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El Chapters.

90 Chapters.

Alpha Phímalpha:

Alpha (hi Rho..
1.102 13 1. Trinity, 1895

Dixon Ryan Fox, New York City. Alpha Ielta Phi.

8,500 24 7 2. Hamilton, 1832. Hunter S. Marston, New York City. Alpha Kappa Psi.. 348 8

1 New York Univ, 1907... W. McLeod Murphy, N. Y. City.

436 16 2 5 Cornell Univ., 1906. Hoscoe W. Ross, Washington, D. C. Alpha Sigma 1,771 15 15 Yale, 1845....

Wayue M. Musgrave, N. Y. City. Alpha Tau Omega.. 13.500 61 60 VA. Military Inst., 1865. Claude T. Reno, Allentown, Pa. Beta Theta Pi.... 19,924 79 22 75 Miami, 1839.

Francis W. Shepardson, Chicago, Ill. Chi Phi............

6.500 21 21 Princeton, 1824. Geo. M. Ward, Rochester, N. Y. Cbi Psi..

18 19 18 Union, 1841...

Harold G. Aron, New York City. Delta Chi.

21 Cornell, 1899.

W.W. Bride, Washington, D.C.
Delta Kappa Epsilon.. 17,500 43 12 48 Yale, 1844. ...... James A. Hawes, New York ('ity.
Delta Phỉ.
8,834 12 5 11 Union, 1827

A. 6. Freeland, New York City. Delta Psi.

7 Columbia, 1847.

(No secretary Delta Sigma Phi.... 1.738 11

8 Coll. City of N. Y., 1899. lieenan J. McNally, New York City. Delta Tau Delta..... 10.464 53 20 48 Bethany, 1859.

Henry 7. Bruck, Mi. Savage, did. Delta Upsilon


41 Williams, 1831.......... Walter Wilgus, New York City. Kappa Alpha (North). 1.300 8 2

8 Union, 1825..

Theo. Gilman, Jr., New York City. Kappa Alpha (South). 13,000 48 15 85 Wash'ton and Lee, 1865 Wm. B, Crawiord, Kissimmee, Fla. Kappa Sigrua.

13,237 8017

66 Ouiversity Va., 1869... Herbert M. Martin, Danville, Va. Lambda (hi Alpha.... 1.100 201 0 17 Boston Unlv., 1909. Alvah S. Holway, Sandwich, Mass. Phi Delta Chi (Phar.).. | 2.700 15 3 13 Univ. Mich., 1883. William G. Gaessler, Ames, Iowa. Phi Delta Tleta....... 20,000 76 25 45 Miami, 1848.

Hon. F. J. Coxe, Wadesboro, N. C. Phi Epsilon Pi.

400 7 0 7 Coll. City N. Y., 1902... Jesse Acker, New York City. Phi Gamma Delta... 15.000

59 25 50 Wash. & Jefferson, 1848 Harry B. Wassell, Pittsburgh, Pa. Phi Kappa Psi

13,300 43 43 Wash, & Jefferson, 1852 Howard C. Williams, Cleveland, O. Phi kappa Sigma..... 5,400 27 17 27 University Penn., 1850. Richard M. Philler, Philadelphin, Pa. Phi Sigma Kappa. 3,540 26 1 6 Mass. Agr'l Coll., 1873.. Donald H. McLean, Elizabeth, J. PI Kappa Alpha... 6,00 40 11 26 University Va., 1868... P.T.Atkinson, Hampden-Sidney, Va. Pi lan 21 Phi..........

600 10 3 Charleston Coll., 1904. ER. W. Gunn, Oxford, Ga. Psi Upsilon..


24 1 2: Cnion, 1833.... George S. Coleman, New York City. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.. 15,000 75 29

62 Univ. Alabama, 1856. Wm.c. Levere, Evanston, Ill. Sigma Chi

60 Miami, 1855.

::William A. Trimpe, Chicago, Ill. Sigma Vu........... 10,000

10 61 Va. Military Inst., 1869. Walter J. Sears, Columbus, Ohio. Sigma Phi.. 2.865 10 2 10 Union, 1827.

