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Cup, competition for which was merged in a single race run under the auspices of the Chicago Y: C. Olympian finished second, 3m. 5s. behind the Vallant; Michicago third, 2m. 508. later. Canadian races were subsequently called of on account of the war in Europe.

July 31-New York Y. C. cruise. Summary of first squadron run, Glen Cove to Smithtown Bay. Sloops, 50-foot class, 23 miles. Spartan 7h. 52m. 268., Plelone 7h. 38m. 12s. Cup class, 35 miles. Elapsed time: Resolute 9h. lm. 398., Vanlule 9h. 13m. 428. Corrected time: Resolute Sh. 59m. 368., Vanitie 9h. 13m. 42s. New York Y. C., 30-foot class, 23 miles. Won by Lena (not timed); Juanita second (not timed), Carlita third (not timed). Sound schooners, 23 miles.

Won by Alicia (not timed); Moira second.

August 1- New York Y. C. cruise, second squadron, run from Smithtown Bay to New Lon. don. Cup class, 54 miles. Elapsed time: Resolute 6h. 4m. 14s., Vanitie Ch. 6m. 398. Corrected time: Resolute 6h. im. 48., Vanitie 6h. 6m. 398. New York Y. C., 50-foot. Elapsed time: Spartan 7h. 55m. 488., Plelone Sh. im. 558., Carolina 8h. 54m. 6s. New York Y. C., 30-foot. Elapsed time: Juanita 9h. 39 m. 51s., Lena 9h. 44m. 439., Alera 9b. 51 m. 538. Stamford schooners. Elapsed time: Ahmakola 9h. 28m. 15s.. Whileaway 9h. 40 m. 208. Sound schooners. Moira (time not taken).

August 3-- New York Y. C., third squadron, run from New London, Ct., to Newport, R. I., 40 miles, cup class. Elapsed time: Resolute 5h. 15m. 358., Vanitie 5h. 15m. 258. Corrected time: Resolute 5h. 13m. 14s., Vanitie 5h. 15m. 258. Sound schooncrs. Elapsed time: Alicia 6h. 36m. Is., Moira 7h. 7m. 28. Actual starts: Alicia 9h. 51 m. 258., Moira 9h, 52 in. 488. New York Y. C. 30 foot. Elapsed time: Juanita 7h. 48m. 6s., Lena 7h. 56 m. 529., Aleva 8h, 5m. 338. Stamford schooners. Elapsed time: Hopewell 7h. 14 m. 308., Whileaway 7h. 32m. 13s. New York Y. C., 50-foot. Elapsed time: Carolina 5h. 42m. 21s., Spartan 5h. 45m. 52s., Pielone 6h. 6m. 56s.

August 4-Newport, R. I., 38 miles, triangular course, for the Vincent Astor Cup. Elapsed time: Resolute 4h. 38m. 178., Vanitle 4h. 41 m. 22s. Corrected time: Vanitie same, Resolute 4h. 36 m. 3s.

August 15-Stamford, Ct. Stamford Y. C., Stamford schooners, 13 3-4 miles. Elapsed time: Whileaway lh. 58m. 10s., Ahmakola 2h. 1m. 3s., Hopewell 2h. 5m. 6s. New York Y. C., 30foot. 13 3-4 miles. Elapsed time: Okee 2h. 3m. 198., Oriole 2h. 5m. 488., Caprice 2h. 9m. 268.

August 22-New Rochelle Y. C., New York Y. C., 30-foot, 15 mlles. Elapsed time: Neps! 3h. 14m, 32s., Caprice 3h. 21m. 41s., Oriole 2h. 12m. 25s. Sound schooners, 11 1-2 miles. Elapsed time: Moira 4h. 38m. 13s., Alicia 5h. 20m. 458.

August 25, 26, 27, 28- New York Harbor. August 25-Atlantic Y. C., New York Y. C., 30foot, 15 3-50 inlles. Elapsed time: Okee 2h. 25m. 268., Banzai 2h, 31 m. 218. Sound schooners, 15 3-50 mlles. Elapsed time: Moira 2h. 52m. 178., Alicia 3h. 565. August 26--Sound schooners, 15 1-2 mlles. Elapsed time: Alicia 2h. 22m. 358., Moira 2h. 32m. 578. New York Y. C., 30-foot, 15 1-2 miles. Elapsed time: Okee 2h. 12m. 218., Banzai 2h. 16m. 128. August 27 -- New York Y, C., 30-foot, 17 m!ler. Elapsed time: Okee 2h. 33m. 168., Banzai 2h. 34m. Ss. Sound schoopers, 17 miles, Elapsed time: Moira 2h. 39m. 428., Alicia 2h. 43m. 36s. August 28-Childs Perpetual Challenge Trophy, 12 9-25 mlles. Elapsed time: Allce 2h. 33m. 438., Arvia 2h. 39 m. 578., Virginia 2h. 42m. 288., Joyette 2h, 47m. 45s.

September 7 --- Chicago, Ill. Stratford Cup race to St. Joseph, Mich., and return, 120 miles. The Olymplan was the only boat that finished the race. Time-19h. 58m. 10s.


ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS. President-J. Carter Walker, Woodberry Forest, Vice-Presidents-J. C. Woodward, College Park, Ga., Thomas E. Hodge, Morgantown, W. Va. Secretary-Treasurer-Bert Edward Young. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.

The twentieth annual meeting of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States was held at Charlottesville, Va., at the invitation of the University of Virginia, October 22-23, 1914.


Yards per Minute.


Loft at100 mlles. 2511.87

1900 Wm. J. Lautz..

Buffalo, N. Y.

Wm. C. Hughes.

Fall River, Mass.
1896 E. Rouff...

Detroit, Mich. 400 1703.61. 1905 Wm. Compa

Paterson, N. J. 500 1705.62 1907 E. E. Atwood

Needham, Mass. 600 1084.90. 1913 Jos. H. Cavanagh

Fall River, Mass. 700 1546.97 1898 Wm. J. Lautz..

Buffalo, N. Y. 1,000 2d. 9h. 43m. 129.. 1912 Henry Beach..

Fort Wayne, Ind.

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General average, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 miles, 1394.63 yards; 1900, arry Robertson, Brooklyn, N. Y. General average, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 miles, 1222.48 yards; 1905, F. C. Hersey, Jr., Wellesley Hills, Mass.



Yards per Minute.


Loft at100 miles...1597.75..

1903 Wm. P. Betts.

Buffalo, N. Y. 150 12121.15. 1908 Wm. Eberhardt.

Buffalo, N. Y. 200 1957.45. IS04 P. G. Clark..

Philadelphia, Pa. 300 1665.25. 1905 F. P. Fetes

Buffalo, N. Y.
1910 E. A. Stcuck.

Cleveland, Ohio.
1004 E. B. Walker

Buffalo, N. Y.
1897 IG. W. Schaefer.

Cream Ridge, N. J. General average, 100, 150, 200 miles, 1356.73 yards: 1897, Adolph Busch, Staten Island, N. Y. General average, 100, 150, 200, 300 mlles, 1260.13 yarcs; 1904, Otto Kreger, Paterson, N. J. (Compiled by John Fischer, Secretary of the International Federation of American

Homing Pigeon Fanclers.)



(Complled by the late Secretary of the A. A. U., James E. Sullivan.) 60-Metre Run-Kraenzleln (America), 78., Paris, 1900; Hahn (America), 78., St. Louis, 1904.

100-Metre Run-Burke (America), 12s., Athens, 1896; Jarvis (America), 10 4-58., Paris, 1900; Hahn (America), 11s., St. Louis, 1904; Hahn (America), 11 1-5s., Athens, 1906; Walker (So. Africa), 10 4-5s., London, 1908; R. Craig (America), 10 4-58., Stockholm, 1912.

200-Metre Run-Tewksbury (America), 22 1-58., Paris, 1900; Hahn (America), 21 3-58., St. Louis, 1904; Kerr (Canada), 22 2-58., London, 1908: R. Craig (America), 21 2-58., Stockholm, 1912.

400-Metre Run-Burke (America), 54 1-58., Athens, 1896; Long (America), 49 2-58., Paris, 1900; Hillman (America), 49 1-58., St. Louis, 1904; Pilgrim (America), 53 1-58., Athens, 1906; *Halswelle (England), 50s., London, 1908: C. Reid path (America), 48 1-58., Stockholm, 1912.

800-Metre Run-Flack (England), 2m. 11s., Athens, 1896; Tysoe (England), 2m. 1 2-58., Paris. 1900: Lightbody (America), Im. 568., St. Louis, 1904; Pilgrim (America), 2m. 1 1-58., Athens, 1906; Sheppard (America), 1m. 52 1-5s., London, 1908; J. Meredith (America), lm. 51 9-10s., Stockholm, 1912.

1,500-Metre Run-Flack (England), 4m. 33 1-58., Athens, 1896; Bennett (England), 4m. 68., Paris, 1900: Lightbody (America), 4m. 52-58., St. Louis, 1904; Lightbody (america), 4m. 12s. Athens, 1906; Sheppard (America), 4m. 3 2-58., London, 1908; A. Jackson (England), 3m. 56 4-5s., Stockholm, 1912.

110-Metre Hurdles-Curtis (America), 17 3-58., Athens, 1896; Kraenzleln (America), 15 2-58., Paris, 1900; Sehule (America), 168., St. Louis, 1904; Leavitt (America), 16 1-58., Athens, 1906; Smithson (America), 158., London, 1908; F. Kelly (America), 15 1-58., Stockholm, 1912.

200-Metre Hurdles-Kraenzlein (America), 25 2-58., Paris, 1900; Hillman (America), 24 3-58., St. Louis, 1904.

400-Metre Hurdles-Tewksbury (America), 57 3-58., Paris, 1900; Hillman (America), 53s., St. Louis, 1904; Bacon (America), 558., London, 1908.

2.500-Metre Steeplechase-Orton (America), 7m, 348., Paris, 1900; Lightbody (America), 7m. 39 3-55., St. Louis, 1904.

