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THE purpose of this work is to exhibit General McClellan's title to the gratitude and admiration of his countrymen by simply telling them what he has done. The treatment he has received has made it, indeed, necessary sometimes to take the attitude of controversy, and to assail others in order to do him justice. But this has been done no more than the interests of truth required.

G. S. H.

BOSTON, August, 1864.

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NHE name of McClellan, common in many parts

of the United States, is borne by the descendants of a Scotch family, the head of which was Lord Kirkcudbright. The last nobleman of this name died April 19, 1832, when the title became extinct. Three brothers of the name emigrated to America about the middle of the last century. One went to Maine, one to Pennsylvania, and one to Connecticut: from the last of these the subject of this memoir is descended.

GEORGE BRINTON MCCLELLAN was born in Philadelphia, December 3, 1826. He was the third child and second son of Dr. George McClellan, a distinguished physician, a graduate of Yale College, and the founder of Jefferson College, who died in May, 1846. His mother, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Brinton, is still living. The eldest son, Dr. J. H. B. McClellan, is a physician in Philadelphia ;

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