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SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Oficers FINANCIAL DATA.

Express. New York, Susquehalina

& Western Railrond. (New Jersey and Pennsyl- Main Line, Jersey City, N. J., to President, F. D. Underwood; Vice

vania.) For year ending June 30, 1914.

Stroudsburg, Pa., 120.27 m.; Wilkes- Presidents, G. F. Brownell, G. A

Barre and Eastern R, R., 84.35 m.; Total earnings..... $3.974,796

Richardson, D. W. Cooke; Vice Middletown Br., 20.50 m. Total Presideut and General Manager, Operating expenses 3,913,015 mileage 225.12.

A. J. 8. Stone; Vice-President Net earnings..... $1.061,781 EXPRESS Co,-Wells Fargo & Co. and Secretary, David Bosman. Other income

287,10-4 This road is now part of the Erie R.R. (eneral Offices, 50 Churcb Street, Total net income. $1,349,186 System.

New York.
Total paymeuts.... 1.118,801

$230,384 Norfolk Sonthern R.R. (Virginia, North Carolina. ) For year ruting June 30, 1913.

President, Joseph H. Young; ViceTotal earnings.... $3, 334,756

President, Frederick Hoti, New Operating expenses. 2,122,216 Main Line and branches, 602 m.

York; Secretary, Morris S. Hav. Net earnings...... $1,212,540 EXPRESS CO-Southern,

kins. General Ollices, Norfolk, Other income 325, 880

Va, ; New York Otice, 14 Wall

Total net income $1,5.38.490
Total payments... 1.039.196

S 09. 224
Norfolk & Western Ry. Norfolk to Columbus, O., 702.62 m.:
(Maryland, West Virginia,
Virginia,' North Carolina,

Lynchhurg to Durham, 115.43 m.; President, L. E. Johnson, Roanoke,
Roanoke to Hagerstow, 238.11 m.;

Va.; Vice-President in Charge
Ohio, Kentncky.]
Roanoke to Winston-Salem, 121.61

of Accounting and Finance, Wm. For yetir ending, June 30,1914. m.; Walton Junction to Bristol,

G. Macdowell, Philadelphia, Pat. ; Total earnings.. $44,470,618 110.75 m.; North Carolina Junction

Vice-President in Charge of OnOperating expenses 29,935,841

to Fries, 43.49 m.; (raham to Nor eration, N. D. Maber, Roanoke, Net earnings... $14,554,777 ton, 100.40 m.; Vera Junction to

Va.; Vice-President in charge of Other income...... 1,997,590 Cincinnati and Ivorydale, 105,93 Traffic, T. S. Davant, Roanoke, Total net income. $16,532,167 m.; Columbus, ('onnecting and

Va; Secretary, E. H. Alden, Total payments..

Philadelphia, Pa. General offices, Terminal R. R., 4.66 m.; branches, 15,390,18 493.53 m. Total mileage, 2,036.51.

Roanoke, Va., New York OLSurplus.. 31,141,985 EXPRESS Co.-Southern.

fices, 290 and 1245 Broadway, Northern Pacifier Ry.-(Wisconsiu, Minnesota, North Ashland, Wis., and St. Paul, Minn.; Dakota, Montana, Idaho,

to Portland, Ore., Tacoma, Seattle Washingtoll, Oregon. ] aud Sumas, Wash., 2,915.94 m. :ther President, J. M, Hannaford; ViceFor year ruling June 30, 1914. divisions and branches, 4,169.39 m. Total earnings.....868,544.801 Total mileage, 7,084.73.

President, George T. Slade; Sec Operating expenses 41,472,052 This company conneets with the

retary, G, H, Earl, New York,

General Offices, St. Paul, Minn.; Net earnings..... $27,072,749 Great Northern S, S. ('o., Nippon

New York Offices, 34 Nassau Other income.. 5.44,193 Yusen Kaisha and Blue Funnel

Street, 1244 Broadway.
Line Iron Seattle and Tacoma to
Total net income. $33,017242
Total payments 30,721.495

China, Japan and Manila.

