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LAWN TENNIS-Continued.

Doubles, final match played September 19-R. N. Williams and Richard Harte, Harvard, defeated G. M. Church and A. M. Kidder, Princeton, 6-2, 6-2, 7-5.

Interscholastic Championship, final played at Newport, R. I., August 28. Leonard Beekman, New York, defeated Edward R. McCormick, Los Angeles, 6-4, 6-3, 9—7.

New England Intercollegiate Championships, finals played at Boston, Mass., May 21. Singles -Fenimore Cady, Amherst, defeated Lawrence Shumway, Amherst, 3-6, 5-7, 6-2, 6-4, 6-3. Doubles-C. Edsall and J. Burgwin, Trinity, defeated F. C. Richards and J. Rowell, Wesleyan, 8-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-2.

Western Conference Intercollegiate Championships, played at Madison, Wis. Singles A. M. Squair, University of Chicago, defeated J. Stellwagen, University of Minnesota, 6-1, 6-3, 2-6, 6-4. Doubles-Squair and McNeal, University of Chicago, defeated Buhai and Moses, Illinois, 6-1, 6-2.

Stuyvesant de

New York City Public School Athletic League High School Championships. feated Erasmus Hall 4 to 1.


Final standing of first five:

Penn. Charter.

Central High.
Episcopal Academy

Won. Lost. P. C.



857 Swarthmore.

800 Germantown Academy. .714

Won. Lost P.C.




February 14-Brooklyn, N. Y.; Brooklyn Heights Casino 7, Yale 1.
February 23-New York City; Seventh Regiment 9, Yale 0.

April 11-New York City; De Witt Clinton High School 4, Far Rockaway High School 1. Annapolis, Md.; Naval Academy 4, Georgetown 2.

April 18-Annapolis, Md.; Naval Academy 6, Catholic University 0. New York City; Columbia 5, Lafayette 1.

April 24-Hartford, Ct.; Columbia 4, Trinity 2.

April 25- Middletown, Ct.: Columbia 3, Wesleyan 3.
April 27-Princeton, N. J.; Princeton 5, Wesleyan 1.

April 29-Chicago, Ill.; University of Chicago 3, University of Texas 0; stopped by rain.
April 30--South Bethlehem, Pa.; Lehigh 6, Ursinus 0.

May 1-Philadelphia, Pa.; Pennsylvania 3, Johns Hopkins 3. Williamstown, Mass.; Williams 5, Wesleyan 1.

May 2-Philadelphia, Pa.; Princeton 9, Pennsylvania 0: Pennsylvania 3, Johns Hopkins 3. Hartford, Ct.; Yale (first team) 7, Hartford Golf Club (first team) 2; Yale (second team) 8, Hartford Golf Club (second team) 1. Annapolis, Md.; Naval Academy 4, Lehigh 2. New York City; Stevens Technical 4, C. C. N. Y. 2. Amherst, Mass.; Amherst 6, Brown 0. Easton, Pa.; Lafayette 4, Rutgers 2.

May 4-Providence, R. I.; Wesleyan 5, Brown 1. May 6-South Bethlehem, Fa.; Lafayette 5, Lehigh 1. mouth 0.

Hanover, N. H.; Harvard 9, Dart

May 7-Princeton, N. J.; Princeton 5, Columbia 2. Philadelphia, Pa.: Pennsylvania 4, Haverford 2. Schenectady, N. Y.; Union College 6, Massachusetts Agricultural 0. Middletown, Ct.; Yale 4, Wesleyan 2.

May 9-New Brunswick, N. J.; Rutgers 6, New York University 0. New Haven, Ct.; Yale 7, Columbia 2. Annapolis, Md.; University of Pittsburgh 4, Naval Academy 2. Hanover, N. H.; Dartmouth 6, Massachusetts Agricultural 0. Middletown, Ct.; Wesleyan 4, Amherst 2. Providence, R. I.; Trinity 5, Brown 1.

May 11-Middletown, Ct.; Wesleyan 5. Dartmouth 1.

May 12-New Haven, Ct.; Yale 6, Dartmouth 0. Cambridge, Mass.; Harvard 6, University of Pittsburgh


May 13-Princeton, N. J.; Princeton 6, University of Pittsburgh 0.

May 14-Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard 6, Cornell 0. Hartford, Ct.; Wesleyan 5, Trinity 0 (one double only played owing to darkness).

May 15-New Haven, Ct.; Yale 3, Cornell 3.

May 16-Middletown, Ct.; Wesleyan 5, Michigan 1. Haverford. Pa.; Lehigh 3, Haverford 3. New York City; Cornell 5, Columbia 1; Stuyvesant 3, Curtis High 2; New York University 4. Rutgers 2. New Haven, Ct.; Westminster, Hartford High School and New Haven High School tied for first place in the annual Yale interscholastic tennis tournament. Each team won seven matches. F. Hopkins, of the New Haven High School, won the individual championship by defeating Hyde, of Hartford, in the final, 6-1, 4-6, 6-3. Amherst, Mass.; Yale 6, Amherst 0. Annapolis, Md.; Pennsylvania 4, Naval Academy 2.

May 18-New Haven, Ct.; Yale 5, Michigan 1. Columbia, Mo.; Leland Stanford 3, University of Missouri 0.


May 19-Easton, Pa.; Michigan 5, Lafayette 1. Haverford, Pa.; Pennsylvania (second team) 4, Haverford (second team) 2.

May 20-New York City: New York University 3, C. C. N. Y. 3.
May 21-Chicago, Ill.; Leland Stanford 3, University of Chicago 0.

