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ALLANUMDOUGAL; or, Scenes in the

DICTIONARY of GENERAL B People. 62 Crab's Dictionary of General Knowledge.

National Songs and Airs.

Family Library. 2d edition, in I large vol. duodecimo, embellished with 530 Cuts, Price 10s. 6d. beautifully done up in De la Rue and Co.'s

With Plates and a Map, 53. price 9s. boards, or 12s. in morocco,

Arabesque binding,

being the Voyages and Adventures of the Companion KNOWLEDGE; or, an Explanation of Words and

of Columbus. Things connected with the Arts and Sciences.


“We have much pleasure in recommending this beautiful

Forming a Sequel to the Life of Columbus.
The ed edition, corrected and enlarged.

little volume to the attention of our readers. Mr. Cornish is a No. XVI. Letters on Demonology and
London: Printed for Thomas Tegg, Cheapside; N. Hailes, poet of no mean order, and what is better, he is a true, ardent,
Piccadilly; Bowdery and Kerby, Oword Street; R. Griffin and and sincere friend to his country, and a warm ad vocate of liberty; Witchcraft. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
Co. Glasgow; T. Cumming, Dublin; and to be had of all other at the same time that he is unshackled by the trammels of party." And No. VIII. the Court and Camp of
-Stamford Bee.

Buonaparte, with a Portrait of Talleyrand.
“There are 122 melodies, most of them admirably adapted for
Literary Presents.
music, and in troublous times many of them night take the

No. XVII. contains the Life of Bruce the LIBRARY. place of the soul-stirring national songs of Dibdin, which inspired Abyssinian Traveller. By Major Head, Author of Rough Notes “ Books that you may carry to the fire, and hold readily leven the peasant with the desire of rivalling a Nelson or a Wel- of some Rapid Jouries across the Pampas and among the Andes. in your hand, are the most useful, after all. A man will often lington. Should such times again occur (and they seem not far

John Murray, Albemarle Street. look at them, and be tempted to go on, when he would have been from us), many of these melodies, we hope, will be published in

Works by the late Mrs. Trimmer. frightened at books of a larger size and of a more erudite appear. a popular form, when they certainly will also become national

Published by Johan blandrissesParlischurchyard; and favourites." - Oxford Herald. ance."- Dr. Johnson. ** Mr. Murray's Library....A very excellent, and always enter.

Smith, Elder, and Co. 65, Cornhill.

(EW and Superior Editions of the followtaining Miscellany."- Edinburgh Rériew, No. 103. "La collection que fait paraitre M. Murray, sous le titre de

New Novels by distinguished Writers.

ing Popular WORKS: Bibliotheque de Famille, devient de jour en jour plus populare,

Jast published by Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1. English History, brought down to the et justifie pleinement son succès, par le choir des sujets, les noms

New Burlington Street, in 3 vols. post 8vo.

present time; with Forty-eight Engravings on Wood. : vols. des auteurs, et la foule de documens curieux, de faits ignorés, de THE OXONIANS; or, a New Glance at iarno. 96. neatly bound in red sheep, remarques neuves, que rassemblent les volumes déjà publiés."Rerue Encyclopedique.


2. Ancient History; with Forty Engravings.

By the Author of " the Roue." “ Eine vortrefliche sammlung von Folksbüchern." -Morgen

I vol. price 4s. 64, boudd.

“ This novel abounds in fun; It is full of the most laughable blatt. and whimsical situations, and cannot fail to amuse every class of

3. Roman History; with Forty Engravings. Volumes of the Family Library published up to this time. readers, while the portraits drawn by the author are recognised 1 vol. price 4s. 6id. bound. Price be, each, profusely illustrated, and neatly bound in canvase. by every one at all conversant with « Life in London."-Evening 4. Lessons from the Old Testament; with Nos. 1. and II. The Life of Napoleon Buo- Paper.


Forty Engravings. 1 vol. 18mo. price 3s. bound. naparte. With Fifteen Engravings on Steel and Wood, by

5. Lessons from the New Testament; Southennan; a Tale of the Reign of Queen

with Pinden and Thompson; the Woodcuts from Designs of George Cruikshank.

Mary. By John Galt, Esq. Author of " Lawrie Todd," the Forty Engravings. 1 vol. 18mo. price 3s. bound. No. III. The Life of Alexander the Great. Life of Byron," &c. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

The 18th edition, “ A tale of great and varied interest."-Court Journal (Classical Series, No. I.) Nos. IV. X. and XIII. Lives of the most materials for the novelist. The fortunes of Chatelar-the life and “ The period of the reign of Mary Queen of Scots is rich in


or, Intellectual Mirror: being an elegant Collection of Eminent British Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, Vols. I. II. loves of Darnley-the history of Morton and the conspirators the most delightful little Stories and interesting Tales, chiefly and III.

and the strange story of the Italian musician-are all replete translated from that much admired work,"l'Ami des Enfans," Nos. V. VI. and IX. The History of the with interest of the highest order."-- Atlus.

with 74 Cuts, by Bewick. 19mo, bound, price 2s.6d. Jews. Complete in 3 vols, with original Maps and Woodcuts.


Printed for Joon Harris; Rivington and Co.; Longman and

Co.; Baldwin and Co.; Harvey and Darton; Whittaker and Co.; No. VII. The Natural History of Insects,

Walter Colyton; a Tale of the Reign of Hamilton and Co.; Simpkin and Marshall, T. Cadelt; J. Nunn with very numerous Woodcuts.

James II. By the Author of “ Brambletye House," " the New J. Souter; R. S. Kerby; R. Scholey; Poole and Edwards; and
Forest," &c. &c. In 3 vols, post Ivo.

Houlston and son.
No. VIII. The Court and Camp of Buona-

“The principal characters in this work consist of the Prince of parte, I vol. Orange; Mary, the daughter of James; one of the Sydneys; Sir

In 3 vols. 12o. price 1&s. No. XI. The Life and Voyages of Chris-Charles Sedley, and his daughter the Countess of Dorchester, topher Columbus. By Washington Irving. Abridged by him Judge Jeffreys, and other ruling spirits of that day. A period

Peninsula. from his larger Work. Complete in l vol. more pregnant with events and absorbing interest, both as to

By a MILITARY OFFICER. character, incident, and national importance, could not possibly No. XII. The Life of Nelson. By Robert 1.ave been chosen."-Courier.

Printed for A. K. Newman and Co. London, Southey, Esq. LL.D. Complete in I vol. Embellished with nu


Where may be had, just reprinted, merous Woodcuts from Designs by George Cruikshank, engraved The Denounced. By the distinguished Au. Duke of Clarence, a Romance.

By E. M. F. by Thompson and Williams.

thor of " Tales of the O'Hara Family," " the Nowlans," &c. In 4 vols. 2d edition, ll. No. XIV. Lives of Eminent British Phy- 8 vols. post 8vo. sicians. With Portraits and Woodcuts. "Mr. Baním is well entitled to rank among the foremost of

Cicely; or, the Rose of Raby, a Romance.

4 vols. 4th edition, 11. our modern writers."--Literary Gazette. No. XV. The History of British India,

« The character of these stories is connected with that all. Vol. I. By the Rev. G. K. Gleig, F.R.S. With a Map and Six powerful mover of the heart and passions-religion. Under this 2d edition, 11.

Pilgrim of the Cross. By E. Helme. 4 vols. Engravings on Steel.

great agency, more strange and romantic deeds have been No. XVI. Letters on Demonology and achieved, and more startling events have arisen, than were ever

Bride and no Wife. By H. R. Mosse. Witchcraft, by Sir Walter Scott, Bart. excited even by revenge, ambition, or love."--Globe.

