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order, unless made the same day on which the vote was taken, or the day next after, on which the Senate shall be in session ; but no vote shall be reconsidered when a less number of members is present than when it passed.

15. Before any petition or memorial addressed to the senate, shall be received and read, a brief statement of the contents thereof shall be made by the member introducing the same.

16. At least one day's notice shall be given before a motion for leave to bring in a bill shall be in order.

17. Every bill shall be read three times before its passage ; and the President shall give notice at each time whether it be the first, second, or third reading; and no bill after it has been read a second time, shall have a third reading before an adjournment.

18. All resolutions, which may require the signature of the Governor, shall be treated in the same manner as bills.

19. When a bill or resolution shall have been read a second time, the President shall refer it to the appropriate standing committee, unless the Senate shall otherwise order.

20. The Senate may resolve itself into a committee of the whole at any time, on motion made for that purpose ; and in forming a committee of the whole, the President shall leave the chair and appoint a chairman te preside in comınittee: the President may, at any time, name any merrthtopes form the duties of the chair, but such a substitution shall not extend beyond an adjournment.

21.•The last question upon the second reading of a bill or resolution, shall always be, shall it be read a third time? and no amendment shall be received or discussed on the third reading of any bill or resolution, unless by unanimous consent of ten members present ; but it shall at all times be in order, before the final passage of a bill or resolution, to move its commitment, and should such commitment take place, and an amendment be reported, the bill or resolution shall again be read a second time and considered as in committee of the whole.

22. The titles of bills and such parts thereof as may be affect, ed by proposed amendments shall be entered on the Journals,

23. All bills, resolutions and addresses, after passing the Senate, shall be signed by the President; and all warrants and other processes issued by order of the Senate, shall be under his hand and seal, attested by the Clerk.

24. The following, standing committees, to consist of three members each, shall be appointed at the commencement of any session, with leave to report by bill or otherwise :

A committee on the Judiciary.
A committee on Incorporations.
A committee on Military Affairs.
A committee on Claims.

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A committee on Manufacturing Establishments.
A committee on Banking Institutions.

A committee on Elections.
* A committee on Schools and Seminaries of Learning.

A committee on Unfinished Business. },
A committee on Printers' Accounts


. 25. All committees shall be appointed by the President, unless a member requests that the appointment shall be by ballot, in which case it shall be so done.

26. When the Senate shall concur with the House of Representatives in the appointment of a joint committee, consisting of not more than five inembers of the House, one ineinber shall be added on the part of the Senate; but when more than five, two members of the Senate shall be added.

27. Messages shall be sent to the House of Representatives by the clerk of the Senate.

28. Messages from the Governor, or House of Representatives, may be received at all times except when the Senate is engaged in putting a question, in calling the ayes and noes, or in counting ballots.

29. All questions shall be put by the President, and each meinber of the Senate shall signify his assent or dissent by answering

30. No person except the inembers of the executive, or members of the House of Representatives, and their officers, shall be admitted within the bar of the Senate, except by invitation of the President, or some member with his consent.

81. The Senate shall adjourn to meet at nine o'clock in the the Senate shall otherwise order.

32. A motion to adjourn shall be decided without debate.


or no.


1. When & Convention of the two Houses is to be formed, whether by requirement of the constitution, or by 'a vote or resolve of the two Houses, a message shall be sent from the House of Representatives to the Senate, giving notice when the House will meet the senate in Convention. As soon thereafter as the 'convenience of the Senate will permit, they will attend in the House. The Speaker of the House shall be Chairman of the convention, and shall state the reason for forming the Convention. When the House and Senate are thus formed in Convention, the Rules adopted as the Rules of the House, shall be considered the Rules of the Convention, so far as they inay be deemed applicable, and the convention shall accordingly be governed thereby

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Resolved, That the Senate' now proceed to meet the House of Representatives in convention to proceed in the elections, agreeably to the provisions of the constitution.

TIN CONVENTION. T The Senate and House of Representatives being met in convention in the Representatives' Hall, in order to proceed in the elections,


-;?.! On motion of Mr. Farrington of the Senate

The convention proceeded to ballot for a Secretary of State for the ensuing political year, and Ralph Metcalf, Esq. was elected. On motion of Mr. Bruce of the House of Representatives

The convention proceeded to ballot for a Treasurer for the ensuing political year, and Abner B. Kelley was unanimously elected. On motion of Mr. Sawyer of the House of Representatives

The convention proceeded to ballot for a Commissary General for the ensuing political year, and Joseph Hill was unanimously elected.

