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Benefactions of 1914. The benefactions during 1914 amounted to about $310,000,000. Gults of donors under $10,000 are not included in the following list.

Sir Julius Wernher, diamond merchant, of missioner for Canada, designated that $1.735,000 London, wllled King Edward's Hospital Fund of his immense fortune was to go to educational $12,325,000, with an additional $1,000,000 later. Institutions. Yale University received halt &

F. H. Gont, originator of the Cleveland Founda- million dollars and the Royal Victor College, at tion, announced that $20,000,000 had been Montreal, $1,000,000. The other institutions pledged for the purposes of the institution. The named were St. John's College, Cambridge, $50,foundation was formed to provide for wealthy 000; University of Aberdeen, $25,000 for the cremen a means of devoting during life or leaving ation of a chair of agriculture; Presbyterian Colat death a portion of their property for the public lege, Montreal, $60,000: Queen's University, good.

Kingston, Ont., $100,000; $50,000 went to the James Campbell wllled his entire estate, valued Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, and $90,000 at between $10.000,000 and $16,000.000, subject to various hospitals in England and Scotland. The to his wife's and daughter's life interest, to the fund for aged and infirm ministers of the Church St. Louis University, the leading Jesuit college of of Scotland recelved $50,000. the West, for its medical department.

Delivery was made at Baltimore, Md., of seAmong John D. Rockefeller's gifts, not includ-curities valued at $1,500,000, which were preing the money spent in the fitting up of the ship sented by the General Education Board to the with provisions and clothing for the relief of the Medical School of Johns Hopkins University, stricken families in the war zone, were $1,019,908 The gist to be known as the Wm. H. Welch Ento the University

of Chicago; $2,500,000 to the dowment for Clinical Education and Research. Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research; Jane K. Sather or San Francisco, Cal., left $1,$1,000,000 to the same institution for the study 450,000 to the Unlversity of California, of whleh of animal diseases; $300,000 to the building fund amount $700,000 was for chalrs in history and of the Y. M. C. A., to be given in instalments; classics. She also left a law endowment of $20,$225.000 for the purchase of the Grand Chenier 000. This will is being contested. tract of 85,000 acres of Louisiana, to be used as The city of Berlin, Germany, recelved an a refuge for wild fowl; $250,000 to Stevens In- anonymous gift of $1,250,000. stitute: $300,000 toward the erection in Washing The General Education Board granted $700.000 ton of a memorial building to the women of the to Washington University, $500,000 to the Medicivil war, to be used as a headquarters of the cal School of Yale, and $50,000 to the study of American National Red Cross: 200 feet of hose conditions in the rural schools in some fteen to Rescue Hose Company of North Tarrytown, Southern States. N. Y.; $7,000 to the Euclid Avenue Baptist London charitable Institutions received $1,Church; $10,000 a year for ten years for the sup- 250,000 owing to the death of Geoffrey Ansii. port of the American Academy in Rome: $10,000 whose father, a stock broker, designated that in for the relief through the American Red Cross of case the boy died in his minority various hos suffering in Bulgaria due to the Balkan war; pitals and institutions would receive that amount. $11,000 to the Salvation Army for the sufferers Miss Ellzabeth 8. Shippen of Philadelphia of the Empress of Ireland disaster: $5,000 to the willed $1.046,000 for charities. Among them White Plains Y. M. C. A.; $50,000 to the Y. M. were: Pennsylvania Hospital and the Pottsville C. A. College at Springfield, Mass.; $5,000 to Hospital, $50,000 each; Bryn Mawr College, the Honor Roll Relief Fund of the Police Depart-$10,000; twenty hospitals, churches, charitable ment; $25,000 to St. Vincent's Hospital, Cleve- and other institutions, $10,000 each; forty-one land, Ohio.

charities received $5,000 each, and fourteen others Andrew Carnegie gave $1,000,000 to Vander were given from $1,000 to $2,000 each. In adbilt University; $1,000,000 to Carnegie Institutedition, servants were remembered. of Technology: $2,000,000 for the cause of inter An art collection, valued at $1,000,000, was national peace; $100,000 to help raise the $300,000 given to the City Library Association of Springendowment fund for the New York Association Deld, Mass., by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. for the Blind; $100.000 to provide a foundation Theodore B. Basselln of Croghan, N. Y., willed for a pension fund for the employés of the Zo $1,000,000 to the Catholic University of Amerological Park and the Aquarium; $2,000,000 to Ica, including $100,000 for the erection of a hall. the Carnegie Institution at Pittsburgh: $25.000 He also gave $25,000 for a parochial school at to Stevens Institute of Technology: $750,000 to Croghan and $100,000 in trust for its mainthe medical department of Washington Univer tenance. sity at St. Louis, Mo.; $500 to the dispensary Atlanta, Ga., will have a new university, which building fund of the Hospital for Deformities and was made posslble, by a $1,000,000 gilt from Asa Joint Diseases: $5,000 to the National Society Candler. In addition, sums and property given for the Promotion of Industrial Education, to by others will bring the sum up another million. help their fund of $100,000 which they are rais Liberty E. Holden of Cleveland, Ohio, left ing: $20,000 to Dover. N. J., for the erection of $1.000.000 to the Medical School of Western a public library on condition that the city main Reserve University for a foundation in memory tain it: $10,000 to East Orange, N. J., for the of his son. improvement of its library building. Mrs. The World Peace Foundation recel ved $1,000,Carnegie gave $5,000 to the Babies' Hospital in 000 on the death of its founder, Edwin Ginn of New York to endow two beds in memory of her Boston, Mass. nephew.