Phillip J. Ross, New York City. Sigma Phi Epsilon..... 3.000 34 12

2 Richmond College, 1901 W. L. Puillips, Richmond, Va. Sigma Pi.

1,232 10 1 10 Vincennes Univ., 1897. Wm. D. Ackers, Allanta, Ga. Theta Chi

1,600 14 0 12 Vorwich Univ., 1856... Ralph C. Heati, Boston, Mass. Theta Delta Chi.. 6.800 8 14

36 Union, 1848....

J. Burt Winchester, Newark, N.J. Theta Xi..

1,900 19 0 19 Rensselaer P.Inst..1861 Hugh T. Wreaks, New York Ciny. Zeta Beta Tau....

1.530 19 19 Coll. City N. Y. 1898.... Daniel Auslander, New Yo'k City. Zeta Psi.....

7.775 24 10 22 N. Y.University, 1847.. F. H. Nymeyer, New York City. Total...

283,758 121 401 1090

WOMEN'S CENERAL FRATERNITIES. Alpha Chi Omega. 2.800 20 IT 16 De Pauw Univ., 1865... Mrs. (harles E. Ely, Chicago, Ill. Alpha Delta Pi..


2 Wesleyan F. Coll., 1851 Ethel L Thayer, Boston, Mass. Alpha Gamma Delta.. 700 13 1 8 Syracuse Univ., 1904... M'gt. Hobbs, Minneapolis, Minn, Alpha Omicron Pi.... 1,252 16

7 Barnard College, 1897.. Anna E. Many, New Orleans, La.. Alpha Phi..

2,200 17 12 Syracuse Univ., 1872... Mrs. F. Wheelihan, Evanston, Ill. Alpha Xi Delta..

1,414 19 13 Lombard College, 1898.. Rosalie Ritz, Ottawa, Ill. Beta Sigma Omicron.. 1,5410 19 8 Mo, State Univ., 1888.. Mrs. V.J. Adams, Knoxville, Tenn. Chi Omega...


2 ii Univ. Arkansas, 1895.. Jessie A. Parker, Olathe, Kan. Delta Delta Della... 4.0470

30 Boston University, 1888 Mrs. M. L. McCray, Dayton, Ohio. Delta Gamma..


26 12 7 Univ. Mississippi, 1974 M. Agnes Burton, Detroit, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta.... 2,500 16 12 Syracuse Univ., 1874... Emma T. Lowd, New York City. Kappa Alpha Theta.... 6,000 36 10 19 De Pauw Univ., 1870... L, Pearle Green, Ithaca, N. S. Kappa Delta...

850 14

Va. State Normai, 1997. Mary S. Thomas, Columbia, S. C. Kappa Kappa Gamma. 6,500

88 10 22 Monmouth ('ol., 1870. Mary McE. Rodes, Lexington, Ky, Mu Di Epsilon..

939 17 0 0 Met, Coll.of Music, 1913 Mrs. Mary Plan, Mt. Auburn, ill. Phi Nu.

8.000 20 6 2 Wesleyan College, 1852 E. M. Ferguson, Washington, D.C. Pi Beta Phi...

7,000 47 2 26 Monmouth (ol., 1867.. Amy B. Ouken, Chapin, Ill. Sigma Kappa..

1.063 12 6 Colby College, 1874. Mrs. Ethel H. Weston, Old Town, We. Sigma Sigma Sigma.

6 6 Va, State Normal, 1898. E. Ruth Callahan, Bulalo, N. Y. Zeta Tau Alpha..


15 5 Va. State Normal, 1895. Mrs. J. L. Bugg, Farmville, Va. Total....

52.0981 445) 701 129


3,921 881 6 81Dartmouth, 1808........ John P. Sprugue, Grimgeil, I... Alpba Mii Pi Omega.... 1,300

.. Univ. of Penn., 1891... Morris B. Miller, Philadelphia, Pa, Aliha Sigma.

1,50! 10 3 4 N.Y.Hom. Med (01.1893 Wm. H. Price, Brooklyn, XI. ('hi Zeta Cbi..

1,540) 19

4 Univ. Georgia, 1903... J. (alhoun McDougall, Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Psi

27 9 10 Cheshire Mil. Ac., 1879 Press Eldridge, Jr., Yonkers, XY, Nu Sigma Nu...

5,300 31 .. Univ. Michigan, 1882. Ernest E. Irons, Chicago, Ill. Omega Upsilon Phi.. 2,000 15 13 Univ, Buffalo, 1895... T. Carroll Davis, Philadelphia, Pa. Phi Alpha GUUA.

