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The Swedes at Cape Henlopen, p. 111- The Dutch, 111-Stuyvesant,

111- Penn's Purchase, 112-Separation from Pennsylvania, 112

Heath's Patent, p. 118—Albemarle Settlers, 118-Culpepper's Insurrec-

tion, 120-Separation of the Carolinas, 121.

Sayle's Settlement, p. 121-Hostility of the Spaniards, 122-Settlement

of Charleston, 123-Sothel's Usurpation, 124-Abolition of Proprietary

Government, 125

Charter, p. 126-Oglethorpe, 126-Whitefield, 127-Spanish Hostilities,

128-Invasion, 128—Retirement of Oglethorpe, 129.

Battle of Concord, p. 161–Boston besieged, 164–Ticonderoga and Crown

Point taken, 1644 Battle of Breed's Hill, 166-Charlestown burnt, 167.

Virginia ravaged, p. 219-Putnam's Ride, 220-Storming of Stony
Point, 221—Operations in the South, 222-Defeat of General Lincoln,

223—General Prevost before Charleston, 223-Siege of Savannah, 224-

Achievements of Paul Jones, 225.

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