EXPRESS CO,-Northeru, Surplus.

2.295,247 Northwestern Pacific

Railroad. (California, ) For year ending June 30, 1914. San Francisco to Trinidad, 312.34 m.; Total earnings ,... $3,745,-04

Sausalita to Cazadero,' 77.81 m. President and General Manager, Operating expenses 2.653,359 Christine to Albion, 25.66 m.;

W. S. Palmer; Vice-President, Net earnings..... $1,192,445 Drauches, 102.17 m. Total mileage,

A. H. Payson; Secretary, G. L Other income

King. General Olfices, San Frau. 125,281


EXPRESS Co. –Wells Fargo & Co. cisco, Cal.
Total net income. $1,218,726
Total payments.... 891,-46

$327 4801 Oregon Short Line K.R. (Utah, Wyoming, Idalo, Montana, Oregon.)

President, A. L. Mohler, Omaha, For year ending June 30, 1914.

Neb. ; Vice-President and GenTotal earnings.....$22,435,490 Linee In Utah, 216, 26 m. ; in Wyo eral Manager, E. E. Calvin,

ming, 123.23 in;in Idaho, 1,490.42 ni. ; Operating expenses 12,5;2,306

Salt Lake City; Secretary, Ales. in Montana, 144,45 m.;in Oregon, Millar, New York, General OfNet earnings..... $9.803,584 188.15 m. Total mileage, 2,162.51. fices, Omaha, Neb., and Salt Lake Other income..... 9,448,937 EXPRESS Co.-America.

City, Utah; New York Office, Total net income. $19,22,521

165 Broadway. Total payments.... 19,645,893 Deficit............


I'matilla, Ore., to Spokane. Wash., Oregon-Washington

294 m.; Hotington, Ore., Lo Seattle, Railroad & Naviga

Wash., 594 in.; Attalia, Washi,, to President, J. D. Farrell; Vice

North Yakima, tion ('ompany.

Wash., 98 .: President and General Manager, (Oregon, Washingi'n, Idaho.]

other branches, 929 m, Total mile J. P. O'Brien; Secretary, Ales. Financialstatement included age, 1,915,

ander Millar, New York. GenSteamer Lines; Portland to Astoria; in Uuion Pacitic R. R. re

eral Offices, Portland, Ore. ; New Riparia to Lewiston; Lake Point York Office, 166 Broadway. port.

to Harrison,
EXPRESS C0.-American,

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Omcers.

Eastern Pennsylvania Div., 1,253.90
m.; Western Pennsylvania Div.,
7233.71 m.; Philadelphia Terminal
Div., 48.96 m.; New Jersey Div.,
460.82 m.; Central Div. 1,046.67

Vicem.; Philadelphia, Baltimore and President, Samuel Rea; Pennsylvania Railrond. Washington R. R. Div., 708.64 m.;

President, incharge of operation, (New York, New Jersey, West Jersey and Sen Shore R. R.

W. W. Atterbury; Vice-PresiPennsylvania, Delaware, Div., 337.48 m.; Nortlern Div.,

dent, in charge of traffic, G. D. Maryland, District of Co 774.34 m.; Baltimore & Sparrows

Dixon; Vice-President, in lumbia, Virginia, West Point R. R., 5.43 m; Baltimore,

charge of finance, H. Tatrall; Virginia, Michigan, KenChesapeake and Atlantic


Vice-President, in charge of real tucky, Ohio, Iudiana, nii 87.61 m.; Barnegat R. R., 8.15 m.;

estate, purchases and insurance, nois, Missouri.] Cherry free and Dixonville R.R.;

W. H. Myers; General Manager, For year ending Dec. 81, 1913. 38.39 m.; Cornwall & Lebanon R.R.,

S. C. Loug; Secretary, Lewis (Raillines directly operated! 24.84 .n.; Cumberland Valley R. R.

Neilson; Treasurer, Jas. F. Total earnings....9191 501,490 lines, 162.11 m.; Loug Island R. R.