9 9 5 N.Y. Hom. Med 01.1894 Richard H. Street, Chicago, vil. Phi Alpha Sigma. 1,000


1 Bellevue Med. Col., 1886E.J.G. Beardsley, Philadelphia Pa. Phi Beta Pi........

5.000 35 14 Uv. of Pittsburgh, 1891 David S. Long, Harrisville, Mo. Phi (1)...

7,000 37 11 16 Louisville Med. S., 1844 Dunning S. Wilson, Valley St'n). Ky. Phi Deita..

1,200 15 8 Long Is. Col. Hos., 1901 W. E Lippold, Brooklyn, X, Y. Phi Delia Epsilon

1,100 10 0 5 Cornell U.Med.Col.,194 J. H. Leiner, New York ('ity. Phi Rho Sigina..

4,1100 20 1 2 N'thwest U.Med S.,1890 James T. Churchill, Chicago, Ill. Phi Theta Chi...

375 35

1 Tufts (I. Med.Sch. 1902 Arthur C. Wright, Boston, Mass. Pi Mu...................

600 8

2 Univ. Virginia, 1892.... B, C, Willis, Richmond, Va. Total......

41,867, 324 50 83

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National Secretary.


Delta Theta Phi.. 5,340 33 17 Cleveland, 1900. 4. B. Backer. Chicago, IL
Gamma Eta Gamma.. 1,100

7 l'niv. Me. Law S., 1901 Chas, J. Moon, Rochester, X. Y. Phi Alpha Delta..

32 10 20 'thwest. C.L.S.,192 Conger G. Roads, Cleveland, Ohio. Phi Delta Phi........ 10.2001 46 8 University, Mich., 1804 E. A. Donnelly, Milwaukee, Wis. Totals........ 19,200 120 15 52

*Alpha Kappa Phi, Delta Phi Delta and Theta Lambda Phi were consolidated in 1913, under the name Delta Theta Pui.

HONORARY AND MISCELLANEOUS FRATERNITIES. United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa.-The Phi Beta Kappa Society was founded at WIIIjam and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va., December 5, 1776, and now consists of 86 chapters located in as many of the leading colleges and universities in the land. The total living members ship is about 20,000–20.000 men and 6,000 women, Until 1883 the growth of the society was comparatively slour, but since the organization of the United Chapters the development bas been rapid, many chapters having been organized. Women were first admitted in 1875, and the first charter to a woman's college, Vassar, was granted in 1898. Smith, Wellesley, Mt. Holyoke avd Goucher College of Baltimore have since received charters. The first womau to be honored by election to the Senate was President Mary E. Woolley of Mt. Holyoke College. The present officers are: Perdru, Prof. Edwin A. Grosvenor, LL. D., Amherst, Mass.; l'ice Presideni, Dean Edward A. Birre, Madison, Wis., Secretary, Kev. Oscar M. Voorbees, I). D., 350 Fast 146th Street, New York City; Treasurer, David Layton. M. S., New York, N. Y. "The Phi Beta Kappa Key” is the official publica. tion of the United Chapters which was authorized by the tenth National Council. The society is growing rapidly, many new members being received each year. The eleventh National Council of tine United l'hapiers of Phi Beta Kappa was held at the College of the City of New York on September 10, 1913, at which time the revived chapter at the Universlty of Alabama received recognition and eight new chapters were kranted. President Woodrow Wilson is a Phi Beta Kappa man, as are his predecessors, William H. Taft and Theodore Roosevelt. Presidents Lowell of Harvard, Hadley of Vale, and Hibben of Princeton are menibers, as is Associate Justice Charles E. Hughes of the United States Supreme Court.

Sigma Xi.--An honorary scientific society founded at Cornell University in 1886, and having twenty odd chapters in the principal colleges and universities of the country. It is not secret. Tbe performance of creditable scientine research in the natural and applied sciences, together with a high standard of scholarship, constitutes the basis of membership. Women are admitted as well as men.

Sigma Tau.-An honorary engineering fraternity for Juniors and Seniors with three requirements, viz., scholarship, practicality and sociability. It was founded February 22, 1904, at University of Nebraska and now has 452 members and eight chapters. Prof. F. A. Wirt of 815 Poynty Ave., Manhattan, Kan., is National Secretary.

Tau Beta Pi.- An engineering bonorary society founded at Lehigh University in 1885. It now has 27 chapters and about 6.000 members. R. C. Matthews, University of Tennessee, at Knoxville, is the National Secretary.

