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Dependence Logic: A New Approach to Independence Friendly Logic

Jouko Väänänen - 2007 - 225 Seiten
Dependence is a common phenomenon, wherever one looks: ecological systems, astronomy, human history, stock markets - but what is the logic of dependence? This book is the first ...
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Generalized Quantifiers and Computation: 9th European Summer School in Logic ...

Jouko Väänänen - 1999 - 139 Seiten
This book comprises revised full versions of lectures given during the 9th European Summer School in Logic, Languages, and Information, ESSLLI'97, held in Aix-en-Provence ...
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Logic and Algebra

Yi Zhang - 2002 - 285 Seiten
This volume outlines current developments in model theory and combinatorial set theory and presents state-of-the-art research. Well-known researchers report on their work in ...
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Computer Science Logic: 14th International Workshop, CSL 2000 Annual ...

Peter Clote, Helmut Schwichtenberg - 2000 - 541 Seiten
This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Computer Science Logic, CSL 2000, held in Fischbachau, Germany as the 8th Annual Conference ...
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Quantifiers: Logics, Models and Computation: Volume One: Surveys

Michal Krynicki, M. Mostowski, L.W. Szczerba - 1995 - 424 Seiten
Quantifiers: Logics, Models and Computation is the first concentrated effort to give a systematic presentation of the main research results on the subject, since the modern ...

Logic and Games on Automatic Structures: Playing with Quantifiers and ...

Lukasz Kaiser - 2011 - 118 Seiten
This text presents an innovative study in algorithmic model theory, demonstrating the deep interplay between logic and computability in automatic structures. It is based on the ...
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Generalized Descriptive Set Theory and Classification Theory

Sy-David Friedman, Tapani Hyttinen, Vadim Kulikov - 2014 - 80 Seiten
Descriptive set theory is mainly concerned with studying subsets of the space of all countable binary sequences. In this paper the authors study the generalization where ...
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Introduction to Boolean Algebras

Steven Givant, Paul Halmos - 2008 - 574 Seiten
This book is an informal though systematic series of lectures on Boolean algebras. It contains background chapters on topology and continuous functions and includes hundreds of ...
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