Fahnestock. General Office, Operating expenses145,942,346 lines, 394.60 m.Maryland, Delaware

Broad Street Station, PhiladelNet earnings.... $45,509,144 & Virginia Ry., 78.43 m.; Monon

phia; New York Onices, 170

Broadway, 263 and 501 Filth Ave. Otheriucome..... 19 530,413 gahela R. R. lines, 65.17 m,, Pemberton & Heightstown R R., 24.37

nue, 153 W.135th St.; Desbrosses Total netincome $65,039,559 m.; Philadelphia & Beach Haven

St. Str. ; Cortlandt Si, sun., HudTotal payments... 63,395,749

S011 Terminal, Cortlandt and R. R., 12.80 m., New York, Phila

Church Sts; Seventh Avenue Surplus....... $11,643, 010 delphia & Norfolk R. R. , 112 m.; Susquehanna, Bloomsburg & Ber

and Thirty-second St., and 85

Cedar St. (Executive and Stock wick R.R., 41.83 m.; other branches,

Transfer Otlice).
23.50 m. Total mileage lines east.
6,433 81. Pennsylvania lines west
of Pittsburgh, 3,883 54 m.

mileage, 19,317.35.

EXPRESS 00.-Adams,
Pere Marquette R.R.
(Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Iestern Districi --Chicago Div.,
Ilmois, Ontario, Can.) 411.93 m.; Petoskey Div., 341.32
For yrar ending June 30, 1914, ni, ; Detroit Div., 430.06 m. Total
Total earnings.. .....$16,915,197

Receivers, F.W.Blair, D. E. Waters, mileage, 1,183.31. Operatiug expenses 18,034,174 Eastern District -Toledo Div., 472.24

Paul H. King; General Manager,

F. II. Alfred. General Offices Net earnings .....

*$1,118.977 m.; Pt. liuron Div., 309.70 m.:
Other iucome...

Detroit, Mich.; New York Ollice,
Div., 359, 67 m.


290 Broadway.

Grand mileage, 1,141 61.

total Totul net income $9.33,941 Total deductions... 6,215,954 EXPRESS Co.-Adams.

mileage, 2,324.92. *Deficit............ $7,152,895 Philadelphia and Read

ing Railwny. [New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Reading Div., 290.47 m.; Philadelphia Delaware. Div., 50.25 m.; New York Div.,

President, Theodore Voorhees; Foyrar ending June 30, 1914.

Vice-Presideut and Trailic Mans 155.32 m.;Harrisburg Div., 103.73 m.; Total earnings.. .$47,123.3701 Shamokin Div., 265.89 m.; WII

ager, John F. Arch; Vice-PresiOperating expenses, 31,793,208 mington aud Columbia Div., 121.43

dent and General Manager, AgNet earnings.

new T. Dice; Secretary, George $10,330,102 m.; otherlines operated separately, Other income..

491.58 m.

Ziegler. General Ofices, Phila-
Total mileage, 1,078.67.
EXPRESS Co.-American.

delphia, Pa,
Total net income. $17.087,972
Total payments.... 11,686,134

Surplus.......... $5,401,838
Queen and Crescent

(Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee,
Georgia, Alabama, Missis. Comprising the following lines: Cin-

cinnati, New Orleans and Texas C., NO. & T. P. Ry:-President, sippi, Louisiana. )

Fairfax Harrison, Washington, Pacitic Ry., 338 m.; Alabama Great For year ending june 30, 1914.

D.C. ; Vice-President, T. C. Pow. Southern R. R.. 296 m.; Belt RailTotal earnings.....$16,257,997

ell, Cincinnati, Ohio; Secretary, way of Chattanooga, 49 m.; HarriOperating expenses 11.950,237 man & Northeastern R. R., 20 m.:

F. S. Wyun, New York ; General Net earnings.... $4,307,760 Cincinnati, Burnside & Cumberland

Manager. Horace Baker, Ciucina

nati, Ohio. Niv York Oflices, 30 Other income....