May 22-Philadelphia, Pa.; Pennsylvania 5, Michigan 1.

May 23-Easton, Pa.; Lafayette 4, Lehigh 2. Boston, Mass.; Yale Freshmen 5, Harvard Freshmen 2. New Haven, Ct.; Harvard 7, Yale 2. Amherst, Mass.; Trinity 3, Amherst 3. Hanover, N. H.; Dartmouth 6, Springfield Y. M. C. A. 0. Annapolis, Md.; University of Michigan 6, Naval Academy 0. Philadelphia, Pa.; Pennsylvania 5, University of Michigan 1. New Brunswick, N. J.; Rutgers 4, Fordham 2. Ithaca, N. Y.; Princeton 5, Cornell 4.

May 25-New Haven, Ct.; Leland Stanford 2, Yale 1.
May 27-Boston, Mass.; Leland Stanford 2, Harvard 1.

Princeton, N. J.; Princeton 6, Yale 0. May 28-Williamstown, Mass.; Williams 5, Dartmouth 1. Amherst, Mass.; Leland Stanford 3, Amherst 0. Williamstown, Mass.: Williams 5, Trinity 1.

June 6-Amherst, Mass.; Williams 4, Amherst 2.

FOLLOWING are the fly and bait casting records made under the rules of the National Association of Scientific Angling Clubs:

All-round Championship, Fly and Batt Casting-C. J. McCarthy, 57 demerits, first; C. E. Lingfelter, 66 demerits, second; Chicago, September 5, 6, 7, 1914.

Salmon Casting-C. E. Lingfelter, 150 feet (rod 15 feet), Chicago, September 5, 1914.


Court Tennis.


Long Distance Fly Casting-Fred N. Peet, 117 feet (rod unlimited), Chicago, August 20, 1910, C. McCarthy, 114 feet (5-ounce rod), Chicago, and C. McCarthy, Chicago, August 15-17, 1912. August 15-17, 1912.

Fred N. Peet, 99 7-30

Dry Fly Casting-Delicacy and accuracy at buoys, 35, 40, and 45 feet. per cent., Racine, Wis., August 16, 1907.

Distance and Accuracy at Buoys-50, 55, and 60 feet. Chicago, August 18, 1910.

T. A. Forsythe, 99 13-15 per cent,

Dry Fly Accuracy at Buoys-20, 27, 35, 42%, and 50 feet (5-ounce rod). F. Kleinfeldt, 99 10-15 per cent., Chicago, September 6, 1914.

One-Half Ounce Accuracy Bait at Buoys-60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 feet. per cent., Chicago, September 7, 1914.

C. G. Chatt, 99 6-10
William Stanley,

One-Quarter Ounce Accuracy Bait at Buoys-60, 65, 70, 75, and 80 feet. 99 6-10 per cent., Chicago, September 6, 1914.

One-Half Ounce Long Distance Bait-B. F. Flegel, 222 feet 1 inch (average 5 casts), Chicago, September 7, 1914.

One-Quarter Ounce Long Distance Bait-B. F. Flegel, 177 feet 5 inches (average 5 casts), Chicago, September 5, 1914.

F. B. Rice, 269 3-5 feet, New York, August 21, 1909. Two-Handed Surf Casting-2-ounce rod. Salmon Casting, Professional-John Enright, Ireland, 152 feet (rod 20 feet, 48 ounces), Central Park, New York, October 12, 1906.

Salmon Casting-Dr. C. O. Dorchester, 155 feet (rod 15 feet), Chicago, October 3, 1913. Switch Fly Casting-H. W. Hawes, 102 feet (rod 11 feet), Central Park, New York, 1887. Light Rod Contest-Walter D. Mansfield, 129 feet 6 inches (rod 5 ounces), San Francisco, 1902. Single-Handed Fly Casting-W.D.Mansfield, 134 feet (rod 11 feet, 10 ounces), San Francisco, 1902. Single-Handed Fly Casting-H. C. Golcher, 140 feet (od 11 feet, 10% ounces), Golden Gate At the same time T. W. Brotherton cast 137 feet in a heavy rod contest. Park, San Francisco, 1902. One-Half Ounce Long Distance Batt Casting (longest cast)-B. F. Flegel, 234 feet 5 inches, Chicago, September 7, 1914.

One-Quarter Ounce Long Distance Batt Casting (longest cast)-B. F. Flegel, 193 feet 4 inches, Chicago, September 5, 1914.

Surf Casting-3-ounce lead at casting tournament of the Asbury Park Fishing Club on August 6, 1910, by Wm. J. Moran, 314 feet 10 inches (unofficial record).


Salmon Fly Casting, Amateur-J. J. Hardy, 140 feet 3 inches (1895) (rod 18 feet), Wimbledon. John Enright, 147 feet (1896) (rod 20 feet), Wimbledon. Afterward, with the same rod, Mr. Enright made an exhibition cast before reliable witnesses of 151 feet 3 inches.

Salmon Fly Casting, Scotch Professional-J. Stevens, 126 feet (1890), Twickenham.

Switch Salmon-Casting, Amateur-C. N. Macdonald, 109 feet, Hendon, England. July 7, 1910. Trout Fly Casting, Single-Handed Rod-P. D. Mallock, 92 feet (this distance was made by measuring the line after casting); R. B. Marston and Hyde Clark, tie, 74 feet; Reuben Wood (of Syracuse, N. Y.), 82 feet 6 inches.

Trout Fly Casting. Two-Handed Rod-John Enright, 123 feet (1896), Wimbledon.

Thames Bait Casting, Amateur-R. Gillson, 191 feet 11 inches.
Longest Cast, Heavy (3 ounces lead)-Mr. Hobden, 216 feet.

