisse, Generals Wittgenstein, Kleist, and and whose gallant corps took five hundred Kleinau, were to advance from their respecprisoners and an eagle, received a 'severe, tive positions on Leipsig, the Russian guards but, I trust, not a dangerous' wound. forming their reserve. General Colloredo Among the Russians are General Chinchin, advanced from Borne,' as reserve to Geneand several officers of distinction, killed ral Kleinau. The retreat of these corps was and wounded; and I average GenerałBlu- to be on Chemnitz. Generals Wittgencher's whole loss between six and seven stein, Kleist, and Kleinau's; on Altenberg thousand men hors de combat.I can and Penig.-The army of General Benadd little to the catalogue of the merits of nigsen from Coldlitz was to push on Grimthis brave army in endeavourmg feebly, but ma and Wurtzen. The corps of Count I hope faithfully, to detail its proceedings. Bubna had been relieved before Leipsig by Your Lordship will, I am persuaded, justly General Tolstoy. A very heavy firing appreciate the enthusiasm and heroism by continued all the day of the 16th from the which its operations have been guided. It grand army. A report arrived late at has fought iwenty-one combats since hosti- night to General Blucher, that Buonaparte lities recommenced. Your Lordship is so had attacked in person the whole line of the well aware of the distinguished merit and Allies, and forming his cavalry in the cenvery eminent services of General Gneisenau, tre, succeeded in making an opening in the that it is unnecessary for me on this fresh combined army before all its cavalry could occasion to allude to them. I attached come up; he was, however, not able to General Lowe to General Blucher in the proht by it, as it appears he retired in the field ; and being absent in the early part of evening, and the Allies occupied their pothe day with the Prince Royal, it is due to sition as before the attack. Of the dethis very deserving officer to inform your tails of the above I am as yet wholly ignoLordship I have derived every assistance rant. On the 17th all were ready to re. from his reports. ---My Aid-de-Camp, new the attack on this :side. The Prince Captain During, an officer of merit, has, Royal, who hadi his head-quarters at Landsunfortunately, I fear, fallen into the enemy's berg, and his army behind it, marched at hands.—I shall now put your Lordship two o'clock in the morning, and arrived at in possession, as far as I am able, of the Brittenfeld, with General Winzingerode's military movements of the grand army up and General Bulow's corps towards midto the 16th, and the disposition for the at- day on General Bulow's left. General tack which was sent to the Prince Royal of Winzingerode's cavalry and artillery had Sweden and General Blucher, by Prince moved forward in the night, near the Schwartzenbạrg, and which was to be made heights of Faucha.-No cannonade being this day. The corps of General Guilay, beard on this side of the grand army Priuce Maurice Lichtenstein, Thieleman, though General Blucher's corps was uidet and Platoff, were collected in the neigh arms), and as it was also understood Gen. bourhood of Markrasted, and were to move Bennigsen could not-arrive until this day at

Crimma, and part of the Prince Royal's vouring to escape in all directions, and who army being still in the rear, it was deemed are still surrounded, are the next objects of expedient to wait till the following day to exultation. The further result your renew the general attack. The enemy Lordship can best arrive at from an account shewed himself in great force in a good po- of our military position. It will be my sition, on the left of the Partha, on a ridge endeavour to give you as succinct and clear of some extent, which runs parallel to the an account as I am able, first, of the generiver. There was some cannonading in the ral and combined operations determined morning, and the enemy wade demonstra- upon by the grand army; and, secondly, to tions, and the hussars of Mecklenberg describe what immediately came under my charged his advanced parties into the su- own observations, namely, the movements burbs of Leipsig, and took three cannon of the Prince Royal and General Blucher. and some prisoners of the bulans of the -My dispatches up to the 17th have guards. - The state of our affairs is such, detailed the position of the allied armies up that the most sanguine expectations may be to that date. It being announced by Prince justly entertained, under the protection of Schwartzenberg that it was the intention of Divine Providence, which has hitherto so their Majesties, the allied Sovereigns, to conspicuously favoured us in the glorious renew the attack on the 18th, and the arcause in which we are engaged.

mies of the North and Silesia being directed I am, &c.

to co-operate, the following general dispo(Signed) Cuas. STEWART, Lieut.-Gen. sition was made:--I must here observe,

that the attack on the 16th, by the grand Leipsig, Oct. 19, 1813. army, occurred in the weighbourhood of My Lord,- Europe at length approaches Liebert Wolkowitz. The country being her deliverance, and England may tri particularly adapted for cavalry, a very umphantly look forward to reap, in con sanguinary and hard combat ensued with junction with her Allies, that glory her this arm, and an artillery, exceeding in whexampled and steady efforts in the com- number six hundred pieces, between the mon cause so justly title her to receive. opposed armies. Two solitary buildings,

I wish it had fallen to the lot of an which the enemy had occupied with several abler pen to detail to your Lordship the battalions of infantry, and which formed splendid events of these two last days; but nearly the centre of the enemy's position, in endeavouring to relate the main facts, to were attacked by the Russian infantry, and send them off without a moment's delay, I after several repulses, carried with amazing shall best do my duty, postponing more de- carnage. The whole of the enemy's catailed accounts until a fresh opportunity. valry under Murat, were then brought for

-The victory of General Blucher, upon ward : they made a very desperate push at the 16th, has been followed, on the 18th, the centre of the allied position, which for by that of the whole of the combined forces a short period they succeeded in forcing. over the army of Buonaparté, in the neigh -To oppose this powersul cavalry, six bourhood of Leipsig.--The collective loss regiments of Austrian cuirassiers charged of above a hundred pieces of cannon, sixty in columns. Nothing could surpass either, thousaud men, an immense number of pri- the skill or the desperate bravery of this soners, the desertion of the whole of the movement: they overthrew all before them; Saxon army, also the Bavarian and Wur- destroying, I am told, whole regiments, cemburg troops, consisting of artillery, ca- and returned to their ground with many valry, and infantry, many Generals, among prisoners, having left seven hundred drawhom are Regnier, Vallery, Brune, Ber- goons within the enemy's line. Many trand, and Lauriston, are soine of the first officers were killed and wounded. General fruits of this glorious day. The caplure, Latour Maubourg, who commanded the by assault, of the town of Leipsig this eneiny's cavalry, under Murat, lost his leg. morning, the magazines, artillery, stores of Both armies remained nearly on the ground the place, with the King of Saxony, all his on which the contest cominenced. court, the garrison, and rear-guard of the While the grand arıny was to commence French army, all the enemy's wounded their attack on the morning of the 18th, (the number of which exceed thirty thou- from their different points of asseinbly, on sand) the narrow escape of Buonaparıé, the principal villages situated on the great who fled from Leipsig at nine o'clock, the roads leading to Leipsig, the armies of the Allies entering at eleven; the complete de- North and Silesia were jointly to attack coute of the French army, who are endea- from the line of the Saale, and upon the

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