855, 107
River R. R., 4 m. Totalinileage, 707.

Church St. and 290 Broadway.
Total net income $5,162,86; EXPRESS CO.--Southern.
Total payments... 4,861,792

$301,075 Rutland Railrond. White Creek, Vt., to Canada Line, [Vermout and New York.) Que., 161 42 m.; Chatham, N. Y., to For year ending Dec. 31,1913.

Benningtou, Vt., 57.21 m.; BenningTotal earnings.. 83,759,598

ton, Vt., to No. Bennington, 4.67 m. President, A. H. Smith, New York; Operating expenses 2.840,794 Bellows Falls, VI., to Rutland, Vt.

Vice-Presidentaud veneral Mana Net earnings....

ager, George T. Jarvis. General $858,804

52.21 m.; Alburgh, Vt., to Ogdens. Other income...

Offices, Rutland, Vi.; New York 104,452 burg, N. Y., 121.60 m.; Canada Line to Voyan Jct., Que., 3.39 m.; Leices.

Offices, Grand Central Terminal Total net income.$1,0229,256 Total payments... ..


ter Jct., Vt., to Addison Jct., N. Y.) and 1216 Broadway.

14.ol m. Total mileage, 415.11. Surplus... 3............ $270,407) EXPRESS CO's-American;




Divisions, Mileage, and Operating


General Omcers.

San Antonio and Aran

sas Pns, Railway. (Texas. )

Houston, Tex., to San Antonio, Tex., For y all ending June 30, 1914. 238 m. Kenedy, Tex., to Corpus President, W. H. McIntyre; Vice. Total earnings...

$4,648 196 Christi, Tex., 88 m.; Rockport Br., President and General Manager, Operating expenses 3.984,750 21 m.; Lockhart Br., 55 m.; Alice J. 8. Peter; 2d Vice-President, Net earnings.....


Br., 43 m.; Waco Br., 171 m.; Kerr M. D. Monserrate; Secretary, Other income ville Br., 71 m.; Falfurrias Br.,

General Offices, 10.870

J. W. Terry.
36.3 m. Total mileage, 723.7.

San Antonio, Tex,
Total net income.. $674,311 EXPRESS CO-Wells Fargo & Co.
Total payments.... 1,065,254

$391,243 San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake R. R.

President, W.A. Clark, New York; (Uuth, Nevala, ('alifornia.)

Vice-Presidents, W. H. Bancroft, For year ending June 30, 1914

Salt Lake City, Utab; J. R. Clark, Total earnings... $10,626,171 Salt Lake City, Utah, to Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Cal.; (ieneral Man. Operating expenses 7.214,709 Cal., 783,7 m.; brunches, 361.4 m. ager, H. ( Nutt; Secretary, w. Net earnings..... $3,411, 462 Total milenge, 1,145.1.

H. Comstock. General Offices Other income..... 0,759 EXPRESS Co. - American,

Los Angeles, Cal.; New York Total net income, $3,417.221

Offices, 20 kxchange Place and

233 Broad way. Total payments.... 3,337,411 Surplus.

$179,810 Senboard Air Line Ry. (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama.) Virginia Div., 368.73 m. ; North Caro President, W. J. Harahan; ViceFor year ending June 30, 1914. lína Div., 495.84 m.; South Caro President, Charles R. Capps, Total earnings..... $25,291,757 lina Div., 550.31 mi.; 'Georgia Liv., Norfolk, Va.; Secretary, D. C Operating expenses. 17,311,341 640.97 m.; Florida Div., 681.23 m. Porteous, New York. General Net earnings..... $7,980,303

Alabama Div., 460.47 m. Total Oltices, Portsmouth and Norfolk, Other income..

