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From the State of FLORIDA..




Robert H. M. Davidson.
Horatio Bisbee, jr.
John II. Reagan.
D. B. Culberson.
J. W. Throckmorton.
R. Q. Mills.
D. C. Giddings.
Gustave Schleicher.
Joseph C. Stone.
Hiram Price.
Theodore W. Burdick.
Nathaniel C. Deering.
Rush Clark.
Ezekiel S. Sampson.
Henry J. B. Cummings.

William F. Sapp.
| Addison Oliver.

Charles G. Williams.
Lucieu B. Caswell.
George C. Hazelton.
William Pitt Lynde.
Edward S. Bragg.
Gabriel Bouck.
II. L. Humphrey.
Thad. C. Pound.



Horace Davis.
H. F. Page.
John K. Luttrell.
Romualdo Pacheco.
Mark II. Dumell.
Ilorace B. Strait.
J. II. Stewart.




Richard Williams.
William A. Phillips.
Dudley C. 4::Skell.
Thomas Ryan.
Benjamin Wilson.
Benjamin F. Martin.
John E. Kenna.
Thomas Wren.
Frank Welch.

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Two hundred and ninety members baving answered to their names,
The Clerk announced that a quorum was present.

Mr. Wood moved that the House proceed to the election of a Speaker rira voce, and demanded the previous question thereon.

Pending which,

Mr. Hale, as a question of privilege, submitted the following preamble and resolution, viz:

Whereas James B. Belford presents the only certificate of election as a Representative in the Forty-fifth Congress given by the duly constituted authorities of the State of Colorado ; and whereas the Clerk of the House of Representatives for the Forty-fourth Congress has set aside said legal certiticate presented by said James B. Beltord, thereby without law assuming rights and authority which only belong to the House : Therefore,

Resolved, That the name of Thomas M. Patterson be stricken from the roll of this House as Representative in the Forty-fifth Congress from the State of Colorado, and that the name of James B. Belford be placed upon said roll as a Representative in said Congress.

Mr. Cox made the point of order that the resolution was not in order, the Clerk having absolute control over the roll of the House.

The Clerk sustained the point of order, and stated the question to be on seconding the demand for the previous question.

Mr. Hale appealed from the decision of the Clerk.

The Clerk declined to entertain the appeal, on the ground that it was not competent for the Representatives.elect to instruct the Clerk in the performance of a duty imposed upon him by law, and for the further reason that a higher question of privilege was pending, on which the previous question had been demanded.

The previous question was then seconded and the main question or dered, and under the operation thereof the motion of Mr. Wood was agreed to. The Clerk having stated that nominations were in order, Nominations were made as follows, viz: By Mr. Clymer: Samuel J. Randall, of Pennsylvania; By Mr. Hale: James A. Garfield, of Ohi

The Clerk appointed Mr. Clymer, Mr. Banning, Mr. Foster, and Mr. Fort to act as tellers.

The House proceeded to vote viva voce for a Speaker,
The following-named members voted for Samuel J. Randall:

Messrs. D. Wyatt Aiken, J. D.C. Atkins, Henry B. Banning, George M. Beebe, Hiram P. Bell, Charles B. Benedict, George A. Bicknell, Joseph C. S. Blackburn, Richard P. Bland, Archibald M. Bliss, James H. Blount, Andrew R. Boone, Gabriel Bouck, Edward S. Bragg, Samuel A. Bridges, John M. Bright, Aylett H. Buckner, George C. Cabell, John W. Caldwell, W. P. Caldwell, Milton A. Candler, John G. Carlisle, J. R. Chalmers, Alvah A. Clark, John B. Clarke, John B. Clark, jr., Hiester Clymer, Thomas R. Cobb, Francis D. Collins, Philip Cook, James W. Covert, Samuel S. Cox, Jordan E. Cravens, Thomas T. Crittenden, D. B. Culberson, Augustus W. Cutler, Robert H. M. Davidson, Joseph J. Davis, George G. Dibrell, H. L. Dickey, Beverly B. Douglas, Milton J. Durham, John R. Elen, Anthony Eickhof, J. B. Elam, E. John Ellis, John H. Evins, Thomas Ewing, William H. Felton, Ebenezer B. Finley, William H. Forney, Benjamin J. Franklin, William W. Garth, Lucien 0. Gause, Randall L. Gibson, D. C. Giddings, John M. Glover, John Goode, Thomas M. Gunter, Andrew II. Hamilton, Augustus A. Hardenbergh, Henry R. Harris, John T. Harris, Carter H. Harrison, E. Kirke Hart, Julian Hartridge, William Hartzell, Robert A. Hatcher, Eli J. Henkle, Daniel M. Henry, Goldsmith W. Hewitt, Hilary A. Herbert, Charles E. Hooker, John F. House, Eppa Hunton, Frank Joves, James Taylor Jones, John E. Kenna, William Kimmell, Robert M. Knapp, J. Proctor Knott, George M. Landers, Robert F. Ligon, Daniel N. Lockwood, John K. Luttrell, William Pitt Lynde, L. A. Mackey, Levi Maish, Van H. Manning, Benjamin F. Martin, Stephen L. Mayham, James A. McKenzie, John A. McMahon, Roger Q. Mills, Hernando D. Money, Charles H. Morgan, William R. Morrison, Leopold Morse, H. L. Muldrow, Nicholas Muller, James Phelps, Clarkson N. Potter, Auburn L. Pridemore, Terence J. Quinn, David Rea, John H. Reagan, James B, Reilly, Americus V. Rice, Hay. wood Y. Riddle, William M. Robbins, Charles B. Roberts, E. W. Rob. ertson, Miles Ross, Milton Sayler, Alfred M. Scales, Gustave Schleicher, Charles M. Shelley, Otho R. Singleton, Wiliam F. Slemons, William E. Smith, Milton I. Southard, William A. J. Sparks, William M. Springer, Walter L. Steele, William S. Stenger, Alexander H. Stephens, Thomas Swann, J. W. Throckmorton, Richard W. Townshend, John R. Tucker, Thomas Turner, Jacob Turney, Robert B. Vance, William D. Veeder, Alfred M. Waddell, Gilbert C. Walker, William Walsh, Levi Wa arner, Washington C. Whitthorne, Alpheus S. Williams, James Williams, Jeremiah N. Williams, Albert S. Willis, Benjamin A. Willis, Benjamin Wilson, Fernando Wood, Hendrick B. Wright, Jesse J. Yeates, Casey Young.

The following named members voted for James A. Garfield:

