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SYSTEMS, LOCATION, ANI) Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Oficers,

Main Lines (Boston to Portland, via

Dover), 115,52 m.; (Boston to PortBoston and Maine Rail land. via Portsmouth), 108.74 m.; rond.

Jewett, Me., to Intervale, N. H. 73.31 (New York, Massachusetts, m.; Worcester, Mass., tó Portland, Vermont,


Hamp Me., 150.78 m. Boston, Mass., to President, James H. Hustis; Vice shire, Maine, Quebec.) Groveton, N. H., 221.84 m.; Concord,

President, W. J. Hobbs; General For your ending June 30, 1914. N. H., to White River Jct., Vt.. 69.50 Total earnings......$47,600.145 m.; White River Jct., Vt., to Sher

Manager, B. R. Pollock; Freight

Trallic Manager, A. S. Crane; Operatiug expenses 38,296,678 brooke, P, Q., 145.20 m.; N. ('am

General Superintendent, J. D. bridge to Northampton, Net earnings...... $9,303,467


Tyter. General Ofices, Boston, Other iucome......

95.69 m.; Springfield, Mass., 1,516,009


Brattleboro, Vt., 59.65 m.; Boston to
Total net income. $10,819,476

Rotterdam Jct. and Troy, 253.01 m.;
Total payments 12,864,218

Ashburnham Jct. to Bellows Falls, Deficit..............

$2,044,742 53.85 m.; branches, 950.33 m. Total

mileage, 2,301.90.

EXPRESS CO's-American; National.
Buffalo, Rochester and
Pittsburgh Railway.

President, Wm. T. Noonan; Vice[New York, Pennsylvania, For your ending Jul 30, 1914. Main Line and branches, 367.06 m.;

Presidents, Adrian Iselin, Jr.,

New York, and W. Emlen Roosel'otal earnings .....810,709,534 Teised lines, 89.90 m.; trackagel veli, New York; General Man Operating expeuses 7.938,062 rights, 129.52 m. Total mileage, ager, T. F. Brendan; Secretary, Net earnings. $2,771,472 586.48.

Ernest Iselin, New York. GenOther incomne....... 818,325 EXPRESS Co.-American,

eral offices, Rochester, N. Y.; Total net income. $3,589,798

New York Office, 36 Wall Street, Total payments.... 3,589,798 Canadian Northern Ry. (Manitoba, Saskatchewan,

Alberta, Ontario, Min

nesota, For year ending June 30, 1913.

President, Wm. Mackenzie, ToTotal earnings. $24,377,479

ronto, Ont.; Vice-President, D.D. Total mileage, 4,670. Operating expenses 17,503,611 EXPRESS Co.-Canadian Northern,

Mann, Toronto, Ont. ; 3d Vice

President, D. B. Hanna, Toronto, Net earnings... $6,773,868

Ont.; General Traflic Manager, Premium received. 250,000

Geo. H. Shaw, Toronto, Out. Total net income.$7,023,868 Total payments.... 6,179,138 Surplus.....

$814,730 Canadian Pacific Ry. (New Brunswick, Maine, Quebec, Outario, Michigan, Atlantic Div.,771.6 m.; Eastern Div., Manitoba, Assiniboia, 1,582.8 m.; Ontario Div., 1,509.3 m.

President, Thomas G. Shanghnessy; Saskatchewan, Alberta, Lake Superior Div., 1,113.2 m.;

Vice-Presidents, D. McNicoll, British Columbia. ) Manitoba Div., 2,465 m.; Saskat

George Bury, Winnipeg, Man.: For year ending Jiune 30, 1914. chewan Div., 2,146.7 m.; Alberta

I. (. Ogden, G. M. Bosworth: Total earnings....$119,754,042 Div., 2,453,6 m.; British Columbia Operating expenses 81,701,934 Div., 1,979.3 m.

Secretary, w. R. Baker, General Total nileuge, 13,322.1.