4 vols. 9d edition, II. 2s. No. XVII. Life of Bruce the African Tra


Secrets in every Mansion. vols. 2d edi. veller. By Major F. B. Head, Author of « Rough Notes taken The English at Home. By the Author of tion, 11. 103. during some rapid Journeys across the Pampas and among the " the English in Italy," " the English in France," &c. In 3 vols. St. Margaret's Cave. By E. Helme. 4 vols. Andes." post 8vo.

3d edition, 11. Family Dramatists, Nos. I. and II., being

" This work presents, in a series of tales, a picture of the prithe Works of Philip Massinger, illustrated with Explanatory recognising many of the political and fashionable portraits."- tion, 1ss. vate life of the great of our day. There will be no difficulty in

Grasville Abbey, a Romance. 3 vols. 2d edi. Notes; and adapted to Family reading, by the omission of excep-Globe. tionable passages. Es. each.

Pulleyn's Etymological Compendium, the 21 edition. John Murray, Albemarle Street.

In 1 large vol. duodecimo, price 6s. boards,


for the Use of Students. 2 vols. 4to. with beautiful Portrait.

DIUM, or, Portfolio of Origins and Inventions: com2. The Life and Correspondence of Admiral

Herodotus, from the best edition by Schweig- prising Language, Literature, and Government - Discoveries and

Inventions Rise and Progress of the Drama-Articles of Dress hauser ; to which are pretired, a Collation with the Text of ProRodnes. With a Portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. 94s. Dedicated, by permission, to By George Long, A.M. Professor of Greek in the University able Habits, Manners, and Custonis-Seasons, Months, and Ways

Edited by his Son-in-law, Major General Mundy: l'essor Gaisford, and Remarks ou soine of the various Readings: and Lusuries--Names, Trades, and Professions Titles, Digni. his Majesty, " 'To the lover of history, to the nautical student, to the states. 2 sols. Vol. I. 1mo. Is. cloth ; 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Vol. II. is in the press.

of the Week-Colleges, Corporations, Boroughs, &c.- A particu. man, and to the tactician, this work will be equally valuable.

lar Account of London and its Public Buildings, its Wards and The correspondence is most interesting. It brings before us many national events and celebrated characters, with all the dis.

A Summary of Herodotus, with Tables of Companies, Streets and Localities, Public-house signs, and Cof

fee-house Appellations. tinctness of a yesterday's narrative. The e volumnes have af. the Travels of Herodotus, of Commercial Products mentioned by

By WILLIAM PULLEYN. forded us unmised pleasure; and the hero of them, who was also him, Chronological Events, &c. By Professor Long. To which

London: Printed for Thomas Tegu, 73, Cheapside; R. Griffin that of a most animated eulogy by his present Majesty, deserves is added a Copious Index. I vol. 12mo. Is., 8vo. 108. 6d.

and Co. Glasgow; and J.Cumming, Dublin. to be better known."-Sunday Times.

The Prometheus and Persæ of Æschylus, 3. Adventures of Giovanni Finati, in various from the Test of Wellauer. Is. 6d. each.

Dr. Banyon.-Price 18. Od. Countries of the Cast. Edited by William Jobn Bankes, Esq.

IVINES of the CHURCH of ENGLAND, 9 vols foolscap 8vo. 14s. metic. 19o. 3s. 60.

No. VIII., being the Third Volume of the Works of " It is long since we have met with so eventful and interesting

Dr. Lardner's Euclid. 2d edition, 8vo. 9s.

Dr. Barrow (in which will be introduced several unpublished a narrative."--Literary Gazette.

Sermons), with a Life, a Summary to each Discourse, Notes, &c. 4. On the Progress of Society. By Dr. Professor de Morgan's Translation of Bour.

By the Rev. T. s. IIUGHES, B.D. Hamilton, of Aberdeen, Author of " An Essay on the National don's Introduction to Algebra. 8vo. 58. 6d.

It was the advice of Lord Chatham to his illustrions son, to Debt." Crown 8vo. 104. 64. Dr. Lardner's Trigonometry. 2d edition, and it was

the remark of the celebrated Bishop Warburton, thai

study the works of this eminent divine deeply and frequently: 5. Causes of the Failure of the Military at 8vo. 125.

in reading Barrow he was obliged to think. Paris. By an Officer of the French Guards. 2d edition. Bro.Es. . Dr. Lardner's Differential and Integral Cal. "An accurate and remarkably candid relation of those events."

Nos. I. to V. contain the only uniform and - United Suice Journal. culus. &ro. 11. ls.

complete edition of the Works of Bishop Sherlock. Price * Decidedly the most interesting document that has hitherto Dr. Crombie's Etymology and Syntax of the "toolido been published, upon those celebrated Three Days which over. English Language. 3d edition, 8vo. 35.

To be continued in Monthly Volumes, in a cheap and commoturned a throne, and changed a dynasty. It ought to form part

dious size, averaging 50 pages, price 78. 6d. and printed by of the library of every one who wishes to know and preserve the

Professor Hurwitz's Elements of the Hebrew A. J. Valpy, M.A. Red Lion Oure, where Subscribers' Names history of the time in which he lives." --Blackwood'. Nugazine, Language. 8vo. 55. 64.

for a part of the whole of the Series are received, as well as by all January, 1831.

Dr. Panizzi's Italian Grammar. 12mo. 3s.

Bookseller in Town and Country. 6. A German Grammar, on a New Prin.!

An Arganent or concise Summary of Cont nts will be prefired

Dr. Panizzi's Extracts from Italian Prose to every sermon, Tract, or Disquission; so that not only direct ciple, calculated to facilitate the acquirement of the Language Writers. 10.. 6d.

access may be had to any portion required for perusal, but the by the English Student. By Dr. Becker.. Bro. Bs. 6d.

Dr. Mühlenfel's Manual of German Litera-assist the youne Divine in composition.

Summary may be considered as a skeletou well calculated to 7. Three Lectures on Wages, and on the Effects of Absenteeism, Machinery, and War; with a Preface on ture. 9 vols. fup. 16..

After Harrow will follow the most popular Works of Jeremy the Causes and Remedies of the Present Disturbances ; delivered Dr. Mühleutel's Introduction to a Course of Parlor, all, Jewell, Seed, Jortin, South, Hurd, Beveridge. before the l'niversity of Oxford in Easter Term 18M. By Nassau German Literature. 8vo. 78. W. Sentor, Magd. Coll. A.M.late Professor of Political Economy.

The Series will not exceed Fifty Volumes; but any Author Lessing's Fables. 12mo. 28. 6d.

may lie bad separately, at a small advance of price. ed edition. 8vo. 3.. 01.

8. Family Library, No. XVIII. The Voy. Cicero's Oration pru Lege Manilia. 1200. be among the best executed and cheapest periodical of the Bei. ages and Adventures of the Companions of Columbus. By the

tind press, we consider it not only a work of intinite instruction Author of the Sketch Book."

Printed for John Taylor, Rootseller and Publisher to the to the unprofessional reader, but calculated to promote religion John Murray, Albemarle Street

Und versity, 30, Upper Gower direct

to its most extensive sense."-Theated.

MOORE'S LIF Esofab PCRON, complete in

Professor de Morgan's Elements of Arith- DIVIN


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THE ILJAD OF HOMER, chietly from the



the Earliest Period to the Present Time, on a Plan

Copers History of Bngland

HE SECOND VOLUME of MOORE'S In royal 8vo. (printed uniformly with the "Clerical Guide").
Pyke 9a. 64. the 21st edition,
LIFE of BYROX, with an original whole-length Por.

price 185. boards,
from a Painting by Sanders.

of the Patrons of the Dignities, Rectories, Vicarages, randed by the Earl of Chesterteld.