Nottingham Bait Casting, Amateur (21⁄2 ounces lead)-W. T. Attwood, 270 feet, Hendon, Eng land, July 8, 1910.

Light Bait Casting, Amateur (14 ounces lead)-J. T. Emery, 204 feet 6 inches (1896). tIn Nottingham casting the Long Distance Fly Casting-H. J. Hardy, 108 feet (rod unlimited), Hendon, England, July 7, 1910. *In Thames casting the line is coiled at the feet of the caster. Above contributed by Fred N. Peet, Chicago, Ill. cast is made from the reel.


Jay Gould, Philadelphia UNITED STATES Championship, played at New York City, April 11. Racquet Club, holder, defeated C. E. Sands, New York Racquet and Tennis Club, 6-0, 6-0, 6-2. Doubles played at Boston, Mass., April 18. Jay Gould Gould won the championship nine times. and W. H. T. Huhn, holders, defeated George R. Fearing, Jr., and C. T. Russell, 6-5, 6-5, 6-4. Joshua Crane, Jr., and George, R. Fearing, Jr., of Boston deFebrury 7-Philadelphia, Pa. feated Jay Gould and W. H. T. Huhn, the national champions, in a specially arranged four-handed court tennis match by 6-5, 6-2, 4-6, 6-3. Jay Gould, amateur champion of the United States, March 16 and 18-Philadelphia, Pa. Total points-Gould defeated George F. Covey, professional champion of England, for the title of world's champion. March 18, 6-2, 6-2, 5-6, 6-1. Total sets-Gould 7, Covey 1. March 16, 6-0, 6-1, 6-4, 6-3. 247, Covey 170. N. S. Lytton and George Covey, amateur and professional March 21-Philadelphia, Pa. champions of England, defeated Jay Gould and W. H. T. Huhn in a private match at the Racquet Club, 9-11, 6-3, 6-3.

Total games-Gould 47, Covey 19.

March 29-Tuxedo Park, N. Y.

Jay Gould, champion of the world, and W. H. T. Huhn, the amateur champions in doubles of America, defeated George F. Covey, former champion of the world, and Neville Lytton, amateur champion of England, by a score of 2-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3. Jack White, professional, with a handicap of half fifteen, defeated April 4-New York City. George F. Covey, English professional, 6-5, 6-1, 3-6, 6-4, 8-6.

April 9-New York City. Jay Gould and W. H. T. Huhn beat Neville Lytton and George F. Covey, England, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3.

April 12-Tuxedo Park, N. Y. Jack White, professional, of the New York Tennis and Racquet Club, easily defeated George F. Covey of England by 7-5, 6-3, 6-2, White getting a handicap of half fifteen and conceding an ace in each alternate game.


March 24-The American team, Joshua Crane, Jr., of Boston, Mass., and W. Kinsella, was defeated by E. B. Noel and Peter W. Latham, the English players, by three sets to one.

April 2-W. Kinsella, the American professional, beat Dickinson, an English professional, by three sets to none.

April 8-Walter Kinsella of New York, professional court tennis player, beat Eustace H. Miles, English amateur, by three straight sets, 6-4, 6-5, 6-5.

April 11-Walter Kinsella, New York professional, beat Cecil "Punch" Fairs, former world's professional court tennis champion, 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, 3-6, 6-1.

April 18-Walter Kinsella beat Peter W. Latham, 6-0, 6-4, 6-4.

May 6-E. M. Baerlein won the British amateur championship, defeating Joshua Crane, Jr., of Boston, 6-2, 6-1, 6-2. Neville S. Lytton, holder, did not defend the title.

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THE thirty-ninth annual track and field games of the I. C. A. A. A. A. were held at Cambridge, Mass., May 29-30. Point score, counting 5 for first, 3 for second, 2 for third and 1 for fourth. Total points: Cornelt 43, Pennsylvania 31, Michigan 29 1-2, Dartmouth 23, Yale 22, California 18, Harvard 11, Princeton 7 1-2, Columbia 5, Penn. State 2, Brown 2, Johns Hopkins 1.