Onlices, Montreal, Quebec: New Net earnings.....$35,052,108

York Omices, 64 Wall Street, 458
Other income...... 31,353, 149 Length of Main Line, Montreal to
Vancouver, 2.903 miles.

Total net income. 69,405,550 EXPRESS Co's-Dominion; Western.
Total paymeuls.... 56,997,416

Surplus........ .$12,408,134
Central of Georgin Ry,
(Georgia, Alabama, and Teu. Columbus-Andalusia, 138 m. ; Griffin-
nessee. ]

Chattanooga, 198m. ; Macon-Athens, President, W. A. Winburn; ViceFor your enring June 30, 1914.

105 m. ; Savannah- Atlanta, 294 m.; President, A. R. Lawton; GeoTotal earnings, $14,36,575

Birmingham-Macon, 257 m.; Ft. eral Manager, T. S. Moise; Secre Operating expenses. 10.785,761

Valley-Montgomery,194 m.; Smith tary, Chas. F. Groves, General Vet earnings.......$3,840,831 ville-Lockhart, 176 m.; other Oltices, Navannah, Ga : New York Other income........

841,591 branches, 562 m. Total mileage, Ollices, 501 Fifth Avenue and 221 Total net income..$4,392.402 1.924.

Broadway. To al payments..... 4,191,360

EXPRESS Co.-Southern, Surplus............ $191,042

New York to Scranton, 191.65 m.; Central Railroad of New

Newark Br., 10.62 m.; South Br. Jersey.

15.78 m.; Perth Amboy Br., 23.12 (New York, New Jersey. m.; High Bridge Br., 55.80 m.; President and General Manager, Pennsylvania. ]

sundry branches in New Jersey, William G. Besler; Vice-PresiFor your ending June 30, 1914.

23.46 m.; sundry branches in PennTotal earnings. $29,251,093 sylvania, 119.13 m.;

deut, R. W. de Forest; Vice

New Jersey President and Freight Trafic Operating expenses 19,741,844 Southern Div., 175.86 m.; Freeholi Manager, Tilghman B. Koons; Net earnings... $9.509,-48 and Atlantic Highlands Div., 24.47

Secretary, G.0. Waterman. GenOther income.. 3,087,771 m.; New York and Long Branch eral Offices 143 Liberty Street, Total net income. $12.597,019 EXPRESS CO's-American. On New

R. R. 38.04 m. Total mileage, 677.93. New York, Total paymeuls... 6,873,0183

York and Long Branch R. R., Surplus. ...

.......... $5,723,934 Adams ; American

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers,

Central Vermont Ry.
(Connecticut, Massachusetts,

Vermont, Quebec.)
For year ending June 30, 1914.

President, E. C. Smith; ViceTotal earnings......$4,507 826 Southern Div., 173.5 m. ; Northern President, C.W. Witters. General Operating expenses. 3,946,073 Div., 362.6 m. Total mileage, 537. Offices, St. Albans, Vt.; New Net earnings...... $561,733 EXPRESS Cois-American; Cana

York Offices, 386 Broadway, 82 Other income....... 193,720 diau; National.

Wall Street,
Total net income. $755,473
Total payments..... 1,014,730

$259,257 Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. (Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana,

President, Geo. W. Stevens; ViceIllinois.)

Main Line, 949.3 m.; Louisville Line, Presidents, Decatur Axtell, HenFor year ruling Jree 30, 1914.

2018.4 m. ; James River Line, 229.9 ry T. Wickham; F. M. Whitaker Total earnings... $36,690,021

ni.; Washington Line, 94.5 m.; and M.J. Caples; Secretary, Jas. Operating expenses 25,653,9:36

other branches, 893.8 m. Total Stevart Mackie, New York. GenNet earnings..... $11,036,085 mileage, 2,375.9.

eral Offices, Richmond, Va.; New Other income....... 2,164,530 EXPRESS Co. -Adams,

York Office, 71 and 1218 BroadTotal net income $13,190,615

way. Total payments..... 12,730,005 Surplus...