Also, another new and cheap edition, with a Portrait and Perpetual Caracies. Chapelries, endowed Lecturesbips, &c. of the By the Rer. Mr. COOPER

Illustrations, 4 pocket vols. 18mo, only 185. of

United Church of England and Ireland: with the Valuation an. Cadenah improved, and brought down to the year 1829. sa balf-bound, with a Frontispiece.

2. The Poetical Works of the Right Hon. heted of all Livings not exceeding 1150 per Annum, as returned Prinin for Jaga Harris; Risington and co.; Longman and

Lord Byron. ; Batea and Co.: Harvey and Darton; Hamilton and

Nearls ready, printed for the tirst time to match with

London : Pripted for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's 4. W bittakes and Co.: Sunpin and Marshall; John Sou

the above, with Plate, 18ro. 98.

Churchyard, and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. 3. Poole and Edwards; Wightruan aod Co. 3. A Fifth and Sixth Volume of Lord

Red. W. Trollope's Sallust, with English Notes.
Byron's Works. Containing Hints from Horace- English Bards

In 12.o. price 38. 6d. bound,
Brks aad Esprerings published in 1834).- Price ls. -Werner-Heaven and Earth - Deforined Transformed - the
SEW BOOKS publisbed in London from January to
tion ever printed in this country, Don Juan alone being omitted.

SALLUST, and CICERO'S FOUR ORATIONS against Dyer, with their sizes and prices. Also a List of the

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

CATILINE. With English Notes, and an Introduction; to.

gether with the BELLUM JUGURTHINUM of Sallust. Pr: 14: Entras ng pablished in London during the same Pe.

Mr. Hone's Ner: Periodical Work.

By the Rev. W. TROLLOPE, M.A. In the mes of the Painters and Engravers, and the With Engraving, Part I. priee 18. and No. 1. price 3d.

One of the Classical Masters of Christ's Hospital. ***,ak, an 1 Publlation Price of each Print

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Church yard, Lado Pablist for the Executor of the late William Bent,


and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. bg siapain and Marshall, Stationers' Hall Court.

An entirely new Publication, in Monthly Parts and Weekly
kruzdy' Arrow and Rose.
Numbers; on the pian, and in the manner, of the “ Every Day

Rev. W. Trollope's Orid, with English Notes.

In 19mo. price 38. 61. bound, edition, in demg sro. price 6. boards, THE ARROW and the ROSE; with various articles of much amusement, and nothing that I have

“Many things for use, several things worth thinking over, XCERPTA ex OVIDIO. With English other Poems. brought together before." See Preface to Part I.

Notes, and an Introduction, containing Rules for Con-
Printed for Thomas Tegy, 73, Chenpside; and sold by all

struing, a Parsing Praxis, &c. Auto et " Pirel Fancies," "An Only Son, &c.

By tbe Rev. W. TROLLOPE, MA.
Dealers in Books.

One of the Classical Masters of Christ's Hospital. *Putins and critics only, can do full justice to the spirit, the

For the l'uc of the Chemical Student and Manufacturer. dowe te encray of this work. We consider Mr. Ken.

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, A new and improved edition, 850. 188.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. Bemetry some of the tinext that ever was written. He r. w . fiagat, feeling and originality, can make one." HEMICAL MANIPULATION; being

Homeri Ilias, em Notis Anglicis. ** 11. ist of strong frelingt and good conceptions. Manliness of performing Experiments of Demonstration or of Research

In 2 vols. 8vo. price 11. 4. in boards, sture the areat characteristics of his style. He writes with accuracy and success. al ruscle be strikes his idea on the head at By MICHAEL FARADAY, F.R.S. F.G.S. M.R.I.

Text of Heyne, with copious English Notes, illustrating e *, and the proceed to another. He is no admirer of orna

Also, 3d edition, compressed into % vols. 8vo.only 30s. the Grammatical Construction, the Manners and Customs, the e-4.4** the good old language of England-thrilling as it *, * w of tome poser; and his thoughts #taod in it strong

2. Brande's Manual of Chemistry.

Mythology and Antiquities of the Heroic Ages; and Preliminary

Observations on Points of Classical Interest and Importance con* the bristles on the back of the fretted porcupine.' 3. Tables in Illustration of the Theory of nected with Homer and his Writers .: Literary Journal.

By the Rev. W. TROLLOPE, M.A. ***.**. There, James, is an evreedingly graceful, elegant, Definite Proportionals. Bro. 8s. 6d. a yetu little poem, 'the arrow and the Rose.' - Black

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Late of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and one of the Masters

of Christ's Hospital. Arrow and the Rose' ha. amply justified our high

HE LIFE and CORRESPONDENCE of Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, optionalents. The lesser puerns of this beautiful volume ADMIRAL RODNEY.

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, y nga bs uncommon inerit."- Athensum. Edited by his Son-in-law, Major-General MUNDAY.

Of whom may be had, lately published, ** Indelig trai tolame would do credit to the first poet of

With a Portrait, 9 vols. 8vo. 94s.

Pentalogia Græca. Sophoclis Edipus Ty. ondannot fail Lo win for its deserving author the meed

2. Adventures of Giovanni Finati, in various rannus, Edipus Coloneus, et Antigone; Euripidis Phænissie : per! Tine and long-enduring fame."- Cheltenham Journal. Ahmettort of V. Kennedy's genius."-Olurgon Courier.

Countries of the East. Edited by William John Bankes, Esq. e Eschyli septem contra Thebas. Quinque scilicet Dramata de * Kennedy is manifestly a poet of nature's workmanship. 2 vols. fep. 8vo. 143,

celeberrima i hebaide scripta. Notis Anglice scriptis illustra

vit, et Lesicon Vocum dilöciliorum adjecit Gulielinus Trollope, de « to the call achievement of blending majesty with 3. On the Progress of Society. By Dr. M.A. In 890. price 148. boards. dictino." - Elin Courier.

Hamilton of Aberdeen, Author of “ An Essay on the National
Tarix and the love is worthy of the author's previous Debt." Crown 8vo. 108. 61.
The puremn abounds with beautifully wrought pas.

In royal 8vo. with coloured Plates, price 5s.6d. half-bound, vil oftea poetic grandeur."--Belfas Nas Letter.

4. Causes of the Failure of the Military at N EXPERIMENTAL INQUIRY into Wer is breattes aspirations of love, or chants a song of Paris. By an Officer of the French Guards. 2d edition. 8vo.

the NUMBER and PROPERTIES of the PRIMARY ponte, he is sure to touch the affections or rouse the 38. 6d.

COLOURS, and the SOURCE of COLOUR in the PRISM. 6.16 of the soul. His miod is essentially poetic, and 5. A German Grammar, on a New Principle,

By WALTER CRUM, Esq. ma's giving forth, with strength and spirit, bis own calculated to facilitate the Acquirement of the Language by the

London : Published for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and are onceptions."-Belfast Northern Whig. English Student. By Dr. Becker. 810. 8., 6d.

Green: Atkinson and Co. Glasgow; Treuttei and Wurtz, Paris, *** VITA cation, with a space of hamour and satire."

6. A Refutation of an Article in the Edin. and Dümmlen, Berlio. tauons which his previous volg me excited have burgh Review, No. Cil. entitled "Sadler's Law of Population." lified by the el-gant publication now before us. By M. T. Sadler, M.P. Svo. 38, 61

2d edition, now ready, embellished with a fine Portrait from the Gil love of the renowned llenry of Navarre is

a Painting by Romney,

John Murray, Albemarle Street. retuinstrel manner." -Neve Monthly Magazine.

LIFE of MRS. JORDAN; including

Livy's Second Punic War complete.
Smith, Elder, and Co. 65, Cornhill.

