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JAMES M. ANDERS, M.D., of Philadelphia.
ISAAC BARTON, M.D., of Philadelphia.
HORATIO R. BIGELOW, M.D., of Philadelphia.
J. F. BIRD, M.D., of Philadelphia.
W.R. D. BLACKWOOD, M.D., of Philadelphia.
Henry C. BOENNING, M.D, of Philadelphia.

William M. CAPP, M.D., of Philadelphia.
Eugene L. CRUTCHFIELD, M.D., F.S.C., of Baltimore, Md.
EPHRAIM CUTTER, M D., LL.D., F.S.Sc., of New York.
JOHN ASHBURTON CUTTER, M D., B.Sc., F.S.Sc., of New York.
PROF. R. DEUTSCHMANN, of Hamburg, Germany.
JOHN W. ECKFELDT, M.D., of Philadelphia.
John GERDINE, M.D., of Athens, Ga.

E. L. GODFREY, A.M., M.D., of Camden, N. J. W. C. Hollopeter, M.D., of Philadelphia. L. M. HOUSER, M.D., of Pennsylvania Furnace, Pa. J. S. KENNEDY, M.D., of Chambersburg, Pa. PROF. Doctor Robert Koch, of Berlin, Germany ERNEST LAPLACE, M.D., of Philadelphia. W. MCMURRAY, M.D., of Sydney, Australia.

E. E. MONTGOMERY, M.D., of Philadelphia.
THOMAS G. MORTON, M.D., of Philadelphia.
Prof. UGOLINO Mosso, of Genoa, Italy.
WILLIAM Murrell, M.D., F.R.C.P., of London, England.
H. Y. Neiman, B.S., M.D., of Pittstown, Pa.

0. A. Rhodes, M.D., of Washingtonville, Ohio.
Chas. H. RICHMOND, M.D., of Livonia, N. Y.


JOHN V. SHOEMAKER, A.M., M.D., of Philadelphia.
T. G. STEPHENS, M.D., of Sidney, Iowa.
JOHN S. STEWART, M.D., of Philadelphia.
RODRIGO PEREZ DE YARTO, M.D., of Acambaro, Mexico.
WILLIAM H. WALLING, M.D., of Philadelphia.
FRANK WOODBURY, A.M., M.D., of Philadelphia.

SAMUEL WOLFE, M.D., of Philadelphia.




in, 215

Abdominal surgery, some practical points in, 268 | Barton, Isaac, an odd accomplishment, 175
Accomplishment, an odd, 175

Beer-drinking and heart disease, 436
Acetonuria resulting from indigestion, 391 Benjamin, D., " The Protective" in antiseptic
Acromegaly following severe fright, 432

dressings, 444
Actinomycosis, 271

Bigelow, Horatio R., la grippe, 174
Acute gonorrhoea, prolonged retention of urine Bigelow, Horatio R., the uric acid diathesis, 445

Bird, J. F., smoking as a means of shortening
Address, opening, to the course of 1891-2 at the the first stage of labor, 408
Medico-chirurgical College, 441

Blackwood, W. R. D., are differential faradic
Alumni oration on medicine, modern and medi- coils of value ? 402
æval; or, the doctor and leech, 165

electricity in hæmorrhoids, 247
Amaurosis from carcinomatous auto-intoxication, what can we do for pseudo-membranous

croup? 53
Anchylosis of the temporo-maxillary joint fol- Boenning, Henry C., some original observations
lowing gonorrheal rheumatism, 454

on the angles of the tooth-sockets, 291
Anders, James M., aneurism-its differential Book Reviews,
diagnosis and treatment, 136

A Text-book of Comparative Physiology for
clinical lecture-intercostal neuralgia, 401

Students and Practitioners of Comparative
Aneurism : its differential diagnosis and treat- (Veterinary) Medicine, Wesley Mills, 34
ment, 136

Saunders's Question-Compends, Nos. 8 and 9.
Angina, pseudo-membranous, due to pneumo-