3,260-Metre Steeplechase-Russell (England), 10m. 47 4-58., London, 1908. 4.000-Metre Steeplechase-Rimmer (England), 12m. 58 2-58., Paris, 1900.

Running Long Jump-Clark (America), 20 It. 9 3-4 in., Athens, 1896; Kraenzleln (America), 23 It. 8 % in., Paris, 1900; Prinsteln (America), 24 it. 1 in., St. Louis, 1904; Prinsteln America). 23 it. 14 in., Athens, 1906; Irons (America), 24 It. 64 in., London, 1908; A. Gutterson (America), 24 ft. 11 1-5 in., Stockholm, 1912.

Running High Jump-Clark (America). 5. ft. 11% in., Athens. 1896; Baxter (America), 6. it. 2 4-5 in., Paris, 1900; Jones (Amerjca), 5 ft. 11 in., St. Louis, 1904; Leahy (Ireland), 5 It. 9% in., Athens, 1906; Porter (America), 6 it. 3 10., London, 1908; A. Richards (America), 6 ft. 4 in., Stockholm, 1912.

Running Triple Jump-Connolly (America). 45 ft., Athens, 1896; Prinsteln (America), 47 it. 4% in., Paris, 1900; Prinsteln (America), 47 ft., 'st. Louis, 1904; O'Connor (Ireland), 46 ft. 2 in., Athens, 1906: Ahearne (England), 48 ft. '11% in., London, 1908; G. Lindblom (Sweden), 48 ft. 572 la., Stockholm, 1912.

Standing Broad Jump-Ewry (America), 10 ft. 6 2-5 in., Paris, 1900; Ewry (America), 11 ft. 4% in., St. Louis, 1904; Ewry (America), 10 st. 10 in., Athens, 1906; Ewry (America), 10 ft. 11% in., London, 1908; C. Tsiclitiras (Greece). 11 ft. * in., Stockholm, 1912.

Standing High Jump-Ewry (America), 5 ft. 5 in., Paris, 1900; Ewry (America); 4 it. 11 In.. St. Louis, 1904; Ewry (America), 5 ft. 1% in., Athens, 1906; Ewry (America), 5 ft. 2 in., London, 1908: Platt Adams (America), 5 lt. 4 in., Stockholm, 1912.

Standing Triple Jump-Ewry (America), 34 It. 8% in., Paris, 1900; Ewry (America), 34 it. 744 in., St. Louis, 1904.

Pole Vault-Hoyt (America), 10 ft. 9%4 In., Athens, 1896; Baxter (America), 10 ft. 9 9-10 in.. Paris, 1900; Dvorak (America), 11 ft. 6 in., St. Louis, 1904: Gouder (France), 11 it. 6 in., Athens, 1906: Gilbert and Cook (America), 12 ft. 2 in., London, 1908; H. Babcock (America), 12 st. 114 In., Stockholm, 1912.

Shot-put-Garrett (America), 36 ft. 2 in., Athens, 1896; Sheldon (America), 46 ft. 3% In.. Paris, 1900; Rose (America), 48 ft. 7 in., St. Louis, 1904; Sheridan (America), 40 ft. 4 4-5 in., Athens, 1906: Rose (America), 46 ft. 7% in., London, 1908; best hand, P. McDonald (America), 50 ft. 4 in., Stockholm, 1912: both hands, R. Rose (America), 90 ft. 11 in., Stockholm, 1912.

Discus-Garrett (America), 95 lt. 1 % In., Athens, 1896; Bauer (Hungary), 118 ft. 2 9-10 in.. Paris, 1900; Sheridan America), 128 ft. 10% In., St. Louis, 1904; Sheridan (America), 136 ft. 1-3 in. Athens, 1906; Sheridan (America), 134 ft. 2 in., London, 1908; best hand, A. Talpole (Finland), 148 it. 4 in., stockholm, 1912; both hands, A. Talpole (Finland), 271 ft. 10% in., Stockholm, 1912.

Throwing 16-1b. Hammer-Flanagan (America), 167 ft. 4 in., Paris, 1900; Flanagan (America), 168 ft. 1 in., St. Louis, 1904; Flanagan (America), 170 ft. 4%' in., London, 1908; M. McGrath (America), 177 ft. 7 in., Stockholm, 1912.

Throwing 56-1b. Weight-Desmarteau (Canada), 34 ft. 4 in., St. Louis, 1904.

Marathon Race-Loues (Greece), 2h, 55m. 20s., Athens, 1896: Teato (France), 2h. 59m., Paris, 1900; Hicks (America), 3h. 28 m. 53s., St. Louis, 1904; Sherring (Canada), 2h. 51m. 23 3-59., Athens, 1906: Hayes (America), 2h. 55m. 188., London, 1908; K. McArthur (šo. Africa), 2h. 36m. 548., Stockholm, 1912.

Weight Lifting (one hand)-Elliott (England), 156 lbs. 8 ozs., Athens, 1896; Steinbach (Austria), 168 3-5 lbs., Athens, 1906.

