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Because it will represent you better,
ar: do more for you than any other card,
in getting some desired interview. The
famous vid 1997
Peerless Patent Book Form Card
is the exclusive choice of the man of
distinction everywhere.
It is one of the eyi-
dences of his dis-
tinction, 29 at the

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Have puncture-proof tires, Imported Brampton roller chains.

imported flanged sprockets and featherweight steel mud guards,
imported Brampton pedals, motor style saddles, bars and grips,
and other distinctive features possessed by no other bicycle. No effort
or expense has been spared to make the 1915 Ranger" the World's
Best Bicycle. Improved factory methods and greatly increased output
for 1915 enable us to make a marvellous new price ofer. Something
very special to the first purchasers of 1915 Models in each town.
Write us about it today.
WE SHIP ON APPROVAL ettnout a ceni in advance to any

the United
States, and prepay he relght. We only ask you to examine and try
the “Ranger" wllhout a cen i of expense to yourself before you think of
buying any other bicycle.
30 DAYS' FREE TRIAL "Nota ceni cost to you if you do not

is allowed on every "Ranger” bicycle. wish to keep it after riding it for 30 days and putting it to every test, Our “Ranger” bicycles are of such high quality, handsome appearance and low price that we are willing to ship to you, prepaia, let you examine and try it and leave it entirely to you whether you wish to keep it or not. LOW FACTORY PRICES Our great output, perfected methods direct from the factory the best bicycle ever produced at a price that will be a revelation to you. Do not buy a Bicycle or a pair of Tires

until you receive our large, complete catalog and learn our direct factory price and remarkable special offer. SECOND-HAND BICYCLES —a limited number taken in trade by our Chicago rotail stores will be closed out at once, at $3 to $8 each. Descriptive bargain list

free. RIDER AGENTS WANTED in every town and locality, to ride and exhibit

sample 1915 “Ranger" bicycle furnished by us. In your spare time you can take many orders for our bicycles, tires and sundries. Write at once for our large Catalog and a remarkable special proposition' we will make you on the first 1915 models going to your town. TIRES,

rear wheels with coaster brake, inner tubes, lamps, cyclometers, parts, repairs and

everything in the bicycle line at half usual prices. Do not wait-write today for large catalog containing a great fund of interesting, useful bicycle information. It only costs a postal to get everything. Write

it now. MEAD CYCLE CO.

Dept. G255, CHICAGO, ILL. Insist That Your BICYCLE

Be equipped with a

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