$460,552 Chicago and Alton R.R. Chicago to East St. Louis, 279.95 m.: sullinois and Missouri.) Pequot Line, 26.92 m., Dwight to President, W. G. Bierd; Vice. For your mouling Jwie 30, 1913.

Peoria, 70.33 m.; Peoria to SpringTotal earnings.

President,F. H. Davis, New York; $15,254,865

field, 50.16 m.; Bloomington to Operating expenses 13,326,833 Roodhouse, via Jacksonville, 110.68

General Traffic Manager, S. G. m.; Titus to Barnett Junction,

Lutz; Passenger Trattic Manager, Net earnings.. $1,928,032 56.38 m.; Roodbouse to Kausas

George J. Charlton; Secretary, Other income...

City, 250. 90 m.; Mexico to Cedar

James S. Mackie, New York. Total net income..$1.937,094 (ity, 50.12 m.; branches, 119.53 m.

General Ollices, Chicago, Ill.; Total payments... 3,820,385 Total mileage, 1,015. 47.

New York Othces, 60 Wall Street Deficit. ........... EXPRESS Co's - American;

and 165 Broadway. $1,883,291


tional Chicago and Eastero

Illinois Railrond.
(Indiana and Winois.)
Fyrir muding Jour 30, 1914,
Total earnings.....$15,514,285

Receiver and General Manager, W.
Operating expenses 12,969,011 Total mileage, 1.282. (Includes track J.Jackson, Chicago, Ill. ;Receiver,
Net earnings...... $2.575,274
age rights 162 m.)

Edwin W. Winter, New York.

General offices, Chicago; New Other inconie........ 1,091,191 EXPRESS CO.-Wells Fargo & Co.

York Office, 71 Broadway.
Total net income..$3,676,465
Total payments. 5,192,358

Chicago and Northwest-Wisconsin Div., 348.46 m.; Northern

ern Railway, - "The Wisconsin Div., 3:52.72 m.; Galena

Northwestern Line.” Div., 414.81 m.; East Iowa Div., President, W. A. Gardner; Vice(Michigan, Illinois, Iowa,

346.66 m, ; West Iowa Div., 222.80 President and Asst. Secretary, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Min m.; Iowa and Minnesota Div., 323.11 nesota, North Dakota, South m. Northern Iowa Div., 383.57 m.;

8. A. Lynde, New York City; Dakota, Wyoming.) Sioux City Div., 456.70 m.; Madison

Vice-Presidents, H. R. McCulFor yrar ending June 30, 1914." Div., 696.01 m.; Lake Shore Div.,

lough and R. H. A ishton; GenTotal earnings..

eral Manager, S. G. Strickland; $83.677,050 381.35 m.; Ashland Div., 673.73 m.; Operating expenses 63.672,080 Peninsula Div., 464.44 m.; Minne

Freight Traffic Manager, Marvin sota Div. 499.88 m.; Dakota Div.,

Hugbitt, Jr.; Passenger Traffic Net enrnings......$20.004.970 841.86 m.; Eastern Div. 897.41 m.;

Manager, A. C. Johuson. GenOther income.... 2,920,760

eral Offices, Chicago, Ill. ; New Black Hills Div., 609.27 m.; Sonth

York Offices, ill and 1282 BroadTotal net income. $22,925,730 ern Illinois Div., 202.17 m. Total

Total payments.... 21,719,676 mileage, 8,094.94.
Surplus... $1,206,054 Chicago, St. Paul, M. &0. Ry.,1,753 m.

EXPRESS Co.-American.
Chiengo, Burlington and
Quincy Railroad.-

President, Hale Holden; Vice"Burlington Ronte."

