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Bankruptcy Court Amendment Act, 6. Chancery, 364, 458.
Quakers, Moravians, and Separatists Acts, Compensation to Oficers, 459.

Writs of Error and Appeals, 460.

Bank of England Act, 52.

Bankrupts' Estates, 463.

Slavery Emancipation Act, 65.

Assizes Removal, 523.

East India Company Act, 289.


Chancery Arrears, 451.


General Notices of Law Reform, 1, 321,


424, 465.


Friendly Societies, 4.

See Notes of the Week in each Number,

Municipal Corporations, 7, 295, 310.

from p. 303 to the end.

Merits of the Lord Chancellor, 17. RECENT DECISIONS IN ALL THE SUPERIOR

General Register of Deeds, 21, 33, 132, Courts, reported by Barristers of the

177, 361, 504, 515.

several Courts, in each Number.

Criminal Law, 25.

The subjects of the Decisions are stated in the

Local Courts, 26, 33, 123, 170, 221, 243, Index, in Italics; and the Names of the Cases


in the Digest.

Imprisonment for Debt, 83, 94, 188, 195. New Rules AND ORDERS OF THE Surerior

Parochial Registration, 195, 268, 281.

Courts :

Church Property, 308, 529.

Chancery, 71, 145.

Poor Laws, 353, 470.

Common Law; Bail, 93.

Bankruptcy Court, 364.

Fines and Recoveries, 220, 299.

Enfranchisement of Copyholds, 371.

Practice, 231.

Inns of Court, 433, 500, 513.

Pleading, 257.

Law of Libel, 434.

Costs, 376.
English and Irish Judgments, 456.
Law of Forfeiture, 481.

And see Notes of the Week, passim.


Reviews :


Atherton's Personal Actions, 9.

Treatment of the Insane, 7.

Hosser on Credit, 83.

Forgery of Stamps, 23, 49, 57, 86.

Theobald's Jones on Bailment, 117.

Stage and Hackney Carriages, 103.

Stalman on the Real Property Acts, 132.

Parish Apprentices, 122.

Burn's Fleet Registers, 153.

Seamen's Wages, 134.

Smith's Chancery Practice, 185.

Lighting and watching, 167, 186, 203, Defence of the Lord Chancellor,17,193,241.


Tidd's Practice, 215.


West's Solicitors' Book-Keeping, 217.

Stewart's Appendix to Conveyancing Prac-

Imprisonment for Debt, 195.

tice, 279.

Turnpike Roads, 308.

Parken and Stewart's Precedents in Con-

County Coroners, 362.

veyancing, 322.

Liberty of the Press, 379.

Brady's Summary of Stamps, 359.

Bankruptcy Fund, 380.

Walker on Parochial Reform, 359.

English and Irish Judgments, 408.

Quin on Ecclesiastical Local Courts, 377.

Dissenters' Marriages, 422.

Law of Forfeiture, 424.

Hayes' Introduction to Conveyancing, 404.

Chancery Practice, 406.

General Register of Deeds, 436.

Sir E. Sugden on General Registry, 468.


of the Sabbath, 439.

Wordsworth's Rules of Court, 483.

Highways, 440.

Cockburn's Election Law, 514.

Parish Apprentices, 489.

Okey's Digest of Laws of France, 537.

Spring Assizes—Quarter Sessions, 490.

County Register of Deeds, 490.


Exchange of Lands in Common Fields, Rule against Perpetuities, 49.


Clauses against Anticipation, 113.

Metropolitan Offences, 517.

Purchase of Reversionary Interests, 212.

Poor Laws, 530.

Wife's Equity for a Settlement, 273.

Uses to bar Dower, 417.



Parliamentary Practice, and Fees on Pri-

Remedies of Mortgagee, 85.

vate Bills, 129.

Statute of Frauds, 242.

Parochial Registration, 195, 268, 281.

Assignment of Leases, 324.

Poor Laws, 353.

Title requisite, under Limitation of Ac-

Inns of Court, 500.

tions' Act, 325, 356.

General Registry of Deeds, Appendix.

Mr. Brodie's Opinion, 330.


Clergyman's charging his Benefice, 410.

Statute of Frauds, 486.


Dower Act, 486.

Payment of Debts from Real Estate, 219.

Investigation of Titles, 488.

Select Vestry, 246.

Limitation of Real Actions, 489.

Recovery of Colonial Property, 247.

Annuities, 521.

Marriage Settlements, 280.

Law Tracts:

Acknowledgment of Deeds, 298.

Assignment of Wife's chose in Action, 407.

Registrar's Office, 309.

Travellers and Inn Keepers, 449.

Inns of Court, and Mr. Harvey, 309,

Extinguishment of Executor's Debt, 520.

Election Law Corporations, 363.

Stay of Proceedings, 390.


Official Assignees, 391.

Negligence, responsibility for, 105, 392. Laborers' Cottages, Ejectment, 391, 444.

Liability to Taxation, 164.

Lease for a Year, 392.

Signed Bills, 264.

Judges' Chambers, 410.

Admissions on the Roll, 308.

Attorneys' Certificate Duty, 411.