Messrs. William Aldrich, William J. Bacon, George A. Bagley, John H. Baker, William H. Baker, Latimer W. Ballou, Nathaniel P. Banks, Horatio Bisbee, jr., Henry W. Blair, Thomas A. Boyd, Lorenzo Brentano, Mark S. Brewer, James F. Briggs, Curtis H. Brogden, Thomas M. Browne, Solomon Bundy, Horatio C. Burchard, Theodore W. Burdick, Benjamin F. Butler, Richard H. Cain, William H. Calkins, John H. Camp, Jacob M. Campbell, Joseph G. Cannon, Lucien B. Caswell, Simeon B. Chittenden, William Claflin, Rush Clark, Nathan Cole, Omar D. Conger, Jacob D. Cox, William W. Crapo, Henry J. B. Cummings, Lorenzo Danford, C. B. Darrall, Horace Davis, Nathaniel C. Deering, Dudley C. Denison, Mark H. Dannell, Jeremiah W. Dwight, Benjamin T. Eames, Charles C. Ellsworth, I. Newton Evans, James L. Evans, Walbridge A. Field, Greenbury L, Fort, Charles Foster, Chapman Freeman, William P. Frye, Mills Garduer, Eugene Hale, John Hanna, Alfred C. Harmer, Benjamin W. Harris, Pbilip C. Hayes, George C. Hazelton, George W. Hendee, Thomas J. Henderson, Frank Hiscock, Jay A. Hubbell, Morton C. Hunter, H. L. Humphrey, John N. Hungerford, Authony Ittner, Amaziah B. James, Jobu S. Jones, Joseph Jorgensen, Charles H. Joyce, J. Warren Keifer, Edwin W. Keightley, John H. Ketcham, Elbridge G. Lapham, William Lathrop, J. E. Leonard, Stephen D. Lindsey, George B. Loring, Benjamin F. Marsh, Anson G. McCook, J. H. McGowan, William McKinley, jr., John I. Mitchell, James Monroe, Henry S. Neal, Amasa Norcross, Addison Oliver, Charles O'Neill, Edward Overton, jr., Romualdo Pacheco, Horace F. Page, George W. Patterson, Thomas B. Peddie, William A. Phillips, Henry M. Pollard, Thad. c. Pound, Llewellyn Powers, Hiram Price, John Howard Pugh, Joseph H. Rainey, James Hl. Randolph, Thomas B. Reed, William W. Rice, George D. Robinson, Milton S. Robinson, Thomas Ryan, Ezekiel S. Sampson, William F. Sapp, Leonidas Sexton, William S. Shallenberger, Clement H. Sin. nickson, Robert Smalls, A. Herr Smith, Jobu H. Starin, J. H. Stewart, John W. Stone, Joseph C. Stone, Horace B. Strait, John M. Thompson, J. M. Thornburgh, Thomas F. Tipton, Amos Townsend, Martin I. Town. send, Nelson H. Van Vorles, John T. Wait, Lewis F. Watson, Frank Welch, Harry White, Michael D. White, Edwin Willets, Andrew Williams, Charles G. Williams, Richard Williams, Thomas Wren.

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Recapitulation of the vote for Speaker.
For Samuel J. Randall...
For James A. Garfield.

149 132

Whole number of votes ...

281 Necessary to a choice

141 Samuel J. Randall having received a majority of all the votes given, was declared by the Clerk duly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives for the Forty-fifth Congress.

The Speaker elect baving been conducted to the cbair by Mr. Garfield and Mr. Goode, made a brief address to the House; after which the oath prescribed by section 1756 of the Revised Statutes was admin. istered to him by Mr. Kelley, one of the Representatives from the State of Pennsylvania.

And thereupon
The Speaker entered upon the duties of his office.
A message from the Senate, by Mr. Sympson, one of their clerks:

Mr. Speaker : The Senate have adopted a resolution providing for the appointment of a committee of two members, to join such committee as may be appointed by the House, to wait upon the President of the United States, and inform him that a quorum of each house has assembled, and that Congress is ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make, and have appointed Mr. Anthony and Mr. Bayard to be the committee on the part of the Senate.

The oath prescribed by section 1756 of the Revised Statutes was then administered by the Speaker to all the foregoing members, except Mr. Henkle, Mr. Douglas, Mr. Goode, jr., Mr. Cabell, Mr. Tucker, Mr. John T. Harris, Mr. Hunton, Mr. Pridemore, Mr. Yeates, Mr. Waddell, Mr. Joseph J. Davis, Mr. Scales, Mr. Steele, Mr. Robbins, Mr. Vance, Mr. Aiken, Mr. John H. Evins, Mr. Hartridge, Mr. William E. Smith, Mr. Cook, Mr. Henry R. Harris, Mr. Candler, Mr. Blount, Mr. Felton, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Bell, Mr. Janes Taylor Jones, Mr. Herbert, Mr. Jeremiah N. Williams, Mr. Sbelley, Mr. Ligon, Mr. Goldsmith W. Hewitt, Mr. Forney, Mr. Garth, Mr. Muldrow, Mr. Manning, Mr. Mooney, Mr. Singleton, Mr. Hooker, Mr. Chalmers, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Boone, Mr. John W. Caldwell, Mr. Albert S. Willis, Mr. Blackburn, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Dibrell, Mr. Riddle, Mr. Bright, Mr. House, Mr. Whitthorne, Mr. Atkins, Mr. Young, Mr. Hatcher, Mr. Franklin, Mr. John B. Clark, jr., Mr. Buckner, Mr. Gause, Mr. Slemous, Mr. Cravens, Mr. Gunter, Mr. Reagan, Mr. Culberson, Mr. Throckmorton, Mr. Mills, Mr. Giddings, Mr. Schleicher, Mr. Martin, Mr. Kenna, Mr. Elam, and Mr. Robertson).

