The Mechanics' Magazine, Band 67

Robertson, Brooman, and Company, 1857

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Seite 126 - Thro' either babbling world of high and low; Whose life was work, whose language rife With rugged maxims hewn from life; Who never spoke against a foe; Whose eighty winters freeze with one rebuke All great self-seekers trampling on the right...
Seite 221 - Fahr. annually. On the other hand, there is a vast store of force in our System capable of conversion into heat. If, as is indicated by the small density of the Sun, and by other circumstances, that body has not yet reached the condition of incompressibility, we have, in the future approximation of its parts, a fund of heat probably quite large enough to supply the wants of the human family to the end of its sojourn here. It has been calculated that an amount of condensation, which would diminish...
Seite 147 - Thus, the Reviewer. The Novelist begs to ask him whether there is no License in his writing those words and stating that assumption as a truth, when any man accustomed to the critical examination of a book cannot fail, attentively turning over the pages of Little Dorrit, to observe that that catastrophe is carefully prepared for from the very first presentation of the old house in the story...
Seite 273 - ... change? This anticipation, it has been already stated, has been realized by Mayer and Joule. The discovery of the mechanical equivalent of heat has been rapidly followed by that of other forces ; and we now know not only that electricity, magnetism, and chemical action, in given quantities, will produce each a definite amount of mechanical work, but we know further — chiefly through the labours of Mr.
Seite 64 - Lancaster, cotton spinner, for certain improvements in machinery or apparatus used in the preparation of cotton or other fibrous substances for spinning.
Seite 2 - Gold of this thickness and in this state is transparent, transmitting green light, whilst yellow light is reflected ; there is every reason to believe also that some is absorbed, as happens with all ordinary bodies. "When gold leaf is laid upon a layer of water on glass, the water may easily be removed, and solutions be substituted for it ; in this way a solution of chlorine, or of cyanide of potassium, may be employed to thin the film of gold ; and as the latter dissolves the other metals present...
Seite 103 - London, artist, for certain improvements in cork and other stoppers, and a new composition or substance, which may be used as a substitute for, and in preference to, cork ; and a method or methods of manufacturing the said new composition or substance into bungs, stoppers, and other useful articles.
Seite 345 - Mr. Nasmyth stated, that he found that this fact of the floating of the unmolten substance in the molten, holds true with every substance on which he has tested the existence of the phenomenon in question. As, for instance, in the case of lead, silver, copper, iron, zinc, tin, antimony, bismuth, glass, pitch, rosin, wax, tallow, &c.
Seite 133 - Í an hour, so as to mix thoroughly ; and then the zinc is added in small grains by throwing it on the surface, and stirring till it is entirely fused : the crucible is then covered, and the fusion maintained for about 35 minutes. The surface is then skimmed, and the alloy...

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