Lien for Costs, 337.

Law Amendment, Costs, 411.

Lien on Judgments, 455.

Local Ecclesiastical Courts, 422.


New Scale of Costs, 443, 474, 499, 536.


Professional Grievances, 549.



Ancient Plans of registering Deeds, 21. Jurisdiction of Inns of Court over Inns of

Limitation of Actions, 56, 71, 137, 389.

Chancery, 340.

Dower, 63, 70, 134.

Lectures at the Incorporated Law So-

Uniformity of Process, 81.

cieties, see Law Lectures.

Imprisonment for Debt, 94, 188.

New Orders in Chancery, 97, 99, 180, LEGAL BIOGRAPHY, 36, 58, 101, 116.
197, 229, 294, 313.

Law LECTURES, 41, 53, 77, 101, 121, 161,
Interpleader Act, 100.

162, 331, 375, 545.
Local Courts, 26, 123, 170, 221, 243, 358. LAW PROMOTIONS, see Index.
General Register of Deeds, 132, 177, 504,


13, 126, 173.
Practice in Country Fiats, 192, 329
New Common Law Rules, 244, 275.

List Of Sheriffs, UNDERSHERIFFS, De-
Cases on the Apothecaries' Act, 328.

PUTIES, &c. 47, 64, 79, 127, 373, 431.
Bankruptcy Court Funds' Bill, 364. PERPETUAL COMMISSIONERS
Responsibility of a Judge, 369.

Fines and Recoveries ACT, 206, 239,
Chancery Prisoners for Contempt, 372.

446, 505, 550.

New Scale of Costs, 403, 419.


Inns of Court, 433, 513.

Law of Libel, 434.

Right Hon. Sir John Bayley, Bart., 305.

Affidavit to hold to Bail, 550.


General Review of Law Reform, 1.


Prophetic Legal Chronology, 68.

Bill filed by an Imbecile, 154.

Letters on the Juridical Institutions of

Marriage by Banns, 293.

Great Britain, 150.

Bankers' Cheque, 357.

Lost Note, 370.

Military Description of a Trial, 163.

The Lord Chancellor, 17, 193, 241.

Jurymen, 418.

Mr. D. W. Harvey, 209, 309.

Steam Boats, 435.

Prize Fights, 498.

Obituary, 266.

A Knock Out, 523.

Chronology, 267

Unreported Speech of a Noble Lord, 314.


A Barrister's Letter to the Lord Chancel-

Uniformity of Process, 44.

lor on our Parliamentary Prospects, 321.

Customs' Act, 44.

Appellate Jurisdiction illustrated, 344.

Dower, 45, 105, 138, 201, 202, 349, 390, Reformers of the Law, 401.

421, 442.

Vision of a General Registry, 515.

Local Courts, 45, 88, 309, 391.

Limitation of Actions for rent, 87, 88, ATTORNEYS TO BE ADMITTED, 89, 106, 346.


137, 218, 363.


Prisoners' Day Rules, 87.

Defective Stamps, 88, 138.


Limitation of Actions' Act, 104, 200, 298, MISCELLANEA :

ANSWERS TO Queries, vide Index.


Uniformity of Process, 104.

Legal Antiquities, History, Anecdotes,

&c., vide Index.

Practice, Time for Pleading, 104.


Law of Libel, 138.


Poor Laws, 201.

General Registry, 201, 247, 349, 411,536 List of New PubliCATIONS, ibid.


Estate, subject to a Term, 219.

THE Editor's LETTER Box, end of each
Repeal of Usury Laws, 219.

Weekly Number.

[blocks in formation]

A REVIEW OF THE MEASURES Actions Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 27 ; given

EFFECTING AN ALTERATION IN 6 L. O. 261. The act abolishing Fines and THE LAW, IN THE LAST SES- Recoveries, 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 74; 6 L. O. SION OF PARLIAMENT, 1833. 433. The Dower Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. c.

105 ; 6 L. O. 449: and the Inheritance On the commencement at once of a new

Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 106; 6 L. O. 465. volume of our work and of the legal year. 1st of January, 1834, and they make

All these acts come into operation on the we do not know that we can perform a better service to our readers

than by re- many important changes in the present viewing the important changes made in the practice of conveyancing. law in the last session of Parliament, stating to the Common Law. The Law Amend

Next in importance are the acts relating when they came, or come into operation, and enabling all those whom they may concern to L. O. 306 ; which came into operation on

Act, 3 4. 6 see at a glance bow far the march of innova- the 1st of June last. The Act for amending tion has proceeded. A Government author

the Uniformity of Process Act, 3 & 4 W. ity has declared that “ more has been done

4. c. 67; 6 L 0. 389; which came into for our jurisprudence during the first session of the reformed Parliament, than during the operation on the 28th of August last: and

the Act for enabling the Crown to change whole of the preceding century;”. and the place for holding the Assizes, 3 & 4 W. without echoing this sentiment, we may 4. c. 71; 6 L. 0. 371; which also came safely say, that enough has been done to into operation on the 28th of August last. render it necessary for the practitioner to louk well about him before he takes a single of Chancery; which are the Chancery Re

Next come the acts relating to the Court step, more particularly when the present year shall have completed its course.

gulation Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 94; 6 L. O.