Essentials of Practice of Medicine, Henry
cocci, 216

Morris, 34
scarlatinous, clinical and bacteriological Saunders's Question-Compends, Nos. 12 and
study of, 376

15. Essentials of Minor Surgery and Band-
Angioma, encapsulated and suppurating, 213 aging, Edward Martin, 34
Aniline-colored sweetmeats, illness caused ap- Essentials of the Diseases of Children, William
parently by, 194

M. Powell, 34
Aniline dyes, the influence of certain, upon the Post-mortems: What to Look for and How to

increase and virulence of microbes, 451 Make them, A. H. Newth, 34
Anthemis cotula, 389

Index Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-
Antikamnia, death by, 468

General's Office, United States Army, John
Antipyretics, which of the new, should be pre- S. Billings, 35

ferred in the treatment of febrile diseases Cyclopædia of the Diseases of Children, Medi.
of children? 95

cal and Surgical, John M. Keating, 35
Apomorphine and apocodeine, on the action of, The Biography of Ephraim McDowell, M.D.,

with reference to their value as expecto- Mary Young Ridenbaugh, 35
rants in the treatment of chronic bron- A Treatise on Headache and Neuralgia, J.
chitis, 85

Leonard Corning, 36
Are differential faradic coils of value ? 402

The Medical Student's Manual of Chemistry,
Aristol, 201

R. A. Witthaus, 36
Arrow-poison of the pigmies, Surgeon Parkes on Bacteriological Technology for Physicians, C.

J. Salomonsen, 36
Arsenic, a symptomatic review of the physio- Hand-Book of the Practice of Medicine, Fred.
logical and therapeutical action of, 3

erick Taylor, 36
Ataxia, Friedrich's : its relation to the conduct. Progressive Exercises in Practical Chemistry,
ing paths in the spinal cord, 414

Henry Leffman and William Beam, 37.



x, 39

Book Reviews (continued).

Book Reviews (continued).
Quiz-Compends, No. 1. A Compend of Human What is Love ? Paul Bourget, 156

Anatomy, including the Anatomy of the Modern Treatment of Headaches, Allan Mc-
Viscera, Samuel O. L. Potter, 37

Lane Hamilton, 156
Physiognomy and Expression, Paolo Mante- One of Cleopatra's Nights and other Fantastic
gazza, 37

Romances, Theophile Gautier, 156
The Latin Grammar of Pharmacy and Medi- Adventures on the Mosquito Shore, E. George
cine, D. H. Robinson, 37

Squier, 156
Intestinal Diseases of Children, A. Jacobi, 37 Auscultation and Percussion, Frederick C.
International Atlas of Rare Skin Diseases, Shattuck, 156

Malcolm Morris, P. G. Unna, H. L. Lille, The Daughter: Her Health, Education, and
and L. A. Duhring, 37

Wedlock, William M. Capp, 156
Transactions of the Medical and Surgical Fac- Quiz-Compends, No. 14. A Compend of Dis-
ulty of the State of Maryland, 38

eases of Children, Marcus P. Hatfield, 156
Diagnosis and Operative Treatment of Gun- The Catalogue of the Wilmington Dental

shot Wounds of the Stomach and Intestines, Manufacturing Company for 1890, 157
N. Senn, 38

Annual of Eclectic Medicine and Surgery,
Memorial Sketches of Dr. Moses Gunn, 38
The Practical Application of Electricity in The Annual Report of the Supervising Sur-

Medicine and Surgery, R. W. St. Clair, 38 geonGeneral of the Marine-Hospital Service
Essentials of Practice of Pharmacy, Lucius

for the Fiscal Year 1890, 157
E. Sayre, 38

Text-Book of the Diseases of the Ear, Josef
Physical Diagnosis and Practical Urinalysis,

Gruber, 157
John E. Clarke, 39

Heimburg's Christmas Stories, 157
Photographic Illustrations of Skin Diseases, Manual of Clinical Diagnosis, Otto Seifert and
G. H.