Results of finals: 100 yards-Won by J. E. Bond, Michigan; O. A. Reller, Cornell, second; H. H. Seward, Michigan, third: H. H. Ingersoll, Cornell, fourth. Time-10s. 220 yardsWon by H. H. Seward, Michigan; H. L. Smith, Michigan, second: J. E. Lockwood, Penn., third; J. E. Bond, Michigan, and A. F. Van Winkle, Cornell, tied for fourth. Time-22s. 440 yards Won by J. E. Meredith, Penn.; W. A. Barron, Jr., Harvard, second; P. Jansen, Michigan, third; V. Wilkie, Yale, fourth. Time-48 2-5s. 880 yards-Won by D. S. Caldwell, Cornell; G. E. Brown, Yale, second; J. E. Meredith, Penn., third: F. W. Capper, Harvard, fourth. Time-1m. 53 2-5s. (New Intercollegiate record.) Mile run-Won by C. L. Spelden, Cornell; L. C. Madeira, Penn., second; J. D. McKenzie, Princeton, third; R. W. Poucher, Yale, fourth. Time-4m. 20 1-5s. Two miles-Won by J. S. Hoffmire, Cornell; W. M. McCurdy, Penn, second: D. F. Potter, Cornell, third; A. B. Coop. Brown, fourth. Time-9m. 23 4-5s. (New Intercollegiate record.) 120-yard high hurdles-Won by G. A. Braun, Dartmouth; T. L. Preble, California, second; B. W. Brodt, Cornell, third: E. P. Hammitt, Penn. State, fourth. Time-15 3-5s. 220-yard low hurdles-Won by R. B. Ferguson, Penn.; G. A. Braun, Dartmouth, second; A. M. Shelton, Cornell, third; W. M. Shedden, Jr., Yale, fourth. Time-25 1-58. Shot put-Won by R. L. Beatty, Columbia, distance, 48 ft. 4 in.; L. A. Whitney, Dartmouth, second. distance, 48 ft. 1-2 in.; H. Harbison, Yale, third, distance, 45 ft. 6 1-8 in.: M. Dorigas, Penn., fourth, distance, 44 ft. 6 3-8 in.; High jump-First place tle between W. M. Oler, Yale and L. A. Nichols, California, at 6 ft. 2 in.; third place tie between W. M. Davey, Princeton, and H. Morrison, Cornell, at 6 ft. 1 in. Pole vault-First place tle between A. L. Milton, Cornell: C. E. Buck, Dartmouth, and J. B. Camp, Harvard at 12 ft. 3 in.; fourth place tle between L. Carter, Yale, and L. A. Nichols, California, at 12 ft. Broad jump-Won by P. G. Nordell, Dartmouth, distance, 22 ft. 8 1-2 in.; B. W. Brodt, Cornell, second, distance, 22 ft. 47-8 in.; O. T. Bradway, California, third, dista ce, 22 ft. 3 3-4 in.; A. W. La Flamme, Penn., fourth, distance, 21 ft. 6 1-8 in. Hammer throw-Won by A. W. Kohler, Michigan, distance, 157 ft. 1 1-2 in.: H. H. Coolidge, California, second, distance, 154 ft. 4 1-2 in.; P. Loughridge, Yale, third, distance, 154 ft. 1 in.; D. P. Murphy, Penn., fourth, distance, 152 ft. 6 in.


100-yard dash-9 4-5s., B. J. Wefers, Georgetown University, New York, May 30, 1896, and R. C. Craig, Michigan, Cambridge, Mass., May 26 and 27, 1911. 220-yard dash-21 1-5s., B. J. Wefers, Georgetown University, New York, May 30, 1896, and R. C. Craig, Michigan, Philadelphia, May 28, 1910, and Cambridge, Mass., May 27, 1911, and D. F. Lippincott, Pennsylvania, Cambridge, Mass., May 31, 1913. 440-yard run-488., C. D. Reidpath, Syracuse, Philadelphia, June 1, 1912. Half-mile run-1m. 53 2-58., D. S. Caldwell, Cornell, Cambridge, Mass., May 30, 1914. One-mile run-4m. 14 2-5s., J. P. Jones, Cornell, Cambridge, Mass., May 31, 1913. Two-mile run-9m. 23 4-58., J. S. Hoffmire, Cornell, Cambridge, Mass., May 30, 1914. Running broad jump-24 ft. 4 1-2 in., A. C. Kraenzlein, Pennsylvania, New York, May 27, 1899. Running high jump-6 ft. 3 1-4 in., T. Moffit, Pennsylvania, Cambridge, June 1, 1907. Putting 16-lb. shot-48 ft. 10 3-4 in., P. Beatty, Columbia, Philadelphia, Pa., June 1, 1912. Throwing the hammer-173 ft. 6 in., Lee Talbott, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pa., May 7, 1910. Pole vault-13 ft. 1 in., R. Gardner, Yale, Philadelphia, Pa., June 1, 1912. 120-yard high hurdles-15 1-5s., A. B. Shaw, Dartmouth, Phila delphia, May 29, 1908. 220-yard hurdles-23 3-5s., A. C. Kraenzlein, Pennsylvania, New York, May 28, 1898, and J. I. Wendell, Wesleyan, Cambridge, Mass., May 31, 1913. One-mile walk6m. 45 2-5s., W. B. Fetterman, Jr., Pennsylvania, New York, May 28, 1898.


Fourteenth annual meet held at Chicago, Ill., June 6. Scores by points follow: Illinois 47 7-12, Leland Stanford 23 1-8, Chicago 20 1-8, Wisconsin 19 1-4, Denver 10, Colorado 7 1-2, California 6, Purdue 5 1-3, Ohlo State 4 2-3, Northwestern 4 1-3, Minnesota 3, Notre Dame 3, Iowa 2 1-2, Lake Forest 2, Coe 2, Drake 2, Missouri 2, Kansas 2, Oberlin 1-3, Nebraska 1-4.

