Principles and Methods of Teaching Arithmetic

Lyons and Carnahan, 1920

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Seite 288 - Solve as many of the following problems as you have time for; work them in order as numbered: 1. If you buy 2 tablets at 7 cents each and a book for 65 cents, how much change should you receive from a two-dollar bill?
Seite 91 - One, two, Buckle my shoe; Three, four, Shut the door; Five, six, Pick up sticks; Seven, eight, Lay them straight; Nine, ten, A good fat hen; Eleven, twelve, Who will delve?
Seite 285 - How many pencils can you buy for 50 cents at the rate of 2 for 5 cents? 5. The uniforms for a baseball nine cost $2.50 each. The shoes cost $2 a pair. What was the total cost of uniforms and shoes for the nine?
Seite 190 - A hare starts 50 leaps before a grey-hound, and takes 4 leaps to the hound's 3; but 2 of the hound's leaps are equal to 3 of the hare's. How many leaps must the hound make, to overtake the hare ? 91.
Seite 324 - Multiplying or dividing both terms of a fraction by the same number does not change the value of the fraction.
Seite 205 - You will be given eight minutes to find the answers to as many of these addition examples as possible. Write the answers on this paper directly underneath the examples. You are not expected to be able to do them all. You will be marked for both speed and accuracy, but it is more important to have your answers right than to try a great many examples.
Seite 79 - ... measurement is never done directly or mechanically, but always by the measurement of lines, and generally by the use of the geometrical propositions, that all surfaces may be resolved into triangles, all triangles are equivalent to the halves of rectangles having the same base and altitude, and that the area of a rectangle may be found by multiplying the number of units in its length by that in its breadth. The reduction of all surfaces to subjection to these propositions requires sometimes so...
Seite 285 - A girl spent % of her money for car fare, and three times as much for clothes. Half of what she had left was 80 cents. How much money did she have at first? 10 Two girls receive $2.10 for making button-holes. One makes 42, the other 28. How shall they divide the money?
Seite 133 - Multiply as in whole numbers, and point off as many decimal places in the product as there are decimal places in the multiplicand and multiplier, supplying the deficiency, if any, by prefixing ciphers.
Seite 26 - There is greater variety in the third-year courses than in those of the first and second school years. In a few of the countries — for example, Belgium and Italy — the notation of decimal fractions is introduced. This is usually not done in the United States until the latter part of the fourth or the early part of the fifth year. It is a common practice abroad to introduce fractions with denominate numbers. In all of the European countries and in Japan oral arithmetic greatly predominates. In...

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