Va., New York Ollices, 24 Broad 278,63

mileage, 3,097.55.
EXPRESS C0.-Southern.

Street and 1184 Broadway.
Total net income..88,258.999
Total payments.... 6.892,908

Surplus........ .81,366,091
Southern Pacific Com-

President, Wm. Sproule; San piny.

Francisco, Cal.; Vice-Presidents, (Louisiana, Texas, New

W. F. Herrin and E. O. Motor Mexico, Arizona, "Califor Lines south of Portland and west of nia, Nevada, Oregon, Utah. ) Ogden and Rio Grande--Arizona

mick, San Francisco, ('al.. A N. Ar yrar muting June 30, 1913. Eastern R R., 366.74 m.; Central

Mcdonald and W. A. Worthing. (Including water lines also.)

Pacific Ry., 2,205.46 m.; Corvallis ton, New York; Vice-President & Easteru RR.. 140.58 m.:Oregon &

and General Manager. W. R. Total earnings.... $143,774,705

('alifornia R R., 697.45 m.; South Scott, San Francisco, Cal.; Sec. Operating expenses 92,469.410

Pacific ('oast Ry., 106.69 m. ; South retary, Hugh Neill, New York; Net receipts $49.905,295 ern Pacific R. R., 3,497.37 m. Total Director of Traffic, Lewis J. Other income..... 11,742,173 mileage, 7,014.29.

Spence, New York, General OfTotal net income $61,647,467 EXPRESS Co. -Wells Fargo & Co. fices, San Francisco (ul.; New

York Ottices, 165 and 366 BroadTotal payments... 51,140,591

way. Surplus


Northern District: Washington Div., Southern Railway.

370.95 m.; Danville Div., 455.95 m.; (District of Columbia, Vir Richmond Div., 279.15 m.; Norfolk President, Fairfax Harrison, ginia, North Carolina, Div., 292.10 m. ; Winston-Saleni

Washington, D. C.; Vice-Presi. South Carolina, Georgia, Div., 383.69 m. Total, 1,771.77 m. dents, A. B. Andrews, Raleigh, Florida, Alabama, MixSis- Eastern District : Charlotte Div.,535.03 N. C., J. M. Culp. Washing. sippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, m. ; Columbia Div., 364.41 v. : Spar- ton, D. C.; H. B. Spencer, Minois, Indiana. Missourij tanburg Div., 244 m.; (harlton Washington. D.C.; T.C. Poweil, For yetti euling Juu 30, 1914 Div., 449.51 m). Total, 1.592.95 in.

Cincinnati, Ohio; Vice-President Total earnings,.... 269.533,697 Middle District: Total, 1,377.93 m. and Gieneral Manager, E. H. CoapOperating expenses 50,571,174 Smhern District: Birmingham Div.. ma!ı, Washington, D. C. ; SecreNet earnings $18.962,523 356.17 m.; Mobile Div.. 542.73 m.;

tary, F. S. Wynn, New York, Other income..... 3,295.230 Atlanta Div., 537.03 m. ; Columbus General offices, Washington, Div., 200.18 m. Total, 1.635.10 m.

D. C. ; New Total net income. $22.357,753 Westerii District, 531.48 m. : Okolona

York Ofices, 30

Church Street, Total payments.... 20,309,975

Big ('reek Line, 37.42 m Total mileSurplus........... $2,047,778 age of system, 6,947.05.

EXPRESS Co. --Southern. Spokane, Portland and

Senttle Railway, (Washington, Oregon.] For year ending June 30, 1914. Spokane, Wash., to Portland, Ore., Total earnings...... $4.901.740 379.50 m.; Willbridge to Holladay, Operating expenses 2,808,542 114.60 m.; branches, 45.40 m. Total President, L.C. Guman. General Net earnings..... $2,093.098 mileage, 539.50.