Alpha Omega Alpha.- an honorary medical society in which scholarship is the membership qualification, and which admits women on the same basis as men. It was founded by Dr. William 11. Root at College of Physicians and Surgeons at Chicago in 1902 It now has 17 chapters and 1,600 Inembers. Dr. William W. Root, Slaterville Springs, N. Y., is the National Secretary.

Acacia Fraternity.-An intercolleciate organization for Master Masons founded at the University of Michigan in 1904, now has a membership of 2,179 and 24 active chapters. The National Secretary is Harry E. Kilmer, Centerview, Mo.

Theta Nu Epsilon.-Is the only Greek letter inter-fraternal class society. It was founded at Wesleyan University in 1870. was badly disorganized for several years and was reorganized in 1907. The society is incorporated under New York laws and is represented in firty-three colleges of the United States, the membership being 16,000. Prof. Thomas J. Smull, of Ohio-Northern Cuiversity, is President and the National Secretary is George R. Beebler, Lansford, Peon.

The Professional Fraternities now number over 50, with a membership exceeding 40.000. They are located in both technical and professional schools. With the exception of Theta XI (Enginter ing-Scientific), merahers of professional fraternities may also belong to the general college fraternities.

Local or “One-College': Fraternities exist in nearly all colleges, and some date back as early as 1825. There are about 75, with a membership approximating 10,000. The women's local fraternities number about 50, with a total membership of about 5,000.

PROMINENT LIVING CRADUATE MEMBERS. Alpha Chi Rho.-Joseph F. Johnson, Dean of New York University School of Commerce: Isaac Joachim Schwatt. Professor of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania; Howard Long, Admiralty lawyer: Right Rev. Frank A. McElwain. D. D., Suffragan Bishop of Episcopal Church in Minnesota; c. M. Spofford, Professor of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Carlton H. Hayes. Professor of History, Columbia University.

Alpha Delta Phi.-Theodore Roosevelt, ex-President of the United States: Joseph H. Choate, ex. Ambassador to England: Hamilton W. Mable, author; Charles W. Sllot, ex. President of Harvard University; Beniamin Ide Wheeler, President of the University of California: Francis Lynde Stetson, railroad magnate.

Alpha Phi Alpha.-Vernon Sandy, architect; Philip M. Thorne, lawyer; Dr. Whitington Bruce and Dr. S. Le Count Cook, surgeons; George B. Kellex, clvii engineer.

Alpha Sigma Phi.-Hon. Franklin MacVeagh, ex-Secretary of United States Treasury Department: Simeon E. Baldwin, ex-Governor of Connecticut; Hon. Wayne MacVeagh, ex-Ambassador to Turkey and Italy: Charles P. Taft, publisher: Henry Holt, publisher;


Albert D. White, ex-Ambassador to Russia, Germany and Great Britain; George C. Hoit, United States Circuit Court Judge, New York; Cyrus Northrup, President Emeritus of the University of Minnesota; Homer B. Sprague, President of University of North Dakota: Fred B. Kernochan, City Magistrates' Court, New York; Hon. Charles B. Elliott, ex-Chief Justice of Philippines; Hon. Oscar R. Hundley, United States Circuit Judge in Alabama,

Alpha Tau Omega.-Thomas W. Gregory. United States Attorney-General; Walter H. Page, United States Ambassador to Great Britain; Luke Lea, United States Senator from Tennessee; Carmi Thompson, United States Treasurer; Erskine M. Ross, United States Circuit Court Judge; Willis D. Weatherford, International Secretary of Y. M. C. A.; Mazyck P. Ravenel, expert on bacteriology; Norval Richardson, Irving Bacheller and Leroy Scott, authors; O. R. Breckenridge, Ambassador to Russia,

Beta. Theta Pi.-Willis Van Devanter, Joseph R. Lamar, Associate Justices of the the United States Supreme Court; William E. Borah, United States Senator from Idaho: Townsend Scudder, Justice of the New York Supreme Court; Edward C. Stokes, ex-Governor of New Jersey: Benjamin B. Odell, ex-Governor of New York; George Fifch, author; Willis 0. Robb, Manager of New York Fire Insurance Exchange; Will. iam R. Baird, patent lawyer; Lee Cruce, Governor of Oklahoma; Frank G. Carpenter, correspondent; Charles D. Williams, Episcopal Bishop; Joseph A. Altsheler, editor and author, New York World: Edward's. Beck, managing editor. Chicago Tribune; William Tolman, social economist; Henry St. George Tucker, lawyer.

