The Voyage of the "Challenger.": The Atlantic; a Preliminary Account of the General Results of the Exploring Voyage of H. M. S. "Challenger" During the Year 1873 and the Early Part of the Year 1876, Band 2


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Seite 140 - ... who haunt the forest soon learn to translate by two or three familiar words in Portuguese or English. Now and then a set of cries more varied and dissonant than usual tell us that a troop of monkeys are passing across from tree to tree among the higher branches ; and lower sounds to which one's attention is called by the guide indicate to his practised ear the neighbourhood of a sloth, or some other of the few mammals which inhabit the forests of Brazil.
Seite 209 - ... cathedral church to the east, built of stone and buttressed with brick. Next to Stanley the most important place on East Falkland is Darwin on Choiseul Sound — a village of Scottish shepherds and a station of the Falkland Island Company. The Falkland Islands consist entirely, so far as is known, of the older Palaeozoic rocks, Lower Devonian or Upper Silurian, slightly metamorphosed and a good deal crumpled and distorted, in the low grounds clay slate and soft sandstone, and on the ridges hardened...
Seite 299 - For several days after, many pieces of scoriss, cinders, and the like were noticed floating about on the surface of the sea near the island. Such fragments may be transported to great distances by currents. On the shores of Bermuda, where the rock is composed of blown calcareous sand, we picked up fragments of travelled volcanic rocks.
Seite 140 - ... like the rapped-up ghosts of the birds on some gaudy old brocade. There is no warbling, no song, only harsh noises, abrupt calls which those who haunt the forest soon learn to translate by two or three familiar words in Portuguese or English. Now and then a set of cries more varied and...
Seite 84 - After leaving the Cape Verde Islands the sea was a perfect blaze of phosphorescence. There was no moon, and although the night was perfectly clear and the stars shone brightly, the lustre of the heavens was fairly eclipsed by that of the sea. It was easy to read the smallest print, sitting at the after-port in my cabin, and the bows shed on either side rapidly widening wedges of radiance so vivid as to throw the sails and rigging into distinct lights and shadows.
Seite 10 - I know of no more perfect example of protective resemblance than that which is shown in the gulf -weed fauna. Animals drifting about on the surface of the sea with such scanty cover as the single broken layer of the sea-weed, must be exposed to exceptional danger from the sharp-eyed sea-birds hovering above them, and from the hungry fishes searching for prey beneath ; but one and all of these creatures imitate in such an extraordinary way, both in form and colouring, their floating habitat, and consequently...
Seite 147 - On one occasion he describes (p. 147) the loss of a great catch, when trawling at a depth of 2,350 fathoms in the South Atlantic. " The trawl was lowered, and on heaving in it came up apparently with a heavy weight, the accumulators being stretched to the utmost. It was a long and weary wind-in on account of the continued strain ; at length it came close to the surface, and we could see the distended net through the water ; when, just as it was leaving the water, and so greatly increasing its weight,...
Seite 354 - ... upon certain causes affecting the composition of the bottom deposits, and of the bottom water involving the supply of oxygen, and of carbonate of lime, phosphate of lime, and other materials necessary for their development, than upon any of the conditions immediately connected with depth. 3. There is every reason to believe...
Seite 143 - ... cries of a child, followed by low meanings, rang out from under the wheels, and a jerk of the drag pulled the car up and nearly threw us out of our seats. -We jumped out and looked nervously under the wheels to see what had happened, but there was no child there.
Seite 171 - A quarter of an hour after, the whaler departed, leaving them the only inhabitants of one of the most remote spots on the face of the earth.

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