Notes and Queries on China and Japan, Bände 1-2

C. A. Saint, 1867

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Seite 43 - In a subsequent age the zeal of the Nestorians overleaped the limits which had confined the ambition and curiosity both of the Greeks and Persians. The missionaries of Balch and Samarcand pursued without fear the footsteps of the roving Tartar, and insinuated themselves into the camps of the valleys of Imaus and the banks of the Selinga.
Seite 105 - ... (3) When a man is indignant or defiant does he frown, hold his body and head erect, square his shoulders and clench his fists? (4) When considering deeply on any subject, or trying to understand any puzzle, does he frown, or wrinkle the skin beneath the lower eyelids? (5) When in low spirits, are the corners of the mouth depressed, and the inner corner of the eyebrows raised by that muscle which the French call the "Grief muscle"?
Seite 105 - Is the head nodded vertically in affirmation, and shaken laterally in negation? Observations on natives who have had little communication with Europeans would be of course the most valuable, though those made on any natives would be of much interest to me.
Seite 105 - Can a dogged or obstinate expression be recognised, which is chiefly shown by the mouth being firmly closed, a lowering brow, and a slight frown ? 9. Is contempt expressed by a slight protrusion of the lips and by turning up the nose, with a slight expiration, or by the closure of the eyes, or by other gestures?
Seite 105 - Is extreme fear expressed in the same general manner as with Europeans ? (12.) Is laughter ever carried to such an extreme as to bring tears into the eyes ? (13.) When a man wishes to show that he cannot prevent something being done, or cannot himself do something, does he shrug his shoulders, turn inwards his elbows, extend outwards his hands •• and open the palms ; with the eyebrows raised...
Seite 61 - Il nourrissait même le projet (102 de JC) d'entamer l'empire romain; mais le général à qui il avait confié cette expédition se laissa décourager par les Persans, qui lui représentèrent son entreprise comme très-longue et périlleuse, et il revint sur ses pas.
Seite 165 - I have done,' whereupon the pencil ceases to move. Then all assembled try to read the characters aloud. If they fail to decipher them, the pencil moves again and writes the same sentence more distinctly, until it is intelligible. As soon as one of the assembly succeeds in deciphering a sentence, the magic pencil moves again and writes on the sand the two characters-^
Seite 122 - Of the five happinesses the first is long life; the second is riches ; the third is soundness of body and serenity of mind; the fourth is the love of virtue, and the fifth is doing or receiving to the end the will of Heaven.
Seite 35 - In the second instance there is there a sevenfold row of railings or balustrades, thirdly a sevenfold row of silken nets, and lastly a sevenfold row of trees hedging in the whole country. In the midst of it there are seven precious ponds, the water of which possesses all the eight qualities which the best water can have, viz., it is still, it is pure and cold, it is sweet and agreeable, it is light and soft, it is fresh and rich, it tranquillises, it removes hunger and thirst, and finally it nourishes...
Seite 118 - It exhausts the animal spirits, impedes the regular performance of business, wastes the flesh and blood, dissipates every kind of property, renders the person ill-favored, promotes obscenity, discloses secrets, violates the laws, attacks the vitals, and destroys life.

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