Chi Phi.-Hiram W. Johnson, Governor of California: William A. Atterbury, VicePresident of Pennsylvania Railroad; Lee s. Overman, United States Senator from North Carolina; W. H. Pope, Chief Justice of New Mexico; Sidney E. Mezes, President of the University of Texas; Dr. John B. Deven, surgeon; Newcome Carlton. President of Western Union 'I elegraph Company; Samuel M. Felton, President of Pennsylvania Rallroad; Franklin K. Lane, Secretary of Interior Department.

Chi Psi.-William H. Hotchkiss, ex- Insurance Superintendent of New York; Walter Eli Clark, Governor of Alaska; Frederick W. Whitridge, lawyer; Elbridge T. Gerry, humanitarian; Timothy E. Byrnes. railroad magnate: Very Rev. William M. Grosvenor, Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City: Robert Earle, Chiet Judge of the Court of Appeals, New York; M. D. Dickinson, former United States Postmaster-General: J. W. Stewart. Governor of Vermont,

Delta Chi.—Dudley Field Malone, Collector of Port of New York: Fred W. Carpenter. United States Minister to Siam; Gonzalo de Quesada, Cuban Minister to Germany; E. R. O'Malley, ex-Attorney-General of New York; William R. Day, Ohio. Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court; William W. Bride, counsel for United States in arbitration with Great Britain.

Delta Kappa Epsilon.—Robert E. Peary, Rear-Admiral United States Navy: White. law Reid. Publisher: William R. Hearst, publisher: Owen Wister, author: Arthur T; Hadley, President of Yale University; Theodore Roosevelt, ex. President of United States: A. Barton Hepburn, banker: Robert Bacon, ex. Ambassador to France: Henry Cabot Lodge, United States Senator from Massachusetts; August Belmont, capitalist; J. P. Morgan, banker.

Delta Phi.-W. H. S. Demarest, President of Rutgers College: Robert Fulton Cutting. lawyer: Charles Scribner, John W. and Joseph Harper, publishers; Ulysses S. Grant, 3d.. United States Army.

Delta Psi.-Charles A. Peabody. President of Mutual Life Insurance Company; C. B. Galloway, Bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church: Thomas Nelson Page, author; Luke E. Wright, ex-United States Secretary of War; Stuyvesant Fish, ex-President Illinois Central Railroad; J. Cleveland Cady, architect.

Delta Sigma Phi.--Arvid D. Anderson, Registrar of the College of the City of New York; William E. Waters. Professor of Greek, New York University; Walter Fischer, Professor of Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania; W. E. Esterbrooke, Professor of Chemistry, College of the City of New York,

Delta Tau Deita.--Champ Clark, Speaker of House of Representatives; A. C. Humphreys, President of Stevens Institute of Technology; K. C. Babcock, President of University of Arizona; William Kent, M. E.: James E. Denton, M. E.; Will Carleton, writer; Frederick Palmer. war correspondent: Bion J. Arnold, electrical expert; William A. Lieb, Vice-President and General Manager Eviison Electric Company; Rev. W. T. Manning, Rector of Trinity Church, New York City; Rev. C. E. Jefferson, Pastor Broadway Tabernacle, New York City.

Delta Upsilon-Gen. George W. Goethals, Governor of Panama Canal Zone; Hon. Charles E. Hughes, Associate Justice of United States Supreme Court; David Starr Jordan, Chancellor of Leland Stanford, Jr., University: William H. P. Faunce. President of Brown University; Sereno E. Payne, tariff expert; William T. Jerome, exDistrict- Attorney of New York County: Flavel s. Luther, President of Trinity College. Hartford; M. Linn Bruce, ex-Lieutenant-Governor of New York; Erman J. Ridgway, publisher; Louis W. Stotesbury, Adjutant-General N. G. N. Y.

Kappa Alpha (Northern).-Horace White, ex-Governor of New York; Edward H. Griffin, Dean of Johns Hopkins University; Francis E. Leupp. Commissioner of Indian Affairs: Frank H. Hiscock, Justice of the Supreme Court of New York: Hobart C. Chatfield - Taylor, author; Silas B. Brownell, Director of Princeton Theological Seminary: Clark Williams, ex-State Comptroller of New York.

