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" ... the mistake. It was not long before the ship was manned, and ready for sea, for every seaman liked Jack Cooling. Jack having heard that it was usual to make a speech to the ship's company, had all hands piped, and, being a very little man, mounted... "
The Man in the Moon: Consisting of Essays and Critiques on the Politics ... - Seite 50
herausgegeben von - 1804 - 194 Seiten
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The Log Book, Or, Nautical Miscellany

Old Sailor - 1830 - 498 Seiten
...hands piped, and, being a very little man, mounted an arm chest for the purpose. Every tar was silent; Jack began, "Harkee! my name's Jack Cooling ; and...and, one and all, declared, that they never had heard a finer speech in all their lives. It is not easy to suppress the feeling of esteem for the bluntness...
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