$1,000,000 was given by R. A. Long of Kansas Francis A. Ogden of Texas willed his entire City, Mo., to a fund raised for the Disciples of estate of several million dollars to the education Christ Church. of country children, especially those whose edu James Deering of Chicago gave $1,000,000 to cational advantages are limited.

Wesley Hospital, Chicago, In memory of William Col. 0. H. Payne gave 34,350,000 to Cornell Deering, father, and Mrs. Howe, sister, of the University,

dopor. Baron Baslle der Schlichting, a Russian who Mrs. Amella Gertrude Cutter left $1,000,000 lived in Paris, left his collection of paintings, to the executors of her will to distribute among bronzes, etc., valued at $2,000,000, to the Louvre persons in need. in Paris.

It was reported that Mrs. Frank Leslie beGeorge H. Hermann of Houston, Tex., left queathed $1.000,000 to Mrs. Carrie Chapman nearly $3,000,000 for charitable purposes, among Calt, to be used in furthering the cause of woman which were a hospital and two parks.

suffrage. Subscriptions of $2,200,000 in pledges were ob The Marchioness Arconti-Visconte of Paris tained by Wellesley College; $750,000 was from presented to the Louvre her entire collection of the Rockefeller Foundation,

paintings, porcelains, furniture and other art obOn the death of Mrs. Marie Eugenie Spencer, jects, valued at $1,000,000. according to the will of her husband, Willam Alter the settlement of the estate of Asa M. Augustus Spencer, half of his estate of $2,164, Packer, Lehigh University received $800,000 and 060 goes to the New York Public Library.

Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, High Com- | $82,000.

Luke's Hospital, South Bethlehem, Pa..

A will to be contested in court is that of Ernest American Baptist Home Mission Society in New V. Cowell, who left the Unlversity of California York; $200,000 was also given for a hospital in $750.000 for scholarships and the erection of a Upland, near Chester, Pa., and amounts of from stadlum.

$5,000 to $50,000 went to several churches and $750,000 went to Yale University, as provided societies. for in the will of Mary Hótchkiss of East River, The will of Hugo Relsinger of St. Louis, Mo., Ct.

when Aled, disclosed that $500,000 was left to The Massachusetts Institute of Technology re charity for educational purposes. Columbia ceived $750,000 for a school for naval architecture University came in for $100.000 and Harvard for and marine engineering from the estate of Charles $50,000. The residue of the estate goes to found H. Pratt of Boston, Mass. The gift was con a hospital in his native town of Wiesbaden, tested.

Germany, for the care of children under fourteen
Mrs. Mary A. Murray of New York left an es years old.
tate of $600,000 to ten religious and charitable J. K. L. Ross of Montreal gave $500,000 to the
Institutions. They are the Women's Hospital, Government for military or naval purposes, or
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, for a fund for soldiers' familles.
Preshyterian Hospital, New York City Mission Nearly $500,000 was willed to Newark, N. J.,
and Tract Society, Women's Branch of the New for a park by Miss Allce W. Hayes, who was a
York City Mission and Tract Society, St. John's lineal descendant of Robert Treat, founder of
Guild, New York Association for Improving the that clty.
Condition of the Poor, Board of Home Missions Miss Letitia Deniston of Pittsburgh, Pa., left
of the Presbyterian Church, and the Working $500.000 as follows: Presbyterian Board Forelga
Girls' Vacation Fund.