Friedrich Mueller, 157
Wood's Medical and Surgical Monographs, Plain Talks on Electricity and Batteries, with
vol. viii, Nos. 2 and 3, 39

Therapeutic Index, Horatio G. Bigelow, 158
Tuberculosis or Pulmonary Consumption: its A Compend of Gynæcology, Henry Morris, 158

Prophylaxis and Cure by Suralimentation of Boris Lensky, Ossip Schubin, 158
Liquid Food, W. H. Burt, 39

A Brave Woman, E. Marlitt, 158
The Physician's All-Requisite Time- and Labor- A Guide to the Practical Examination of Urine,

Saving Account-Book, William A. Seibert, 39 James Tyson, 158
Diabetes, Lectures on, 78

Twelve Lectures on the Structure of the Cen-
International Medical Annual, 78

tral Nervous System, Ludwig Edinger, 158
The Patients' Record, Agnes S. Brennan, 78 Saunders's Question-Compends, No. 2. Essen-
Sexual Neurasthenia, G. M. Beard and A. D. tials of Surgery, Edward Martin, 159
Rockwell, 78

Diabetes : its Causes, Symptoms, and Treat-
Medical Diagnosis with Special Reference to ment, Charles W. Purdy, 159

Practical Medicine, J. M. Da Costa, 78 Diseases of the Digestive Organs in Infancy
Eighth Annual Report of the New York Skin and Childhood, Louis Starr, 159
and Cancer Hospital, 79

Manual of the Domestic Hygiene of the Child,
A B C Medical Diary and Visiting-List, 79 Julius Uffelmann, 159
The Physician's Hand-Book for 1891, Albert The International Medical Annual and Practi-
D. Elmer, 79

tioners' Index, 1891, 197
The Physician's Visiting.List for 1891, 79 The Physician's Leisure Library. Electricity :
A Clinical Study of Diseases of the Kidneys, its Application in Medicine, Wellington
Clifford Mitchell, 79

Adams, 197
The Medical Bulletin Visiting-List, or Phy- Sexual Neurasthenia (Nervous Exhaustion),
sicians' Call Record, 79

George M. Beard, 197
Text-Book of Materia Medica for Nurses, La. Text-Book of Bacteriology, Carl Fraenkel, 197
vinia L. Dock, 79

The Diseases of Personality, Th. Ribot, 235
Clinical and Experimental Studies of Surgical The Soul of Man, an Investigation of the Facts
Infectious Diseases, Julius Fessler, 119

of Physiological and Experimental Psychol-
Tonsillotomy and Hæmorrhage, 119

ogy, Paul Carus, 235
Text-Book of Hygiene, George H. Rohé, 154 Medical Symbolism in Connection with His.
Principles of Surgery, N. Senn, 154

torical Studies in the Arts of Healing and
Causes and Treatment of Sterility in Both Hygiene, Thomas S. Sozinskey, 235
Sexes, Charles Everett Warren, 155

Fever: its Pathology and Treatment by Anti-
History and Pathology of Vaccination, Edgar pyretics, 235
M. Crookshank, 155

Taking Cold, Francke H. Bosworth, 235

Book Reviews (continued).

Book Reviews (continued).
Ophthalmological Contributions in Collabora- Seventeenth Annual Report of the Secretary

tion with Professors Fuchs, Haab, and Vos- of the State Board of Health for the State
sius, R. Deutschmann, 236

of Michigan for the Fiscal Year ending
Latent Abscess of the Antrum of Highmore, June 30, 1889, 316

Her Playthings—Men, Mabel Esmonde Ca.
Ichthyol as an External Remedy in Skin Dis- hill, 316
eases, Charles J. R. McLean, 237

How to Magnetize ; or Magnetism and Clair-
On Ichthyol and its Use in Medicine and Sur- voyance, James Victor Wilson, 316
gery, A. Mueller, 237

Lectures on Tumors from a Clinical Stand-
· De l'Ichthyol dans le traitement de la dyspep- point, John B. Hamilton, 355

sie et des troubles cephaliques et nerveux Practical Intestinal Surgery, vol. i, Fred. B.
qui en dépendent, A. Stacquart, 237