In 12mo. price 7s. bound,

original Private Correspondence, and numerous Anec

doles of her Contemporaries. 12 me price 14. 6L boards, the 2d edition of LIVII PATAVINI HISTORIARUM,

By JAMES BOADEN, Esq. COURSE of LESSONS ; together with Es Editione A. Drakenborchii. libri decem, Belium Punicum Secundum complexi.

Author of the "Life of Kemble."

" Mr. Boaden has written, we are confident, a faithful record the Tones to which they are usually Sang in Infant


of the eventful life of this celebrated actress; but he has treated ***, sado a copsous Collection of Hymns and Moral Veneunt apud C., J., G., et F. Rivington, in Cæmeterio Paulino. the subject with the delicacy of a gentleman, and the good taste ble fut lafant Instruction, either in Schools or

of a practised author. He has told all that the most prurient in. r_fr., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard,

In l sol. 8vo. price 18s.

quisitiveness can desire to know; but he has told it in a manner and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. MMENTARIES on INSANITY. which shews a proper respect for the feelings of her children,

and which seeks not to conceal a painful truth, but to dress it in By G. MANN BURROWS, M.D.

language least injurious to virtue, and the least offensive to the Iz trno. prlee 38. boards, Printed for T. and G. Underwood, Fleet Street.

modesty of his readers. He has done ample justice to the memory the PROOF of the this valuable and elaborate work ;" and being so replete with “We have derived pleasure and instruction from the perusal of of Mrs. Jordan, and to the reputation of those who survive ber."

- Observer. (XRISTIAN RELIGION; with a Statement of the important matter, we shall make our analysis very full and com. * Evidence for it. Designed for the l'se of the more prehensive."--Medical Gazette, Nos. 38 to 19.

Printed for Edward Bull, New Public Subscription Library, les fingulrers into Religious Truth.

26, Holles Street, Cavendish Square. pasee E. CJ., ., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Church information, that we have bad much difficulty in determining

" Every page of Dr. Burrows' book is so pregnant with practical Vet Tico Place. Pall Mall; Hatchard and Son, Pic-what parts we could pass over with propriety. We beg to im

Dr. Brasse's Greek Gradus.-Price 945.
J. J. d. Deighton, Cambridge.

press upon our readers the absolute necessity of attentively study.

ing the very masterly delineation which Dr. Burrows has given of Fare School Books.

English Prosodial Lexicon; containing the Interpreta. that most important of subjects, mental derangement." -Londoa tion, in Latin and English, of all Words which occur in the Terle Sar John Taylor, 30, Upper Gover Street. Medical and Physical Journal, Nos. 99, 30, 31.

Greek Poets, from the earliest period to the time of Ptolemny OCEE'S SYSTEM_Interlinear Transla “ Dr. Burrows' work is not one of those which are so diluted Philadelphus, and also the Qualities of each Syllable--thus comLories from Italian Writers, in Italian and English, with words that the valuable matter may be condensed into a

bining the advantages of a Lexicon of the Greek Poets, and a 24.04. cloth. Also, nes editions of the fol.

nutshell. It really contains an immense collection of important Greek Gradus. For the Use of Schools and Colleges. In 1 thick LorienPharus's Fable of Æsop-Ovid's Meta practical information, from various sources, digested and com.

vol. 8vo. boards. By the Rev. J. BRASSE, D.D.
der ham, Bad Ilirgif'Eneid, Book I.-Parsing Lessons
ment-d on by a man of sound judgment, accurate observation,

Late Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb.
euro laration of Britain-Tacitus's Life of Agri- ber 1828.
and extensive experience."- Medico-chirurgical Review, Novem.

It has been the object to present, in a comprehensive form, a
Gr** Saties: Lucido, Selections-Anacreon-
& Bodi Parving Lessons to Homer-Xenophon's
“ We consider this work as the best that we have ever perused such words as occur in the principal Greek Poets; the quantity

manual containing the interpretation, in Latin and English, of El-Herodotos, Seleccions. An Essay expla.

on the subject of which it treats. The book is written to be read of each syllable actually or sirtually marked; an authority quoted 4 Bab volumes Gl. in boards. The Lone.century bence. It will always stand as an illustration of pray for the existence and quantity of each word in those writers; and

tical knowledge, and of diligent attention to insanity. It will those terms set down as synonymous, wbuch appear to bear a sib. Grannar, price 21. 6. cloth. The London Greek

give to mankind a favourable opinion of the moral feelings of the militude in sense to the principal word. The works of the Greek ***.. cath.

author, and will lead those who may hare friends insane, to wish 2 Darley's Scientific Library. to commit them to his care."- London Medical and Surgical Jaunphrases annexed to each principal word as are of legitimate

Poets have been diligently examined, and such epithets and *** pulas (grometry. 2d edition, price 4. 62. bds. Na', Nov. 18.08. ta the Poptrar Genetry, in which the Elements “ The Treatise of Dr. Barrows is of a higher order. It is, in

usage, and seem best calculated to embellish Greek composition.

“ The indcfatigable application required in the compilation of trere are fainiarised, ilustrated, and readered fact, the most elaborate and complete general Treatise on Insanity

the Greek Gradus is manifest; and we heartily recommend the em to the various purposes of Life; with numer that has yet appeared in the English language. The materials

work, as supplying a desideratum in our school books, and likely ... Lourds. are drawn, in great measure, from a long and extensive personal

to be advantageously used to a very wide extent."Literary ****Popular Algebra, with a Section on Proportions experience in this particular line of practice; at the same time,

derinor, price 41. 6:1, toards.
the results are copiously illustrated by reference to the compara.

" Dr. Brasse has certainly conferred by this publication a last. * BP pree Is anometry, with Logarithms, and the tire remarks of every late writer of merit who has made the study

ing benefit on all classical students, and deserves the highest Urrato (eometry. Price 3. 6. boards. of insanity a distinct par ait. Many persona, professional as well

praise for taste, learning, and indefatigable industry."-London Brief Outlines of Descriptive Geography; extra-professional, have naturally been desirous to learn from

Weekly Reviem. niin to what method he has been indebted for such eminent suc. to sound Table of Latitudes and Longitudes. By cess.

Printed by A. J. Valpy, and sold by all Booksellers in We have no doubt that they will find their wishes most De Yoole ap oco.vilb Maps, 2s 6d.

Town and Country. fully gratified by a peru al of this division of his Treatise, in

By the same Author, laws on Vumber, as given at a Pesta- which the plan of treatment has been unfolded with great sima heam. Surrey. 12mo. cloth, 2. Gd. plicity, perspicuity, and judgment."-- Edinburgh Medical and Sur. Sophoclis Edipus Tyrannus, Coloneus,

Antigone, and Trachinite, with English Notes. 55. each ; or a lari Versification. Select Portions of gical Journal, January and April 1849.

" The work of Dr. Burrows displays considerable research, in together, 208. -, ryd in Sense for Latin Veties; intendeddustrious observation, correct and elevated feelings, and a spirit *The very useful illustrations given of all the difficult passages, l's of schools. By the Rev. F. Hodgson, M.A. of candour and real love of truth. The author writes like an in are well adapted to remove many of the obstacles which usually

telligent gentleman, and a good physician and pure moralise." stand in the way of a young Greek scholar."- Monthly Review, #tesine rogal bro. 15. North American Medical and Surgical Journal, Oct. 1829.

May 1820.






GREEK., Greek, Latin, and

E ALUETTES Lf thermal In Ronda Poetical LEVI and SA RAH; or, the Jewish Lovers.




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In 1 vol. post 8vo. 6s. cloth boards,

State of Society in Poland.-Post 8vo. 8s. 6d.