Weight Lifting (two hands) ---Jensen (Denmark), 245 lbs. 12 ozs., Athens, 1896; Kakousis, (Greece), 246 lbs., St. Louis, 1904: Tofalos (Greece), 313 7-10 lbs., Athens, 1906.

Dumbbell Competition-Osthoff (America), St. Louis, 1904.

Tug-of-War-Milwaukee A. C. (America), St. Louis, 1904; Germany, Athens, 1906; England, London, 1908; Sweden, Stockholm, 1912.

Team Race England, Paris, 1900; New York A. C. (America), St. Louis, 1904.
Team Race (3 mlles) — England, 14m. 39 3-58., London, 1908.

Five-Mlle Run-Hawtrey (England), 26m. 26 1-6s., Athens, 1906; Voigt (England), 25m. 11 1-53., London, 1908.

Throwing Stone-Georgantus (Greece), 65 ft. 4 1-5 in., Athens, 1906.

Throwing Javelin (free style)-- Lemming (Sweden), 175 ft. 6 in., Athens, 1906; Lemming (Sweden), 178 It. 7% in., London, 1908: best hand, E. Lemming (Sweden), 198 ft. 11% in., Stockholm, 1912; both hands, J. Saaristo (Finland), 358 ft. 11% In., Stockholm, 1912.

Throwing Javelin (held in middle)-Lemming (Sweden), 179 ft. 10% In., London, 1908.

Pentathlon--Mellander (Sweden), 24 points, Athens, 1906; C. Ble (Norway), 21 points (J. Thorpe America), who won with 7 points, disquallied as professlonal), Stockholm, 1912.

7m., 3,500-Metre Walk-Larner (England), 14m. 558., London, 1908. 10-Mlle Walk-Larner (England), lh. 15m. 57 2-5s., London, 1908.

RECORDS OF PREVIOUS OLYMPIC MEETS.--Continued. 10,000-Metre Walk-G. Goulding (Canada). 46 m. 28 4-58., Stockholm, 1912.

Throwing Discus (Greek style) ---Jaervinen (Finland), 115 it. 4 in., Athens, 1906; Sheridan (America), 124 ft. 8 in., London, 1908.

Decathlon-H. Wieslander (Sweden), 7,724.50 points (J. Thorpe (America), 8,412 polnts, won, but was disqualified as professional), Stockholm, 1912.

3,000-Metre Team Race-America, 8m. 44 3-5s., Stockholm, 1912.
1,600-Metre Relay Race-America, 3m. 16 3-58., Stockholm, 1912.
8.000-Metre Cross Country Race H. Kolehmainen (Finland), Stockholm, 1912.
5.000-Metre Run-H. Kolehmainen (Finland), 14m. 36 3-5s., Stockholm, 1912.
10.000-Metre Run-H. Kolehmainen (Finland), 31m. 20s., Stockholm, 1912.
400-Metre Relay Race--England, 42 2-5s., Stockholm, 1912.

SKIINC. FEBRUARY 5, Blair, Wis.--Ragnar Omtvedt, Norge Ski Club of Chicago, won first prize. He also won first place in the long standing jump. The order of finish of the first nine was as follows: Ragnar Omt vedt, Lars Haugen, Barney Reilly, Elnar Landvick, Thorlief Knudsen, Hemmestvedt, Hulland, Lund, Hendricksen.

February 8, Cary Ill.-International Meet of the Norge Ski Club, Chicago. AmateursChrist Jellum, Milwaukee, won with jumps of 115 and 125 feet. Professionals-Lars Haugen, Chippewa Falls, won with jumps of 137 and 129 feet. Long standing jump: Amateurs-Arne Sletner, Chicago, 112 lect. Professionals-Thorller Knudsen, Chicago, 134 feet.

February 14, Virginia, Minn. - National Amateur Championships. Results: Men's class Won by Sigurd Bergeson, Virginia, Minn., 262 1-3; second, Hans Hanson, Minneapolis, Mind., 262; third, John Fieldseth, Ironwood, Mich., 256; fourth, Bert Hansen, Virginia, Minn., 250; orth, Einar Baake, Belolt, Wis., 244; sixth, John Jobe, 242; seventh, Anders Olsen, Iola, Wis., 228. Boys' class-Won by Earl Gunderson, Chippewa Falls, Wis.; second, John Hille, Fergus Falls, Minn.; third, Jennings Rellly, Coleraine, Minn.

February 21, Marquette, Mich. – Annual Tournament of the Ishpeming Ski Club. Results: Professionals-Sigurd Hansen, 289 points; Lars Haugen, Chippewa, Falls, 288 1-3; Carl Hall, ishpeming, 281 1-3: Barney Reilly, Mount Horeb, Wis., 277 2-3; Thorllef Knudsen, Chicago, 275 1-3; Jalmer Toumy, Ish peming, 264 2-3; Ragnar Omtvedt. Chicago, 263 2-3; Simon Erickson, Superior, W1s., 256 2-3. Amateurs-Walter Carlson, Ishpening; John Fieldseth, Ironwood, Mich.; Charles Thall, Negaunee, Mich.; Willam Toumy, Ishpeming: John Jobe, Ironwood, Mich., Arne Allanen, Ishpeming; Rudolph Carlson, Negaunee. The points scored by the winners in this class ranged from 261 down to 232.