The special oath prescribed by section 1757 of the Revised Statutes was then administered to all the foregoing members last named, except Mr. Elam and Mr. Robertson.

During the administration of the oaths prescribed by the foregoing. named sections of the Revised Statutes, viz, 1756 and 1757, objection was made to the administration of the oath to the following-named members, viz:

To Mr. Cain, Mr. Darrall, and Mr. Rainey, by Mr. Samuel S. Cex.
To Mr. Elam and Mr. Robertson, by Mr. Frye.
To Mr. Pacheco, by Mr. Springer.
The Clerk then called the roll of Delegates-elect.

Delegates-elect from the following-named Territories appeared and took the oath prescribed by section 1750 of the Revised Statutes, viz:

New Mexico, Trinidad Romero.

Utah, George Q. Cannon. Washington, Orange Jacobs. Dakota, Jefferson P. Kidder. Arizona, Hiram S. Stevens. Idaho, Stephen S. Fenn. Montana, Martin Maginpis. Wyoming, William W. Corlett. Mr. Clymer, as a question of privilege, submitted the following resolution, viz:

Resolved, That Hon. George M. Adams, a citizen of the State of Kentucky, be, and he is hereby, elected Clerk of the House of Representatives of the Forty-fifth Congress; that John G. Thompson, of the State of Ohio, be, and he is hereby, elected Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives of the Forty-fifth Congress; that John W. Polk, of the State of Missouri, be, and he is hereby, elected Doorkeeper of the House of Representatives of the Forty-fifth Congress; that James M. Stewart, of the State of Virginia, be, and is hereby, elected Postinaster of the House of Representatives of the Forty tifth Congress; and that Rev. Dr. John Poisel, of the State of Maryland, be, and is hereby, elected Chaplain of the House of Representatives of the Forty-fifth Congress.

The same having been read,

Mr. Hale submitted the following resolution as an amendment in the nature of a substitute, viz:

Amend the resolution by striking out the portion naming the candidates, with the respective offices for which they are nominated, and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

For Clerk of the House of Representatives, Forty-fifth Congress, Jeremiah M. Rusk, of Wisconsin; for Sergeant at-Arms, Nehemiah G. Ordıray, of New Hampshire ; for Doorkeeper, Horace H. Harrison, of Tennessee ; for Postmaster, Henry L. Sherwood, of Michigan; and for Chaplain, Rev. J. G. Butler, D. D., of the District of Columbia.

The same having been read,

Mr. Clymer demanded the previous question on the original resolution and proposed substitute; which was seconded and the main question ordered.

And tbe question being put, Will the House agree to the said amendment?

It was decided in the negative.
The question then recurring on the resolution,
It was agreed to.

Mr. Clymer moved to reconsider the vote last taken, and also moved that the motion to reconsider be laid on the table; which latter motion was agreed to.

And thereupon

The said George M. Adams and John G. Thompson appeared, and, having taken the oath prescribed by section 1756 of the Revised Statutes and the rules of the House, entered upon the discharge of the duties of their respective offices;


The said John W. Polk and James M. Stewart appeared, and, having taken the oath prescribed by section 1757 of the Revised Statutes and the rules of the House, entered upon the discharge of the duties of their respective offices.

Resolutions were then submitted, read, considered, and agreed to as follows, viz:

By Mr. Morrison :
Resolved, That a message be sent to the Senate to inform that body

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