Robinson, 355
Ichthyol et ses Preparations, Gillet de Grand- A Clinical Text-Book of Medical Diagnosis
mont, 237

for Physicians and Students, based upon the
Ueber “ichthyolfirnisse." P. G. Unna, 237

most Recent Methods of Examination, Os-
Mittheilungen aus dem Garnisonkrankenhaus, wald Vierordt, 355
Chr. Ulrich, 237

Columbia : A Story of the Discovery of Amer-
Kurzer Beitrag zur Ichthyoltherapie bei Frau- ica, John R. Musick, 355
enkrankheiten Kötschau, 237

Jenny's Ordeal, Leon de Tinseau, 355
Mittheilungen über die Ichthyolbehandlung Misjudged, W. Heimburg 355

bei Frauenkrankheiten, Richard Bloch, International Clinics, 398

A Short Manual of Analytical Chemistry,
The Physical Diagnosis of the Diseases of the Quantitative and Qualitative, Inorganic and

Heart and Lungs, and Thoracic Aneurism, Organic, 398
D. M. Cammann, 237

Practical Intestinal Surgery, vol. ii, Fred. B.
Surgery: A Practical Treatise with Special Robinson, 398

Reference to Treatment, C. W. Mansell Syllabus of the Obstetrical Lectures in the
Moullin, 238

Medical Department of the University of
International Clinics: A Quarterly of Clinical Pennsylvania, Richard C. Norris, 398

Lectures on Medicine, Surgery, Gynæcology, A Compend of Human Physiology, especially
Pediatrics, Neurology, Dermatology, Laryn- adapted for the use of Medical Students,

gology, Ophthalmology, and Otology, 238 Albert P. Brubaker, 398
A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin, Hand-Book of Materia Medica, Pharmacy,
Henry G. Piffard, 274

and Therapeutics, Samuel O. L. Potter, 437
A Treatise on the Diseases of the Nervous Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences,
System, William A. Hammond, 275

Practical Points in the Treatment of Diseases Fifth Annual Report of the State Board of
of Children, I. N. Love, 276

Health, and Vital Statistics of the Common-
Pulmonary TuberculosisEtiological and wealth of Pennsylvania, 438
Therapeutic, R. W. Philip, 276

The Modern Antipyretics: Their Action in
The Pocket Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Health and Disease, Isaac Ott, 438
C. Henri Leonard, 277

Stories of a Country Doctor, Willis P. King,
The Rector of St. Luke's, Marie Bernhard, 438

Index.Catalogue of the Library of the Sur-
Mademoiselle Giraud—My wife, 277

geon-General's Office, United States Army,
Insomnia and its Therapeutics, A. W. Macfar-
lane, 314

A Text-Book of Practical Therapeutics, Ho-
The Genuine Works of Hippocrates, Francis bart Amory Hare, 438
Adams, 315

Therapeutics : its Principles and Practice, H.
Non-Official Remedies, Ralph Stockman, 315 C. Wood, 438
Practical Treatise on Electricity in Gynæcol- Saunders's Question-Compend, No. 1. Essen-
ogy, Egbert H. Grandin, 315

tials of Physiology, H. A. Hare, 439
Practical Notes on Urinary Analysis, William Essentials of Anatomy and Manual of Practi-
B. Canfield, 316

cal Dissection, together with the Anatomy
The Post-Graduate Clinical Charts, William of the Viscera, Chas. B. Nancrede, 439
C. Bailey and J. H. Linsley, 316

A Maiden's Choice, Elise L. Lathrop, 439
A Natural Philosophy (the Principles and Asmodeus; or, the Devil upon Two Sticks, A.

Practice of Every-Day Life), G. P. Quack- R. Sage, 439
enboss, 316

Three Thousand Questions on Medical Sub-
Warner's Therapeutic Reference-Book, 316 jects, 439



Book Reviews (continued).