Kappa Alpha (Southern). Morris Sheppard. United States Senator from Texas; Joseph' w. Folk, counsel for 1. C. Commission: John Temple Graves, editor: Thomas Dixon, author; John S. Candler, of Georgia, jurist; Richmond P. Hobson. Representative in Congress from Alabama: Director of Census Harris; Clark Howell. editor of Atlanta Constitution: Kenneth J. Matheson, President Georgia School of Technology.

Kappa Sigma.-William G. McAdoo, Secretary United States Treasury Department; Dr. John Covert Boyd. Medical Director, United States Navy: P. P. Campbell, Representative in Congress from Kansas; Dr. T. N. Ivey, editor of Christian Advocate; Rev. Richard J. Cooke. Bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church; Lyon G. Tyler, Presi.


dent of William and Mary College; J. Harry Covington, Chief Justice District of Columbia.

Lambda Chi Alpha.-Major Edwin T. Cole, Professor of Military Science. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Prof. Roy G. Blakey. Professor Cornell University; Elmer C. Hondlette, Engineer Massachusetts Harbor and Land Commission; Dr. Charles B. Bennett, Department of Physiology, University of California.

Ini Delta Chi.-Caswell A. Mayo, editor of The American Druggist and President of American Pharmaceutical Association; Azor Thurston, State Chemist of Ohio; J. P. Remington. Dean of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy; Dr. H. H. Rusby, Dean of College of Pharmacy Columbia University.

Phi Delta Theta.-Duncan U. Fletcher. United States Senator from Florida; Ray Stannard Baker, author; Brigadier-General Fred. Funston, United States Army: 'N d. Young. Chief Justice of Supreme Court of North Dakota; L. H. Balley. Director of College of Agriculture. Cornell "niversity, David F. Houston, Secretary of Agriculture; J. C. McReynolds. Associate Justice United States Supreme Court; Thomas W. Hardwick, United States Senator from Georgia; Timothy s. Hogan, Attorney-General of Ohio.

Phi Gamma Delta.-Thomas R. Marshall, Vice-President of the United States; Charles W. Fairbanks, ex-Vice-President of the United States; A. S. Burieson. Postmaster-General; George W. Guthrie, United States Ambassador to Japan; Thomas A. Sterling. United States Senator from North Dakota; s. s. McClure, publisher; O. H. Cheney, President of Pacific Bank, New York; William F. McDoweli, Bishop of Methodist Episcopal Church; Newton D. Baker, Mayor of Cleveland; Christy Mathewson. baseball pitcher; Frederic c. Howe. Commissioner of Emigration, New York City; S. Christy Mead. Secretary of Merchants' Association, New York City.

Fhi Kappa Psi,--Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States; P. H. Dugro, Justice of the Supreme Court of New York; David H. Greer. Bishop of New York: Frank S. Monnett, ex-Attorney-General of Ohio; George E. Chamberlain, United States Senator from Oregon; Edgar F. Smith, Provost of University of Pennsylvania; James Whitcomb Riley, poet; Edwin James. President University of Illinois; Theodore P. Shonts. Street Railway Executive; J. Mitchell Palmer, Řepresentative in Congress from Pennsylvania.

Phi Kappa Sigma.-Henry A. du Pont, United States Senator from Delaware; E. A. Alderman. President of University of Virginia; Claude A. Swanson. United States Sen. ator from Virginia: Horatio C. King. lawyer and author; Charles I. Wilson. BrigadierGeneral United States Army, retired: Colonel William Jay, of New York: Daniel S. Tuttle. Episcopal Bishop of Missouri; Robert Strange, Episcopal Bishop of North Carolina: Frank M. Bristol, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Phi Sigma Kappa.--George B. Cortelyou, President of Consolidated Gas Company, New York: Charles S. Howe. President of the Case School of Applied Science; Melville Davison Post. author: Thomas Fell, Provost of University of Maryland; George H. Davis, electric railway financier: J. E. Root. M, D., surgeon; Robert F. Wagner, ex-Lieutenant-Governor of New York.

Pi Kappa Alpha.-Oscar W. Underwood, United States Senator-elect from Alabama: William Alexander. Secretary of Equitable Life Assurance Society: St. George Tucker, President of St. Paul's College. Tokio. Japan; Dr. D. Asa Blackburn, Pastor of the Church of the Strangers, New York City; James Alston Cabell, lawyer and author: Dr. W. T. Howard, bacteriologist, Cleveland, Ohio; Edwin F. Swinney, capitalisi; Robert M. Hughes, author: Dr. George Summey, editor; James Dickerson Haskins. Dean of University of Tennessee.