On motion of Mr. Clements of the House of Representatives, The convention rose and the Senate returned to their chamber.

suvit.IN SENATE..!" "Oni motion 2017 ki glupojat 1:1 The Senate then adjourned.'. ', "! ?! 10) "

Ja , !!! 110 V 1511 56. THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 1833.i 10. The Senate met according to adjournment.

“Mr. Barton gave notice, that, to-morrow, he will ask leave. to introduce a Bill entitled "An act to incorporatie the President, Directors, and Company of the Mechanics' Bank in Concord."

Mi Corbins from the jomtcoinmittee appointed to procure three hundred printed copies of the Rules of the Senate, together with the Rules of the House of Representatives, the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire and of the United States reported that the Committee had attended to the duty assigned them, and that the said Rules are now ready for distribution.

A message from the House of Representatives by their clerk: “Mr. President-The House of Representatives have accepted the Report of the Select Joint Committee appointed to audit the accounts of the Treasurer of this State.

- livi, On motion 1:19:13. (DD, 471641", SIT Said Report was read and is as follows, viz.

“ The Committee appointed to audit the accounts of the Treasurer of this State , njici

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That they have carefully examined the following accounts from June 1, 1382, to June 1, 1833.

is 1-An account of notes and bonds due this State, vizi, iso A note signed by Moses Foss, Jr. and otliers

in favor of the Treasurer dated Oct. 9, 1818 Due for principal

$262,80:? A note signed by Stephen P:/Webster in favor ;

of the State of New-Hainpshire dated June 1899, principal

$100, 70

$363,50 Discharged by balance, due on said notes, of 363,50 1,8 A Bond executed by Jasper Elkins and int, -, others, dated August 1830 fori 1.59971 12.19

12.14., 1, $589,00 Discharged by balance due innleme$ 482,00 By general cash account for the Cash received on said Bond:

$ 100,00


""; $ 582,00 2. An account of stock in the United in my hopen

States' Funds and New Hampshire i Bank and dividends on sameak 18 T y $ 93,700587 Discharged by cash received for princi

oferit *NO) pal of United States 3 pr. cent. Stock and interest on same, carried to cash. account

2. $ 67,450,570) ; By 50 Shares in New-Hampshire, 1 ribus loi 01 Bank and dividends on same ,-1!1free 9 ? $ 26,250,00 ;


..? $ 93,700,57 3 A general cash account embracing the 971,' grits:400

following items of Credit.
Balance of Cash in the Treasury as found by

the Committee on Settlement with the Treat bodien: 11:.

suter, June 1, 1832 4,7'!?n vores $6,5083,15,10,419 Tares outstanding at that time

2,789,49 : 16 Cash received of the Selectmen of Bristol,

Madbury, Boscawen, Brookline, Pembroke,

Dublin and Swanzey, for Military fines, 20,00 Cash received of Land Commissioner

247,00 Borrowed of Merrimack County Bank i $20,000,00! 10 New Hampshire Bank Stock: 9006, I hit 1,250,06 110231 For interest on United States' 3 per cent. !!!

stock from June 1, 1882, to Jan. I, 1883 1,160,06 16 Cash received of Raph Metcalf, Secretary of State for 3:40

fees received at his office froin June 1831, to June 1832

312,00 Cash received for principal of United States' stock

66,290,51 Cash of Jasper Elkins endorsed on his Bond

100,00 Amount of State Tax for 1832

45,000,00 Error of pay Roll of House of Representa

tives Nov. session in favor of L. W. Stebbins.


$144,211,22 O Which is accounted for, as follows, viz.

Paid Sundry orders for salaries of Governor,
Justices of Superior Court, Court of Common
Pleas, Judges and Registers of Probate, Attorney
General, Adjutant General, Commissary General,

Secretary, Treasurer and Warden of the State Prison $15,797,16 Travel and attendance Rolls of the

Counil, Senate and House of Representatives

$ 36,815,96 Bounties on wolves, bears, wild-cats, foxes and Crows

1,589,35 Notes given by Treasurer to Merriss' mack County Bank and interest on

.1.1920,427,78 Cash deposited in Commercial Bank 51,004.93 Sundry orders drawn by the Execu

tive, not included in above account to sé : and cash paid Abner P. Stinson for '!' 1'0' land

16,036,26 Cash in Treasury

770,94 Outstanding Taxes


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$ 144,211,22 All which are duly vouched and correctly cast, and the vouchers, together with a copy of the Treasurer's account are herewith exhibited.



PAUL WENTWORTH.”, On motion of Mr. Brown Resolved, That said Report with the accompanying papers be referred to a select committee.

1 Ordered, That Messrs, Brown, Blodgett' and Tuttle be said committee

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