Chorea simulated by hy steria, 58
Tables for Doctor and Druggist, Eli H. Long, with arsenical pigmentation, 229

Chronic pulmonary tuberculosis, influence of
Artificial Anæsthesia and Anästhetics, De acute febrile affections upon the course of,
Forest Willard, 439

A Manual of Hypodermatic Medication: The Cirrhosis, hypertrophic, hæmorrhage from ear in,

Treatment of Diseases by the Hypoder-
matic or Subcutaneous Method, Roberts tubercular, 58
Bartholow, 473

Cobra-venom not a cure for cholera, 117
Saunders's Question-Compends, No. 21. Es- Cocaine and antipyrin combined as a local

sentials of Nervous Diseases and Insanity : anästhetic, 392
their Symptoms and Treatment, John C. Cocainism, a protracted form of acute, 19
Shaw, 474

Cocillana, 405
An Abstract of the Symptoms, with the Latest Commercial news, 40, 80 120, 160, 200, 240, 278,

Dietetic and Medical Treatment, of Various 318, 358, 400, 440, 476

Diseased Conditions, Reed & Carnrick, 474 Consumption, the curability of, 9
Transactions of the Minnesota State Medical Copaiba, 370
Society, 474

balsam of, as a diuretic, 178
The Comparative Anatomy of the Domesti- Correspondence, 28, 69, 109, 227, 307, 425
cated Animals, 474

Coto-bark, the physiological and therapeutical
A Treatise on Practical Anatomy for Students

action of, 44
of Anatomy and Surgery, H. C. Boenning, Cradine, a new peptic ferment, 189

Crutchfield, Eugene L., case of indirect inguinal
Surgery: its Theory and Practice, William hernia in the adult cured (?) by the use of
Johnson Walsham, 475

the truss, 337
History of Circumcision from the Earliest Current medical literature, 198, 239, 277, 317,

Times to the Present, P. C. Remondino, 356, 399

Cutter, Ephraim, and John Ashburton, diet in
All Around the Year 1892, Pauline Sunter, 475 tumor and cancer, 279, 322
Bromides, the : their therapeutic action, 452 Cutter, Ephraim, the relations of medicine and
Bromoform, the transformation of, in warm-

music, 121
blooded animals, 413

Cynobex hebetis, 117
Burns, the cause of death after, 412

Deutschmann, Professor R., amaurosis from car-
Caffeine, subcutaneous injection of, in the treat- cinomatous auto-intoxication, 359

ment of puerperal hæmorrhage, 176 Diabetes, sulphonal in, 18
tonic action of, 178

the gastric juice in, 229
Calcium, sulphide of, in phthisis, 389

Diarrhea of phthisis, treatment of, 96
Campho-phénique in burns and in the treatment | Diet in tumor and cancer, 279, 322
of incipient phthisis, 449

Diseases of the ear, the influence of sex upon
Camphor a solvent for iodoform, 389

the localization of, 140
Cancer, an early sign of uterine, 117

Doctors and politics, 212
grafts and inoculation of, 297

Drainage of the uterus as an alternative for the
is it of a poisonous nature ? 116

removal of the uterine appendages, 288
of the small intestine, a new sign of, 19
peripheral neuritis in, 20

Eberth's bacillus found in a hæmorrhagic pleural
treatment of, by injection of pyoktanin, 250 effusion, 251
Cantharidine, the acid salts of, in the treatment Eckfeldt, John W., cocillana, 405
of laryngeal tuberculosis, 176

value of some species of polygonum, es-
Capp, Wm. M., a business aspect of medical pecially as emmenagogues, 205
practice, 361

Eclampsia, cure of, by large doses of calomel, 434
Castration, sexual life of women after, 110 Editorials
Cataract and xerosis of the conjunctiva in glass- Koch's proposed method in tuberculosis, 26
workers, 451

Dangers of our streets, 64
Celastris edulis, the physiological effects of the Clinical and experimental studies of diabetes
active principle of, 292

mellitus, 66
Chancre, an unusual form of, 432

Recent studies of urine in health and dis-
Chancres of fingers, 273

ease, 106
Chicken-pox, a scarlatiniform rash in, 298

The parasitic origin of cancer, 107
Chloralamid, 241

Treatment by massage, 148
Chloroform narcosis, test of complete, 212

The organism of cancer, 149

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