In l vol. 8vo. ad edition, price 16s. boards, or beautifully coloured
by Sowerby, price 11. lis. 64. boards,

A Tale of the Polish Jews.

according to the Linnean System; illustrated by Twenty. London : Published by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers' " There is much just, and even forcible, description of the man eight Plates drawn from Nature. Hall Court, l.udgate Street.

ners, habits, peculiarities, &c, of the Polish Jews in this love. By the Rev. E.I. BURROW, A.M.F.R.S. F.L.S. or whom may be had, by the same Author, tale. The story is introduced with a brief and highly interesting

Mem. Geol. Soc. Metrical Essays on Subjects of History and patriot Kosciusko, and now lives in honourable retirement at memoir of the author, who was a bosom friend of the immorta)

Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row. Imagination. 12mo. 6s. boards. Warsaw."-Sun.

I vol. Bro. price 6s. “\r. Swain possesses one of those minds which, poetical in * The English public are much indebted to the translator for themselves, Imbue all the touch with poetry. A poet's eye sheds making them acquainted with such an author and such a work."

HE DAUGHTER of HERODIAS; a its own colouring around, and the passing thought, the slight -Scoto T'imcs.

Tragedy. hint, are developed into beauty by the light of his words. Mr.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

By HENRY RICH, Esg. Swain is especially happy in his historical illustrations; his de

Printed for J. Andrews, 167, New Bond Street. scriptions are as rich as the moral he deduces is touching-he THE NATIONAL MAGAZINE and link's human feeling and human pomp well together. The first

A new edition, 3 vols. small 8vo. 108. 6d. hall-bonnd, poem had best be read as a whole harinonious chain of thought.

ary 1831. Out of the very beautiful minor poems we select two favourites.

ERTHA'S JOURNAL; comprising We have only to repeat, that we admire this volume much; it

Contents: Life and Times of George the Fourth-God save the bakrace, thith, and tenderness, told in inusic; and we cannot

a variety of interesting Information for Young Persons. King !-- The Lost One-The Maniac-The Mamluk-An Evendwell on its page without experiencing a feeling of liking and ing in College-On Christ bearing his Cross, a Picture by Velas: Arranged for every Day in the Year.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. respect towards the author."--Literary Gazette.

quez, in the Collection of the Hon, and Rev. J. Pomeroy: by

Drs. Hemans--- The Primitive State of the Globe, and its subse.
7th edition, 8vo. 9s.

quent Changes-A Portrait-Laying a Ghost, by the Author of
"Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry"-Pour dire Adieu,

By the Rev. II. H. MILMAN.

addressed to a Young Lady-Peers, l'edigrees, and Paupers--
As now performing at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden.
Songs for the Sorrowful, No. II.-Clara Delaval - The Slave-

Africa and African Travellers-Earl Grey: Personal Sketch-
John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Lines written at Sea-Trigouometry; Differential and Integral

No. LXXXVII. will be published on Wednesday, on the PRESENT Calculus, The Bar; Keepiny Terms in London--The Irish Ver. January 26th. NTATE of HISTORICAL LITERATURE, on the

sion of the Holy Scriptures-Dublin; its Local Abuses-Lyon's

Poems-Notes of the Month, by Two Hermits in London--SonNociety of Antiquaries, and other Institutions for its Advance.

Family Library. ment in England: with Remarks on Hecord Oices, and on the Critical Notices: The Valley of the Clusone-An Essay on Medi.

net; the Thirty-first of December-Sonnet; New Year's Day On Wednesday will be published, illastrated with Eight Proceedings of the Record Commission. Addressed to the Secre

Engravings, 6s. cal Education--History of the Corenanters in Scotland - The tary of State for the Hon. Dupartinent.

XIX. of the FAMILY LIBRARY; Works of Martin Doyle-The Family Lit ry-The Excitement By NICHOLAS HARRIS NICOLAS, Esq. Hvo. price 75. 64.

being the fourth Volume of Lives of the most Eminent -Norrington; or, Memoirs of a Peer-The battle of Clontarf

Varicties, Literary and Scientitic: Royal Irish Academy-UniBritish Painters, Sculptors, and Architects. 2. A Refutation of Mr. Palgrave's Remarksversity Intelligence-List of New Works ---Monthly Record of

Volumes now published, 5s, cachon the "* Observations on the State of li istorical Literature;" | Military Promotions, Appointments, &c. -Births, Marriages, and 9. Life of Buonaparte 14. British Physicians together with additional Facts relative to the Hecord Corn mission and Deaths.

15. British India and the Record Offices. By Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Esq. Dublin : Published at the National Magazine Office, 3, Cecilia 2. Alexander the Great

4, 10, and 13. Pritish Artists 16. Demonology and WitchIn ) vol, livo. price ll. li. Street, by Philip Dixon Hardy, to whom all Communications are

5, 6, and 9. History of the Jews craft, by Sir Walter Scott 3. The Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth Hurst, Chance, and Co. London; Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh.

7. Insects

17. Life and Travels of Bruce

8. Court and Camp of Buona. 18. Adventures of the Com. of York, and the Wardrobe Accounts of Edward the fourth; with Original Memoir of Queen Elizabeth of York. By Nicholas

panions of Columbus, by Price 35, 6d. boards,

parte HATTI Nicolas, Esq.

11. Irving's Columbus

Washington Irving. POPULAR and IMPARTIAL ESTI- 12. Southey's Nelson The l'rivy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth, the Consort of Henry the Neventh, contain notices of the sum paid for her travelling

MATE of the present Value of VACCINATION, as

The Family Dramatists, Nos. I. and II. ; expenses, for her clothes, for the furniture of her palaces, for her

a Security against Small Por; and of the Danger of encouraging Jewels, for the support of her fools and mainstrels, for her losses at or tolerating the Inoculation of the latter. Addressed to Parents being Vols. I. and II. of the Works of Philip Massinger. Mus.

trated with Explanatory Notes, and adapted to the use of Fanai. cari», dice, and other kamen, for the attendance of her physi. and the Public. plans, for the wages of priests, for gratuities to persons who


lies and Young Persons, by the omission of exceptionable pasauges. brousht prearnts, for her religious duties, and for the support of of the Medico-Chirurgical Society, Senior Surgeon to the

John Murray, Albemarle Street. her sisters and their children, &c. inauy of which throw much

Royal Metropolitan Intirmary for Children. light upon her personal character.

Printed for T. Cadell, London; and W. Blackwood, Edinburgh. OURNAL of the ROYAL INSTITU. The Wardrobe Accounts of Edward the Fourth are chiefly

of whom may also be had,

TION. valuable for elucidating the manners, dresses, and furniture of 1. A Practical Essay on Ringworm of the Among the Original Papers in the Second Number, which will our ancestors in the fifteenth century, more particularly in relation to the Court, and to persons of rank; and for the composition Scalp. Scalled Head, and other species of Porrigo. 3d edition, be published on the 1st of February. 1831, are the following: -On

the Decomposition of the Vegetable Alkaline Salts, by W. T. of historical pictures, and for the stage. The Memoirs of Elizabeth of York and of her sisters, and the

2. A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Deceptions by Michael Faraday, Esq. 1.R.S. &c. &c.-- On the

Brande, Esq. F.R.S. &c. &c.--On a peculiar Class of Optical Introductory remarks which are prefixed to the volume, present Skin. With Two coloured Plates, 3d edition, 15s. in boards.

Mode of ascertaining the Cominercial Value of Manganese, by new tara, and it is presumed, correct many important errors in Mr. Plumbe has removed to No. 7, Bedford Place.

Edward Turner, M.D.F.R.S. &c. &c. Professor of Chemistry the history of the Prins of Edward the Fourth, Richard the 'I hird, and llenvy the Fourth.- Preface.

Varley on Perspective.

in the London University-On the Magnetic Corea, by Mark William lekering, Chancery Lane, London.