Offices, Portland, Ore.
Other income..... 1,492,817 EXPRESS Co's - Northern; Great

Total net income $3,585,915
Total payments.... 4,484,087
Deficit. ...........


SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers.

SI, Tonix Surth western Ry.: Main
Line, 426.7 m.; Cairo. Illmo Br., 28.9

m. ; Birds Point Br., 57.3 m, i New St. Louis Southwestern

Madrid Br., 6.1 m.; Little RockRailway

Gillett Br., 86 m. ; Hazen Br. 17.6 President, F. H. Britton, St. Louis, [Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, m.; England Br. 19 m.; Shreve

Mo.; Vice-Presideuls, H. E. FarLouisiana, Texas. ] port Br., 62.5 m.; Hinois Div. (joint

rell, St. Louis, Mo.: C. W. NelFor year ending Jitre 30, 1914. track), 132.3 m.; Memphis Line Total earnings..... $12,7 14,655 Joint track), 68.8 m.; Blytheville/ son, D. H. Morris, N. B. Burr:

Secretary, A. J. 'Trussell, New Operating expenses 9,786,451 Br., 37.3 m. Total mileage, 942.3. St. Louis Southwestern Ry. of Terus:

York; General Manager, J. W. Net earnings......$2,958,104

Everman. General Oflices, st.
Main Line, 306.4 m.; Sherman Br.,
Other income..

52.3 m.; Fort Worth Br., 100.8 m.;

Louis, Mo., and 165 Broadway,

New York. General offices, St." Total net income. 83.956,772 Hulsboro Br., 40.9 m.; Lufkin Br.,

L. S. W. Ry. of Texas, Tyler Total paymeuts.... 4.118,342] 130.9 m.; Dallas Br., 13.7 m. ; Com

Ter. Deficit,

anche Br. 69.3 m.; Stephenville
............ 8161,570

Br., 38 m. Total mileage, 610.5.
P. B. A. R. Ry.,25.4 m.; E.T.R.R. Co.,

80.3 m, Grand total milenge, 1,808,7. St. Louis and San Fran.

EXPRESS Co. -Wells Fargo & Co. cisco R. R. (Missiri, Kansas, ArkanSits, Oklahoma, Texas,

Receivers, James W. Lusk, W. Tennessee, Mississippi St. Louis & San Francisco R.R., 4.741.68 B. Biddle, w. C. Nixon; Agent Alabama.)

m.; Paris & Great Northern R. R., for Receivers, C. W. Hillard, For year ending Jun. 8C. 1914. Total earnings..... $44,923,668 EXPRESS Co's--Southern operates be

16.94 m. Total milenge, 4,758.52. New York; General Manager, Operating expeuses 33.270,59

D. Levy;

Freight Traffic tweeu Kansas City and Birming Manager, A. Middleton. Net earnings.. $11,652,969 ham; Wells Fargo & Co. balance General Offices, St. Louis, Mo.; Other income... 749,911 of line,

New York Onices, 71 uud 386 Total net income. $12,402,880

Total payments... 15,231,023


Morgan's La, and Texas R. R., and
S. S.C., 404.53 m.; Louisiana West.

R.R., 207.74 m.; Texas aud X.O.R.R., President, W. B. Scott; Vice-Presia Sunset Central Lines. 468.03 m.; Galveston, Harrisburg

dent and General Manager, W.G. and San Antonio Ry., 1,342.08 m.;

Van Vleck ; Secretary, G. R. Cute (Louisiana, Texas.]

Houston and Texas Central R. R., tingham, General Ollices, Hous. 829.66 m.; Houston, E, and W. Texas ton, Tex.; New York Odices, 165 Ry., 190.94 m.; branches, 61.22 m.

aud 366 Broadway. Total mileage, 3,494.20.