A novel feature was a somersault on skis by Axel Hendrickson of Blair, Wis. In this leap Hendrickson covered 110 feet and retained his footing,

February 22, Lake Nagowicka, Wis.-Annual Tournament of the Milwaukee Ski Club. Professionals -- Anders Haugen, with 282 1-3 points, won first place. Haugen made the best jump of the day, 134 feet. Amateurg-Einar Jensen, Chicago, 226 points.

February 26, Cary, III. - Amateur Championship of Muonois. Results: Won by Einar Jensen, with jumps of 113 and 118 feet, 261 1-3 points; second, Fred. Bruun, 111 and 116 feet, 218 points; third. Hans Ruud, both jumps 119 feet, 183 1-3 polots: fourth, Terje Jensen, 119 and 121 ieet, 180 points; ofth, Arne Sletner, 112 and 121 feet, 177 points.

March 6, Chippewa Falls, Wis.- Professional: Lars Haugen, Chippewa Falls, won, 295 points. Amateurs-- Melvin Hendrickson, Eau Clair, Wis., won, 274 points. Longest standing jump, Axel Hendrickson, Blair, Wis., 132 feet.


PROFESSIONALS. JANUARY 10, 1914, Chicago, Ill.-G. Fristensky, Bohemia, defeated Victor Soldat in 2 m. 308., Andre Anderson in im. 158. and Joe Geshtowt in 5m. Americus defeated Jullus Govedarica in 13m. 558. and 13 m. 358.

January 12, Chicago, Ill.-G. Fristensky defeated Americus in 32m. 38. and 3m. 2s.

January 14, New York City, Madison Square Garden -- Bernard Hansen, Norwar, defeated Paul Alvarez, Spain, in 23m. Wladeck Zbyszko, Poland, defeated John McLoughlin, Ireland, in 7m. John Haerckel, America, defeated George Sandele, Greece, In 8m. Mamutofl, Russia, won from Paul Samson, Germany. In 28 m. Samson refused to continue after hard fall. Gustav Fristensky, Bohemia, defeated George Lurich, Russia, in 35 m. Extra bout ordered after the men had wrestled 30m, without a fall. Alexander Aberg. Finland, defeated M. Henderson, America, in 21m.

January 19, Chicago, Ill.-Charles Cutler defeated W. Hokufr in 29m. 20s. and 11m. 328.

January 26, Chicago, Ill. -Charles Cutler defeated Fred Dalkus in 11m. 20s. G. Fristensky defeated Joe Wallace in 2m. 208., Marty Cutler in 2m. 20s. and Victor Soldat in 4m. 20s. Dr. B. F. Roller defeated Young Nelson in 12m. 20s.

January 31, Chicago, Ill. --Wladeck Zbyszko, Poland, defeated Carl Schultz In two falls in 7m. February 6. Chicago, Ill. ---Wladeck Zbyszko defeated W. Hokuff in 43m. 55s. and 23m. 568.

February 15, Chicago, Ill.-G. Fristensky defeated Paul Samson in 49m. 31s. and 10m. Wladeck Zbyszko defeated Paul Martinson in 28m. is. and 15m. 598.

February 18, Louisville, Ky.-Stanislaus Zbyszko defeated Dr. B. F. Roller in lh. 6m. 20s. February 25, Chicago, Ill.-Charles Cutler defeated G. Fristensky in 2 m. 88. and 8m. 358. February 28, Chicago, 11.--Charles Cutler defeated willam Hokus in lm. 38. and 2m. 42s.

March 10, New York City, Madison Square Garden-Wladeck Zbyszko defeated Tom Jenkins in 27 m. 328. Alex Aberg, Finland, defeated Ivan Mamutoft in 19 m. 32s, and 19m. 218.

March 17, Lexington, Ky.--Stanislaus Zbyszko defeated Marvin Plestina in 10m. and 15m.
March 27, Ottawa, Canada-Raoul de Rouen defeated Tom Jenkins in 31 m, and 10m.
March 28, Omaha, Neb.-Stanislaus Zbyszko and Youssiffo Hussan drew in 2h. 45m.

April 8, Kansas City, Mo.--Americus defeated Raoul de Rouen in 21m. 343. (Raoul de Rouen disqualined) and 28m.

April 16, Chicago, Ill.-G. Fristensky defeated Carl Schultz in 10m. and 6m. 30s.
April 17, Ottawa, Canada--Stanislaus Zbyszko defeated Raymond Cazeaux in 18m. and Sm.
April 27, St. Louis, Mo.--Stanislaus Zbyszko defeated Carl Bohn in 23m. and 4m.
May 6. Chicago, Ill. -Charles Cutler defeated Samson in 27 m. and 10m.

May 7. Kansas City, Mo.--Stanislaus Zbyszko deleated Americus by two falls out of three, Americus winning the first. Times-lh. 9m. 549., 7m. 139. and 2m, 388.