Illustrated with numerous Examples, price 7s.

Roget, M.D. Secretary of the Royal Society, &c. &c.--On the

Construction of Arches, by M. Lassauls, Architect to the King Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Library. In small ivo price au. the First Vol. of the

of DRAWING in PERSPECTIVE; adapted for the by Marshall Hall, M.1). &c. &c.-On Stuttering, by the Saine

On the Aurora Borealis of the 7th Janury, 1831, Ly S. H. Chrise Errors may be avoided.

tie, Esq. F.R.S. &c. &c.-On the Performance of the Magnetism MANILAL the DUKE of WELLINGTON. In


in Strel Bars, by the Same-On the Invention of the Telescope, liy CAPTAIN MOYLE SIERER.

Sherwood, Gilbert, and I'iper, Paternoster-Row.

by Professor Moll of Utrecht-On the Rainbow, by Alfred linHeing the First Volume of Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Library,


ger, Esq.-On the last Eruption of Mount Vesurius, by Dr. Do. To be published,

The Peh. 1. Life and Reign of licorge IV. in 3 vols. Vol. I.

nati-Ona New Comet, by Professor Dabadie-On Induced l'hos.

oung Artist's Assistant in the Art of pborescence, by Mr. Thomas Pear al-Description ni a new Math Annual lietrospect of Public Affairs in 1839. I vol. Drawing in Water Colours; exemplified in a course of Twenty. Ilydraulic Siphon, by Mr. Almond-With the usual Miscellane

Aprill View of the History of France from the Restoration to nine Progressive Lessons, and illustrated with Sixty coloured ous Scientific Intelligence, &c. &c.
the Revolution of lu. Hy T. B. Macauley, Esq.M.P.
Designs and Woodcuts. By Thomas Smith. Price 15a. neatly

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
Mayli mitary Memoir of Wellington. Voli .

bound. I'rinteil for longman, Rees, Orne, Brown, and Green. Great Britain's Crisis: Reform, Retrenchment, Economy!

EDINBURGH REVIEW, No. 104, Published by llenry Colbura and Richard Bentley,

will be published next week. New Hurlington Street,

and the DISTRESSED CONDITION of the LABOUR Contents: 1. East India Company; the China Question-!1. TURF, a Satirical Novel. ING POOR. A Letter to the Right floo, Sir James Graham, ples of Political Economy-IV. On the Civil Disabilities of the

Dr. Bowring's Poetical Translations-III. WCulloch's Princi. In vola.

Bart. &c.

Price 9s

Jews--V. Comparative View of the Social Life of England and Dr. Paris's Life of Sir Humphrey Davy,

London : Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green ; France-Vi. Essays on the Pursuit of Truth, on the Progress of and Perry and Harker, Sherborne.

knowledge, &c.-VIIOu the Capital Punishment of Forgety111.

Should Heaver, in its goodness and wisdom, see fit to inspire VII. Novels descriptive of Irish LifeIXSir Daniel Sand fordi

the country at large with confidence in the present Ministry- Translation of Thiersch's Greek Grammar-X. On the Life and Vear 0. In 3 vole. post 8vo. (God bless him!), and of most reflecting men in his dominions

Heber; of ;

old England (under Dirine Providence) may fairly expect to ex. and Heber-X1. Irish Courts of Quarter Sessions, and Assistant

perience, ere long, the blessings of Reforın. Retrenchment, Eco Barristers.XII. Sadler's Refutatinn of the Edinburgh Revies. The English Army in France; or, the Per- nomy, and the Relief of Public Distresors the linistry be noi and New Proofs of his Theory of Population-xu. The Late sonal Narrative of an Officer: comprising a Journal of Adven-nationally supported--but I leave others to paint the probable and the Present Ministry tutus annex teil with the Battle of Waterloo, and with the sub. consequences!!

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London weyuent Event down to the period of the occupation of France

and Adam Black, Edinburgh.

Christmas Present. by the died Forces. Pd edition, in 8 vols. post 8vo. 214. Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion

Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Library. of l'achal Knowledge.

On the 1st of February will be published, in small Bro. price Bote The Book of the Seasons; or, the Calendar of THE PURSUIT of KNOWLEDGE

the First Volume of the Nature. Hy William Hovitt. In small 8ro. with numerous

UNDER DIPFICULTIES. 9 vols, bound in cloth, IFE and REIGN of GEORGE embellishments.

price 9s.
• This vork, which is especially adapted to encourage the Library.

In : vols. Being Vol. II. of Dr. Lardner's Cabinet Field Sports of the North of Europe ; in- young in the pursuit of knowledge and virtue, contains Biogra:

The volume nlready published is cluding the Narrativo of a Residence in Norway and Sweden. phical Memoirs and Anecdotes of several hundreds of the most

Military Memoirs of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington. by Lloyd, kry. Yd edition, with considerable Additions, in fine esamples of escellence and illustrated with Portraits 3 vols. Vol. I. By Capt. Moyle Sberer.'

on steel, of Franklin, Ferguson,
O vols. Oro with numerous Plates, 32.. bound.
Arkwright, Barry, and Wait.

To be published,
And in a few days,
London: Charles Knight, Pall Mall East.

March 1: Annual Retrospect of Public Affairs in 1880. I vol.

April 1. View of the History of France, from the Restoration to

Beautifully printed, price Øs. in extra cloth boards, The Siamese Twins, a Satirical Tale of the

the Revolution of 110. By T. B. Macauley, Esq. M.P.

HE DEATH WAKE; a Necromaunt, in Mag 1. Military Memoirs of Wellington. Vol. II.
Times. By the Author of " Pelham," “ Paul Cliford," &c.
With humoru. Illustrations.

Printed for Longman, Roes, Orme, Brown, and Green.
Three Chimeras.


#lo't like that lead contains her ? The Tuileries, an Historical Romance. 3 vols.

It were too GTONS

LONDON: Published erery Saturday, by W. A. SCRIPPS, at 111. To rib her corecloth in the obecure grave." Shakespeare

the LITERARY GAZETTR OFFICE, 7, Wellingt Street, * We look upon Mr. Stoddart as possessing genius of great pro

Waterlow Bridge, Strand, and 13, South Doulto Street, Ord The Correspondence of the Right Hon. Sir mise.* -rai-burgh Literary Journal.

Street: bold also by J. Chappell, 98, Royal Crange, E. John Sinclair. Bart. ; with Reminiscences of the most distin. • Never, we believe, since the days of Percy Byahe Shelley hath

Marllorough, Ave Maria Lune, Ludgate HillA. gluck kulted characters who have appeared in Great Britain and in o truly an original and powerful a poem been given to the pub.

Edinburgh Smith and Son, D. Robertson, und Arkime Foreign countries during the last Fifty Years; thustrated with tic," -New Nint Brilon

and Co. Glasgow and J. Cummink, Dublin. – Agent sur upwards of Two Hundred Autographs. In s vois. uro. with Edinburgh: Printed for llenry Constable; and Hurst, Chance, America, 0. Rich, 12, Red Lion Syware, London. Portrait,

and Co. Loudon.

J. MOYES, Took's Court, Chancery Lane





Mothers and Daughters ; a Tale of the Ministry already enjoying the confidence of our patriot Kings Opinions of Bishop Heber, and the Evangelical School Life of






Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c.

This Journal is supplied Weekly, or Monthly, by the principal Booksellers and Newsmen, throughout the Kingdom; but to those who may desire

its immediate transmission, by post, we recommend the LITERARY GAZETTE printed on stamped paper, price One Shilling.