Presidents, H. E. Byram, C. G. (Illinois, Wisconsin, Min-Lines in Illinois, 1,785.24 m.; in Wis

Burnham, T. S. Howland, and nesota, Towa, Missouri, Ne

consin, 223.02 m. ; in Minnesota,
38.45 m.: in Iowa, 1,438.56 m.;

W. W. Baldwin; Assistant Secbraska Kansas, Colorado,

retary, H. W. Weiss, Chicago, Wyoming, South Dakota

in Missouri, 1,133.20 m.; in Ne Ill.: Passenger Trallic Manager, Montana )

braska, 2,872.71 m.; in


P. S. Eustis; Freight Trallic Pin year ending Jhene 30, 1914. 260.14 m.; in Colorado, 429.33 m.; in

Manager, G, H. Crosby. General Total earnings.. $92,750.934

Montana, 183.83 m.; in Sonth Da Offices, Chicago, III.; New York Operating expenses. 62, 148,398

kota, 281.48 m.; in Wyoming, 617.90 Ollices, 32 Nassau Street, 299 and m. Total mileage, 9.263.86.

1184 Broadway. Net earnings... $30,602,536 EXPRESS CO. -Adams.

General Offices of lines west of the Total payments 28,071,131

Missonri River at Omaha, Neb Surplus........ $3,531,405

Exclusive of Chicago, St. Paul, Mion, and Omaba Ry.

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers. FINANCIAL DATA.

Express. Chicago Great Western Railroad.

Minneapolis to Chicago, 435.40 m. ; [Ullinois, Iowa, Minnesota,

Velwein to Kansas City, 354.96 m.
Missouri,Kausas, Nebraska]

Hayfield to Clarion, 99.71 m.; Oel-
For year inding June 30, 1914.
Total earnings, $14,260,521

wein to Omaha, 267.95 m.; De Kalh President, 8. M. Felton; Vice-Pres.

Br., 5.81 m.; Cedar Falls Br., 7.48 ident, Jos. W. Blabon; SecreOperating expenses 10,631. 167

m. ; Mantorville Br., 6.95 m.; Le tary, J. F. (oykendall. 'Generul Net earnings..... $3,429,354 high Br. , 15.69 m. ; Mankato-Osage Ofices, Chicago, Ill. ; New York Other income......

146,139 Line, 144.94 m.; Winona-Simpson Offices, Wall Street, cor, Broad. Total net income. $3,575,493

Line, 54.20 m.; other branches,

84.17 m. Total mileage, 1,427.26. Total payments.... 2,679,562

EXPRESS Co. - Wells Fargo & Co. Surplus............


Chicago, Indianapolis

and Louisville Ry. (Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky.]

President, H. R. Kurrie, Chicago, For year ending june 30, 1914' Chicago to Louisville, 325.3 m.; Mo

N.; Vice-Presidents, M. F. Plant, Total earnings...... $6.944,004 non to Indianapolis, 95.1 in.; Bloom

New York, and E. C. Field, Chi. field Br., 40.3 m.; Michigan City Operating expenses 6,181,728

cago, Ill. ; General SuperintendDiv., 59.6 m.; Indianapolis & LouisNet earnings..... $1,759,376

ent, P. L. McManus, Lafayette, ville Ry. Br., 59.7 m.; French Lick

Ind. Secretary, J. A. Hilton, Other income..... 200,319 Br., 17.7 m.; luliana Stone R, R., New York. General Offices, Chic Total net income. $1,959,595 9.2 m. Total mileage, 616.9.

cago, Ill.; New York Office, 71 Total payments... 2,184.117 EXPRESS Co.-American.

Broadway. Deficit.............


Chicago, Milwankee &

Puget Sound Ry, All of the railroad and property of the Chicago, Milwankeeand Puget (South Dakota, North Dako

Sound Railway Company was deeled to the Chicago, Milwaukee and ta, Montaua, Idaho, Wash

St. Paul Railway Company, December 24, 1912. ington. 1

Chicago, Milwaukee and
St. Paul Riuilway.