Missions, $150,000; Presbyterian Board Home
Harris C. Fahnstock, the New York banker, Missions, $50,000; Y. W.C. A., $50,000; Humane
left $540,000 to charity. Or this sum $100,000 Society, $50,000; Humane Society of Western
went to the Charity Organization Society, A850- | Pennsylvania, $25,000; and the remainder, the
clation for Improving the Condition of the Poor, residuary estate, to the first two named missions.
Presbyterian Hospital, St. Luke's Hospltal, and Edwin Bradbury Smith of New York willed
the Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital; $500,000 to Bowdoin College, from where he was
$25,000 to St. Thomas's Church: $10,000 to the graduated.
Trustees of the Fund for Aged and infirm Clergy $500,000 was given to Yale University to es-
men, and $5,000 to the Children's Aid Society tablish the Anthony N. Brady Memorial Founda-
In addition, he set aside $10,000 to be distributed tion by the late financler's famlly. The Income
to employés of the bank of which he was Presle to be given annually to the school for ten years

to enable the Unlversity to declare operative at Hall a million dollars were given anonymously once the agreement with the General Hospital to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Society of Connecticut, and to conclude the aland the alumni gave $211,000.

llance between the Yale Medical School and the The General Education Board distributed New Haven Hospital. The fund is to become $100,000 to Washington and Lee University; the property of the Unlversity 11 the institution $100,000 to Elmira College: $100,000 to Hendrix recelves within the ten-year period a total of $2,College: $100.000 to Wells College; $33,000 to 000,000 for the medical school, exclusive of gifts Wofford College; $25,000 to Hampden Institute; from the Brady family. $15,000 to Stelman Seminary: $10,000 to Tuske Melville C. Day willed his residuary estate, gee Institute; $15.000 for rural school work in $162,065, and $300,000 to Phillips Academy, Southern States: $33.750 to professors of second - Andover, Mass. He also bequeathed $25,000 to ary education in the South; $19,500 to Maine agri the Wardell Home for Old Ladies at Saco, Me. cultural work: $10,000 to New Hampshire agri- Previous to his death he made gifts to the cultural work.

academy aggregating $260,000. Morrill Wyman willed nearly $500,000 to Har Mrs. Archibald Douglas Russell of New York vard University for medical research, in honor of City gave $500,000 to erect the sanctuary of the his father: $50,000 for the promoting of good National Cathedral of the Episcopal Church in citizenship" by the study of republican govern Washington, D. C. ment, and $50,000 will revert to the institution $400,000 was left for a home for Ohto school upon the death of a cousin.

teachers, and $50,000 for a hospital at Vinton, Catholic educational work was benefited to Ia., by Mrs. Virginia Gay. the extent of from $200,000 to $500,000 by the Thomas S. Kirkwood of Chicago, Ill., willed will of Miss Eliza Andrews of Baltimore, Md., 415,000 among the Chicago Home for the and $21.000 was given for charitable purposes. Friendless and the Chicago Lying-in, Presby

Frederick G. Bourne, prominent capitalist and terlan, St. Luke's and Passavant Hospitals. manufacturer of Oakdale, L. I., gave $500,000 An anonymous gift of $155,000 was the largest to the Trustees of the Cathedral of St. John the single donation ever recelved by the Methodist Divine for the Choir School and $5,000 to the Board of Foreign Missions. Altogether they reNew York Association for the Blind.

celved $410.000, most of which was anonymous. The Metropolitan Museum of Art recelved the In memory of Mrs. George Lauder, $400,000 entire collection of paintings and other valuable was given to Yale Medical School by the Lauder works of art of Mrs. Mary Johnston, widow of family of Pittsburgh. Edward W. Scudder Johnston, a leading member Alfred D. Hermance willed $400,000 to Cornell of the New York Bar.

University for a scholarship fund for graduates $500,000 in stock was announced would be set of the Williamsport, Pa., high school. aside by the National Carbon Co. for its em Mr. William Runkle of New Jersey bequeathed ployés.

large su ms to charitable purposes. Among them Public Institutions, including Harvard and was $100,000 to Lafayette College. Others were Johns Hopkins Universities and the Boston the Presbyterian Board of Relief for disabled Museum of Fine Arts, are conditional residuary ministers and the widows and orphans of delegatees under the will of Gardiner M. Lane of ceased ministers, $50,000; Home Missions Board Boston. The residuary bequests are $250,000 to of the Presbyterian Church, and to the College Harvard University to establish the George Board of that church, $25,000 each; St. Mary's Martin Lane fund, and $100,000 to Johns Hop Hospital, Orange, N. J., $25,000; Orange Free kins University to establish a Basil Gildersleeve Library, $25,000; Orange Orphan Society, fund. The remainder is bequeathed to the $25,000; Orange Memorial Hospital, $10,000; Boston Museum of Fine Arts, of which Mr. Lane Children's Ald and Protective Society, $10,000; was President.

Orange Orthopædic Hospital, $10,000; American $500,000 was given to the Episcopal Ca- Sunday School Mission of New York, $25,000: thedral of St. Peter and St. Paul at Mount St. Presbyterian Church, Asbury N. J., $10,000; Albans, near Washington, by Mrs. Archibald D. the cemetery of that church, $10,000. Russell of Princeton, N. J.