EXPRESS Co. - Wells Fargo & Co. Texas and Pacific Ry. (Louisiana, Arkansils, Texas. Hor yeur ending June 30, 1914. Eastern Div., 611 m.; Rio Grande President, George J. Gould; Vice. Total earnings.....$18,602,684 Div., 620 m. ; Louisiana Div., 306 Presidents, E. F. Kearney, KingOperating expenses 14,238.006 m. ; Port Allen Br., 102 m.; La

don Gould, and O. B. Huntsman;. Fourche Br., 28 m.; Texarkana Net earnings.., $4,414,678

Secretary, C. W. Veitch, New Dist., 70 m.; Avoyelles Br., 93 m.; Other income.... 110,324

York, General Offices, 160 BroadNatchitoches Br., 89 m. ; Napoleon.

way, New York, and Dallas, Total net income..$4.525,002 ville Br., 16 m. Total mileage, 1,885.

Total payments.... 4,147,224 EXPRESS Co.-Wells Fargo & Co.

$377,778 Toledo and Ohio Central Railway.-"New York

President, A. H. Smith, New York; Central Lines."

Toledo to Bremen, 172.91 m.; New Vice-Presidents, J. Carstensen, (Ohio.)

Lexington to Coruing, 12.33 m.: New York: W. K. Vanderbilt, For year ending Dec. 31, 1913.

Whitmore to Thurston, 146.57 m.; Jr., New York; C. F. Daly, New Total earnings.... $6,031,430

Alum Creek to Truro Junction, 4.90 York; Ira A. Place, New York; Operating expenses. 4,101,858

m.; Peoria to St. Mary's, 59.90 m. A. T. Hardin, New York; J. J. Net earnings......$1,39,572 Total mileage, 384.91.

Bernet, Chicago, Ill. ; Secretary, Other income. 207, 960 EXPRESS Co.-American.

D. W. Pardee, New York, (ieil

eral Offices, Chicago and New Total net income.$1,5:35,638 This road is part of New York Total paymeuts..... 1,094,311 Central System.

York. Surplus.......

........ $441,227 Toledo, St. Louis and

Western Railrond. [Onio, Indiana, Illiuois, Missouri. ) For your enling June 30, 1913.

President, W. L. Ross; Vice-Presi. Totalearuings....... $4,3:35.167

dent, B. C. Stevenson; Vice

Ohio, to St. Louis, Mo., President and Secretary, James Operating expenses. 2 900,251 Toledo,

450.72 m. Net earnings..

S. Mackie, New York. General $1,434,910 EXPRESS Co.-National, Other iucome........ 66,361

Offices, Toledo, Ohio, New York

Odlice, 299 Broadway.
Total net income. $1,501,271
Total payments..... 1.437.809

Surplus....... $63,7621



Divisions, Mileage, and Operating


General Officers,

Union Pacific Railroad. (Kansas, Nebraska, Tolva, Colorado, Wyoming, Ulah,

President, A.L, Mohler: Vice-PresMissouri.) For year ending June 30, 1913. Nehraska Div., 1, 242.13 m.; Kansas

Ident, J. A. Munroe; Direetor of Total earnings..... $93,638,45% Div., 976.87 m.; Colorado Div., 859.32

Traffic, B. L. Winchell, Chicago, Operating expenses 04,030,216 m.; Wyoming Div., 636,15 m. Total

Ill. ; Secretary, Alexander Millar,

New York. General Offices mileage, 3,614.77. Net earuingy..... $39.608, 243

Omaha, Neb. ; Chicago Oliice, 113 Other income..... 19,207,971 EXPRIS Co.-American.