No. 732.





parliament. Previous to his engaging on the Our author's principal port for slaving was

African coast and the West Indies, he per- Bonny; and his accounts of the manners and Memoirs of the late Captain Hugh Crow, of formed some voyages to the north seas and customs of the inhabitants, even after all that

Lirer pool ; comprising a Narrative of his elsewhere, the perils attendant upon which re. has since been published about the Africans, Life, together with descriptive Sketches of mind us of the striking stories of our elder are often extremely characteristic. For inthe Western Coast of Africa, fe. fc. 8vo. sailors in their little venturous barks. But stance: pp. 316. London, 1830, Longman and Co.; we leave these, and commencé our quotations " While at Bouny a distressing ceremony Liverpool, G. and J. Robinson. with a Transatlantic anecdote.

took place, which occasioned some delay in the The gallant Captain Hugh Crow, whose por “ That the credulity of some of the Ameri- shipment of our cargo. It was the custom trait, with a cock in his right eye, (lithographed cans is equal to that of any other nation, the there, once in seven years, to sacrifice a virgin, by William Crane, and of course a bird's-eye following fact will exemplify. One night, in of fifteen or sixteen years of age, as a propitiaview,) and a telescope in his right hand, does the house of a respectable person in Charleston, tory offering to Boreas, the god of the north honour to this volume, by standing frontispiece I overheard a conversation relative to my native wind. For some weeks previous to the sacri. in stone, is neither related to the equestrian island, to which I naturally paid every atten- fice, the female selected is led through the Da-Crow, nor to the Margate navigator, the tion. One of the speakers expressed his assur-town, attended by numbers of priests, visiting renowned Captain Crow, celebrated by Peter ance that the Isle of Man turned right round every house, rich and poor, and whatever she Piudar for insisting on his passengers being every seven years ; and that unless a fire were fancies is immediately granted her. When the *-sick, with all the privileges of that disor- kept burning in it night and day, it would cer- poor creature is satisfied with her booty, and der. On the contrary, he is, or rather was, tainly sink ! This relation excited much won. (strange infatuation !) expresses her willinghimself alone, a right-earnest, unflinching, der and amazement amongst the company, and ness to die, she is placed, with all tbe articles thingh considerate and humane, slave trader ; I was not a little amused to find so romantic she has collected, into a large canoe, and taken one of the most successful from the port of an idea of my native land entertained in a to a place about twenty miles from the town, Laverpool: and his executors have published foreign country.".

where, together with her booty, she is thrown these bis memoirs, to shew that the devil is In a voyage to Memel, in 1785, we have the into the sea by the priests, and is instantly denot to black as he is painted, nor the traffic in following description of a curious piscatory voured by the sharks. While the preparations Degrees so very horrible as it is represented.

for a repetition of this sacrifice were going on, To be sure we are startled a trifle by the “One morning during a calm, when near I made repeated endeavours to persuade the boobs propositions here advanced ; but when we the Hebrides, all hands were called up at three great men and priests to abandon their cruel o into the details, we are forced to own that in the morning to witness a battle between intention ; but, unhappily, my expostulations there is no cause upon which something may several of the fish called thrashers and some were in vain, and another young woman was pot be said on both sides. Indeed, Captain sword-fish on one side, and an enormous whale added to the list of those who had fallen Crow, to use a common saying, has taken the on the other. It was in the middle of summer, victims to the ignorance and superstition of

23] by the horns; and those who are influenced and the weather being clear, and the fish close their tribe. The painful impression made on by his statements and arguments will be apt to the vessel, we had a fine opportunity of wit- my mind by this barbarous ceremony was yet

think that British humanity might be as nessing the contest. As soon as the whale's fresh, when a Quaw chief, being taken in battell employed in alleviating the distress of the back appeared above the water, the thrashers tle, was sent from the interior to King Pepple, wbering lower orders, the starving peasantry springing several yards into the air, descended and the great men at Bonny, to be eaten at a und mechanics at home, as in roaming to the with great violence upon the object of their grand feast. In this instance, too, I did my rest of Africa in quest of objects on which to rancour, and inflicted upon him the most se- utmost to dissuade the king and the priests napend the laudable feelings of philanthropy. vere slaps with their tails, the sound of which from their horrible purpose, and I offered them It may be urged, that both are entitled to resembled the reports of muskets fired at a dis- the price of three slaves to save the life of the (kristian sympathy and relief : but again the tance. The sword-fish, in their turn, attacked captive, who was a fine-looking man. Neither ziy is, the greater charity lies at your own the distressed whale, stabbing him from below; arguments nor money, however, could avert en and hefore your own eyes; perform what and thus beset on all sides and wounded, when his fate. He was put to death ; and those who k demands, and then let your spirit of uni- the poor creature appeared, the water around had feasted on his body, afterwards boasted of coral benevolence pervade the earth, from him was dyed with blood. In this manner they the delicious treat they had enjoyed. Lsdan to the pole. But, remember, your daty continued tormenting and wounding him for During my stay at Bonny on this trip, a

D utend to your poor neighbours, to your many hours, until we lost sight of him ; and 1 dreadful catastrophe took place in the harbour. parish qaupers, to your ill-clothed, il)-warmed, have no doubt they, in the end, accomplished Amongst twelve or fourteen sail of vessels that La countrymen, first ; watch and witness his destruction.”

lay in the river, was the ship Bolton, of Liver. cumfort you can administer to them, and We must now skip twelve years. Sailing pool. She had on board about a hundred and wita l' your conscience dictates it, any surplus from Dominica to England, the captain relates twenty negroes ; and these men, not being pro*oportion of your wealth to alleviate the re- a little nigger tale.

perly guarded, contrived to free themselves in *xer miseries of mankind.

“We had on board a fine black boy, brought the night from their irons, and, rising upon But we are not going to preach the homily from Bonny, named ' Fine Bone,' about fifteen the officers and crew, they took possession of ha enforced hy Captain Crow, and we are years of age. When we got further north, the the ship. Unfortunately, the trade powder, in zetser obliged to see with his eye nor his tele-cold began to pinch him

severely; and being quantity about two hundred barrels, was stowwipe Our affair is to make his volume fairly very fond of me, he one morning came shivered in the fore peak, and to this the insurgents, w; and for this, a few extracts from the ing to the side of my cot, and said, . Massa in their rage for mischief, soon found access. resttres it details, and a few more from the Crow, something bite me too much, and me no At daylight, by which time the circumstance cions it expresses as the result of much can see 'im ; and me want you give me some became known, the several masters of the vesperiodo in " slaving,” will suffice. wash mouth, and two mouth tacken.' I knew sels in the river held a meeting to determine

Captain Crow began his career as a sea- that wash mouth' meant a dram; and he how the ship and cargo might be redeemed. by, in ** rock on the bigh and giddy mast,” soon gave me to understand, by getting hold of The result was, that I and some others were and endare more hardships when below; my drawers, what he meant by two mouth appointed to go on board the Bolton, and enhet bos nuod conduct raised him gradually to the tacken.' I furnished the poor fellow with the deavour, if possible, to save the blacks from

cend of several fine vessels engaged in the needful, and as he had shoes, stockings, and that destruction to which, in their ignorance, s trade, till his career was closed by act of jucket before, he was quite made up." they were so fearfully exposed. They con

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sisted chiefly of Quaws, a most desperate race taken ill, their attention and care of it were which they afford, we should be as destitute of of men.