$300,000 was willed by A. McKay as follows: Robert F. Crozer of Pennsylvania wived $100,000 to the Art Institute for the maintenance $100.000 in trust and $10,000 outright to Crozer and enlargement of the Munger collection of Theological Seminary: $50,000 in trust and paintings; $100,000 to the Home for Destitute $10,000 outright each to the American Baptist and Crippled Children, and $100,000 to the Mary Publication Society, Philadelphia, the American Thompson Hospital for Women and Children. Baptist Missionary Union, Boston, and the The radlum from 150 tons of ore, valued at

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about $350,000, was given to hospitals by A. I. Island College Hospital, Brooklyn Home for the du Pont of Delaware.

Aged, Graham Home for Old Ladies, Brooklyn Henry J. Braker gave $354,034 to Tufts College. Orphan Asylum, Children's Ald Soclety, Brook

Sir Robert Baden received $325,000 toward an lyn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to endowment for the Boy Scouts movement. Children, Brooklyn Home for Consumptives, The will of Miss Harriet Otis Cruro, a Boston Brooklyn

Hospital, House of St. Glles the Cripple, spinster, contained public bequests aggregating and the Home for Friendless Women and Chile $325,000.

dren. The will of Migs Elizabeth Thompson divided Dr. Joseph D. Bryant of New York willed, to $300,000 among the Children's Aid Soclety, New

case of his wife's remarriage and anyhow at her York Association for Improving the Condition of death, his estate of $200,000 as follows: New the Poor, New York Historical Society, Society York Academy of Medicine, one-seventh of of the New York Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, residue: New York Medical College, one-seventh: and Columbia University.

the First Baptist Church of Norwich, Ct., oneGround valued at $300,000 will become a free forty-second, and the Norwich Hospital, five cemetery for the citizens of Port Chester, N. Y., forty-seconds. A contingent bequest of $5,000 after the donor's sister, Miss Emma Merritt, dies.

was willed to Bellevue Hospital's surgical ward, Victor M. Osborne of New York left $300,000

St. Joseph's Guild, the Bellevue Hospital Alumni to the S. P. C. A., whleh gilt is being contested. Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., received Norwich, Ct.

Association, and the Old Women's Home of

In addition he provided $1,000 in $300,000 in trust by the will of Melville P. Day

trust for the establishment of a chair in the prinof New York, who resided for twenty years ciples of ethics as practised by the American abroad. In case the academy trustees do not Medical Association. agree the legacy goes to Yale University. Mrs. Mary B. Pell of New York left $272,324

Gen. Charles Cleveland Dodge, the late philanto Columbia University, and sums to several

thropist. set aside for charity all his interests in charitable and educational Institutions.

the Boston, Cape Cod and New York Canal 8265,420 will go to Princeton University on

Company, which amounted to over $200.000, the death of Mrs. Emma Allyce Hartley, as

John L. Cadwalader of New York, at his death, stated in the will of her husband, Dr. Frank

bequeathed Princeton University $25,000, the Hartley. Princeton also receives $5,000 cash.

New York Public Library $100,000, the MetroBowdoin College came in for $15,000,, and the politan Museum of Art $25,000, the New York Society of New York Hospital for $5,000.

Zoological Soclety $20,000 for the purchase of Mrs. Russell Sage agreed to give $25,000 to

animals, the Alumni Association of Harvard Leonard Hospital, Troy, N. Y., providing the

Law School $5,000, six months salary to all emcitizens of that city raised an additional $40.000. ployés of his law orm and his household servants Among her other gifts were $1,000 to the ambu.

who had been with him for five years. lance lund of the Southampton Hospital: funds Besides directing that the residue of her estate for the State Museum to acquire a series of 106 should go to the Hackley School, Mrs. Frances bird paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes of Hackley of White Plains, N. Y., gave the ConIthaca, N. Y.; $10,000 to the New York Zoological gregational Church at Black Rock, Ct.. and Park to add to the Permanent Wild Life Protec Archbald, Pa., $2,000 each: Society for Rellel of tion Fund to protect Federal migratory birds; Destitute Blind, New York City, $5,000; Manas$25,000 for a teachers' rest at Tomkins Cove, sas Industrial School, Manassas, Va., Berean N. Y. She is also a contributor to the American College, Kentucky, Pitt Dellingham School, Society for Control of Cancer, and other chari-Calhoun, Ala., Fort Valley Industrial School, table organizations.

Georgia, Kowallga Academy, Alabama, $5,000 New York State received a gift of 350 acres of each; Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to land west of Albany from Mrs. Emma Treadwell Animals and the Society for the Prevention of Thacher for a park.

Cruelty to Children, New York, $5,000 each; $250,000 was given anonymously to Wellesley Church of the Messiah, New York' City, $50,000 College.

