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OTHER METEORIC PHENOMENA.* A Relation of an Accident by Thunder and Lightning at Oxford.

By Dr. Wallis. Two scholars of Wadham College, being in a boat, without a waterman, and having just pushed off from shore at Medley, to return home, were by a stroke of lightning, as they stood at the head of the boat, both forced out of the boat into the water. One of them was instantly struck dead, no appearance of life being discernible in him, though he was taken out of the water after he had been scarcely a minute in it. The other was stuck fast in the mud (with his feet downwards and his upper parts above water) like a post, not able to help himself out; but, except a present stunning or numbness, had no other hurt, but was so confused, that he knew not how he came there out of the boat, and had no recollection of the thunder and lightning. He was very feeble and faint, and though he was immediately put into a warm bed, he had not thoroughly recovered by the next night; and whether he afterwards recovered or not, was not known. The body of him who was killed, was examined the next morning by Dr. Willis, Dr. Mallington, Dr. Lower, and myself, with some others. We found no wound at all in the skin ; the face and neck were swart and black, but not more than might be ordinary by the settling of the blood. On the right side of the Tieck was a little blackish spot about an inch long, and about a quarter of an inch broad, and was as if it had been seared with a hot iron; and as I remember, one somewhat bigger on the left side of the neck, below the ear. Straight down the breast, but towards the left side of it, was a large place about three quarters of a foot in length, and about two inches in breadth, in some places more, in

• Compiled from the “ Philosophical Transactions Abridged.” Ann. of Elec. Vol. X, No. 56, Feb., 1843.

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