Before we got on board they had redoubled; and it was truly affecting and in- defence as the Africans themselves. If the brought up many barrels of the gunpowder, teresting to see with what anxiety and teuder- pretenders to humanity have a mind to do which they had 'started and spread all looseness they tended and nursed the little creature. good, let them first begin at home: let them between decks. It would have been madness A struggle frequently ensued amongst them look to Ireland, which is in a most deplorable for any of us to go below amongst them, for a for priority in these offices of affection; and state of slavery and disaffection—for which na single spark thrown by one of them amongst some would steal one thing and some another, politician has yet discovered an adequate rethe powder, would have involved us in instant which they would carry to it untasted, how. medy. It may be added, that when the Afri. destruction. We prevailed upon a few Eboes erer tempting it might be to their own palates. can trade was abolished, many fine young men, to leave the vessel ; and these, with all the Then they would take it gently up in their being thrown out of employment, entered into women, were taken on board of some of the fore paws, hug it to their breasts, and cry over the American service, and there is no doubt other ships. The Quaws were deaf to all our it as a fond mother would over her suffering were afterwards employed to fight against the en treaties and warnings, until towards even- child. The little creature seemed sensible of country that gave them birth, their prospects ing, when a number of them also gave them their assiduities ; but it was wofully over at home being entirely blighted. It was on a nelves up, observing, probably, the danger to powered by sickness. It would sometimes Sunday morning when I landed at Kingston ; which they were exposed. The ringleaders, come to me, and look me pitifully in the face, and and I found a number of my old shipmates however, to the number of about a dozen, ob- moan and cry like an infant, as if it besought (blacks), all neatly dressed, waiting on the mtinately remained amongst the loose powder, me to give it relief ; and we did every thing wharf to receive me: some of them took hold No that no one had the hardihood to venture we could think of to restore it to health ; but of my hands; and the general expressions of amongst them. In this situation they remain in spite of the united attentions of its kindred welcome and good will were . God bless ed until the afternoon of the next day, when tribe and ourselves, the interesting little crea- massa ! How massa do dis voyage ? we hope wo observed the whip to be on fire; and as she ture did not long survive.”

massa no fight 'gen dis time.' While they was the bendmost vessel in the river, we manned With this we shall close our miscellaneous thus congratulated me on my arrival, a wag, all our boats, in order, if possible, to tow her off, quotations, which will shew that there is con- one of their own party, jeeringly exclaimed lent who might fall amongst us. We had been siderable interest and entertainment to be Who be dis Captain Crow you all sabby so but a low minutes in the boats, when, with all found in these pages ; and proceed, as we pro- much ?' And my black friends replied, “ What the unfortunate creatures on board of her, she posed, to give two or three extracts relative to dat you say, you black negro ? Ebery dog in blow up with a tremendous explosion. I was the slave trade and its abolition, according to Kingston sabby Captain Crow, and you had in our boat with right or nine of my best men, the views of Captain Crow, whose last voyage fellow for no sabby him ;' with which they fell and only abont a hundred yards from her, when was performed just in time to witness the end. a beating him with so little ceremony, that I the entustrophe occurred; and such was the “ It had been (he tells us) reported to the was obliged in good nature to interfere. I violence of the shock, that the poor fellows fell chiefs and the natives, by the captains who rather suspect this was a joke contrived among down in the bottom of the boat. The smoke, preceded me, that I commanded the last ship them when they saw me coming on shore ; the pieces of the wreck, the clothes, and other that would sail to Bonny for negroes. My for the blacks have craft and sport sufficient articles of trade, that flew about in every direc- friend King Holiday consequently repaired on for a frolic of the kind. Be this as it may, I tion, presented a scene trnly awful. Several of board as soon as we arrived, to inquire if the was not a little gratified by their friendly visit.” the Intter fell into our boat, and many articles intelligence were true. We had, as might be And, in conclusionwere afterwards found blown as far as the town expected, a long palaver on the subject, in the “ As I have in the course of my narrative of Bonny. After this misfortune, it became course of which the king expressed himself, as made frequent allusions to the unfortunate necessary to be more watchful of the blacks, nearly as I can remember, in the following slaves, lest my remarks be misconstrued, I owe and particularly of the Quaws, who, instigated terms:— Crow!' he remarked, “ you and me it to myself here to disclaim being a friend to by the example of their insurgent countrymen, sabby each other long time, and me know you slavery. God forbid that I should favour a had already begun to exhibit an impatience of tell me true mouth (speak truth); for all cap- system through which my fellow-creatures restrnint."

tains come to river tell me you king and you should suffer any species of oppression, hard. On another occasion his ship was on fire, but big mans stop we trade; and 'apose dat true, ship, or injustice! I consider that the abofortunately the explosion was prevented. He what we do for you sabby me have too much litionists have not understood the subject, and NNYN :

wife, it be we country fash, and have too that their measures have done nothing towards * I shall never forget the scene that fol- much child, and some may turn big rogue man, the real abatement of slave-dealing in Africa. lowed the suppression of the Aames. When all same time we see some bad white man for They have, in fact, as I have before remarked, I got on deck, the blacks, both men and some you ship, and we hear too much white transferred the whole of the trade into the women, clung round me in tears ; some man grow big rogue for you country. But hands of other nations, who carry it on with taking hold of my hands, others of my feet, God make you sabby book and make big ship- extreme cruelty. In the course of my reand all, with much earnestness and feeling, den you sen you bad people much far for other marks, I have viewed the abstraction of slaves thanking Providence for our narrow escape, country, and we hear you hang much people, from Africa to our colonies as a necessary evil, An expression of gratitude in which, I assure and too much man go dead for you warm (war). under existing circumstances. I may be mis. the reader, I heartily joined them. On this But God make we black' (here the poor fellow taken on this point; but I am convinced, passage, I witnessed a remarkable instance of shed tears), and we no sabby book, and we nevertheless, from what I have observed, that animal sagacity and affection. As I before no havy head for make ship for sen we bad the negro slaves of the West Indies are gene. mentioned, we had several monkeys on board : mans for more country; and we law is, 'spose rally happier there than when they lived as they were of different species and sizes ; and some of we child go bad and we no can sell 'em, slaves in their own country, subject to the amongst them was a beautiful little creature, we father must kill dem own child ; and 'spose crueities and caprice of the inland chiefs, and the body of which was about ten inches or a trade be done, we force kill too much child living in a savage state ; and, for my own foot in length, and about the circumference of same way. But we tink trade no stop, for all part, were slavery to be my lot, I would rather a common drinking glass. It was of a glossy we Jew-Jew-man' (the priests) tell we som be a black slave in the West Indies than a black, excepting its nose and the end of its for dem say you country no can niber pass God white one at home; for there is no comparison tail, which were as white as snow. This in. A'mighty.' The last words he repeated several between the comforts of the one and those of teresting little animal, which, when I received times; and the reader, it is presumed, will the other. Think, for instance, of the poor it from the governor of the island of St. Thomas, find his remarks not altogether destitute of fishermen during the winter season—some of diverted me by its innocent gambols, became sense and shrewdness.”

the greatest slaves in existence. Think of the afflicted by the malady which yet unfortunate At Kingston, whither he went with his cargo, miserable beings employed in our coal-pits, ly prevailed in the ship. It had always been he adds :

and in our iron, lead, and copper mines-toiling a favourite with the other monkeys, who “ The consequences of the abolition of the under ground in unwholesome air, which is seemed to regard it as the last - born, and African trade appeared to me then, and appear constantly liable to fatal explosions! Think the pet of the family, and they granted it now to be, pernicious not only to individuals, of all the men, women, and children, confined many indulgences which they seldom conceded but to England at large. Besides other ad- by hundreds in hented factories, their health one to another. It was very tractable and vantages, it was a nursery for our reamen, as rapidly wasting, and their earnings scarce sufgentle in its temper, and never, as spoiled well as a benefit to our West India colonies. ficient to keep soul and body together! Think children generally do, took undue advantage How, indeed, could England rear and maintain of other slavish employments often under of this partiality towards it, by becoming peevish those men who are to defend the state, were it masters quite

as arbitrary and unieeling as the and headstrong. From the moment it was not for her colonies. But for the employment | planters ! Think of the thousands who are

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