Wild Life Under the Equator: Narrated for Young People

Harper & Brothers, 1869 - 231 Seiten

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Seite 55 - He was not afraid of us. He stood there, and beat his breast with his huge fists till it resounded like an immense bass-drum, which is their mode of offering defiance ; meantime giving vent to roar after roar.
Seite 55 - He had gone through the jungle on his all-fours ; but when he saw our party he erected himself and looked us boldly in the face. He stood about a dozen yards from us, and was a sight I think I shall never forget.
Seite 54 - This was the gorilla, I knew at once, by the eager and satisfied looks of the men. They looked once more carefully at their guns, to see if by any chance the powder had fallen out of the pans ; I also examined mine, to make sure that all was right ; and then we marched on cautiously.
Seite 6 - Mayhew's Wonders of Science ; or, Young Humphrey Davy (the Cornish Apothecary's Boy, who taught himself Natural Philosophy, and eventually became President of the Royal Society). The Life of a Wonderful Boy written for Boys.
Seite 106 - ... hopelessly tipsy, and incapable of reasonable speech. He babbled some unintelligible jargon, and presently the palaver was declared over. While he was being questioned, about one hundred people sat around with sticks in their hands. These they beat regularly upon the ground, and sung in a monotone, " If he is a witch, let the mboundou kill him. " If he is not, let the mboundou go out.
Seite 64 - In the recess there was an island like the first, having a lake, and in this there was another island full of wild men. But much the greater part of them were women, with hairy bodies, whom the interpreters called
Seite 124 - ... body or hind claws. Thus they form a high, safe tubular bridge, through which the whole vast regiment marches in regular order. If disturbed, or if the arch is broken by the violence of some animal, they instantly attack the offender with the greatest animosity.
Seite 4 - Aikin's Evenings at Home ; or, The Juvenile Budget Opened. By Dr. AIKIN and Mrs. BARBAULD. With 34 Engravings by ADAMS, izmo, Cloth, $i 50.

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