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that the “CHRISTIAN ADV. AND JOURNAL," of the 17th inst. regards Burchardism, or Finneyism, or Footeisin, (for it is the same thing,) in a more odious light, if possible, than we do. Speaking of their notions of a change of heart, it says, “This may be Finneyisin, but Mormonism is not more unlike the gospel, than this double distilled nonsense!” Such is the opinion of intelligent METHODISTS.

As the sincere friend of all persuasions, who fairly and honestly propogate their own religious views, we take pleasure in saying, that the Baptist denomination discover that it will be for their interest to have no connexion with J. Burchard. It is true, that, unintentionally, he occasioned considerable additions to the Baptist church, in Windsor; but, that he deplored it, is evident from the following facts. Elder J. Hazen was urged by one of Mr. B's. warm friends, to go and converse with him on the subject of taking part in the public meeting. He consented, and called with his neighbor at Mr. Southgate's. When he proposed the subject of his inquiry, Mr. B. evaded it. lle pressed it more directly, and Mr. B. replied that he could not steer but one ship at a time.Said he, “I undertook to steer three ships at IT'indsor, and made bad work of it; and I shall not try it here, but steer only the Congregational ship.” As Mr. H. assented to that decision, but still pressed the question, whether Mr. B. ineant to include his church and people with the others whoin he named, so that they might consider themselves invited to take part in the meeting? The answer was, that "there could be but one General Commander on the field at once.”--that Mr. B.“would do all the preaching, and others take such parts, as were assigned them.”

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WETS COLLEGE. The Gujh Jared Hai

Charleston, (587) Hov, 1254.

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They take up all of them in their angle, they catch them in their net,
and gather them in their drag: therefore they rejoice and are glad.

Hab. i. 15.

Second Edition.



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