To enable him to see his way, we shall now the practice of the Court of Chancery. This

401; making most important alterations in arrange the various acts passed in the last session, altering the law; and shall add act, as far as it relates to the office of the references to our own work, where the acts but in all other matters it takes effect from

Clerk of Affidavits, is at present in force ; have been given in its pages, as in most in the end of the present Michaelmas term, or stances their provisions have been there

on the 26th of November. The other act reexplained. For those few acts not already lating to the Court of Chancery, is the 3 & 4 noticed, we must refer our readers to our future numbers.

W.7. c. 84; 6L. O. 450; and it provides First, then, in importance, come the

for the discharge of the duties of certain of

ficers of that Court, and came into operation Real Property Acts :—The Limitation of

the 28th of August last.

Next in importance is the Privy Council a The Reformed Ministry and the Reform- Appeals Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 41; 6 L. O. ed Parliament, p. 56.

337; which may be said to call into ex




Review of the Measures of the last Session. istence a new Court, with important powers | 450; all of which are now in operation, and jurisdiction. This act came into oper- are also worthy of the attention of every ation on the 1st of June, 1833.

careful practitioner. The Lunatic Commissions Act, 3 & 4 Thus have we enumerated those statutes W. 4, c. 36; 6 L. 0. 273; materially which will all more or less bear on the fualters the practice in lunacy. This actture practice of professional men; and it came into operation on the 24th of July, appears, therefore, that scarcely a portion 1833; and connected with it is c. 64, for of our juridical system has remained unamending the Act for the Treatment of In- touched, whether for good or whether for sane Persons, post, p. 7.

evil, experience can only shew; but it is The Bankruptcy Court has also suffered clear that it is the duty of lawyers to bear material alterations, under the 3 & 4 W. 4. with them a knowledge of the alterations c. 47; stated post, p.

6. It came into which have been made ; and it is with this operation on the 28th of August last. object that we have devoted so large a space

The Criminal Law has also been altered to them, and have thought it advisable to by the 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 44; 6 L. O. 499; collect the most important acts in a separate which substitutes transportation for death form, and accompany them by the “ Comin the punishment of certain crimes, and mentaries” of various learned gentlemen, which comes into operation on the 1st of particularly acquainted with their proviJanuary, 1834.

sions. The office of Sheriffs, and the Exchequer The alterations we have enumerated are Office, are dealt with by the 3 & 4 W. 4. the work of one session,- of some six c. 99; 6 L. O. 473, 484 ; which act came months ;- the time is approaching for a reinto operation on the 29th of August, 1833. newal of the attack. A General Registry;

By the Quakers and Moravian Act, 3 & the establishment of Local Courts; the 4 W. 4. c. 49, and the Separatists' Act, 3 Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt; the & 4 W. 4. c. 82, an alteration is made in various proposals of the various bodies of the law of Evidence, by allowing the affir- Law Commissioners, Common Law, Real mations of these sectarians to be taken in Property, Ecclesiastical, Admiralty, Poor all cases instead of an oath. Both these Law, Corporation, Record, and Criminal, acts are now in operation.

English, Irish, and Scotch, are all to be The Payment of Debts Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. discussed. We are threatened with a code, c. 104; 6'L. 0. 483; is a useful measure, with the destruction of the Lord Chancelalso now in force.

lorship, with the abolition of the ultimate The Dramatic Property Act, 3 & 4 W. Court of Appeal ; a new practice is being 4. c. 15; 6 L. 0. 211, protects the rights created in the Courts of Common Law; of dramatic authors. It has been in force another is about to be introduced into the since the 10th of June, 1833.

Courts of Equity; and while new forms of The Abolition of Slavery Act, 3 & 4 W. pleading are being forged on the anvil of 4. c. 73, makes an important alteration in one set of Commissioners, another body, a species of property with which the money. it is hinted, is remodelling the forms for the lending inhabitants of England are nearly transfer of property. Every change achieved as well acquainted as their fellow subjects is but a fulcrum to effect another; the fall in the West Indies.

of one portion of our legal system weakens The East India Company Act, 3 & 4 W. that which remains, and lays it open to the 4. c. 85, and the Bank of England Act, fate of that already removed. 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 98, of great interest to the This is a state of things to excite anxicommunity at large, are also necessary to ety. Let us, however, not despond; but be known by the lawyer.

in availing ourselves of the new system The act allowing Attorneys to officiate as opening upon us, endeavour to shew our Public Notaries, 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 70; 6 readiness to submit to all reasonable L. 0. 422; the act relating to Inclosure changes, to assist its operation, and thus, Awards, c. 87; 6 L. 0. 422; the New if possible, preserve the main superstructure Police Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 19; 6 L. O. of our laws. 267, 313; the Sewers Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 22; 6 L. 0. 356, 394; the Turnpike Road Returns Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. C, 8; 6 L. O. 439; and the Parochial Rates Exemption Act, 3 & 4 W. 4. c. 30; 6 L. O.

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