Psi Upsilon.-William H. Taft, ex-President of the United States; Andrew D. White. ex-Ambassador to Germany; Chauncey M. Depew. ex-United States Senator from New York; Nicholas Murray Butler, President Columbia University; Cornelius Vanderbilt, capitalist: John B. Stanchfield, attorney: John K. Bange, author; Simeon E. Bald. win, ex-Governor of Connecticut: Henry F. Lippitt. United States Senator from Rhode Island: Francis G, Newlands, United States Senator from Nevada; Robert Lansing. Assistant Secretary of United States State Department.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon.-Philander C. Knox, ex-Secretary of State: J. M. Dickinson, ex-Secretary of War; John C. W. Beckham, ex-Governor of Kentucky: John G. Capers, United States Commissioner of Internal Revenue; James Neill, actor: Charles B. Howry. Justice United States Court of Claims; Thomas Watson, ex-Representative in Congress from Georgia; Key Pittman, United States Senator from Nevada; Henry Sydnor Harrison and John Edward Russell, authors.

Sigma Chi.-William E. Glasscock, ex-Governor of West Virginia: J. M. Hamilton, ex-Governor of Illinois: A. H. Longino, ex-Governor of Mississippi; Robert S. McCormick, ex-Ambassador to France; James Deering, President of International Harvester Company: George Ade, author; John M. Harris, President of Bucknell College; Booth Tarkington, author: Walter L. Fisher, ex-Secretary of Interior Department.

Sigma Nu.-Dr. Isadore Dyer, New Orleans, leprosy expert: H. D. Clayton, Federal Judge: Harvey Helm, Representative in Congress from Kentucky; Wade H. Ellis. ex- Assistant Attorney-General of United States: Walter J. Sears, litterateur. Columbus, Ohio: Rev. J. R. Sampey D. D.. theologian; Lee Worsham, President of National Conservation Congress: Charles G. Edwards. Representative in Congress from Georgia.

Sigma Phi.- Eugene N. Foss, ex-Governor of Massachusetts: Ellhu Root, ex-United States Senator from New York: Gerritt Smith, composer; Chester S. Lord, editor; Bradley Martin, capitalist; Montgomerv Schuyler, journalist: John E. Parsons, lawyer; Robert' w. Patterson, editor Chicago Tribune; W. A, Shanklin, President of Wesleyan University: George W. Hinman. President of Marietta College.

Theta Chi.--Charles F. Sayies, mechanical engineer: William R. Cutler. author and historian: George A. Converse. Rear-Admiral United States Navy: Charles H. Spooner, President of Norwich University: De Witt C. Webh, mechanical engineer: William R. Mead, architect: Burleigh F. Spalding. Chief Justice of North Dakota Supreme Court; Samuel W. Shattuck, Comptroller of University of Illinois; Major Edward A. Shuttleworth, United States Army.


Theta Delta Chi.-Right Rev. Cameron Mann, Episcopal Bishop of North Dakota; O. P. Baldwin, editor of Baltimore Sun, John A. Dix, ex-Governor of New York: Henry L. Wilson, ex- United States Ambassador to Mexico; F. W. Hamilton, President of Tufts College: Willis S. Paine, ex-New York State Banking Superintendent: John W. Griggs, ex Attorney-General of the United States; John B. McPherson, Uniied States District Judge; A. M. Randolph, Episcopal Bishop of Southern Virginia: Charles R. Miller, editor of the New York Times.

Theta XI.-Frederick H. Howland, editor Providence Tribune: Palmer C. Ricketts, Director Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: George Gibbs, electrical engineer: Henry Hodge, consulting bridge engineer: Onward Bates, ex. President of American Society of Çivil Engineers: Butler Ames. Representative in Congress from Massachusetts: Mor: decai T. Endicott. Rear-Admiral United States Navy, retired; William H. Wiley. civil engineer: H. M. Waite. City Manager, Dayton, Ohio; R. C. B. Thurston, President Sons of American Revolution.

Zeta Beta Tau.-Mitchell May, ex-Secretary of State. New York; Julius H. Kahn. Representative in Congress from California; Prof. I. Leo Sharfman, University of Michigan; Hon. Isadore Sobel, ex-President of National Postmasters' Association,

Zeta Psi.- Rev. Almon Gunnison, President of St. Lawrence University: Richard A. Ballinger, ex-Secretary of the Interior Department: Nelson Dingley, ex-Representative in Congress from Maine: George D. Robinson, ex-Governor of Massachusetts; Rodney Welch and William H. McElroy, journalists; George W. Pepper, attorney; Nicholas F. Brady, capitalist; William K. Field, editor.