Pennsylvania Universallst Convention, $50.000, Julius Rosenwald of Chicago gave $250,000 to and a fund in trust for the John Raymond Memothe University of Chicago. He sent a check for rial Church Universalist, Scranton, Pa., in memory $25.000 toward the erection of a building for of the testator's father, John Raymond. negro men by the Y. M. C.A. He also agreed to Byron L. Smith, late President of the Northern provide money to erect rural schoolhouses for Trust Co., Chicago, III., left $100,000 to be disnegroes in the South, and gave $4,015 to the tributed among long-slme oficers and employés Infant Welfare Fund in Chicago.

of the company, $10,000 to the Chicago Home for William Waldorf Astor contributed $100,000 Incurables, $10,000 to the Cblengo Orphan to the Red Cross Society, $125,000 to the Prince Asylum, $10,000 to the Presbyterian Hospital, of Wales's National Relief Fund in London, and Chicago, $10,000 to St. Luke's Hospital and in $25,000 to Queen Mary's Fund for providing addition $500 a year toward the upkeep of the work for women thrown out of employment by Solomon A. Smith ward, $10,000 to ihe old the war.

People's Home of Chicago, $10,000 to the Art Matthew Chaloner Durfee Borden of New York Institute, $10,000 to the visiting nurses, $5,000 bequeather $250,000 to Yale.

to the Alice Home at Lake Forest, $25,000 to the Mrs. George D. Farrar of New York be James C. King Home for Old Men. queathed 250,000 to charity.

Mrs. Hanna H. Abbe of New Bedford, Mass., Miss Emily Mathilda Easton of Felling, Dur willed $191,000 to charity. Among the sums ham, England, besides providing large sums for were $50,000 to St. Luke's Hospital at New Bedher servants in her will left $250,000 to educa- ford, $100,000 to the New Bedford Y. M. C. A.. tional and charitable Institutions.

$10,000 to the New Bedford Day Nursery, and David D. Stewart of St. Albans, Me., gave $10,000 to the Massachusetts Institute of Tech$230,000 to institutions in Minneapolis, Minn. nology.

Eben S. Draper, who died in Massachusetts, An anonymous gift of $175,000 was made to set aside $234,000 to be divided as follows: the Methodist Board of Foreign Missions. $20,000

Ilopedale Unitarian Parish, Mrs. George S. Baldwin announced that she $100.000 and real estate adjoining to Milford would build a $175,000 chapel in the Catheriral Hospital, $100.000 to the Massachusetts In of St. John the Divine in memory of her husband. stitute of Technology, $10.000 to American Herman C. von Post of New York willed Unitarian Association, $4,000 to proprietors of $20.000 to the Sheltering Arms: $50,000 to the Hopelale village cemetery, and several bequests Church of the Holy Communion; $50.000 to St. to emploves.

Luke's Hospital: and $10,000 each to the New Kenneth S. Walbank of Chicago willed $225.000 York Association for Improving the Condition of among the Chicago Charity Hospital, the Home the Poor, the Charity Organisation Society of the for the Friendless, and the Chicago Home for City of New York, the American Geographical Incurables.

Society of New York City, the Society of St. Mrs. Mathilda E. Webb, who died in Brook- Johnland, and the Home of Rest for Consumplyn, N. Y., left $10,000 to Plymouth Church, tives. and $5,000 to the Rev. Dr. Newell Dwight Hills, John Eccles of Norwich, Ct., willed to religious to be used for church purposes. 8200.000 is also Institutions, among them six churches, $166.009. given among ten Institutions, namely, the Long Adrian Iselin, Jr., and his sister, Georgine

Iselin of New York, presented a modern hospital, An anonymous gift of $100,000 was given to costing $165,000, to Indiana, Pa.

Wellesley College. $160,000 was given anonymously to Cornell Amherst College received $100.000 from an University.

unnamed donor for the Geo. D. Olds professorMrs. Katherine McKee of Pittsburgh, Pa., ship. willed $150,000 in trust, the income from which An anonymous gift of $100.000 was made to Is to buy coal for the poor of the Lawrenceville the Medford Sanitartom at Long Island, N. Y. district of her home city, and to care for the poor The Yale Divinity School received $100,000 of the East Liberty Presbyterian Church. In from Mrs. D. Wulis James and Arthur Curtiss of addition she created a fund of $5,000 for aged New Haven, Ct., and $100,000 from an anonypreachers of the Methodist Episcopal Church. mous source.

Henry M. Gescheidt of New York at his death Charles W. Harkness gave $100,000 to Yale made provision for $150,000 to be given to University. Trinity Church for a bread line, every loat to bear An anonymous donor offered $100,000 to the his name. On the refusal of the Trinity Corpora- Northfeld schools. tion to carry out his wishes he stated that the

Mrs. Jennie R. Brown of Berlin, Wis., left money was to be given to the Five Points House $100.000 for a home for destitute aged. of Industry and to hospitals.