Results of finals: 100 yards-Won by Hohman, Illinols; Baranclk, Chicago, second; Knight, Chicago, third; Bergman, Notre Dame, fourth. Time-10s. 220 yards-Won by Barancik, Chicago; Hohman, Illinois, second: Shearer, Drake, third; Knight, Chicago, fourth. Time-22s. 440 yards-Won by Henderson, Illinois; Sanders, Illinois, second; Cline, Colorado, third; Stegeman, Chicago, fourth. Time-50s. 880 yards-Won by Henderson, Illinois; Osborn, Northwestern, second; Bonnet, Stanford, third; Tapping, Illinois, fourth. Time-1m. 55 3-5s. (New conference record.) One mile-Won by Wilson, Stanford; Harvey, Wisconsin, second; L. Campbell, Chicago, third; Schmedel, Purdue, fourth. Time-4m. 23 4-5s. Two miles-Won by Mason, Illinois; Perry Wisconsin, second; Moss, Missouri, third; Benish, Wisconsin, fourth. Time-9m. 50 3-5s. 120-yard hurdles Won by McKeown, Illinois; Norton, Stanford, second; Murray, Stanford, third; Bancker, Purdue, fourth. Time-15 4-58. 220-yard hurdles-Won by Murray, Stanford; Ward, Chicago, second; Lighter, Coe College, third; Norton, Stanford, fourth. Time-258. Relay race-Won by Illinois; Colorado second, Wisconsin third, Kansas fourth. Time-3m. 23 1-5s. (Tles conference record by Leland Stanford In 1910.) Shot put-Won by Bedeau, Stanford; Van Ghent, Wisconsin, second; Elchenlaub, Notre Dame, third: Reber, Kansas, fourth. Distance-44 ft. 3 3-4 in. Discus throw-Won by Bingham, Denver: Robertson, Minnesota, second; Des Jardiens, Chicago, third; Van Ghent, Wisconsin, fourth. Distance 129 ft. 7 in. High jump--Won by Wahl, Wisconsin; Davis, Colorado, and Shrader, Iowa, tied for second; Pittinger, Ohio; Harvey, Oberlin, and Maurice, Northwestern, tied for fourth. Helght-5 ft. 11 in. Broad jump-Won by Pogue, Illinois; Maker, California, second; Boyd, Chicago; James, Northwestern, and Pittenger, Ohio State, tied for third. Distance-22 ft. 8 in. Pole vault-Kesler, Ohio State; Shobinger, Illinois, and Phelps, Purdue, tied for first; Culp and Oswalt, Illinois; Reavis and Lindstrum, Nebraska; Krohn, Stanford; Kerr and Huston, Wisconsin, and Thomas, Chicago, tied for fourth. Height 12 ft. Hammer throw-Won by Bingham, Denver; Coolidge, California, second; Berry, Lake Forest, third; Butler, Wisconsin, fourth. Distance-142 ft. 2-5 in.


100-yard dash-9 4-5s., W. W. May, Chicago, June 1, 1907, and June 6, 1908. 220-yard run around a turn-22s., William Hogenson, Chicago, June 3, 1905: H. J. Huff, Grinnell, June 1, 1907. 440-yard run-48 4-5s., I. Davenport, Chicago, June 4, 1910. 880-yard run-1m. 55 3-5s., Henderson, Illinois, Chicago, Ill., June 6, 1914. One-mile run-4m. 20 4-5s.. A. F. Baker, Oberlin, June 4, 1910. Two-mile run-9m. 42 4-5s., T. N. Metcalf, Oberlin, Lafayette, Ind., June 1, 1912. 120 yard high hurdles-15 1-58., J. P. Nicholson, Missouri, Lafayette, Ind., June 1, 1912. 220-yard low burdles around a turn-24 4-5s., J. Fletcher, Notre Dame, June 4, 1910; George Poage, Wisconsin


College Athletics-Continued.

June 4, 1904, F. Smithson, Notre Dame, June 1, 1907. Pole vault-12 ft. 8 1-4 in., J. K. Gold, Madison, Wis., June 7, 1913. Running high jump-6 ft. 5-8 in., W. French, Kansas, June 4, 1910. Running broad jump-23 ft. 1 in., Allen, California, June 3, 1911. Putting 16-pound shot-47 ft. 1-4 in., Ralph Rose, Michigan, June 4, 1904. Throwing 16-pound hammer-160 ft. 4 in., K. Shattuck, California, Madison, Wis., June 7, 1913. Throwing the discus-140 ft. 2 3-8 in., J. C. Garrels, Michigan, June 3, 1905. One-mile relay (4 men)-3m. 26 2-5s., H. Gorman, N. Barker, R. L. Quigley, C. A. Blair, June 3, 1905.


Held at Chicago, Ill., March 21. Score by points: Illinois 36, Wisconsin 26 3-4, Chicago 20 1-4, Northwestern 14 1-2, Ohio State 4 3-4, Purdue 6 3-4.

Results of finals: 50 yards-Won by Murray, Illinois; Barancik, Chicago, second: Hohman, Illinois, third; Ward, Chicago, fourth. Time-5 2-58. Mile run-Won by Schmedel, Purdue: Campbell, Chicago, second; Kraft, Northwestern, third; Wright, Illinois, fourth. Time-4m. 37 3-5s. 440 yards-Won by Sanders, Illinois; Schley, Wisconsin, second: Boyd, Chicago, third; Hotchkin, Northwestern, fourth. Time-53 2-5s. Two miles-Won by Mason, Illinois; Crisswell, Ohio State, second: White, Wisconsin, third; Stout, Chicago, fourth. Time-10m. 5 1-5s. 880 yards-Won by Osborn, Northwestern; Tapping, Illinois, second: Downey, Wisconsin, third: Ferguson, Ohio State, fourth. Time-2 m. 18. 60-yard high hurdles-Won by Ward, Chicago; Legler, Wisconsin, second; McKeown, Illinois, third; Bancker, Purdue, fourth. Time-88. Running high jump-Won by Wahl, Wisconsin: Gorgas, Chicago, and James, Northwestern, tied for second; Polakaw and Claar, Illinois, tied for third. Height-6 ft. 2 in. Pole vault-Schobinger, Illinois, and Kerr, Wisconsin, tied for first: Phelps. Purdue; Thomas, Chicago; Huston, Wisconsin, and Kesler, Ohio State, tled for third. Helght-12 ft. Shot put-Won by Van Ghent, Wisconsin; Schobinger, Illinois, second; Keeler, Wisconsin, third; Schneeberger, Northwestern, fourth. Distance-42 ft. 3 in. One-mile relay-Won by Illinois; Northwestern second, Chicago third. Time-3m. 35 2-5s.