West Adams Street, New York Total net income $50.810,214

Ofices, 165 Broadway. Total payments... 47,684,218

Surplus....... $11,131.996

Vandalia Railroad Co.
(Indiana, Illinois.)
For your ending Dec. 31, 1913.
Total earnings *10,673,642 St. Louis Div., 238 m.; Centre Point President, J.J. Turner; Vice-Presi.
Operating expenses 8,548,975

Br., 8 m.; Michigan Div., 358 m.; deuts, E. B. Taylor, G L. Peck

Viuceunes liv., 118 m.; branches, and D. T. McCabe; (ieneral ManNet earnings


92 m.; Terre tante and Peoria ager, T. B. Hamilton, St. Louis, Other income


R. R., 166 m. Total mileage, 910. Mo. General Oflices, Pittsburgh, Total net income $2,4:3,2 EXPRESS Co.-Adams,

Pa., and St. Louis, Mo. Total payments.... 2,510,860



Virginian Railway.
(Virginia, West Virginin. 1
Fin year ending June 30, 1914.
Total earnings.....$6,340,079 Jewell's Point, Va., to Deepwater, Vice-President and General Man-
Operating expenses 3.5:53,220

W.Va., 448 m. ; Winding Gulf Br. ager, Raymond Du Puy; Secres Net earnings..... $2,806,839 27 m.; leased lines, 28 m, Total

tary, James Clarke, New York, Other income. 340,8:33 mileage, 303.

General Offices, Norfolk, Va.; Total net income $3,147,682 EXPRESS V0.-Adams,

New York Olice, 55 Wall Street. Total payments.... 1,486,829 Surplus....

......... $1,260,833

Wabash Railrond.
(Ontario, Canada; Ohio, In-

diant, Michigan, Illinois,

Missouri, Towa. ) For your pinting Joine 30, 1914. Buffalo Div., 276.6 m.; Detroit Div., Receiver, E. B. Pryor; General Total carinss.. $30,022,494 295 m.; Peru Div., 860 m. ; Decatur Manager, Heury Miller: Secre. Operating expenses 34,403,832 Div., 459.9 m.; Springtield Div., tury, J. C. Otteson, New York.

265.4 m.; Moberly Div., 858.7 m. General Offices, St. Louis, Mo. : Net enrnings..... $6,618,662 Total mileage, 9.514.6.

New York Onces, 165 and 387 Otherincome...... 886,852

EXPRESS CO. - Wells Fargo & Co, Broadway.
Total net income 86,515,514
Total paymeuts.... 9,181.429


Western Pacific Ry.
[California, Nevada, Utah.)
For war ending June 30, 1914. San Francisco, Cal., to Salt Lake President, B. F. Bush, St. Louis,
Total parnings... 80,099,573
City, Utah,921 m.; Tesla Br., 13 m.

Mo.; Vice-President, E. L. Brown;
Operating expenses. 4.945,891
Total mileage, 934.

Vice-Presideut and General Man. Net earnings.. $1,103,683 Boca & Loyalton R. R., 45.2 m.

ager, C. M. Levey ; Secretary, Otherilliome. 20.158 EXPRESS Co.-Globe.

W.G. Bruell. General omices, San

Francisco, Cal.; New York Ofices, Total net inconie. $1,123,840 This road is part of Denver & Rio Grande R. R. System.

165 and 1246 Broadway. Total payments..... 758.699

Surplus............ $325,143

Wheeling and Lake
Erie Railroad.

Receiver, W. M, Duncan; Presfohio. )

Toledo Div., 213 m.; Cleveland Div., ident, J. Ramsey, Jr., Toledo, For year ending June 30, 1914.

144 m.; Chagrin Falls Br., 8 m, : Ohio: Vice-Presidents, George P. Total earnings.. .$7,637,345

Ohio River Div., 13 m.; Huron Rust Ralph E. Slaven New York ; Operating expenses. 5,274,641

Div.. 13 m.; (arrollton Br., 48 m.; General Manager, H. W. McMasNet earnings......

$2,362, 804 Massillon Br., m. :other branches, ter, Secretary, T. D. Rbodes, New Otherincome, ...... 47 m. Total milenge, 504.

York, General ofices, Cleveland, Totalnet income..$2.425,132 EXPRESS C0,- Wells Fargo & Co. Ohio; New York Omce, 30 Broad

Street, Total payments..... 1.950,151

Surplus........... *109,951

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