Mrs. William Abbey of New Bedford, Mass.. Mrs. Minnle Hackett bequeathed $40,000 to willed $50,000 to St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedthe Presbyterian Hospital, New York: $100,000 ford; $10,000 to the Massachusetts Institute of to Syracuse University: $10,000 to Woodlawn Technology, and $40,000 to other Institutions. Cemetery, and $2,000 to the Kenslco Cemetery. Harvard University received $100,000 from the

Miss Serena Rhinelander bequeathed $50,000 class of 1889. to the Church of the Ascension, the income to be Mrs. John s. Kennedy gave $100,000 to Auused to preserve the memorials of her father: burn Theological Seminary. $50,000 to St. James's Church, the income to be $100,000 was divided among the Y. M. C. A., spent for repairs on the church and memorials of the American Seamen's Home, and the American the Rhinelander family: $50,000 to the Children's Baptist Church, according to the will of James Ald Society, the income to be used for the main B. Loring of Brooklyn, N. Y. tenance of the Rhinelander Industrial School. Robert Corr gave $100,000 to Villanova Col

William N. Hartshorn of Boston, Mass., lege in Pennsylvania. pledged $140,000 to the Northfield schools.

Mount Sinai Hospital received $100.000 from Mount Sinal Hospital recelved $125,000 for Mrs. Louis W. Neustader; three perpetual beds two neurological wards from Samuel and Harry at $5.000 each, two memorial beds at $2,500 each Sachs.

from friends, and three new funds were created, The will of Mrs. Anna Sundberg Williams of one for $10,000 and two for $5,000 each. Brooklyn, N. Y., gave $125,000 as follows: The Mrs. Nettie McCormick, Mrs. Cyrus H. Wartburg Orphan Farm School at Mount Ver McCormick, and Mr. Harold F. McCormick tonon, $3,000; the German Hospital Society, $43,- get her gave $100.000 to McCormick Theological 000, and the German Evangelical Aid Society of Seminary for endowment. Brooklyn, $3,000. The residue to be divided Mrs. D. Wills James and Arthur Curtis James among the first two named institutions, the In of New Haven, Ct., gave $100,000 to aid the dustrial Home for the Blind, and the Blind Ba- development of the Yale Divinity Schoot into a bles' Sunshine Home.

University School of Religion. $ 125.000 was left to Emperor William for the Major R. W. Millsaps gave $100,000 to Minexpansion of the German Navy by Herr Vahldick saps College, Jackson, M198. of Luebeck.

$100,000 was given anonymously to Yale It was reported that Sir James Key Calrd, the Divinity School. millionaire jute manufacturer of Dundee, gave An anonymous gift of $20,000, to be followed $120,000 toward the expenses of the Shackleton by four additional gifts of the same amount, was Antarctic expedition.

given to Yale in memory of Gilbert L. Stark, the Miss Katherine Allen bequeathed $117,500 to income to be used for the Chair of Social Service Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

in the School of Religion. Ex-Senator A. O. Bacon, who died in February, An alumnus of the university gave $100,000 to left land in Macon, Ga., valued at $100,000, and Yale. in addition $10,000 in cash, to be given to the city Charles W. Harkness gave $100,000 to Yale for a park on the death of his wife and daughter. University.

Wm. K. Vanderbilt made a gift of $113,750 to The Mask and wig Club of the University of Columbia University.

Pennsylvania completed plans for the erection of Donations were received for the American Mu a residence for the University for the use of the seum of Natural History amounting to $106,534. Provost, costing between $75,000 and $100,000.

Mrs. Lina V. Happel bequeathed $104,000 as Jacob Langeloth, a member of the America follows: In memory of her only son, who dead, Metal Co., lett a bequest to be used for public $25,000 to the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and schools, playgrounds, hogpitals, libraries, gymSciences; German Hospital of Brooklyn, $15.000: naslums, etc., for the use of the inhabitants of Brooklyn Poor Association in Livingston Street, Langeloth, Pa. In addition he left $5,000 to $5,000 $5,000 each to the Brooklyn Bureau of Mount Sinal Hospital, the German Hospital and Charities, the Salvation Army, the German Dispensary, Manhattan Eye and Ear and Throat Evangelical Lutheran Home, the Brooklyn Fed Hospital, Columbia University, and the Metroeration of Jewish Charities, the Home for Destle politan Museum of Art: $2,500 to the Mannhelm tute Blind, Manhattan; the Hospital for Ruptured Park in Germany; $2.000 each to the Charity Orand Crippled Children, Manhattan; other institu-ganization Society and Society for Improving the tlong mentioned were the Frauen Verein of the Condition of the Poor; $1,500 to the Chrystle Deutsches Hospital of Brooklyn, $3,000, and the Recreation Rooms in Chrystle Street: $1,000 Lutheran Cemetery, $1,000. She also left $10, each to the Isabella Helmath, and the New 000 for charitable purposes to the village of En York Botanical Garden; also a sum, the amount zweihingen, Württemberg, Germany, In memory not mentioned, to go to the Valeria Home, of Caroline and Christian Voge!, and $15,000 to named for his wife. the City of Heidelberg, Germany.

