The 79 Squares

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A friendship found in the unlikeliest of places...

When fourteen-year-old Eric and his gang are caught trespassing in a stranger's garden, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever.

On probation after breaking windows at his school, Eric plans on having an easy summer vacation hanging out with his friends.

That is, before Eric meets 82-year-old Mr Beck whilst trespassing in the old man's garden.

Oddly, Mr Beck invites Eric to study his garden by dividing it into 79 equal squares.

Although he has no idea what this exercise means, Eric soon begins to look forward to the time he spends with Mr Beck.

But as their unlikely friendship grows, Eric's parents become increasingly concerned and they forbid him from seeing Mr Beck.

And their friendship is further threatened when a shocking revelation about Mr Beck's past turns the entire town against him.

But even in the face of hostility, Eric is determined to defend their friendship. And his loyalty will be put to the test when his old friend comes under physical attack...

The 79 Squares is a poignant coming-of age tale about friendship, love and trust.

Praise for Malcom Bosse

"Vivid, carefully plotted, and a strong lesson in values." - Publishers Weekly

"Offers some good insights into old age, friendship, prejudices, nature, and family relationships." - Library Journal

Malcolm Joseph Bosse (1926-2002) was an American author of both young adult and adult novels. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and is a graduate of Yale University. He served in the US Navy and was also an English teacher in City College of New York in Manhattan. His novels are often set in Asia, and have been praised for their cultural and historical information relating to the character's adventures. Bosse mostly wrote historical fiction after the publication of The Warlord , which quickly became a bestseller. He also won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in 1983.

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