The Knowledge of the Heavens and the Earth Made Easy, Or, The First Principles of Astronomy and Geography Explain'd by the Use of Globes and Maps: With a Solution of the Common Problems by a Plain Scale and Compasses, as Well as by the Globe

T. Longman, J. Buckland, and W. Fenner ... [and 3 others], 1760 - 222 Seiten

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Seite vii - ... nor was there ever any thing that has contributed to enlarge my apprehensions of the immense power of God, the magnificence of his creation, and his own transcendent grandeur, so much as the little portion of astronomy which I have been able to attain. And I would not only recommend it to young students, for the same purposes,, but I would persuade all mankind, if it were possible, to gain some degree of acquaintance with the vastness, the distances, and the motions of the planetary worlds, on...
Seite 7 - The Ram, the Bull, the heavenly Twins, And next the Crab, the Lion, shines. The Virgin, and the Scales ; The Scorpion, Archer, and Sea-goat, The Man that holds the -water-pot, And Fish with glitt'ring tails.
Seite vi - Function will join with me and fupport this Affertion from their own Experience. If we look down to the Earth, it is the Theatre on which all the grand Affairs recorded in the Bible have been tranfacted.
Seite 129 - Hide the meridian up and down in the notches, till the point of declination be fo far diftant from the horizon as is the given meridian altitude. Then is the pole elevated to the latitude fought.
Seite 42 - Sun approaches approaches fo near to it as that it begins to disappear from our Sight being hid by the Beams of the Sun. The Fixed Stars and the three Superior Planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, rife Heliacally in the Morning, but the Moon...
Seite 120 - Problem XV. A Place being given in the Torrid Zone, to find thofe two Days...
Seite vi - ... The shining frame of the heavens, the regular revolutions of the sphere, and the precise movements of the sun, moon, and planets, were calculated to excite the admiration of the most insensible in the early ages of the world, and to exalt the piety of those, who, like David, considered the heavens the work of the finger of God, and the moon and the stars as ordained by him ; yet little was known then of the distances, magnitudes, and complicated motions of the planetary train : the earth itself...
Seite 6 - It represents in the Heavens that very Line or Circle which is the Path of the Sun in those two Days in Spring and Autumn . when the Days and Nights are of equal Length. Among all the Circles of the Globe, this is sometimes eminently called The Line; and passing over it at Sea, is called by Sailors, Crossing the Line.
Seite 125 - ... azimuth. Rectify the globe for the latitude, the zenith, and the sun's place, turn the globe and the quadrant of altitude, so that the sun's place, or the given star, may cut the given degree of altitude, the index will shew the hour, and the quadrant will be the azimuth in the horizon. 352 PROBLEMS. Thus, on the 21st of August, at London, when the sun's altitude is 36...
Seite 130 - Shadow on the Dial and fhew the true Hour. For when the Globe is thus placed, the Dial Plate with the Pole in the Centre of it, is a true Equinoffial Dial for our Summer Half-Tear, when the Sun is on the North, Side of the Equator.

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