Held at Cambridge, Mass., May 22 and 23. Point score: Dartmouth 57 1-2, Maine 28, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 26 5-6, Colby 15, Brown 9 1-3, Bowdoin 6, Williams 5, Trinity 4. Holy Cross 2, Amherst 1-3.


Results of finals: 100 yards-Won by C. A. Rice, Malne; F. P. O'Hara, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, second; A. S. Llewellyn, Dartmouth, third; C. O. Olson, Dartmouth, fourth. Time-10s. 220 yards-Won by C. A. Rice, Maine: F. P. O'Hara, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, second; C. O. Olson, Dartmouth, third: A. S. Llewellyn, Dartmouth, fourth. Time120-yard hurdles-Won by A. G. Braun, Dartmouth; K. Royal, Colby, second; G. Hay, Williams, third; F. A. French, Maine, fourth. Time-16s. 220-yard hurdles-Won by K. Royal, Colby; J. C. Hudson, Trinity, second; T. H. Huff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, third; E. M. Hay, Williams, fourth. Time-26s. 440 yards-Won by C. W. F. O'Connor, Dartmouth; E. C. Riley, Dartmouth, second; A. F. Peaslee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, third; J. Merrill, Colby, fourth. Time-51 2-58. 880 yards-Won by W. R. R. Granger, Dartmouth; R. W. Bell, Maine, second; J. T. Higgins, Holy Cross, third; C. T. Guething, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, fourth. Time-1 m. 58s. Mile run-Won by F. R. Marceau, Dartmouth; M. Thompson, Colby, second; H. S. Benson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, third; K. D. Tucker, Dartmouth, fourth. Time-4m. 288. Two-mile run-Won by F. L. Cook, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; S. S. Saltmarsh, Dartmouth, second; F. Pretti, Maine, third; A. B. Coop, Brown, fourth. Time-9m 37 4-58. Shot put-Won by L. A. Whitney, Dartmouth, 46 ft. 2 3-4 in.: A. E. Bartlett, Brown, second, 42 ft. 9 1-2 in.; P. D. Smith, Dartmouth, third, 41 ft. 4 in.; F. H. Leslie, M. I. T., fourth, 41 ft. 2 1-2 in. Running high jump-Won by G. C. Palmer, Maine, 5 ft. 9 in.: W. A. Sullivan, M. I. T., and L. K. Little, Dartmouth, tied for second, 5 ft. 8 1-4 in.; I. C. White. Brown; E. A. Teeson, 1. I. T., and L. Huthsteiner, Amherst, tied for third, 5 ft. 6 1-4 In. Hammer throw-Won by H. P. Balley, Maine, 164 ft. 8 :-4 in.; L. Murchie, Colby second, 137 ft. 1-2 in.; L. W. Leadbetter. Bowdoin, third, 136 ft. 5 in.; J. C. Hudson, Trinity, fourth, 136 ft. 2 in. Pole vault-Won by C. E. Buck, Dartmouth, 11 ft. 4 in.: F. P. McKenney, Bowdoin; L. Lawson, M. I. T., and King, Williams, tied for second, 11 ft. Broad jump-Won by P. G. Nordell, Dartmouth, 23 ft.; C. S. Reed, M. I. T., second, 21 ft. 10 in.; J. P. Warren, Dartmouth, third, 21 ft. 9 3-4 in.; F. A. French, Maine, fourth, 21 ft. 9 in. Discus throw-Won by A. E. Bartlett, Brown, 126 ft. 6 1-2 in.; L. A. Whitney, Dartmouth, second, 125 ft. 2 in.; L. W. Leadbetter, Bowdoin, third, 124 ft. 3 1-2 in.; H. P. Balley, Maine, fourth, 121 ft. 6 1-2 in.


Held at Baltimore, Md., May 2. The score by points of the first three teams: Virginia 56. Georgetown 32, Johns Hopkins 31. Three South Atlantic records were established and one was equalled. John Cromly of Virginia ran the 120-yard high hurdles in 15 3-5s. and the 220-yard low hurdles in 24 3-5s. Joe Connolly of Hopkins won the high jump with 6 ft. 1-2 in. The 100-yard record of 10s. was equalled by Capt. D. Wagner of Johns Hopkins.


Held at Queens Club, West Kensington, London, March 27.

Cambridge 7, Oxford 4.

100 yards-Won by H. M. Macintosh, Cambridge: G. Perrot, Cambridge, second; V. B. Havens (American). Oxford, third. Time 10 2-5s. 440 yards-Won by D. Gordon Davies, Cambridge: B. G. D. Rudd, Oxford, second; C. F. Baldwyn, Oxford, third. Time 50s. 880 yards-Won by R. E. Atkinson, Cambridge; N. S. Taber (American), Oxford, second: E. I. Lloyd, Cambridge, third. Time-Im. 56 2-58. One mile- -Won by A. N. S. Jackson, Oxford; F. Garvan Taylor, Cambridge, second; A. J. Peters, Cambridge, third. Time-4 m. 23 1-5s. Three miles-Won by G. M. Sproule, Oxford; D. N. Gaussen, Oxford, second; J. V. Byrne-Johnson, Cambridge, third. Time-14m. 34 4-5s. High jump--Won by H. S. O. Ashington, Cambridge, 5 ft. 8 in.; A. de Selincourt. Oxford, 5 ft. 7 in., second: E. L. Keatinge, Oxford, 5 ft. 5 1-2 in., third. Broad jump-Won by H. S. O. Ashington, Cambridge, 23 ft. 5 3-4 in.; E. A. Southee, Oxford, 22 ft. 5 3-4 in., second; R. E. M. Twopenny, Cambridge, 22 ft. 3 1-4 in., third. 120 yard-high hurdles-Won by V. B. Havens (American). Oxford: A. C. Wilkinson, Oxford, second: H. S. O. Ashington, Cambridge, third. Time-17 1-58. Shotput-Won by R. S. Woods, Cambridge, 41 ft. 1 in.; J. H. C. Lindessy, Cambridge, 37 ft., second; E. T. Adams, Oxford, 35 ft. 4 in., third.