Miss Barbara Kerr of Coraopolis, Pa., divided The will of Gen. James Grant Wilson disposed her estate of $95,000 between the Home of the of his collection of curios to the Metropolitan United Presbyterian Women's Association of Museum of Art.

North America and the Pittsburgh and Allegheny Jacob H. Schiff contributed $100,000 for an Home for Friendless. endowment for the Red Cross. He also presented Lina Somerville of Ravenna, Ohio, gave part of to the Library of Congress a collection of philo- her estate of $85,000 to the Ravenna Methodist sophical and theological manuscripts and books, Church and the rest to a Cleveland church. about 10,000 volumes in all.

The family of the late Stephen M. Clement gave The Canadian Pacific Rallroad Company con $80,000 to Yale University to support the Chair tributed $100,000 to the Canadian Patriotic Fund, of Religious Methods in the School of Religion. to care for the wives and children and dependents Edward A. Drummond gave $80,000 to Bowof the men who went from Canada as soldiers doin College. in the armles of Great Britain and her allles en J. N. Pew estate gave $80,000 to Grove City gaged in war.

College for a Memorial Hall Boys' Dormitory.

Thirty-five hundred employés of the Alexander the Darrach Home for Crippled Children, the Smith Carpet Company, Yonkers, N. Y., re New York Orthopædic Dispensary and Hospital cel ved a bonus of $80,000. This was the sixth all of New York, received $3,000 each. bonus the employés received in three years, mak Frederick C. Hicks gave $62,200 to Swartbing a total of $420,000 that has been divided more College. among the men and women workers.

Miss Cora Barnes of New York City willed $80.000 went to Roman Catholic charltles $10,000 to the New York School for Applied from the estate of James A. Casey, a former

resin Design for Women, and $50,000 to the New York manufacturer.

Kindergarten Association. Mrs. Stephen Merrell Clement of Buffalo, N.Y., The bulk of the $60,000 estate accumulated by presented $80.000 to the Yale Divinity School. John Hoey of Camden, N. J., will go to the

Robert G. Ogden, the late merchant and philan- Catholic poor of his native city. thropist, willed $8,000 to the Harriet Holland In order to insure the completion of her husMemorial Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, band's plans for the new Germanic Museum at and $20,000 and a contingent interest in one-third fered $56,000 to the Institution. $1,000 to the Dixie Hospital at Hampton, Va. Harvard, Mrs. Adolphus Busch of St. Louis ofof a $50.000 fund to Hampton Normal and Agri Home and foreign mission activities will profit cultural Institute at Hampton, Vå.

by the will of the late Mrs. Eliza A. Henry. The Catherine E. Daly wllled $76,000 to the Ameri Home Mission Board of the Presbyterian Churca, can S. P. C. A. in New York,

Woman's Board of Foreign Missions and Home The Rev. Leander Townsend Chamberlain, Missions each get $10,000, and $25, 00 goes to late preacher and author, provided that $30,000 the Presbyterian Board of Ministerial Relief. be given to the Salonica Agricultural and Indus T. Wistar Brown gave $51,000 to Haverford trial Institute in Turkey. He gave other be- College. quests to various Institutions, and $35,000 to the Kate s. and Lucy M. Buckingham of Chicago, Smithsonian Institution.

nii., conveyed, according to the wishes of their The will of Miss Mary Louisa van Wagenen late brother, three lots to the University of of New York disclosed that $25,000 was left to Chicago Settlement. The property adjoins the the General Clergy Relief Fund of the Protestant settlement. Episcopal Church in memory of John B. Lewis, Mrs. Melissa Stewart of Minneapolis, Minn, her uncle, a like sum to the Foreign Mission So- besides bequeathing $6,000 to be invested and ciety in memory of her father, Hubert G. van the income applied to the salaries of pastors in Wagenen, $3,000 to endow a crib in the Seaside four Minnesota churches, provided that the restHospital of st. John's Guild in memory of her due of her estate, amounting to about $40,000. cousin, Hubert Lewis, $8,000 to the Home for shall be converted into the "Stewart Memorial Old Men and Aged Couples in memory of her Fund for Widows and Orphans," and distributed brother, Britton van Wagenen, and $5,000 to among institutions in North Dakota. St. Luke's Home for Aged Women in memory of Sums of $50,000 were given by the following her mother. Other bequests were to the Home persons: Miss Susan Minns of Boston, in honor for Hall Orphans and Destitute Children, the of the late Susan M. Hallowell, formerly professor New York Bible Society, and the New York of botany in Wellesley, to Wellesley College: P. E. Mission.