May 14, Baltimore, Md.-- Americus defeated' o. Fristensky in 50 m. 10s. and 26148.

May 15, Minneapolis, Minn.-Stanislaus Zbyszko deleated Henry Ordemann in two out of three falls, Ordemann taking the first. Times-26m., 3m. 143. and 33m. (third glven to Zbyszko after a foul).

May 23, Louisville, Ky.-Charles Cutler defeated William Hokuff in 27m. 20s, and Om.

WRESTLING.-Continued. June 4, Baltimore, Md.-The match between Stanislaus Zbyszko and Americus was declared & draw. After 59m, and 40s. Americus fell off the stage and injured his back and ankle. June 13, Vancouver, B. C.-Pat Connelly defeated Americus In 54m. and 2m. 50s.

AMATEURS. Amateur Athletic Union Championships, held at Chicago, III., April 3 and 4. Results of finals: 108-pound class-Richard Goudie, 'Lima, Ohio, Y. M. C. A., defeated George Taylor, National Turn Verein of New Jersey, in 15mn. (Referee's decision.) 115-pound class --John Varres, Hull House, defeated H. Torps, Sleipner A. C., in 10in, 358. 125-pound class-S. Vorres, Hull House, defeated Earl Gardner, Detroit Y. M. C. A., In 15s. (Referee's decision.) 135-pound class---H. H. Jenkins, Pittsburgh A. A., defeated Tim Madigan, University of Minnesota, in 14m. 18s. 145-pound classH. H. Jenkins, Pittsburgh A. A., defeated A. Putkonen, Brage A. C., In 15m. (Referee's decision.) 158-pound class --Ben Reuben, Hebrew Institute, defeated F. J. Walsh, C. A. A., In 3m. 175-pound class-E. C. Caddock, Hebrew Institute, defeated W. Hansen, Sleipner A. C., in 3m. 128. Unlimited weight-Arnold Minkley, Bankers, defeated Anton Jaeger, C. A. A., in 6m. 53s.

Metropolitan Championships. Anals held at Boys' Club, New York City, May 2. Summary of Anals: 108 pounds-George Taylor. National Turn Verein, Newark, defeated s. Florentino, Boys' Club, in 5m. 10s. 115 pounds-C. Mullinos, Greek-American A. C., defeated David Bronstein, Boys' Club, in 7m. 20s. 125 pounds--V. V. Vosen, Bronx Church House, defeated Carl Liljehult, Bronx Church House, in 7m. 20s. 135 pounds-B. Pseftoglanis, Greek-American A. C., defeated John Buckley, East Side Y. M. C. A., decision in 15m. 145 pounds-Louis C. Nelsen, NorwegianAmerican A. C., defeated Isidore Grill, Boys' Club, decision in 15m. 158 pounds-John Leahy, East Side Y. M. C. A., defeated Peter Smith, Boys' Club, decision in 15m. 175 pounds-N. G. Pendleton, Jr., New York A. C., deleated Morris Nelson, Harlem Y M. C. A., in 7m. 153. Heavyweight-Sam Schwartz, unattached, defeated N. G. Pendleton, Jr., New York A. C., decision in 15m.

COLLEGE WRESTLING. January 31, Annapolis, Md.-Naval Academy 7 points, Lafayette 0 points. February 6, Philadelphia, Pa.- Pennsylvania 6 points, University of Pittsburgh 1 point. February 7, South Bethlehem, Pa.--Lehigh 18 points, Columbia 15 points. February 13, New York City-Pennsylvania 18 points, Columbia 9 points.

February 14, Boston, Mass. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6 points, Harvard 1 point. Annapolis, Md.-- Naval Academy 32 points, Lehigh 0 points.

February 17, Princeton, N. J.-Princeton 14% points, Lafayette 35 points.

February 20, Philadelphia, Pa.-Cornell 22 points, Pennsylvania 11 points. New York City-Columbia 19 points, Yale 14 points.

February 21, Annapolis, Md.-Naval Academy 27 points, Cornell 4 points.
February 23, South Bethlehem, Pa.-Lehigh 3142 points, Lafayette 2 points.

February 27, Philadelphia, Pa.—Yale 23 points, Pennsylvania 9 points. New York CityCornell 22 points, Columbia 8 points.

February 28, Princeton, N. J.-Cornell 12 points, Princeton 6 points. Annapolis, Md. Naval Academy 25 points, Pennsylvania 6 points. State College, Pa.-- Penn. State 27 points, Lehigh 4 points.

March 6, Princeton, N. J.-Princeton 17 points, Pennsylvania 14 points.

March 7, Annapolis, Md.--Naval Academy 26 points, Columbia 6 points. Ithaca, N. Y.Cornell 17 points, Lehigh 13 points.

March 13, Ithaca, N. Y.-Cornell 16 points, University of Indiana 10 points.

March 14, Princeton, N. J.-Princeton 25 points, Columbia 6 points. New Haven, Ct.Massachusetts Institute of Technology 16 points, Yale 13 points. South Bethlehem, Pa.- Pennsylvania and Lehigh tied, 164 points each.

