Die Beschlagnahme der deutschen Postdampfer durch die Engländer: zur Frage d. Seerechtsreform

C. Winter, 1900 - 95 Seiten

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Seite 22 - And generally all kinds of arms and instruments of iron, steel, brass and copper, or of any other materials manufactured, prepared and formed expressly to make war by sea or land.
Seite 82 - It seems to me, after much consideration, and with all respect for the high character of the tribunal, difficult to support the decision of the majority of the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of the Springbok. that a cargo shipped for a neutral port can he condemned on the ground that it was intended to transship it at that port, and forward it by another vessel to a blockaded port.
Seite 14 - ... 1, articles which have been constructed, fabricated, or compounded into actual instruments of war; 2, articles, which, from their nature, qualities, and quantities, are applicable and useful for the purposes of war; 3, articles, which, although not subservient generally to the purposes of war, such as grain, flour, provisions, naval stores, become so, by their special and direct destination for such purposes, namely, by their destination for the supply of armies, garrisons, or fleets, naval arsenals,...
Seite 12 - In tertio illo genere usus ancipitis distinguendus erit belli status. Nam si tueri me non possum nisi quae mittuntur intercipiam, necessitas, ut alibi exposuimus, jus dabit, sed sub onere restitutionis, nisi causa alia accedat...
Seite 23 - ... at neutral ports, which they would not be able to do if coal was universally regarded as a prohibited article, that we should probably lose more than we can gain by contending for the prohibition.
Seite 26 - The preface to the book states that is does not treat of questions which will ultimately have to be disposed of by the Prize Court, but which do not concern the officer's duty of the place and hour. The directions in this Manual, which for practical purposes were sufficient in the case of wars such as have been waged by Great Britain in the past, are quite inapplicable to the case which has now arisen of war with an inland State, whose only communication with the sea is over a few miles of railway...
Seite 15 - Merchandise of the first class, destined to a belligerent country or places occupied by the army or navy of a belligerent...
Seite 7 - Mais les vaisseaux de Sa Majesté ne saisiront pas la propriété de l'ennemi chargée à bord d'un bâtiment neutre, à moins que cette propriété ne soit contrebande de guerre.
Seite 37 - On the other hand, if the destination of the Vessel be Neutral, then the destination of the Goods on board should be considered Neutral...
Seite 45 - In exercising the right of Visit, the Commander should be careful to occasion to the Vessel no delay or deviation from her course that can be avoided, and generally to conduct the Visit in a manner as little vexatious as possible.

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