Alexander E. Orr, banker and rapid transit A gift of $15,000 a year for a period of Ove pioneer, to the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of years was made to the Egyptian Department of Long Island; Mrs. Thomas J. Emery of Cin. the Metropolitan Art Museum by Mrs. Edward cinnati, O., to Packer Collegiate Institute, BrookJ. Tytus as a memorial to her son.

lyn, N. Y.; Mrs. E. H. hiarriman, to Barnard Washington and Lee University will have a College; anonymous, to Williams College endowDew $75,000 gymnasium, the gift of Mrs. Robert ment fund; Abraham Steinman, cotton goods Parker Doremus, as a memorial to her husband, merchant, bequeathed to Hebrew Technical Inwho left his whole estate to the university.

stitution, New York; Nathaniel S. Stone, to Carll Harrison De Silver, the Brooklyn, N. Y., Harvard University in memory of his brother art connoisseur and philanthropist, left at his Henry: Mrs. Otto Huber, widow of the Brooklyn, death $50,000 to the Brooklyn Institute of Arts N. Y., brewer, bequeathed $25,000 each to St. and Sciences, $10,000 to the Church of the New Catherine's Hospital and the German Hospital Jerusalem, and $2,500 each to the Brooklyn of Brooklyn; Hallen Parker, to Whitman College; Children's Aid Society, the Society for the Pre the Levi M. Stewart estate, to Carleton College, vention of Cruelty to Children, the Brooklyn Northfield, Minn.; James J. Hill, to Carleton Industrial School Association and Home for College at Northfield. Minn.; Moses Fell Dunn, Destitute Children, the Brooklyn Eye and Ear in the form of real estate, to Purdue University: Hospital, and the Hospital of St. Giles the Crip Alexander Moore, to Wittenberg College; Mrs. ple. Should his son, Albert De Silver, die with Francis Furnald, to Colorado College, to complete out Issue, after his mother, a trust fund of the equipment of Furnald Hall, the new dormi$650,000 will fall to the General Convention of tory: Charles H. Pine of Ansonia, Ct., to Yale the Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem, University, to aid poor students; Miss Mary and $766,000 will go to the Institute of Arts and Semple of Pittsburgh, Pa., income for vacations Sciences.

for women who work for a living or who are in; Miss Cora v. Catlin willed 830.000 to the Jaines J. Hill, to be devoted to the study of hog Cathedral of St. John the Divine for chancel cholera at the Rockefeller Institute, New York. decorations in memory of her brother, N. W. An offer of $25,000 was made to Bishop George Stuyvesant Catlin, $10,000 to St. Mark's Church, W. Mundelein of Brooklyn, N. Y., for the com$5,000 to the Post-Graduate Hospital for a bed pletion of the chapel and the building of a new in the children's ward, $10,000 to Christian rectory on the condition that a like sum be raised. Helpers' Horne, Brooklyn, $300 to S. P. C. A., If not, the money is to be given to charity. $10,000 to New York University for a scholarship Mary How Stefflns willed a trust fund of to be known as the N. W. Stuyvesant Catlin $47.270 to Columbia University for a professor Scholarship, and $5,000 to St. Luke's Home for ship endowment to be known as the Hall J. How Aged Gentlewomen.

fund in memory of her father. Miss Sarah Ferguson of Stamford, Ct., willed Mre. William Binney of Providence left $40.000 $50,000 to St. Andrew's Church, $10,000 each for in public bequests. the endowment of St. John's Church House, and Garrett Foxwell of Chestertown, Md., left an for the church, and $10,000 to the Ferguson estate worth $40,000 to Washington College. Tibrary:

The following institutions receive $10,000 The University of Virginia received from the apiece, as named in the will of Mrs. Lizzie estate of Col. James H. Skinner $41,988 for Hastings folme, who died in London: The Episcopal ministerial students, and $23,373 from Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the E. J. Folks estate to establish scholarships. the New York Foundling Hospital, the Five

M. F. Dunn gave $65,000 to Earlham College. Points House of Industry, and the City Hospital Mrs. Adelaide L. Butler, who was the widow of of Los Angeles, Ca.. Charles H. Butler of the firm of Butler Bros., By the clause in the will of Mrs. Christiana provided in her will that the Stamford Hospital Evans of Denver, Col., $25,000 was named to be and Greenwich General Hospital each receive distributed to men who proved failures. In ad$25,000 The Free Industrial School for Crip- diuion, $10,000 was bequeathed to the Craig pled Children, the Home for Destitute Children, I Colony, and $5,000 to the Children's Home.

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