March 19, New York City-New York Athletic Club 24 points, Columbia (substitutes) 6 points. March 20, New Haven, Ct.-Yale 15 points, Princeton 14 points.

INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONSHIPS. Held at Philadelphia, Pa., March 27 and 28. Cornell won, scoring 24 points: Pennsylvania took second place with 17 points: Lehigh was third, with

12, Princeton scored 7, and Columbia 4: The summaries: 115-pound class— Won by Culberson, Cornell; Sherman, Pennsylvanla, second; Van Buren, Princeton, third. 125-pound class-Won by Boak, Cornell: Martin, Lehigh, second: Wooley, Pennsylvania, third. 135-pound class-Won by Sankoff, Cornell; Thomas, Lehigh, second: Lee, Pennsylvania, third. 145-pound class--Won by Allen, Cornell; Frantz, Princeton, second; Tazewell, Pennsylvania, third. 158-pound class-Won by Gallogly, Cornell; Mulligan, Pennsylvania, second; Sawtelle, Lehigh, third. 175-pound class-- Won by Pendleton, Columbia; Balley, Lehigh, second; Hogg, Pennsylvania, third. Heavyweight-Won by Dorizas, Pennsylvania; Good, Lehigh, second; Kleinert, Cornell, third.

Held at Chicago, Ill., April 4. Total score: 10 1-6 points for Indiana, 8% for Wisconsin, 8 for
Iowa, 2 2-3 for Illinois, 3 for Nebraska and 2 2-3 for Minnesota. Summarles: 125-pound class-
Williams, Indiana, defeated Anderson, Minnesota, on points, Time-23m. 135-pound class
Knott, Wisconsin, defeated Gran, Iowa. Time-7m. 388. 145-pound class-Hobbet, Iowa, de-
feated Gunther, Nebraska. Time--14 m. 558. 158-pound class-Demmon, Indiana, defeated
Freeman, Wisconsin, on points. Time-10m. 175-pound class-Cummins, Illinois, defeated
Martin, Wisconsin. Time--4m. Over 175-pound class-Davis, Indiana, defeated Schenk, Ne-
braska, on points. Time-23m.


Final Standing.
Won. Lost. P. C.


Won. Lost. P. C.

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American Hockey Association-First place won by Cleveland Athletic Club, defeating the American Soo team of Sault Ste Marie, Mich., in the final game by 4 to 2.

Interscholastic Championship-First place won by Cutler. School after a tle with Loyola School (defeating the latter in the second deciding game by 7 to 2 after a drawn game of 3 to 3).

OTHER GAMES. December 18, 1913--Detroit, Mich.; Detroit 7, Toronto 5. December 23-Murren, Switzerland; Cambridge 10, Oxford 0.

January 2, 1914--Boston, Mass.; Princeton 5, Toronto University 1. Syracuse, X. Y.; Ottawa University 2. Harvard 0. Detroit, Mich.: Frontenacs of Kingston, Ontarlo 5, Detroit 2.

January 3--Boston, Mass.; Princeton 4. Boston A. A. 3. West Point, X. Y.; Massachusetts Agricultural College 5, West Point 0. Syracuse, N. Y., Ottawa University 3, Harvard 0.

January 5- New York City; Ottawa University 4, Princeton 2.
January 7-Boston, Mass.; Amherst 1, Harvard 0.

January 9-West Point, N. Y.; Cornell 5, West Point 1. Cleveland, Ohio; Wanderers of New York City 5, Cleveland A. Č. 4. Boston, Mass.; Montreal A. A. 6, Irish-American A. C. of New York 2.

January 10-Hanover, N. H.; Dartmouth 2, Massachusetts Agricultural College 1. Cleveland, Ohio; Cleveland A. C. 1, Wanderers of New York 0.

January 14--Boston, Mass.; Harvard 4, Massachusetts State College of Amherst 3.

January 17--West Point, N. Y.; Seventh Regiment New York City 7, West Point 4. Cleveland, Ohio; Cleveland A. C.2, Midianus, Ontarlo, I. Williamstown, Mass., Wulams 12, Trinity 3.

January 19-West Point. N. Y.; Princeton 5, West Point 0.
January 20- Boston, Mass.; Harvard 2, Boston A. A. 2.
January 22 Boston, Mass.: Wanderers of N. Y. City 5, Boston A. A. 5.

January 24-New Haven, Ct.: St. Nicholas Club of N. Y. City 8, Yale 1. Lawrenceville, N. J.: Princeton, 1916, 2, Lawrenceville 0.

January 31-Boston, Mass.; McGill University, Montreal, 2, Harvard 1.
February 3-West Point, N. Y.; Dartmouth 7, West Point 3.

February 7- Amherst, Mass.; Amherst 1, Springfield Y. M. C. A. 1. New York City: Victorlas, Montreal, 6, Crescent A. C. 2. Willamstown, Mass.: Willame 9, Rensselaer Polytechnie 0.

February 11 - Amherst, Mass.; Massachusetts Agricultural College 4, Amherst 0. Concord, N. H.; St. Paul's School 10, Columbia University 1.