President, A. J. Earling, Chicago, (Illinois, Wisconsin, Mich

Ill.: Vice-Presidents, H, R. Willigan, Minnesota, lowa, Lines in Illinois, 411.92 m.; in Wiscon iams, New York; E. W. McMissouri, Soul Dakota, sm, 1,765,09 m.; in lowa, 1,868,30 m.; Kenna, J. H. Hiland, E. S. North Dakota, Montana, in Minnesota, 1,238.60 m.; in North Keeley, E. D. Sewall, D. L. Bush, Tuaho, Washington.) Dakota, 378.85 m.; in South Dakota,

Chicago, Ill. ; H. B. Earling, For your emuling jalur 30, 1914. 1,795,54 m.; in Missouri, 140.27 m.; Seattle, Wash.; C. B. Ferry; SecTotal earnings.. ...$93.596,119 in Michigan, 167,04 m.; in Montana, retary, E. W. Adams, Milwaukee, Operating expenses 62,873,007 818.04 m.; in Idaho, 197.31 m.; in Wis., Assistant Secretary, R. J. Net earnings..... $30,713,112

Washington, 541,03 m.; branches, Marony, New York. General Of

461.46 m. Total mileage, 9, 783. 10. Other income.. 3,475,100

fices, Chicago, Ill., and MilwauEXPRESS Co.-Wells Fargo & Co. kee, Wis.

New York Oflices, Total net income.834,188,212

42, 381 and 1200 Broadway. Total payments.... 32.640.903

Surplus........... $1,547,309

Chicago, Rock Island Chicago-Colorado Springs, 1,070.12

aud Pacific Railway. m.; Davenport - Terral, 829.06 m.; (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Herington-Texhoma, 323.33 m.;

South Dakota, Missouri, Keokuk. Des Moines, 162.40m.; Des President, H. U. Mudge; ViceNebraska, Kansas, Okla Momues-Sibiey, 176.35 m.; Burling Presidents, J. E. Gorman, A.C. hoina, Colorado, Teni tou- Minneapolis, 365.62 m.; Vin

Ridgway, E.S. Moore; Vice-Presnessee, Arkansas, Louisi lon-Watertown, 375.97 m.; Mem: intent and Secretary, George H. ana, New Mexico. )

phis - Texola, 649.49 m.; Biddle Crosby; General Managers, c. W. For your enuling Jun 30, 1914. Eunice, 330.08 m.; Kansas City-St. Jones Des Moines, Ia. ; A. E Total earnings..... $67,388,333 Louis, 298.50 m.; Bravo-Santa Rosa,

Swee, Topeka, Kan.; T. H. BeaOperating expenses 48,893,138 111,50 m.; Glenrio - Tucumcari, 41.40

com.t, El Reno, Okla. General Net earnings.....$16.495.195

m.; Allerton - Manly, 201.84 m.; Oitices, Chicago, Ill.; New York Other income...... 1,753,198

McFarland - Belleville, 103.19 m.; Offices, 115 Broadway.

Altamont-North Topeka, 138,36 m.; Total net income $18,-48,393 otherlines and branches,2,676.50 m. Total payments..


Total mileage, 7,854.67.

$1,475,648 EXPRESS Co. -American. Cincinnati, Hamilton &

Receivers, Judson Harmon and Dayton Railway.

Rufus B. Smith, President, Daniel (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois. ]

Willard, Baltimore, Md.: ViceFor year ending Joir 30, 1913.

Presidents, George F. Randolph, Total earnings $10 071 296

Baltimore, Md.: G. M. Shriver Operating expenses 8.061,949 Main line and branches, 1,014.6 m. and A. W. Thompson; Secretary, Net earnings..... $2,009,307 EXPRESS Co.-Wells Fargo & Co.

C. W. Woolford, Baltimore, Md.; Other income.... 207,436

Freight Traffic Manager, C. L

Thomas; Gen'l Passenger Agent, Total net income $2,216,743

W. B. Calloway; General ManTotal payments.... 3,869,809

ager, J. M. Davis. General Offices, Deficit. ........ $1,643,0661

Cincinnati, Ohio.

Deficit. ...........



Divisions, Mileage, and Operating


General Officers.