May 23-Princeton, N. J. Point score: High School 28, West Philadelphia High School 16, Newark Central High School 15, Atlantic City High School 10, Mercersburg 9, Peddle Institute 8, Penn Charter 7, High School of Commerce (New York) 6, Lawrenceville 5, Bloomfield High School 5. Bayonne High School 3, Plainfield 3, Princeton High School 1, Southern High School (Phila delphia) 1. C. Boughton, Central High School of Newark, established a new interscholastic record for two miles with 9m. 51 3-5s.


May 30-Travers Island, N. Y., held by New York A. C. Point score: Central High School of Newark 35, Far Rockaway 13, Stuyvesant 13, George School 12, Curtis 10, Bryant 10, Commerce 9. 100 yards-Won by M. White, Stuyvesant; H. Katz, De Witt Clinton, second; W. Fee, Mount Vernon, third. Time-10 3-5s. 120-yard hurdles-Won by H. Ritter, Stuyvesant; A. Lasser, Central, second; R. Krout, Central, third. Time-18 3-5s. One-mile run-Won by C. Boughton, Central; W. Maule, George School, second; E. Garlock, Bloomfield, third. Time 4m. 32 1-58. 440-yard run-Won by T. F. Lennon, Curtis; J. E. Hough, George School, second; H. Finley, Morris, third. Time-50 4-5s. Two-mile run-Won by F. L. Jenkins, Far Rockaway; D. Levine, Bayonne, second; W. Smith, Yonkers, third. Time-10m. 2-5s. High jump-Won by F. Egan, Manual Training, 5 ft. 9 1-4 in.; L. Hutchins, Central, second, 5 ft. 8 1-4 in.; H. L. Scales, Cascadilla, third, 5 ft. 7 1-4 in. Half-mile run-Won by C. Boughton, Central; W. Maule, George School, second; E. Balestier, Morris, third. Time-2m. 3 1-5s. 220 yards-Won by T. I. Lennon, Curtis; Andrew J. Markey, Xavier, second; J. Eisenstein, Central, third. Time-23 1-5s. Pole vault-Won by J. McKenna, Far Rockaway, 11 ft.; R. Rutledge, Far Rockaway, second, 10 ft. 9 in.; G. F. Lathrop, Yonkers, third, 10 ft. 9 in. Rutledge won jump-off for second place with 11 ft. Throwing the discus-Won by R. G. Walker, Passaic, 114 ft. 10 in.; G. Smith, Central, second, 91 ft. 10 in.; H. Spiro, De Witt Clinton, third, 91 ft. 6 1-4 in. 220-yard hurdles-Won by A. Lasser, Central: E. T. Carroll, Bryant, second; R. Krout, Central, third. Throwing the javelin-Won by V. C. Elllot, Bryant, 150 ft. 11 in.: H. Bowman, Mount Vernon, second, 120 ft. 2 in.; R. C. Walker, Passaic, third, 108 ft. 8 in. Broad jump-Won by D. Brown, Jamaica, 21 ft. 10 3-4 in.; I. E. Hough, George School, second, 21 ft. 8 in.; E. F. Carroll, Bryant, third. 21 ft. 5 1-4 in. One-mile relay-Won by Morris (Schulman, Erwig, Balestier and Finley); Stuyvesant (Koch, Abbey, McDowell and Albrecht), second; Central (Silker, Kruger, Lubin and Angues), third." Time-2m. 35 3-5s.



2-New York City High School of Commerce 54, De Witt Clinton 45. June 10-Brooklyn, N. Y. Point scores: Stuyvesant 36, De Witt Clinton 24, Commerce 24, Morris 19, Far Rockaway 17, Manual Training 13, Jamaica 6, Curtis 4, Evander Childs 4, Boys' High 3, Richmond Hill 2, Bryant 1. 440 yards-Won by E. Balestier, Morris; H. Finley, Morris, second: J. Reilly, Manual Trafning, third. Time-52 4-5s. Putting 12-pound shot-Won by H. Cann, Commerce, 48 ft. 5 in.; D. Rosenberger, Commerce, 44 ft. 7 3-4 in. second; Sinclair, Stuyvesant, 40 ft. 7 3-4 in., third. Running broad jump-Won by D. Brown, Jamaica, 21 ft. 6 in; C. Lehman, Curtis, 19 ft. 11 in., second; J. Hagerty, De Witt Clinton, 19 ft. 3 1-2 in., third. One mile-Won by Frank Jenkins, Far Rockaway: F. Robertson, Evander Childs, second; R. Wolcott, De Witt Clinton, third. Time-4m. 35 4-5s. 100 yards, junior-Won by B. Green, Stuyvesant; Wolff, De Witt Clinton, second; I. Rabinowitz, Morris, third. Time-11s. 100 yards, senior-Won by F. Koch, Stuyvesant; H. Katy, De Witt Clinton, second; Raimonde, De Witt Clinton, third. Time-10 2-58. Discus throw, Greek style-Won by James Sinclair, Stuyvesant, 114 ft. 5 in.; H. Cann, Commerce, 110 ft. 10 3-4 In., second; R. Rutledge, Far Rockaway, 108 ft. 2 3-4 in., third. Running high jumpWon by Floyd Egan, Manual Training, 5 ft. 9 in.; H. Ritter, Stuyvesant, 5 ft. 8 in., second: A. Campbell, Manual Training. 5 ft. 3 in., third. 880 yards-Won by Frank Jenkins. Far Rockaway; E. Balestier, Morris, second; E. Nagel, Commerce, third. Time-2m. 3 1-5s. 120-yard high hurdles -Won by H. Ritter, Stuyvesant: Berthold, Manual, second; H. Spira, De Witt Clinton, third. Time-17 4-5s. One-mile relay, unlimited weight-Won by Morris, with Wells, Taub, Levine and Baldwin; De Witt Clinton, with Tichinsky, Bisle, Bosch and Siffler, second; Stuyvesant, with Hagemeyer, Gillespie, Relcher and Wilson, third. Time-3m. 45 1-5s. Pole vault-Won by A. Ginl, Commerce, 10 ft. 6 in.; J. McKenna and R. Rutledge, both of Far Rockaway, tied for second, 10 ft. 220-yard low hurdles-Won by A. Hammerschlag, Stuyvesant: H. Spiro, Clinton, second; J. Fitzgibbon, Commerce, third. Time-28 1-5s. 220-yard run, junior-Won by I. Rabinowitz, Morris: J. Raff, Commerce, second: Fisher, De Witt Clinton, third. Time-25s. 220-yard run, senior -Won by W. Albrecht, Stuyvesant; Ballesien, Boys' High, second; H. Katz, Clinton, third. Time23 4-58.