February 12- Boston, Mass.; Cleveland A. C. 7, Pilgrim A. A. 2.

February 13-West Point, N. Y.; Amherst 5, West Point 4. Boston, Mass.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6, Columbia University 2.

February 14-Boston, Mass.; Cleveland A. C. 1, Boston A. A. 0. Phillips Exeter Academy 4, Phillips Andover Academy 1. Pottstown, Pa.; Carlton Academy 5, Hill School 4.

February 16- Boston, Mass.; Pilgrim A. A. 11, Syracuse 1. New York City; De Witt Clinton High School 9, Columbia University Freshmen 2.

February 17 ---Boston, Mass.; Boston A. A. 6, Syracuse 1.
February 18-New Haven, Ct.; Yale 5, Williams 1.
February 20--Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland A. C. 3, Ottawa Hockey Club 1.

February 21 - Williamstown, Mass.; Williams 4, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1. Boston, M449.: Boston A. A. 4, Ottawa Unlversity 1. New Haven, Ct.; Harvard Freshmen 8, Yale Freshmen 1, Yale 4, Crescent A. C., New York City, 0.

February 23—Exeter, N. H.: Tufts College 6, Phillips Exeter Academy 5. Ossining, N. Y.; Holbrook School 3, Ardsley Country Club 2.

February 25- Boston, Mass.; Boston A. A. 4, Pilgrim A. A. 2.

February 28-Ottawa, Ont.; Ottawa University 3, Princeton 2. Cleveland, Ohio; Cleveland A. C. 3, Irish-American A. C., New York City, 0.

March 4-New Haven, Ćt.; Yale 2, New York Hockey Club 0.

March 7-- Boston, Mass.; Boston A. A. 2, Montreal A. A. 2. (Game broken off by Boston A. A. after first period.) Pilgrim A. A. 4, Montreal A. A. 1 (game played afterward).

March 12-Boston, Mass.; Irish-American A. C., New York City, 7, Sherbrooke Club 2.
March 14--New York City: Quebec 16, Wanderers, Montreal, 8 (professional match).
March 16--New York City: Wanderers, Montreal, 12, Vancouver 5 (professional match).
March 18- New York City; Quebec 10, Vancouver 8 (professional match).
March 21- New York City: Wanderers, Montreal, 9, Quebec 4 (professional match).

March 22- New York City; Quebec 8, Wanderers, Montreal, 6 (professional match). Total scores of deciding series, Wanderers 15, Quebec 12.

March 25--Boston, Mags.; Wanderers, Montreal, 7, Vancouver 6 (prolessional match).
March 27-Cleveland, Ohio, Ontario All Stars, Cornwall, Ont., 5, Cleveland A. C. 4.

March 28- Boston, Mass.; Wanderers, Montreal, 4, Vancouver 3 (professional match). TO tal of series, Wanderers 11, Vancouver 9.


RESULTS OF COMPETITIONS OF 1914. JANUARY 11, at Mount Hope, N. Y., St. Andrew's Golf Club was beaten in two matches by A. G. Fox's scrubs. January 12 and 13, at Van Cortlandt Park, New York City. Finals for Utica Cup.

Thistle defented Caledonian, 15 to 12. Line-up in final: Thistle-A. Fraser, C. McKenzie, R. Lauder: T. Watt, skip-15. Caledonian-T. R. Archibald, Jr., T. Wigley, J. Stirling; Dan McKaskill, skip-12

January 17, at Brookline, Mass. St. Andrew's Golf Club, Mount Hope, N. Y., defeated Country Club of Brookline in two matches by a total score of 25 to 22. Peter Fletcher, skip of the first St. Andrew's rink, won the District Medal. The line-up:

St. Andrew's No. 1--Lawson Sanford, Archie M. Ried, W. E. Hodgman: P. Fletcher, skip-16. Brookline No. 1--H. P. Praelzer, C. P. Curtis, M. E. Houghton; John Wylee, skip-10.

St. Andrew's No. 2- Roland Mix, Frydon Lamh, Austen 'G. Fox; Alex Halliday, skip—9. Brookline Vo. 2-Chester Guild, C. A. King, C. Wheelright: Henry Clement, skip-12.

February 20, at Chicago, Ill., Chicago defeated Milwaukee. Line-up: Chicago-W. Dalrymple, D. Roberton, H. Wolf: S. Nelson, skip-9. Milwaukee--Joyner, Pickens, B. Gregory: C. Roberts, sklp-18. Chicago-McMoran, Grant, R. Dalrymple: H. J. Holthoerer, skip--20. Milwaukee-Porter, R. Currie, H. Maxwell; w. Currie, skip-8. Totals: Chicago, 29; Milwaukee, 26.

February 21, at Montreal, Canada. The Canadian curlers guccessfully defended the Gordon International Medal in the elghteen games against United States rinks, winning by a majority of 141 points. W. R. J. Hughes, holder of the medal, defeated the Archibald Rink of New York by a score of 31 to 5. In his match against John Leslie of St. Andrew's Golf Club, Mount Hope, X. Y. Skip Hughes had his rink in perfect form, and won by 28 shots.

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