Cleveland Cincinnati,
(hiengo& St. Louis Ry. Cleveland Div., 340.94 m.; Mt. Gilead

“ Big Four Route." Short Line, 2.00 m.; Cincinnati(Olio, Indiana, Michigan, Sandusky Div., 368.81 m.; St. Louis President, A. H. Smith; Vice-PresIllinois. )

Div., 308.69 m.; Chicago Div., 315.58 idents, A. H. Harris and W. K. For year ending Dec. 31, 1913. m.; Cairo Div., 306.04 m.; Peoria Vanderbilt, Jr., New York ; GenTotal earnings.. 34,245,961 and Eastern Div., 349.78 m.; White eral Manager, A. A. Worcester; Operating expenses 30.015.674 Water Div., 70.06 m.;Michigan Div., Secretary, D.' W. Pardee, New

York. Net earnings. 301,33 m.; Kankakee & Seneca Div.,

General Oflices, Cincin$4,230,290

nati, Ohio; 42.50 m. Total mileage, 2.405.73.

New Other inconie.....

York Oilce, 812,014

This road is part of New York Grand Central Terminal
Total net income $5,042,304 ('entral System.
Total payments.... 7,739,851 EXPRESS CO.- American.

Deficit. ........... $2,697,647
Colorado and Southern Wyoming Dist., 154.06 m.; Wellington

President, H. Holden, Chicago, Ill. ; Railway,

Vice-Presidents, H. E. Byram, Dist., 58.34 m.; Fort Collins Dist., ( Colorado, Wyoming, New 149.82 m.; Pueblo Dist., 189.97 m.;

Chicago, Ill.; C. G. Burnham, Mexico. ) Walseuburg Dist., 51.17 m.; Trini

Chicago, Ill., and A. D. Parker; For year ending June 30, 1914.

Secretary, B. F. James; Assistant dad Dist., 53.60 m.; New Mexico 'Total earnings..... $7,608,128

Secretary, T. S. Howland, New Dist., lol.47 m. ; Clear Creek Dist.. Operating expenses 5,182.172

York. General Ollices, Denver, 66.10 m.; Platte Canon Dist., 102.37

Col.; New York Offices, 26 Liberty Yet earnings, .... 82,025,906 m.; Lead ville Dist., 77.98 m.;

Street and 1184 Broadway. Other iucome.... 1.504,033 Gunnison Dist., 72.12 m. Total

Fort Worth and Denver City Ry.mileage, 1,136.90. Total net iurome $3,529,989 Fort Worth and Denver City Ry.,

President, Geo. B. Harris, Chicago; Total payments.... 3 300,671

Vice-President, D. B. Keeler, 454.14 m,

Fort Worth, Tex. General Surplus....... $229,310 EXPRESS Co.-Adams.

Offices, Fort Worth, Tex.

Colorado Midland Rail

Wny. (('olorado)

Colorado Springs, Col., to Grand For year enting June 30, 1914, Junction, Col., 302 m.; Aspen Br., 18 Receiver, Geo. W. Vallery. GenTotal earnings.... $1,761,464

m.; Jerome Park Br., 15 m. Total eral offices, Denver, Col.; New Operating expenses 1,729,613 mileage, 335.

York Office, 425 Broadway. Vet earnings.....

EXPRESS CO.-Wells Fargo & Co.

$32,870 Fixed charges not reported.

Delaware and Hudson

Rai.rond. (1'ennsylvania, New York, Verniont.)

President, L, F. Loree; Vice-Presi. For your pruiing June 30, 1913. Pennsylvania Div., 137.19 m.; Sara

deut, Chas. A. Peabody; 20 ViceTotal earnings. $34,281,207 toga Diy.. 302.99 m.; Champlain

President, C. S. Sims, Albany, Operating expenses 27,677.199

N. Y.; 3d 'Vice-Pr-sident, W. H. Div., 229.71 m.; Susquehanna Div.,

Williams: Secretary, F. M. Net earnings.... $10,703,0 934.80 m. Total mileage, 903.99.

