The Carpenters' Company of the City and County of Philadelphia: Instituted 1724


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Seite 51 - Thucydides, and have studied and admired the master states of the world — that for solidity of reasoning, force of sagacity, and wisdom of conclusion, under such a complication of difficult circumstances, no nation, or body of men, can stand in preference to the general congress at Philadelphia.
Seite 62 - And therefore we do, for ourselves, and the inhabitants of the several Colonies whom we represent, firmly agree and associate under the sacred ties of virtue, honor and love of our country, as follows : FIRST.
Seite 44 - You have been told that we are seditious, impatient of government, and desirous of independency. Be assured that these are not facts, but calumnies. — Permit us to be as free as yourselves, and we shall ever esteem a union with you, to be our greatest glory and our greatest happiness...
Seite 64 - And on the death of any relation or friend, none of us or any of our families will go into any further mourning of dress, than a black crape or ribbon on the arm or hat for Gentlemen, and a black ribbon and necklace for Ladies, and we will discontinue the giving of gloves and scarfs at funerals.
Seite 63 - As a non-consumption agreement, strictly adhered to, will be an effectual security for the observation of the non-importation, we, as above, solemnly agree and associate, that from this day we will not purchase or use any tea imported on account of the East India Company, or any on which a duty hath been or shall be paid ; and from and after the first day of March next, we will not purchase or use any East...
Seite 4 - After this, Mr. Duche, unexpectedly to every body, struck out into an extemporary prayer, which filled the bosom of every man present. I must confess, I never heard a better prayer, or one so well pronounced.
Seite 3 - I never saw a greater effect upon an audience. It seemed as if Heaven had ordained that psalm to be read on that morning.
Seite 63 - We will neither import nor purchase any slave imported after the first day of December next; after which time we will wholly discontinue the slave trade, and will neither be concerned in it ourselves, nor will we hire our vessels nor sell our commodities or manufactures to those who are concerned in it.
Seite 66 - And we do further agree and resolve, that we will have no trade, commerce, dealings, or intercourse, whatsoever, with any colony or province, in North-America, which shall not accede to, or which shall hereafter violate this association, but will hold them as unworthy of the rights of freemen, and as inimical to the liberties of their country.
Seite 45 - If neither the voice of justice, the dictates of the law, the principles of the constitution, or the suggestions of humanity can restrain your hands from shedding human blood in such an impious cause, we must then tell you, that we will never submit to be hewers of wood or drawers of water for any ministry or nation in the world.

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