June 23-Worcester, Mass., given by Worcester Academy. Worcester Classical scored 21 5-16 points, Boston College High 15, Boston Commerce High 14 7-10, Holyoke High 11 1-13, Manchester High 10, Worcester South High 9 1-5, Lynn English High 9, Wellesley High 6, Providence Technical High 5 1-2, Wakefield High 5 1-3, Barry High 5, Cranston (R. I.) High 3 1-2, Clinton High 3, Worcester English High 1-5, Fairhaven High 1-5, Fitchburg High 1-5.



50-yard dash-5 3-5s., E. C. Jessup, St. Louis, Mo., July 4, 1904. 100-yard dash-9 4-58., Ernest E. Nelson, Volkmann School, Cambridge, May 2, 1908, and H. Hoyt, University of Chicago meet, June 7, 1913. 220-yard dash-21 3-5s., W. Schick, 1900-1901. 440-yard run-48 4-5s., James E. Meredith, Mercersburg Academy, Philadelphia, Pa., May 18, 1912. 880-yard run-1m. 55s., James E. Meredith, Mercersburg Academy, Princeton, N. J., May 4, 1912. One-mile run-4m. 26 2-5s.; J. Berry, Redlands (Cal.) High School, Stanford, Cal., April 11, 1914. Two-mile run-9m. 51 3-58. C. Boughton, Central High School, Newark, N. J., Princeton, N. J., May 23, 1914. yard hurdle3--15 2-5s., H. Whitted, Citrus Union School, Chicago, Ill., June 8, 1912: H. Whitted, Citrus Union School, Stanford, Cal., April 13, 1912. 220-yard hurdles-24 4-58., A. Cory, University of Michigan meet, Ann Arbor, Mich., May 24, 1913. Running high jump-6 ft. 3 5-8 in., W. M. Oler, Jr., Pawling School, Cambridge, Mass., May 25, 1912. Running broad jump-23 ft. 5 3-8 in.. H. T. Worthington, Exeter, N. H., May 3, 1913. Pole vault-12 ft. 6 1-16 in., C. Borgstrom, Pacific Coast Interscholastic meet, Berkeley, Cal., April 4, 1913. Pole vault, indoor-12 ft. 1 in., Eugene Schobinger, Harvard School, Chicago, Ill., February 18, 1911. Putting 8-pound shot, indoor56 ft. 7 1-4 in., Dan Meenan, Jr., De la Salle Institute, New York City, March 18, 1911. Putting 12-pound shot-55 ft. 9 in., A. M. Mucks, Oshkosh High School, Oshkosh, Wis., January 19, 1912. Putting 16-pound shot-45 ft. 6 1-4 in.. Ralph Rose, San Francisco, May 2, 1903. Throwing 12pound hammer-197 ft. 1-2 in., L. J. Talbot, Washington, Pa., May 25, 1907. Throwing discus139 ft. 5 1-2 in., B. L. Byrd, Champaign, Ill., May 21, 1910. Throwing junfor discus-150 ft., L. Whitney, Worcester Academy, Travers Island, N. Y., June 17, 1911. One-quarter-mile relay46 4-58., University High School, Chicago, Ill., June 11, 1910. One-half-mile relay-1m. 32 2-58., Lewis Institute, at Northwestern University, May 23, 1903. One-mile relay-3m. 27 1-5s., Los Angeles High School relay team, Los Angeles, Cal., 1910. Pole vault record for boys under ten years5 ft. 10 1-2 in., Robert E. Graves, eight years four months old, Marshield, Ore., July 3, 1912. PENNSYLVANIA RELAY RACES,

Philadelphia, Pa., April 25. Four-mile college-Won by Oxford University, England, with D. M. Sproule, D. S. Gaussen, Norman Taber and A. N. S. Jackson; Pennsylvania second, with Bacon. Langner, Madeira and McCurdy; Cornell third, with C. Soudar, D. Potter, H. Irish and C. Spelden; Penn. State fourth. Time-18m. 5s. Two-mile college relay-Won by Illinois, with W. Goetitz,

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