Olyphant, New York. General Oder income..... 2,278,089 EXPRESS Co.-National.

Onices, Albany, N. Y.; New York Total net income 812,871.797

Office, 32 Nassau Street. Total payments...

9,814, 191 Surplus........... $3,153 306

Drlaware, Lackawanna Main Line, Hoboken, N. J., to Buf

and Western Railrond. falo, N. Y., 409,33 m.; Morristown (.New York, New Jersey. Line., 34.46 m.; Sussex R R., 30.05 Pennsylvania.)

m.; "Bangor and Portland. Br.: President, W. H. Truesdale: ViceFor your riuting June 30, 1914. 38.37 m.: Bloomsburg Br., 79.64 m.;

Presidents, E. E. Loomis, P. J. Total carvings.... *39,919,284 S. BOVY.R.R., 80.95 m.; Oswego Operaiing expenses 25,621,409

Flynn and W. S, Jenney; Sec& Syracuse Div., 34.98 m.; Utica

retary A. D. Chambers. Gen. Net earnings..... $14,197,870 Div., 105.51 m.; Ithacu Br., 34.41 m.;

eral Odices, 90 West Street, New Other income...... 418.109 Larkawanna & Montrose R. R.,

York. 10.48 m. ; Lackawanna R. R. ('o, of Total net income.314,615.04

N. J., 27.44 m.; other branches, Total payments.... 2.100.000

99 14 m. Total mileage, 985.26. Surplus..... $12,015,984 EXPRESS Co. -Adams.

Denver and Rio Grande

Colorado, Utah and New Denser to Osden; 778 m. ; Salida to Chairman of the Board, Edward
Mexico. )


T. Jetlery, New York: President, For year ending June 30, 1914.

208.92 m.;

Cuchara Junction
Total earnings.....823,593,270
Silverton, 328.47 m.; Antonilo to

Benjamin F. Bush, St. Louis, Mo.;

Vice-Presideut Ed. L. Brown, Operating expenses 16,460.569

Siunta Fé, 125.79 m. ; Pueblo to Trin-
jelaud, 91.55 m.; Carbon Junction to

Denver, Col.; General Manager, Net parnings..... $7,1:2,707 Farmington, 47.66 m.; Marysvale

w.s. Martin; Secretary, Stephen Other income 1,403,9334

Little, New York. General Brunch, 132.51 m. ; other branches, Total net income. $8,395,611 872.15 m. Total milenge 2,585.05.

Offices, Denver, Col.; New York Total payments.... 7.340,042 EXPRESS Co's-Globe; Wells Fargo

Othces, 165, 291 and 1246 Broadway. & Co. Surplus........... $1,055,559)

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, ana uperating

General omcers. FINANCIAL DATA,


Drtroit and Mackinac

Bay City to Cheboygan, 195.15 m. ; President, H K. McHarg, Stam. (Michigan.)

Prescott Div., 11.85 m.; Rose City ford, Ct. ; Vice-President and For your ewling June 30, 1914.

Div., 31.21 m.; Lincoln Br., 14.4 m.: General Manager, J. D. Hawks; Total e rings. $1,210.333

Au (iles Br., 7.95 m.; Hilman Vice-President, G. M. Crocker; Operating expenses 958,793

Br., 22.40 m.; Ausable Br., 49.73 m.; Secretary, C. B. Colebrook, New Net earnings.....

$251.550 logging branches, 03.85 m. Total York. General Ottices, Detroit, Total payments.... 239,500 mileage, 400.92.

Mich. ; New York Office, 40 Wall EXPRESS Co.-American.

Street. Surplus...


Detroit, Toledo and

Ironton Railroad. (Michigan and Onio ] For yeur enuing Jhon 30, 1913. Total earnings.. $1,573 280

President, J.M. Kurn; Vice-PresiDetroit, Toledo & Ironton R.R., 436 dent, William C. Osiorn, Nex Operating expenses 1,816,830 Deficii............