Predecessor, 1 187+.... Alfred Jean François Mozières.

Paris, 1826.

St. Marc-Girardin. 2 1856. Othénin P. de Cléron, Comted. Haussonville. Gurey, 1813.

Caro. 3 1890. Charles Louis de Sausses de Freycinet. Foix, 18:28..

Emile Augier. 4 1891. Louis Marie Julien Viaud (Pierre Loti).. Rochefort, 1850.

Octave Feuillet. 5 1892 Ernest Lavisse...

Nouvion, 1842. Jurien de la Gravière. 6 1894 Paul Bourget

Amiens, 1852

Maxime Du Camp. 7 1896. Jacques Anatole Thibault (Anatole France). Paris, 1844..

Comte de Lesseps. 8 1897 Gabriel Hanotaux.

Beaurevoir, 1853. Challemel-Lacour. 9 1899. Henri Léon Emile Lavellan.

Orleans, 1859

Heuri Meilhac, 10 1899 Paul Deschanel......

Brussels, 1856. Hervé. 11 1900 Paul Hervieu.....

Neuilly, 1857. Pailleron. 12 1900 Auguste Emile Faguet.

La Roche, 1817 Cherbuliez. 13 1901 Edmond Rostand..

Marseilles, 1868.. Bornier. 1+ 1903 Frédéric Masson....

Paris, 1847...

Gaston Paris, 15 1903. René Bazin......

Angers, 1853.. Legouve. 16 1905 Etienne Lamy

Cize, 1845.

Gerard. 17 1906. Alexandre Félix Joseph Ribot....

St. Omer, 1812. D'AdiPret Pasquier, 18 1906 Maurice Barrès.

Charmes, 1862 De Héródia. 19 197 Maurice Donnay.

Paris, 1860..

Sorel. 20 1907 Marquis de Ségur......

Paris, 1853.

Rousse. 21 1908. Francis Charmes...

Aurillac, 1848. Berthelot. 22 1903 Jean Richepin.

Medra, Algerin, 1848 Theuriet. 23 1909 Raymond Poincaré.

Bar-le-Duc, 1860.... Gebhardt. 24 1909. Eugène Brieux.

Paris, 1858.

Halévy. 25 1909 Jean Aicard,

Toulon, 1818. Coppée. 26 1909 René Domic..

Paris, 1860.

Boissier. 27 1909 Marcel Prévost

Paris, 1862

Sardou. 23 1910 Monsigneur Duchesne,

Saint-Servan, 183. Mathieu. 29 1911. Henri de Régnier,

Honfleur, 1864.

Melchior de Vogue. 30 1911 Denys ('ochin.

Paris, 1851.

('omte Vandal. .31 1912 Hubert Lyautey.

Nancy, 1854

Count H'ry Hongsaye. 32 1912 Emile Boutroux

Moninge Seine) 1845 Hippolyte Langlois. 3:3 1914 Alfred Capus....

Ais-en-Prov., 1857.. Henri Poincaré. 31 1914. de La Gorce.

Vannes, 1846

Thureau-Daugin. 35 1914.. Bergson....

Paris, 1859.

Emile Ollivier. 36

Vacant 37


* The French Academy is one of five academies, and the most eminent, constituting the Institute of France. It was founded in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu, and reorganized in 1816. It is composed of 40 members, elected for life, aiter personal application and the submission of their nomination to the head of the state. It meets twice weekly, at the Paluce Mazarin, 23 Quai Conti, Paris, and is **the highest authority on everything appertaining to the niceties of the French language, to grammar, rhetoric, and poetry, and the publication of the French classics." The chief officer is the Secretary, who has a life tenure of his position. The office is at present vacant. A chair in the Academy is the highest ainbition of most literary Frenchmen.

The other acariemies of the Institute of France are: The Academy of Inscriptions and BellesLettres, with 40 members; Academy of Sciences, with 68 members ; Academy of Fine Arts, with 10 members(as follows: Painting. 1.4; Sculpture, 8; architecture, 8: engraving. 4; musical composition, 6), and Academy of Moral and Political Science, with 40 members. All members are elected for life.

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