York: Traffic Manager, W. B. $173,044 EXPRESS Co.-American,

Groseclose, General Otllces, DeOther income...... 22,303

troit, Mich, Deficit..

$151 240 Total deductions.. 1,276,515

Total deficit. .... $1,427,753

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Duluth, South Shore

and Atlantic Railway. (Michigan, Wisconsin, Min

President, A. B. Eldredge, Mar. nesota.)

quette, Mich.; 1st Vice-President For your evuling June 30, 1914. Main Line, 517.23 m.; other branches, and General Manager, W. W. Total earnings....... $3,412,576 68.74 m. "Total mileage, 585.97.

Walker, Duluth, Minn. ; Operating expenses 2.763, EXPRESS CO.-Westerii.

Vice-President, Geo, IL Church,

New York ; Secretary, James Net earuings........ *64*,579 This road is controlled by the Can

Clarke, New York. General OfOther income......

adiau Pacific Ry. 31,473

fices, Sfarquette. Mich.; New Total net income. $180,053

York Office, 44 Wall Street, Total paymeuls..... 1,231.641

Deficit............... $750,989

El Paso & Southwestern

System. [Texas, New Mexico, Ari

zona. ) For year ending June 30, 1914.

President, James Douglas, Nev Total earnings. ... $9.092,625 Western Div.,509.44 m. ; Eastern Div., York; General Manager, H. J. Operating expenses 6,677,418 519,31 m Total milea 1,028.75.

Simons. General Onlices, E

Pasto, Tex. : New York Office, Net earnings..... $3,410.077 EXPRESS Co. -Wells Fargo & Co.

99 Juhn Streel. Other inconie...... 1.399,700

Total nel income $4.414.82 Total payments.... 4,249,007 Surplus...........


New York Div., 241.42 m.; Northern Erie Railrond.

R.R. O1 X.J., 26.05 iu.; Greer cox (New York, New Jersey,

Lake Div., 54.27 m.; Delaware Diy., Pennsylvania, Ohio, In

104.40 m.; Wyoming Div..92.70 m.; diena, Ilinois)

Jefferson Div., 40.84 m.; SiisqueFor yeti' Puting BILI 30, 1914.

hanna Div., 159.70 m. ; Tlova Div.. President, E D.Underwoonl; Vice

64.68 m.; Rochester Div., 144.35 in.; Total earnings.....$60,983,574

Presidents, G. F. Browneli, G Bulalo Div., 188.17 in.: Allegheny

A. Richardson, A. J. stone and Operating expenses 48.224.000 Dis., 160,70 m.; Bradford Div.,

D. W. ('ooke, Vice-President and Net earnings.....$12,759,568 122.80 m.; Meauville liv., 246.32 m.; Secretary, David Bosmam, GjesOther income.... 3,1 2,65+ Mahjoning Div., 164.50 m.; Cin

eral Onices, 50 Church Street, Total net income $15,612,92 cinnati Div., 197.90 m. ; Lima Div., New York. Total payments.... 14.189.247 126.60 m. ; Chicago Div., 142.97 m.

Total mileage, 2,257.67. Surplus

$1,422,975. J. & N. Y. R. R. , 37.87 m.

EXPRESS CO-Wells Fargo & Co.

Florida East Coast

Jacksonville to Key West, 522 m.. President, W. H. Beardsley; Vice (Florida)

branch lines, 120 m Toua milenge. Presidents, J. P. Beckwith, J. E Fin year ending June 30, 1914. 642 Connects at Miami with P &

Liigraltam, and W.B. Renan, Jr., Total earungy.. $5,334,653

0. S. S. ('o. for Nassau (Winter New York; Secretary, J. (. Salter, Operatingexpenses 3,553,220

season) and at key West for New York, (eneral Offices, st. Net earnings..... $1,691,4:3 Havana.

Augustine, Fla.; New York of Total payments.. 1.045.217 EXPRESS Co. -Southern.

fice, 26 Broadway. Surplus..........


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